Friday, June 23, 2017

New Materials 6/16/17 - 6/22/17

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The playbook [electronic resource] : 52 Rules to Aim, Shoot, and Score in This Game Called Life. Alexander, Kwame
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The highly sensitive person [electronic resource]. Aron, Elaine N.
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The 5 love languages [electronic resource] : The Secret to Love that Lasts. Chapman, Gary D.
EBOOK OVERDRIVE You gotta get bigger dreams [electronic resource] : My Life in Stories and Pictures. Cumming, Alan.
EBOOK OVERDRIVE H is for hawk [electronic resource]. MacDonald, Helen
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The silver linings playbook [electronic resource] : A Novel. Quick, M. (Matthew)
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Strange things done [electronic resource]. Wild, Elle
BIO AKANA AKANA So much I want to tell you : letters to my little sister Akana, Anna
BIO BURTON BURTON Becoming Ms. Burton : from prison to recovery to leading the fight for incarcerated women Burton, Susan
BIO DUNGY DUNGY Guidebook to relative strangers : journeys into race, motherhood, and history Dungy, Camille T., 1972-
BIO GAY GAY Hunger : a memoir of (my) body Gay, Roxane
BIO GEHRIG SANDOMIR The pride of the Yankees : the movie that defined the legacy of Lou Gehrig Sandomir, Richard
BIO GRAHAM GRAHAM A new model : what confidence, beauty, and power really look like Graham, Ashley
BIO HARRIS HARRIS My soul looks back : a memoir Harris, Jessica B.
BIO IRBY IRBY We are never meeting in real life : essays Irby, Samantha
BIO JACKSON JACKSON A surprised queenhood in the new black sun : the life & legacy of Gwendolyn Brooks Jackson, Angela, 1951-
BIO SHILLUE SHILLUE Mean dads for a better America : the generous rewards of an old-fashioned childhood Shillue, Tom
CD FIC CHILD 6cds 7.5hrs Full wolf moon Child, Lincoln
CD FIC HILDERB 11cds 13hrs The identicals [sound recording] : a novel Hilderbrand, Elin
CD FIC KING 3cds 2.5hrs Gwendy's button box [sound recording] King, Stephen, 1947-
CD 814.54 SEDARIS 11cds 14hrs Theft by finding : diaries 1977-2002 Sedaris, David
DVD FIC JOHN WICK 2 John Wick, chapter 2
DVD FIC LAST WORD The last word
DVD FIC MAX 2 Max 2 : White House hero
E H The good for nothing button Willems, Mo
FIC OGAWA The housekeeper and the professor Ogawa, Yoko, 1962-
GRAPHIC NOVEL GARFIELD COOKS UP TROUBLE Garfield cooks up trouble Davis, Jim, 1945 July 28-
GRAPHIC NOVEL GARFIELD LISTENS TO HIS GUT Garfield listens to his gut : his 62nd book Davis, Jim, 1945 July 28-
JUV FIC HOWARD Sit, stay, love Howard, J. J. (Jennifer Jane), 1972-
JUV FIC LEGO Nexo Knights handbook West, Tracey, 1965-
JUV FIC MEYERHO Playing Cupid Meyerhoff, Jenny
JUV FIC NELSON Cake pop crush Nelson, Suzanne, 1976-
JUV FIC NELSON Donut go breaking my heart Nelson, Suzanne, 1976-
JUV FIC NELSON Hot cocoa hearts Nelson, Suzanne, 1976-
JUV FIC NELSON Macarons at midnight Nelson, Suzanne, 1976-
JUV FIC NELSON You're bacon me crazy Nelson, Suzanne, 1976-
JUV FIC PATTERSON I funny Patterson, James, 1947-
JUV 793.7 DISNEY Look and find beauty and the beast
JUV 793.7 SMURFS Look and find smurfs the lost village
JUV 793.7 STAR WARS Look and find beauty and the beast
LP FIC GRISHAM Camino Island Grisham, John
320.520 LEVIN Rediscovering Americanism : and the tyranny of progressivism Levin, Mark R. (Mark Reed), 1957-
347.73 KALMAN The long reach of the Sixties : LBJ, Nixon, and the making of the contemporary Supreme Court Kalman, Laura, 1955-
363.350 GRAFF Raven Rock : the story of the U.S. Government's secret plan to save itself-while the rest of us die Graff, Garrett M., 1981-
