Saturday, June 22, 2019

New Materials 6/16/19 - 6/22/19

Call Number Title Author
BIO ADAMS ISENBERG The Problem of Democracy : The Presidents Adams Confront the Cult of Personality Isenberg, Nancy
BIO PRIOR PRIOR Rough magic : riding the world's loneliest horse race Prior-Palmer, Lara
BIO TAN TAN Naturally Tan : a memoir France, Tan
CD FIC GREGORY 17cds 21hrs The queen's fool Gregory, Philippa.
CD FIC MADEN 13.5hrs 11cds Tom Clancy Enemy contact Maden, Mike
CD FIC WOODS 6cds 7hrs Skin game Woods, Stuart
DVD 780.9 MUSIC AS A MIRROR OF HISTORY Music as a mirror of history Greenberg, Robert
FIC ACHEBE Things fall apart Achebe, Chinua
FIC BRADBURY The illustrated man Bradbury, Ray
FIC EMERSON Royal inheritance Emerson, Kate
FIC KAFKA The metamorphosis Kafka, Franz
FIC RUSSO Nobody's fool Russo, Richard
GRAPHIC NOVEL SCI-FU 1 SCI-FU. Book 1, Kick it off Mercado, Yehudi
GRAPHIC NOVEL WITCH BOY 1 The witch boy Ostertag, Molly
JUV BIO HAWKING GIGLIOTTI Who was Stephen Hawking? Gigliotti, Jim
JUV FIC O'CONNOR Nancy Clancy seeks a fortune O'Connor, Jane
JUV FIC BURGOS Ana Maria Reyes does not live in a castle Burgos, Hilda Eunice
JUV FIC CALEJO Charlie Hernandez and the league of shadows Calejo, Ryan
JUV FIC CHENG See you in the cosmos Cheng, Jack
JUV FIC COLFER The Land of Stories : the Mother Goose diaries Colfer, Chris
JUV FIC DOMINGU Stella Diaz has something to say Dominguez, Angela
JUV FIC ENGLISH It all comes down to this English, Karen
JUV FIC FARUQUI Meet Yasmin! Faruqi, Saadia
JUV FIC FRIEDMAN Mallory McDonald, super sitter Friedman, Laurie B.
JUV FIC GUTMAN Bummer in the summer! Gutman, Dan
JUV FIC MOSS Balto and the race against time Moss, Helen
JUV FIC MOSS Seaman and the great northern adventure Moss, Helen
JUV FIC PARRY A wolf called Wander Parry, Rosanne
JUV FIC PATTERSO All-American adventure Patterson, James
JUV FIC RESPICIO The house that Lou built Respicio, Mae
JUV FIC RODKEY We're not from here Rodkey, Geoff
JUV FIC RUSSELL Masters of mischief Russell, Rachel Renee
JUV FIC TUCKER All the Greys on Greene Street Tucker, Laura
JUV FIC WALLIS Shai and Emmie star in Break an egg! Wallis, Quvenzhane
JUV FIC WEST Eye of the earthquake dragon West, Tracey
JUV FIC WILDER These happy golden years Wilder, Laura Ingalls
JUV 398.2 COLFER A treasury of classic fairy tales Colfer, Chris
JUV 398.2 STEVENS Tops & bottoms Stevens, Janet
LP FIC CHIAVERINI Enchantress of numbers : a novel of Ada Lovelace Chiaverini, Jennifer
LP FIC HARPER The dry Harper, Jane
LP FIC PATTERS Unsolved Patterson, James
LP FIC QUINN The huntress : a novel Quinn, Kate
LP 629.45 FISHMAN One giant leap : the impossible mission that flew us the the moon Fishman, Charles
LP 940.54 OBMASCIK The storm on our shores : one island, two soldiers, and the forgotten battle of World War II Obmascik, Mark
MYS FIC HANNON Buried secrets : a novel Hannon, Irene
812.52 O'NEILL Long day's journey into night O'Neill, Eugene
133.9 JACKSON Signs : the secret language of the universe Jackson, Laura Lynne
152.46 MANLY Joy from fear : create the life of your dreams by making fear your friend Manly, Carla Marie
153.7 WALKER The art of noticing : 131 ways to spark creativity, find inspiration, and discover joy in the everyday Walker, Rob
155.2 HEMPHILL Inspiration for teens : here are eighty-eight short stories from the Battle of Gettysburg that will inspire your own leadership recognition, character develpoment, and everyday success Hemphill, Paul Lloyd
158.1 DELAROSA The monkey is the messenger : meditation and what your busy mind is trying to tell you De la Rosa, Ralph
