Saturday, June 08, 2019

New Materials 6/2/19 - 6/8/19

Call Number Title Author
BIO BOURDAIN CNN Anthony Bourdain remembered
BIO CARY CARY Ladysitting : my year with nana at the end of her century Cary, Lorene
BIO FRAZIER KRAM Smokin' Joe : the life of Joe Frazier Kram, Mark, Jr.
BIO HEPBURN MATZEN Dutch girl : Audrey Hepburn and World War II Matzen, Robert D.
BIO JAMES JAMES Definitely Hispanic : growing up Latino and celebrating what unites us James, LeJuan
BIO JOHNSON JOHNSON After life : my journey from incarceration to freedom Johnson, Alice Marie
BIO MENDELSOHN MENDELSOHN An odyssey : a father, a son, and an epic Mendelsohn, Daniel Adam
BIO TAYLOR LEVIN The queen : the forgotten life behind an American myth Levin, Josh
BIO TRAVIS TRAVIS Forever and ever, amen : a memoir of music, faith, and braving the storms of life Travis, Randy
BIO WATERS WATERS Mr. know-it-all : the tarnished wisdom of a filth elder Waters, John
CD FIC CHIAVER 16cds 20hrs Resistance women : a novel Chiaverini, Jennifer
CD FIC GRAY 8cds 9hrs An Amish summer
E B Stanley the farmer Bee, William
E C Camp tiger Choi, Susan
E D Pete the cat and the itsy bitsy spider Dean, James
E K Potato pants! Keller, Laurie
E M Wake up, color pup Morley, Taia
E P A friend for Dragon Pilkey, Dav
E R Curious George discovers space Perez, Monica
E R Side by side Raschka, Christopher
E R Dear boy Rosenthal, Jason
E R A quiet boat ride and other stories Ruzzier, Sergio
E S Butterfly battle! Carbone, Courtney
E S Supergirl takes off! Carbone, Courtney
E S Welcome to Super Hero High! Carbone, Courtney
E S Wonder Woman for president ; Rule the school! Fontana, Shea
E S Wonder Woman : an origin story Sazaklis, John
E S Dr. Seuss's I love pop! : a celebration of dads. Seuss, Dr.
E S Who has wiggle-waggle toes? Shiefman, Vicky
E S Music for Mister Moon Stead, Philip Christian
E T I have an idea! Tullet, Herve
E W Be a star, Wonder Woman! Dahl, Michael
E W Make a wish, Henry Bear Walsh, Liam Francis
E W Diggersaurs Whaite, Michael
E W Harold & Hog pretend for real! Willems, Mo
E Y A bear sat on my porch today Yolen, Jane
E Y A kite for Moon Yolen, Jane
FIC MCGUINN The last hundred days : a novel McGuinness, Patrick
BB AARTS Look, there's a tractor!
BB ARRHENIU Where's the dog? Arrhenius, Ingela P.
BB ARRHENIUS Where's the duck?
BB BAUER Toes, ears, & nose! : a lift-the-flap book Bauer, Marion Dane.
BB COUSINS Maisy's day out : a first words book Cousins, Lucy
BB GIBBS I spy on the farm Gibbs, Edward
BB HOBAN Black & white Hoban, Tana
BB HOBAN White on black Hoban, Tana
BB IDLE Flora and the chicks : a counting book Idle, Molly Schaar
BB KASTNER Space Kastner, Emmy
BB LEUNG Will bear share? Leung, Hilary
BB LEUNG Will ladybug hug? Leung, Hilary
BB LEUNG Will sheep sleep? Leung, Hilary
BB MCDONALD Moon landing McDonald, Jill
BB MCEWEN Who's hiding at the beach? McEwen, Katharine
BB MURPHY Picken : mix and match the farm animals! Murphy, Mary, 1961-
JUV BIO ALDRIN ALKIRE Buzz Aldrin : pioneer moon explorer Alkire, Jessie
JUV BIO KELLY ALKIRE Scott Kelly : remarkable space resident Alkire, Jessie
JUV BIO OCHOA FELIX Ellen Ochoa : dynamic space director Felix, Rebecca
JUV BIO RIDE FELIX Sally Ride : trailblazing astronaut Felix, Rebecca
JUV BIO SAGAN FELIX Carl Sagan : celebrated cosmos scholar Felix, Rebecca
JUV BIO SULLIVAN VAN VLEET To the stars! : the first American woman to walk in space Van Vleet, Carmella
JUV BIO WERNHER THOMAS Wernher von Braun : revolutionary rocket engineer Thomas, Rachael L.