364.16 BILTON American kingpin : the epic hunt for the criminal mastermind behind the Silk Road Bilton, Nick
523.43 JENNER 4th rock from the Sun : the story of Mars Jenner, Nicky
576.507 DOUDNA A crack in creation : gene editing and the unthinkable power to control evolution Doudna, Jennifer A.
617.4 WESTABY Open heart : a cardiac surgeon's stories of life and death on the operating table Westaby, Stephen
618.92 LATSON The boy who loved too much : a true story of pathological friendliness Latson, Jennifer
658.3 BLANCHA One minute mentoring : how to find and work with a mentor--and why you'll benefit from being one Blanchard, Kenneth H.
701.15 EVENSON Drawing calm : relax, refresh, refocus with 20 drawing, painting, and collage workshops inspired by Klimt, Klee, Monet, and more Evenson, Susan
818.602 BOYLE Adulthood for beginners : all the life secrets nobody bothered to tell you Boyle, Andy
940.54 OREILLY The day the world went nuclear : dropping the atom bomb and the end of World War II in the Pacific O'Reilly, Bill
959.704 BOWDEN Hue 1968 : the turning point of the American war in Vietnam Bowden, Mark, 1951-
FIC BILLINGHAM Love like blood Billingham, Mark
FIC BILLINGHAM Rush of blood Billingham, Mark
FIC DICKSON Blind item Dickson, Kevin
FIC GINDER The people we hate at the wedding Ginder, Grant
FIC GOODMAN The chalk artist : a novel Goodman, Allegra
FIC HARRIS Indigo Harris, Charlaine
FIC KOONTZ The silent corner : a novel Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
FIC MONNINGER The map that leads to you Monninger, Joseph
FIC MONROE Beach house for rent Monroe, Mary Alice
FIC PERRY The Essex Serpent : a novel Perry, Sarah, 1979-
FIC REID The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo : a novel Reid, Taylor Jenkins
FIC STEPHENS The rise and fall of D.O.D.O. : a novel Stephenson, Neal
FIC TRIGIANI Kiss Carlo Trigiani, Adriana
FIC WINSLOW The force : a novel Winslow, Don, 1953-
YA FIC CROWLEY Words in deep blue Crowley, Cath
YA FIC BEATY The traitor's kiss Beaty, Erin
YA FIC CROWDER An uninterrupted view of the sky Crowder, Melanie
YA FIC DESSEN Once and for all Dessen, Sarah
YA FIC DIRKES Sucktown, Alaska Dirkes, Craig

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Materials 6/9/17 - 6/15/17

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The crossover [electronic resource]. Alexander, Kwame
EBOOK OVERDRIVE This life I live [electronic resource] : One Man's Extraordinary, Ordinary Life and the Woman Who Changed It Forever. Feek, Rory.
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Starship troopers [electronic resource]. Heinlein, Robert A.
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Brave new world [electronic resource]. Huxley, Aldous.
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Death by meeting [electronic resource] : A Leadership Fable...About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business. Lencioni, Patrick.
EBOOK OVERDRIVE 1984 [electronic resource]. Orwell, George.
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The shack [electronic resource]. Young, William P.
BIO ALEXIE ALEXIE You don't have to say you love me : a memoir Alexie, Sherman, 1966-
BIO ALSHARIF ALSHARIF Daring to drive : a Saudi woman's awakening Alsharif, Manal
BIO KENNEDY BOHRER The revolution of Robert Kennedy : from power to protest after JFK Bohrer, John R.