179 MASUNO The art of simple living : 100 daily practices from a Japanese Zen monk for a lifetime of calm and joy Masuno, Shunmy
248.4 BATTISTELLI The God dare : will you choose to believe the impossible? Battistelli, Kate
303.48 ALBERT Are we there yet? : the American automobile, past, present, and driverless Albert, Daniel M.
305.800 KULICK A death in the rainforest : how a language and a way of life came to an end in Papua New Guinea Kulick, Don
305.9 MEHTA This land is our land : an immigrant's manifesto Mehta, Suketu
333.79 GOLD Superpower : one man's quest to transform American energy Gold, Russell
362.609 ARONSON Elderhood : redefining medicine, life, and aging in America Aronson, Louise
362.71 STACK Women's work : a reckoning with home and help Stack, Megan K.
363.2 MICHEL Eyes in the sky : the secret rise of Gorgon Stare and how it will watch us all Michel, Arthur Holland
364.152 ONEILL Chaos : Charles Manson, the CIA, and the secret history of the sixties O'Neill, Tom
378.1 BRENNER How to college : what to know before you go (and when you're there) Brenner, Andrea
551.63 BLUM The weather machine : a journey inside the forecast Blum, Andrew
599.8 GERTNER Ice at the end of the world : an epic journey into Greenland's buried past and our perilous future Gertner, Jon
616.85 ARMSTRONG The valedictorian of being dead : the true story of dying ten times to live Armstrong, Heather B.
616.89 SARDY The edge of every day : sketches of schizophrenia Sardy, Marin
616.89 WANG The collected schizophrenias : essays Wang, Esme Weijun
618.2 SIMONE The new rules of pregnancy : the doctors' guide to what to eat, do, think about, and let go of while your body is making a baby Simone, Adrienne
635.9 CHAPMAN Decorating with plants : what to choose, ways to style, and how to make them thrive Chapman, Baylor
635.9 LANGTON Root nurture grow : the essential guide to propagating and sharing houseplants Langton, Caro
641.01 WILSON The way we eat now : how the food revolution has transformed our lives, our bodies, and our world Wilson, Bee
641.5 AMERICAS TEST KITCHEN Cook it in your Dutch oven : 150 foolproof recipes tailor-made for your kitchen's most versatile pot
641.5 MORFORD Prep : the essential college cookbook Morford, Katie Sullivan
658.4 WEXLER The big book of dashboards : visualizing your data using real-world business scenarios Wexler, Steve
745.200 NORMAN The design of everyday things Norman, Donald A.
745.403 LIDWELL Universal principles of design Lidwell, William
745.5 DAVIDSON Craftfulness : mend yourself by making things Davidson, Rosemary
770 HORENSTEIN Make better pictures : truth, opinions, and practical advice Horenstein, Henry
973.3 ATKINSON The British are coming : the war for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775-1777 Atkinson, Rick
FIC BAKER The body lies Baker, Jo
FIC CHASE One night at the lake : a novel Chase, Bethany
FIC CHAUDHRY Haunting Paris : a novel Chaudhry, Mamta
FIC CIMENT The body in question : a novel Ciment, Jill
FIC EDVARDS A nearly normal family Edvardsson, M. T
FIC HADDON The porpoise : a novel Haddon, Mark
FIC HILDERB Summer of '69 Hilderbrand, Elin
FIC HOLMES Evvie Drake starts over : a novel Holmes, Linda
FIC JONES The snakes : a novel Jones, Sadie
FIC LAUREN The unhoneymooners Lauren, Christina
FIC MIRANDA The last house guest Miranda, Megan
FIC MOSSE The burning chambers Mosse, Kate
FIC PETROVA Her daughter's mother Petrova, Daniela
FIC SHALVIS The Lemon sisters Shalvis, Jill
MYS FIC ATHERTON Aunt Dimity and the heart of gold Atherton, Nancy
MYS FIC FREAR Sweet little lies : a novel Frear, Caz
YA FIC KING Dig King, A. S.


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