Saturday, July 06, 2019

New Materials 6/30/19 - 7/6/19

BIO IGUODAL IGUODAL The Sixth Man : A Memoir Iguodala, Andre
BIO KENNEDY GILLON America's reluctant prince : the life of John F. Kennedy Jr. Gillon, Steven M.
CD FIC MALLERY 8cds 10hrs The summer of Sunshine and Margot Mallery, Susan
CD FIC STEEL 6cds 7.25hrs Lost and found Steel, Danielle
DVD FIC LEGO MOVIE 2 The LEGO movie 2 : the second part
FIC LAX The year that trembled : a novel Lax, Scott
BB ELLWAND Twinkle, twinkle, little star Ellwand, David
BB ROTNER All kinds of people Rotner, Shelley
JUV 591.5 KURTZ What do they do with all that poo? Kurtz, Jane
JUV 641.5973 LANGHOL United tastes of America : an atlas of food facts & recipes from every state! Langholtz, Gabrielle
LP FIC GILBERT City of girls Gilbert, Elizabeth
LP FIC HILDERB Summer of '69 Hilderbrand, Elin
LP FIC STEEL Lost and found : a novel Steel, Danielle
001.944 ZADA In the valleys of the noble beyond : in search of the Sasquatch Zada, John
306.7062 TADDEO Three women Taddeo, Lisa
338.709 OMARA The Code : Silicon Valley and the remaking of America O'Mara, Margaret Pugh
363.325 SESAY Beneath the tamarind tree : a story of courage, family, and the lost schoolgirls of Boko Haram Sesay, Isha
364.152 CALLAHAN American predator : the hunt for the most meticulous serial killer of the 21st century Callahan, Maureen
741.5 TALON Panel discussions : design in sequential art storytelling Talon, Durwin S
940.53 ALEXIEV Last witnesses : an oral history of the children of World War II Aleksievich, Svetlana
973.932 MARGOLIS The worst president in history : the legacy of Barack Obama Margolis, Matt
PB 2 DEMILLE The general's daughter DeMille, Nelson
FIC BRODESS Fleishman is in trouble : a novel Brodesser-Akner, Taffy
FIC DERMANS Very nice Dermansky, Marcy
FIC FREAR Stone cold heart : a novel Frear, Caz
FIC KELLY Bethlehem Kelly, Karen
FIC LUSTBAD The sum of all shadows Lustbader, Eric
FIC MARLANTES Deep river : a novel Marlantes, Karl
FIC MILLER Biloxi : a novel Miller, Mary
FIC MINA Conviction Mina, Denise
FIC NESBO Knife Nesbo, Jo
FIC SAGER Lock every door : a novel Sager, Riley
FIC SALAZAR The flight girls Salazar, Noelle
FIC SETTERW Let's hope for the best : a novel Setterwall, Carolina
FIC THAYER Surfside sisters : a novel Thayer, Nancy
FIC TURTLE Alpha and omega Turtledove, Harry
FIC VUONG On earth we're briefly gorgeous : a novel Vuong, Ocean
FIC WILSON Dead girl in 2A Wilson, Carter
MYS FIC ALGER Girls like us Alger, Cristina
MYS FIC ATKINS The shameless Atkins, Ace
MYS FIC QUINN Heart of barkness Quinn, Spencer
MYS FIC SHAFFER Hope rides again Shaffer, Andrew
SF FIC WENDIG Wanderers Wendig, Chuck
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