BIO MEKHENNET MEKHENNET I was told to come alone : my journey behind the lines of jihad Mekhennet, Souad
CD FIC CRICHTON 7cds 7.75hrs Dragon teeth Crichton, Michael, 1942-2008
CD FIC FINDER 8cds 10hrs The switch [sound recording] : a novel Finder, Joseph
CD FIC FRANK 9cds 10.25hrs Same beach, next year : a novel Frank, Dorothea Benton
CD FIC GREEN 10cds 12hrs The sunshine sisters [sound recording] : a novel Green, Jane, 1968-
CD FIC NOVAK 9cds 10.75hrs No one but you [sound recording] Novak, Brenda
DVD FIC RESURR OF GAVIN STONE The resurrection of Gavin Stone
FIC BRADBURY The illustrated man Bradbury, Ray, 1920-
JUV 356 MARINI Special forces Marini, Matthew, 1970-
JUV 358.4 BAILEY Fighter pilot Bailey, Diane, 1966-
JUV 363.2 HESTER Dogs on patrol Hester, Beth Landis
JUV 363.2502 NEWCOMB FBI agent Newcomb, Tim, 1978-
JUV 363.28 NEWCOMB Secret service agent Newcomb, Tim, 1978-
JUV 363.34 NEWCOMB Search and rescue team Newcomb, Tim, 1978-
JUV 593.5 GISH Jellyfish Gish, Melissa
JUV 595.3 GISH Crabs Gish, Melissa
JUV 597.95 GISH Iguanas Gish, Melissa
JUV 598.3 GISH Storks Gish, Melissa
JUV 598.9 GISH Falcons Gish, Melissa
JUV 599.649 GISH Bighorn sheep Gish, Melissa
JUV 599.74 GISH Meerkats Gish, Melissa
JUV 599.76 GISH Raccoons Gish, Melissa
LP FIC BROWN A hiss before dying : a Mrs. Murphy mystery Brown, Rita Mae
LP FIC CUSSLER Nighthawk : a novel from the NUMA Files : a Kurt Austin adventure Cussler, Clive
LP FIC GODWIN Grief cottage Godwin, Gail
LP FIC GOODMAN The widow's house Goodman, Carol
LP FIC GUDENKA Not a sound Gudenkauf, Heather
LP FIC KINGSBURY Love story : the Baxter Family Kingsbury, Karen
LP FIC OAKLEY Close enough to touch Oakley, Colleen
LP FIC ROBERTS Come sundown / by Nora Roberts. Roberts, Nora
LP FIC WOODS Indecent exposure Woods, Stuart
LP 646.700 ANDERSON We : a manifesto for women everywhere Anderson, Gillian, 1968-
248.4 SCHELL The turquoise table Schell, Kristin
277.3 FITZGER The Evangelicals : the struggle to shape America FitzGerald, Frances, 1940-
576.8 BRANNEN The ends of the world : volcanic apocalypses, lethal oceans, and our quest to understand Earth's past mass extinctions Brannen, Peter
591.35 OBRIEN Tears of the cheetah : and other tales from the genetic frontier O'Brien, Stephen J. (Stephen James), 1944-
613.25 ZINCZENKO Zero belly breakfasts Zinczenko, David
614 VALENTINE The chick and the dead : life and death behind mortuary doors Valentine, Carla
973.7092 KAPLAN Lincoln and the abolitionists : John Quincy Adams, slavery, and the Civil War Kaplan, Fred, 1937-
973.933 GINGRICH Understanding Trump Gingrich, Newt
FIC ESPOSITO Mad : a novel Esposito, Chloe J.
FIC FINDER The switch : a novel Finder, Joseph
FIC GEORGE The little French bistro : a novel George, Nina, 1973-
FIC GLASS A house among the trees : a novel Glass, Julia, 1956-
FIC HILDERB The identicals : a novel Hilderbrand, Elin
FIC HONEYMAN Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine : a novel Honeyman, Gail
FIC KELLY He said/she said Kelly, Erin, 1976-
FIC KING Lockdown : a novel of suspense King, Laurie R.
FIC KO The leavers Ko, Lisa
FIC KWAN Rich people problems : a novel Kwan, Kevin
FIC LUSTBADER The Bourne initiative Lustbader, Eric
FIC MADEN Tom Clancy point of contact Maden, Mike
FIC MELOY Do not become alarmed : a novel Meloy, Maile
FIC PETERSON It happens in the Hamptons : a novel Peterson, Holly
FIC RICHARDS The swallow's nest Richards, Emilie, 1948-
FIC ROBARDS The ultimatum Robards, Karen
FIC ROY The ministry of utmost happiness : a novel Roy, Arundhati
FIC STERN According to a source : a novel Stern, Abby
FIC SULLIVAN Beneath a scarlet sky : a novel Sullivan, Mark T.
FIC SULLIVAN Midnight at the Bright Ideas bookstore : a novel Sullivan, Matthew, 1970-
FIC WINGATE Before we were yours : a novel Wingate, Lisa
MYS FIC HOLT Odd numbers : a Hanne Wilhelmsen novel Holt, Anne, 1958-
YA FIC MCMANUS One of us is lying McManus, Karen M.