JUV FIC APPLEGA The first Applegate, Katherine
JUV FIC BALL Space invaders Ball, Nate
JUV FIC CHOKSHI Aru Shah and the song of death Chokshi, Roshani
JUV FIC COATS The unicorn emergency Coats, Lucy
JUV FIC COLLEEN Cruising for a snoozing Colleen, Marcie
JUV FIC GIBBS Spy School British invasion Gibbs, Stuart
JUV FIC GIFF Wild girl Giff, Patricia Reilly.
JUV FIC GRABENST Mr. Lemoncello's library book breakout game Grabenstein, Chris
JUV FIC HENKES Sweeping up the heart Henkes, Kevin
JUV FIC HERNANDE Sal and Gabi break the universe Hernandez, Carlos Alberto Pablo
JUV FIC HUNTER Shifting shadows Hunter, Erin
JUV FIC HUNT Shouting at the rain Hunt, Lynda Mullaly
JUV FIC KORMAN No more dead dogs Korman, Gordon
JUV FIC LIBENSON Just Jaime Libenson, Terri
JUV FIC MLYNOWS Spill the beans Mlynowski, Sarah
JUV FIC SELFORS The fairy swarm Selfors, Suzanne
JUV 292.13 BUCKEY Greek gods, heroes, and mythology Buckey, A. W.
JUV 292.13 SHERMAN Roman gods, heroes, and mythology Sherman, Patrice
JUV 293.13 BUCKEY Norse gods, heroes, and mythology Buckey, A. W.
JUV 294.51 GAGNE Indian gods, heroes, and mythology Gagne, Tammy
JUV 299.16 SMALLS Celtic gods, heroes, and mythology Smalls, June
JUV 299.31 GAGNE Egyptian gods, heroes, and mythology Gagne, Tammy
JUV 299.51 GAGNE Chinese gods, heroes, and mythology Gagne, Tammy
JUV 299.56 GAGNE Japanese Gods, heroes, and mythology Gagne, Tammy
JUV 520 RABE There's no place like space Rabe, Tish
JUV 523.3 MCANULTY Moon! : Earth's best friend McAnulty, Stacy
JUV 523.7 SELUK The sun is kind of a big deal Seluk, Nick
JUV 613.042 DUNHAM The boy's body book Dunham, Kelli S.
JUV 629.41 HAMILTON Missiles and spy satellites Hamilton, John
JUV 629.442 HAMILTON Space stations and beyond Hamilton, John
JUV 629.45 HAMILTON Astronauts and cosmonauts Hamilton, John
JUV 629.45 MCCARTHY Astronaut handbook McCarthy, Meghan
JUV 629.454 BROWN The moon landing Brown, Don
JUV 629.454 GREENE The first men who went to the moon Greene, Rhonda Gowler
JUV 629.454 HAMILTON Project Apollo Hamilton, John
JUV 629.454 HAMILTON Project Gemini Hamilton, John
JUV 629.454 HAMILTON Project Mercury Hamilton, John, 1959-
JUV 629.454 SLADE The daring dozen : twelve who walked on the moon Slade, Suzanne
JUV 745.5 SLIME The slime book
JUV 811.6 BROWN Clackety track : poems about trains Brown, Skila
JUV 959.704 O'CONNOR What was the Vietnam War? O'Connor, Jim
MYS FIC TURSTEN An elderly lady is up to no good Tursten, Helene
093 DAVIS The lost Gutenberg : the astounding story of one book's five-hundred-year odyssey Davis, Margaret Leslie
133.4 MURPHY HISCOCK The witch's book of self-care : magical ways to pamper, soothe, and care for your body and spirit Murphy-Hiscock, Arin
