Saturday, May 04, 2019

New Materials 4/28/19 - 5/4/19

Call Number Title Author
BIO BIDEN BIDEN Where the light enters : building a family, discovering myself Biden, Jill
BIO CARO CARO Working : researching, interviewing, writing Caro, Robert A.
BIO GEIST GEIST Lake of the Ozarks : my surreal summers in a vanishing America Geist, William
BIO QUINDLEN QUINDLEN Nanaville Quindlen, Anna
BIO SEUSS JONES Becoming Dr. Seuss : Theodor Geisel and the making of an American imagination Jones, Brian Jay
BIO SEXTON SEXTON The man they wanted me to be : toxic masculinity and a crisis of our own making Sexton, Jared
BIO YONGEY MINGYUR In love with the world : a monk's journey through the bardos of living and dying Yongey Mingyur, Rinpoche, 1976-
CD FIC LEWIS 5cds 6hrs The forbidden Lewis, Beverly
CD FIC LEWIS 7cds 8.5hrs The longing Lewis, Beverly
CD FIC OWENS 10cds 12hrs Where the crawdads sing Owens, Delia.
CD FIC SANDFORD 9cds 11.5hrs Neon prey Sandford, John
CD BIO BERG DAWIDOFF The catcher was a spy Dawidoff, Nicholas
E D Aladdin Tillworth, Mary
E I Flora and the flamingo Idle, Molly Schaar
E K Emeraldalicious Kann, Victoria
E K Peterrific Kann, Victoria
E M Shape by shape MacDonald, Suse.
E O Abracadabra, it's spring! O'Brien, Anne Sibley
E S Turkey's eggcellent Easter Silvano, Wendi, 1962-
FIC CRAMER Summer of light : a novel Cramer, W. Dale
FIC TANABE The diplomat's daughter : a novel Tanabe, Karin
JUV 363.739 BRENNAN Climate change and air quality Brennan, Linda Crotta
JUV 394.261 KOESTLER Groundhog Day Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973-
JUV 394.262 KOESTLER Earth Day Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973-
JUV 394.262 KOESTLER Saint Patrick's Day Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973-
JUV 394.2634 KOESTLER Independence Day Koestler-Grack, Rachel A., 1973-
JUV 551.45 KURTZ Climate change and rising sea levels Kurtz, Kevin
JUV 551.55 DYKSTRA Climate change and extreme storms Dykstra, Mary, 1952-
JUV 551.6 KURTZ Climate change and rising temperatures Kurtz, Kevin
JUV 551.6 ONUOHA Climate change and life on Earth Onuoha, Chinwe, 1991-
JUV 621.042 HIRSCH Climate change and energy technology Hirsch, Rebecca E.
JUV 629.13 MOENING Pilots Moening, Kate
JUV 629.827 LEAF Mechanics Leaf, Christina
JUV 630.92 MOENING Farmers Moening, Kate
JUV 635 GAINES We are the gardeners Gaines, Joanna.
JUV 690 BOWMAN Construction workers Bowman, Chris, 1990-
JUV 696.102 MOENING Plumbers Moening, Kate
LP FIC BALDACCI Redemption Baldacci, David
305.42 GATES The moment of lift : how empowering women changes the world Gates, Melinda, 1964-
306.0973 SHAPIRO The right side of history : how reason and moral purpose made the west great Shapiro, Ben
331.6 CHANG Ghosts of Gold Mountain : the epic story of the Chinese who built the transcontinental railroad Chang, Gordon H.
332.024 SCHLESINGER The dumb things smart people do with their money : thirteen ways to right your financial wrongs Schlesinger, Jill
364.152 CEP Furious hours : murder, fraud, and the last trial of Harper Lee Cep, Casey N.
364.153 EGAN Chasing Cosby : the downfall of America's dad Egan, Nicole Weisensee
364.16 BILEFSKY The last job : the bad grandpas and the Hatton Garden heist Bilefsky, Dan
371.39 DAVIES The Montessori toddler : planting the seeds to grow a curious and responsible human being Davies, Simone
616.8009 SACKS Everything in its place : first loves and last tales Sacks, Oliver W., 1933-2015.
648.9 WENZKE The art of happy moving : how to declutter, pack and start over while maintaining your sanity and finding happiness Wenzke, Ali
781.6607 WOODSTOCK Woodstock : three days that rocked the world
796.357 COOK Ten innings at Wrigley : the wildest ballgame ever, with baseball on the brink Cook, Kevin, 1956-
814.54 ELLIS Southern lady code : essays Ellis, Helen
943.086 THOMAS Defying Hitler : the Germans who resisted Nazi rule Thomas, Gordon, 1933-
959.704 CLARKE Honorable exit : how a few brave Americans risked all to save our Vietnamese allies at the end of the war Clarke, Thurston.
977 MCCULLOUGH The pioneers : the heroic story of the settlers who brought the American ideal west McCullough, David G.
PB 2 BURKE A stained white radiance Burke, James Lee, 1936-
REF 974.811 TOLL Invisible Philadelphia : community through voluntary organizations
FIC ANDREWS Sunset beach Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954-
FIC BLAKE The guest book Blake, Sarah (Poet)
FIC BRENNER Drawing home Brenner, Jamie, 1971-
FIC CARR The view from Alameda Island Carr, Robyn
FIC CHEEK Cape May : a novel Cheek, Chip
FIC CLEETON When we left Cuba Cleeton, Chanel
FIC DONOHUE You, me, and the sea : a novel Donohue, Meg
FIC DUGONI The eighth sister Dugoni, Robert
FIC EPSTEIN Wunderland : a novel Epstein, Jennifer Cody
FIC EVANOVICH The big kahuna Evanovich, Janet
FIC GINGRICH Collusion : a novel Gingrich, Newt
FIC GOLDEN The pandora room : a novel Golden, Christopher
FIC KNOTT Robert B. Parker's buckskin Knott, Robert, 1954-
FIC LAURENS The pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh Laurens, Stephanie
FIC MCMAHON The invited : a novel McMahon, Jennifer, 1968-
FIC MCPHAIL The abolitionist's daughter McPhail, Diane C.
FIC MICHAELS Far and away Michaels, Fern.
FIC QUICK Tightrope Quick, Amanda
FIC ROBERTS The summer retreat Roberts, Sheila, 1951-
FIC ROONEY Normal people : a novel Rooney, Sally
FIC SHIPMAN The summer cottage Shipman, Viola
FIC SMITH Spring : a novel Smith, Ali, 1962-
FIC SOUZA Pray for the girl. Souza, Joseph
MYS FIC JACKSON Willing to die Jackson, Lisa
MYS FIC PATTERS The 18th abduction Patterson, James, 1947-
MYS FIC WHITE Such a perfect wife White, Kate, 1950-
SF FIC MCEWAN Machines like me : and people like you McEwan, Ian
SF FIC QIUFAN Waste tide Chen, Qiufan, 1981-
SF FIC SALVATORE The legend of Drizzt. Book 1, Homeland, exile, sojourn Salvatore, R. A., 1959-


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