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New Materials 6/2/17 - 6/8/17

Call Number Title Author
BIO BROWN BROWN Called to rise : a life in faithful service to the community that made me Brown, David O.
BIO OATES OATES Change of seasons : a memoir Oates, John
BIO RIGGS RIGGS The bright hour : a memoir of living and dying Riggs, Nina
BIO SEXTON SEXTON The big Yank : memoir of a boy growing up Irish Sexton, J.P.
CD FIC DUNN 8cds 9hrs The arrangement [sound recording] Dunn, Sarah, 1969-
CD FIC MARTIN 28cds 33.5hrs A game of thrones [sound recording] Martin, George R. R.
DVD FIC AMERICAN WRESTLER American wrestler : the wizard
DVD FIC ROGUE ONE Rogue one : a Star wars story
E C Jabari jumps Cornwall, Gaia
E D The legend of rock, paper, scissors Daywalt, Drew
E F Bulldozer helps out Fleming, Candace
E F The case of the stinky stench Funk, Josh
E G Cinnamon Gaiman, Neil
E G Stack the cats Ghahremani, Susie
E L Bats in the band Lies, Brian
E R Dragons love tacos 2: the sequel Rubin, Adam, 1983-
E S Goldfish Ghost Snicket, Lemony
E W Adventures with barefoot critters White, Teagan
E W Counting with barefoot critters White, Teagan
E W Your pal Mo Willems presents Leonardo the terrible monster Willems, Mo
FIC KING It : a novel King, Stephen, 1947-
FIC LOCOCO A song for Bellafortuna LoCoco, Vincent B.
BB COUSINS Maisy's bus Cousins, Lucy
BB RYAN Fun in the sun! Ryan, Jo
BB S Little animals.
BB SUPERMA Superman colors Bird, Benjamin, 1978-
JUV BIO YEBOAH THOMPSON Emmanuel's dream : the true story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah Thompson, Laurie Ann
JUV FIC BOND Paddington at work Bond, Michael
JUV FIC BOSCH Bad news Bosch, Pseudonymous
JUV FIC BRANCHES Sam battles the machine! Chabert, Jack
JUV FIC BRANCHES Baxter is missing Elliott, Rebecca
JUV FIC CAMPBELL The gatehouse mystery Campbell, Julie, 1908-1999
JUV FIC CAMPBELL The secret of the mansion Campbell, Julie, 1908-1999
JUV FIC KORMAN Restart Korman, Gordon
JUV FIC LEAVITT The birthday suit Leavitt, Lindsey
JUV FIC LEAVITT Have a mice flight! Leavitt, Lindsey
JUV FIC PEIRCE Big Nate and friends Peirce, Lincoln
JUV FIC PILKEY Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the naughty nightcrawlers from Neptune Pilkey, Dav, 1966-
JUV FIC PILKEY Captain Underpants and the invasion of the incredibly naughty cafeteria ladies from outer space (and the subsequent assault of the equally evil lunchroom zombie nerds) Pilkey, Dav.
JUV FIC STILTON Thea Stilton and the frozen fiasco Stilton, Thea
JUV FIC WESTERF Horizon Westerfeld, Scott
JUV 503 DK DK first science encyclopedia.
JUV 567.9 HUGHES First big book of dinosaurs Hughes, Catherine D.
JUV 741.5 HALE Real friends Hale, Shannon
305.9 TRAN Ship of fate : memoir of a Vietnamese repatriate Trn, Dinh Tr, 1935-
323.623 PROCTOR Citizenship basics 2017 : 100 questions in Spanish, U.S. citizenship study guide Proctor, Robert (ESL instructor)