220.1 LINDSEY The late great planet Earth Lindsey, Hal
305.4209 HIRSHMAN Reckoning : the epic battle against sexual abuse and harassment Hirshman, Linda R.
306.874 GLOWACKI Oh crap! I have a toddler : tackling these crazy awesome years--no time-outs needed Glowacki, Jamie
320.51 GOPNIK A thousand small sanities : the moral adventure of liberalism Gopnik, Adam.
338.7095 KUBER The Tatas : how a family built a business and a nation Kubera, Girisa
362.82 SNYDER No visible bruises : what we don't know about domestic violence can kill us Snyder, Rachel Louise
363.25 DOUGLAS The killer across the table : unlocking the secrets of serial killers and predators with the FBI's original mindhunter Douglas, John E.
363.325 BAKOS The targeter : my life in the CIA, hunting terrorists and challenging the White House Bakos, Nada
523.44 DILLOW Fire in the sky : cosmic collisions, killer asteroids, and the race to defend earth Dillow, Gordon
579.8 KASSINGER Slime : how algae created us, plague us, and just might save us Kassinger, Ruth
599.773 BLAKESLEE American wolf : a true story of survival and obsession in the West Blakeslee, Nate
612.1 JAUHAR Heart : a history Jauhar, Sandeep
615.1 EBAN Bottle of lies : the inside story of the generic drug boom Eban, Katherine
640.28 KELLOGG 101 ways to go zero waste / Kathryn Kellogg. Kellogg, Kathryn
641.5 GARZA Keto friendly recipes : easy keto for busy people Garza, Jennifer Marie
648 MCCUBBIN Making space, clutter free : the last book on decluttering you'll ever need McCubbin, Tracy
750.1 WARD Look again : how to experience the old masters Ward, Ossian
791.436 LAMBIE The geek's guide to SF cinema : 30 key films that revolutionised the genre Lambie, Ryan
973.933 WOLF Siege : Trump under fire Wolff, Michael
REF 348.748 PURDON Purdon's Pennsylvania statutes and consolidated statutes.
FIC BILLING Their little secret Billingham, Mark
FIC DARKE Star-crossed : a novel Darke, Minnie
FIC DEMAIO Little beach bungalow : a novel DeMaio, Joanne
FIC DEMAIO Night beach DeMaio, Joanne
FIC GILBERT City of girls Gilbert, Elizabeth
FIC GREEN The friends we keep Green, Jane
FIC HOANG The bride test Hoang, Helen
FIC MCQUISTON Red, white & royal blue McQuiston, Casey
FIC OATES My life as a rat Oates, Joyce Carol
FIC PHILLIPS Disappearing Earth Phillips, Julia
FIC PITONIAK Necessary people Pitoniak, Anna
FIC RICHARDSON The book woman of Troublesome Creek Richardson, Kim Michele
FIC RYAN The spies of Shilling Lane Ryan, Jennifer
FIC SHAPIRO The summer demands Shapiro, Deborah
FIC SHREVE More news tomorrow : a novel Shreve, Susan Richards.
FIC THOMAS A good enough mother Thomas, Bev
FIC WILLIG The summer country : a novel Willig, Lauren
MYS FIC ADAMS The whispered word Adams, Ellery
MYS FIC ALBERT A plain vanilla murder Albert, Susan Wittig
MYS FIC BROWN Whiskers in the dark : a Mrs. Murphy mystery Brown, Rita Mae
MYS FIC CROUCH Recursion Crouch, Blake
MYS FIC HAINES Game of bones Haines, Carolyn
MYS FIC MASTERMAN We were killers once Masterman, Becky
MYS FIC OCONNOR Murder in an Irish pub O'Connor, Carlene
MYS FIC PAGE The body in the wake Page, Katherine Hall
MYS FIC PATTERS Unsolved Patterson, James
MYS FIC WOODS Skin game Woods, Stuart
SF FIC SOLOMON An unkindness of ghosts Solomon, Rivers
SF FIC WEBER The gordian protocol Weber, David
YA FIC FAIZAL We hunt the flame Faizal, Hafsah
YA FIC GLASGOW How to make friends with the dark Glasgow, Kathleen
YA FIC KAUFMAN Aurora rising Kaufman, Amie
YA FIC KENDALL Riding Chance Kendall, Christine


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