324.973 DEROBERTIS Radical hope : letters of love and dissent in dangerous times
381.456 RUHLMAN Grocery : the buying and selling of food in America Ruhlman, Michael, 1963-
523.01 TYSON Astrophysics for people in a hurry Tyson, Neil deGrasse
787.870 OBRECHT Talking guitar : conversations with musicians who shaped twentieth-century American music
941.084092 RICKS Churchill and Orwell : the fight for freedom Ricks, Thomas E.
956.7044 BARDENWER The prisoner in his palace : Saddam Hussein, his American guards, and what history leaves unsaid Bardenwerper, Will
973.7 FISHER Bill O'Reilly's legends & lies : the Civil War Fisher, David, 1946-
FIC GODWIN Grief cottage : a novel Godwin, Gail
FIC GREEN The sunshine sisters Green, Jane, 1968-
FIC GRISHAM Camino Island Grisham, John
FIC GRISHAM Camino Island Grisham, John
FIC TAYLOR The shark club Taylor, Ann Kidd
FIC WOODS Indecent exposure Woods, Stuart
MYS FIC HOROWITZ Magpie murders Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-
YA FIC PATTERSON Crazy house Patterson, James, 1947-

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

New Materials 5/26/17 - 6/1/17

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The stranger in the woods : The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit. Finkel, Michael
EBOOK OVERDRIVE We are okay LaCour, Nina
BIO HART HART I can't make this up : life lessons Hart, Kevin, 1979-
BIO TYSON TYSON Iron ambition : my life with Cus D'Amato Tyson, Mike, 1966-
BIO UWIRINGIY UWIRINGIY How dare the sun rise : memoirs of a war child Uwiringiyimana, Sandra
CD FIC THAYER 9cds 11hrs Secrets in summer : a novel Thayer, Nancy, 1943-
DVD FIC LA LA LAND La La Land La La Land (Motion picture : 2016)
FIC HIGHSMITH The blunderer Highsmith, Patricia, 1921-1995
BB PATRICELL Potty Patricelli, Leslie
JUV BIO COLUMBUS BADER Who was Christopher Columbus? Bader, Bonnie, 1961-
JUV BIO FORD BURGAN Who was Henry Ford? Burgan, Michael
JUV BIO HERSHEY BUCKLEY Who was Milton Hershey? Buckley, James, Jr., 1963-
JUV BIO RAU Who was Gandhi? Rau, Dana Meachen, 1971-
JUV BIO ROSS BUCKLEY Who was Betsy Ross? Buckley, James, Jr., 1963-
JUV FIC ALEXANDER Time cat : the remarkable journeys of Jason and Gareth Alexander, Lloyd
JUV FIC BAKER The princess and the pearl Baker, E. D.
JUV FIC GREEN The adventures of Sophie Mouse Green, Poppy
JUV FIC LIBENSON Invisible Emmie Libenson, Terri
JUV FIC POWER Power Rangers : the official movie novel Irvine, Alex
JUV 912 STUDENT ATLAS Student atlas. Dorling Kindersley Cartography (Firm)
JUV 323.3 RAPPAPORT Elizabeth started all the trouble Rappaport, Doreen
JUV 363.28 PERRITANO Border security Perritano, John
JUV 560 ALONSO The early Cretaceous : notes, drawings, and observations from prehistory Alonso, Juan Carlos (Graphic designer)
JUV 567.9 ALONSO The late Jurassic : notes, drawings, and observations from prehistory Alonso, Juan Carlos (Graphic designer)
JUV 567.9 STINE What was the age of the dinosaurs? Stine, Megan
JUV 569.9 PIPE Early people Pipe, Jim, 1966-
JUV 771 OXLADE Cameras : how they work, film, digital, filters, effects : with 12 easy-to-do experiments and 280 exciting pictures Oxlade, Chris
LP FIC CHILD No middle name : the complete collected Jack Reacher short stories Child, Lee
202 VIRTUE 10 messages your angels want you to know Virtue, Doreen, 1958-
330.9 TAPLIN Move fast and break things : how Facebook, Google, and Amazon cornered culture and undermined democracy Taplin, Jonathan
378.1 WYNNE Praxis elementary education 5018 Wynne, Sharon A.
388.4 LASHINSKY Wild ride : inside Uber's quest for world domination Lashinsky, Adam
612.8 MCGIRR Snooze : the lost art of sleep McGirr, Michael, 1961-
794.8 KUSHNER Rise of the dungeon master : Gary Gygax and the creation of D&D Kushner, David, 1968-
796.6409 GOODRICH A hole in the wind : a climate scientist's bicycle journey across the United States Goodrich, David M.
814 SEDARIS Theft by finding : diaries 1977-2002 Sedaris, David
940.5426 KLEISS Never call me a hero : a legendary American dive-bomber pilot remembers the Battle of Midway Kleiss, N. Jack
PB 2 CHILD Bad luck and trouble : a Reacher novel Child, Lee
PB 2 PENNY A great reckoning Penny, Louise
PB ROMANCE MACOMBER 74 Seaside Avenue Macomber, Debbie
FIC BENNIS The guns above Bennis Robyn
FIC FORTIN Sister, sister Fortin, Sue
FIC HAN The vegetarian : a novel Han, Kang, 1970-
FIC ROBERTS Come sundown Roberts, Nora
FIC SEGAL The awkward age : a novel Segal, Francesca, 1980-
MYS FIC DREW Shadow man : a novel Drew, Alan, 1970-
SF FIC TOLKIEN Beren and Luthien Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973

Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Materials 5/19/17 - 5/25/17

Call Number Title Author
BIO FOLEY MABRY Maude Mabry, Donna, (uri)
BIO FRANKEN FRANKEN Al Franken, giant of the Senate Franken, Al
BIO KELSO KELSO Bloody engagements : John R. Kelso's Civil War Kelso, John Russell, 1831-1891
BIO OBAMA GARROW Rising star : the making of Barack Obama Garrow, David
BIO POSITANO DIMAGGIO Dinner with Dimaggio : Memories of an American Hero Positano, Rock G.
BIO ROSS ROSS Teammate : my journey in baseball and a World Series for the ages Ross, David
BIO TAMBOR TAMBOR Are you anybody? : a memoir Tambor, Jeffrey, 1944-
BIO WASHINGT BASS He calls me by lightning : the life of Caliph Washington and the forgotten saga of Jim Crow, southern justice, and the death penalty Bass, S. Jonathan
CD BIO KNIGHT FINKEL 5cds 6.5hrs The stranger in the woods Finkel, Michael
CD FIC HAWKINS 9cds 11.5hrs Into the water : a novel Hawkins, Paula
CD FIC NESBO 14cds 17hrs The thirst Nesb, Jo, 1960-
CD FIC PATTERS 6cs 7hrs 16th seduction Patterson, James, 1947-
CD FIC SANDFORD 9cds 11hrs Golden prey Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-
CD FIC SANTOPO 6cds 7.5hrs The light we lost Santopolo, Jill
CD FIC SIMSION 8cds 9.5hrs The best of Adam Sharp Simsion, Graeme C.
CD FIC SULLIVAN 12cds 15hrs Saints for all occasions : a novel Sullivan, J. Courtney
CD 362.2 BLY 3CDs 3.5hrs Ten days in a madhouse Bly, Nellie, 1864-1922
CD 658.4 LUECKE 3cds 2.45hrs How to become a better negotiator Luecke, Richard
E L Rise of the Rogues Davies, Beth
E L Being Batman Petranek, Michael
E L Movie magic Schmidt, Rebecca L.
E L The power of the Fortrex Schmidt, Rebecca L.
E L I'm Batgirl! West, Tracey, 1965-
E L Robin to the rescue! West, Tracey, 1965-
E T Hungry Bird Tankard, Jeremy
JUV BIO MAGELLAN MORLEY The story of Magellan Morley, Jacqueline
JUV BIO POLO MACDONAL The story of Marco Polo Macdonald, Fiona
JUV 330.973 RIGGS The great recession Riggs, Kate
JUV 629.454 GREEN The story of the race to the moon Green, Jen
JUV 909 BODDEN The Arab spring Bodden, Valerie
JUV 909.825 RIGGS The end of the Cold War Riggs, Kate
JUV 917.804 MORLEY The story of Lewis and Clark Morley, Jacqueline
JUV 973.931 MURRAY The 9/11 terror attacks Murray, Laura K., 1989-
LP BIO FREEMAN The Jersey brothers : a missing naval officer in the Pacific and his family's quest to bring him home Freeman, Sally Mott
LP 971.304 BAUERSC Driving Miss Norma : one family's journey saying yes to living Bauerschmidt, Tim
LP FIC SCOTTOL One perfect lie Scottoline, Lisa
LP 591.59 KATZ Talking to animals : how you can understand animals and they can understand you Katz, Jon
305.240 SASSE The vanishing American adult : our coming-of-age crisis--and how to rebuild a culture of self-reliance Sasse, Benjamin E.
306.810 CALHOUN Wedding toasts I'll never give Calhoun, Ada
327.730 KENGOR A pope and a president : John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the extraordinary untold story of the 20th century Kengor, Paul, 1966-
363.325 CANNELL Incendiary : the psychiatrist, the mad bomber, and the invention of criminal profiling Cannell, Michael T.
582.13 GUNDRY The plant paradox : the hidden dangers in healthy foods that cause disease and weight gain Gundry, Steven R.
610.1 MEADOWS The other side of impossible : ordinary people who faced daunting medical challenges and refused to give up Meadows, Susannah
613.7 DAVIS Fitter faster : the smart way to get in shape in just minutes a day Davis, Robert J., 1963-
746.9 SINGH How to be a bawse : a guide to conquering life Singh, Lilly
782.421 SHEFFIE Dreaming the Beatles : the love story of one band and the whole world Sheffield, Rob
919.690 FROMMERS HAWAII Frommer's easyguide to Hawaii Foster, Jeanette
FIC CHILD No middle name : the complete collected Jack Reacher short stories Child, Lee
FIC CRICHTON Dragon teeth Crichton, Michael, 1942-2008
FIC CUSSLER Nighthawk : a novel from the NUMA Files Cussler, Clive
FIC FISHER The silent wife Fisher, Kerry
FIC GUDENKAUF Not a sound Gudenkauf, Heather
FIC HAMILTON Exit strategy : a Nick Mason novel Hamilton, Steve, 1961-
FIC HARRIGAN Secrets of southern girls Harrigan, Haley, 1983-
FIC JACKSON You will pay Jackson, Lisa
FIC KIERNAN The baker's secret : a novel Kiernan, Stephen P.
FIC KING Gwendy's button box King, Stephen, 1947-
FIC LADITAN Confessions of a domestic failure Laditan, Bunmi
FIC MINA The long drop Mina, Denise
FIC MURAKAMI Men without women : stories Murakami, Haruki, 1949-
FIC SANTOPO The light we lost Santopolo, Jill
FIC SHAARA The frozen hours : a novel of the Korean War Shaara, Jeff, 1952-
FIC WALLACE Extraordinary adventures : a novel Wallace, Daniel, 1959-
MYS FIC ATHERTON Aunt Dimity and the widow's curse Atherton, Nancy
MYS FIC BARCLAY Parting shot Barclay, Linwood
MYS FIC BOWEN Crowned and dangerous : a royal spyness mystery Bowen, Rhys
MYS FIC BROWN A hiss before dying : a Mrs. Murphy mystery Brown, Rita Mae
SF FIC MCCLELLAN Sins of empire McClellan, Brian, 1986-
YA FIC BENNETT Alex, approximately Bennett, Jenn

Friday, May 19, 2017

New Materials 5/12/17 - 5/18/17

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Secrets in summer : a novel. Thayer, Nancy.
BIO BUFFETT WHITE Jimmy Buffett : a good life all the way White, Ryan (Journalist)
BIO CROSS FREEMAN The Jersey brothers : a saga of war and family Freeman, Sally Mott
BIO FALCONE FALCONE Being a dad is weird : lessons in fatherhood from my family to yours Falcone, Ben, 1973-
BIO FRANTA FRANTA Note to self Franta, Connor, 1992-
BIO LINCOLN BLUMENT Wrestling with his angel : the political life of Abraham Lincoln. Volume II, 1849-1856 Blumenthal, Sidney, 1948-
BIO NIXON BUCHANAN Nixon's White House wars : the battles that made and broke a president and divided America forever Buchanan, Patrick J. (Patrick Joseph), 1938-
BIO ONEILL ONEILL The operator : firing the shots that killed Osama bin Laden and my years as a SEAL Team warrior O'Neill, Robert, 1976-
BIO ORTIZ ORTIZ Papi : my story Ortiz, David, 1975-
BIO PRINCE GREENMAN Dig if you will the picture : funk, sex, god and genius in the music of Prince Greenman, Ben
BIO SIDIBE SIDIBE This is just my face : try not to stare Sidibe, Gabourey
BIO SMITH KENNEDY JFK : a vision for America in words and pictures
CD FIC STEEL 8cds 9.25hrs Against all odds : a novel Steel, Danielle
CD FIC WHITE 8cds 10.25hrs The secrets you keep White, Kate, 1950-
CD 823 MARKOS The life and writings of C.S. Lewis Markos, Louis
DVD FIC DOGS PURPOSE A dog's purpose
DVD FIC SPACE BETWEEN US The space between us
DVD 016.8 FEARS PART 1 Books that have made history : books that can change your life Fears, J. Rufus.
DVD 016.8 FEARS PART 2 Books that have made history : books that can change your life Fears, J. Rufus.
DVD 016.8 FEARS PART 3 Books that have made history : books that can change your life Fears, J. Rufus.
DVD 320.973 KOBYLKA PART 1 Cycles of American political thought Kobylka, Joseph Fiske
DVD 320.973 KOBYLKA PART 2 Cycles of American political thought Kobylka, Joseph Fiske
DVD 320.973 KOBYLKA PART 3 Cycles of American political thought Kobylka, Joseph Fiske
DVD 909 STEARNS PART 1 A brief history of the world
DVD 909 STEARNS PART 2 A brief history of the world
DVD 909 STEARNS PART 3 A brief history of the world
FIC AUSTIN Waves of mercy Austin, Lynn N.
JUV FIC CARLSON The world's greatest detective Carlson, Caroline
LP FIC PATTERS 16th seduction Patterson, James, 1947-
LP FIC RUSSO Trajectory Russo, Richard, 1949-
LP FIC STEEL Against all odds : a novel Steel, Danielle
MYS FIC PATTERS Triple threat : thrillers Patterson, James, 1947-
020.92 CASSIDY This is what a librarian looks like : a celebration of libraries, communities, and access to information Cassidy, Kyle
133.9 DOOLEY From deep space with love : a conversation about consciousness, the universe, and building a better world Dooley, Mike, 1961-
152.4 CEASE I hope I screw this up : how falling in love with your fears can change the world Cease, Kyle
232.9 LIMBAUGH The true Jesus : uncovering the divinity of Christ in the gospels Limbaugh, David
321.8 RICE Democracy : stories from the long road to freedom Rice, Condoleezza, 1954-
324.973 KASICH Two paths : America united or divided Kasich, John
362.102 PEARL Mistreated : why we think we're getting good health care and why we're usually wrong Pearl, Robert
363.17 MOORE The radium girls : the dark story of America's shining women Moore, Kate (Writer and editor)
364 FLYNN The New York Times book of crime : more than 166 years of covering the beat
364.153 MARZANO LESNEVICH The fact of a body : a murder and a memoir Marzano-Lesnevich, Alexandria
364.16 SIMONE The Pierre Hotel affair : how eight gentlemen thieves plundered $28 million in the largest jewel heist in history Simone, Daniel
613.6 CASNER Careful! : a user's guide to our injury-prone minds Casner, Steve
616.042 KOLATA Mercies in disguise : a story of hope, a family's genetic destiny, and the science that rescued them Kolata, Gina Bari, 1948-
616.042092 LINDER The family gene : a mission to turn my deadly inheritance into a hopeful future Linder, Joselin
641.5 SEINFELD Food swings : 125 recipes to enjoy your life of virtue and vice Seinfeld, Jessica
650.108 TRUMP Women who work : rewriting the rules for success Trump, Ivanka, 1981-
791.430 NEVINS You don't look your age and other fairy tales Nevins, Sheila
796.357 LAW Smart baseball : the story behind the old stats that are ruining the game, the new ones that are running it, and the right way to think about baseball Law, Keith, 1973-
940.54 EISNER MacArthur's spies : the soldier, the singer, and the spymaster who defied the Japanese in World War II Eisner, Peter
973 ANTHONY The United States of absurdity : untold stories from American history Anthony, Dave, 1967-
FIC ALYAN Salt houses Alyan, Hala, 1986-
FIC BENFORD The Berlin Project Benford, Gregory, 1941-
FIC CAMPBELL It's always the husband Martinez, Michele, 1962-
FIC CHEVALIER New boy Chevalier, Tracy
FIC CHILD Full wolf moon : a novel Child, Lincoln
FIC FRANK Same beach, next year Frank, Dorothea Benton
FIC FRIIS What my body remembers Friis, Agnete
FIC LUDWIG Ginny Moon Ludwig, Benjamin, 1974-
FIC SARDAR You were here Sardar, Gian
FIC SIMSION The best of Adam Sharp Simsion, Graeme C.
FIC TAIT Fake plastic love : a novel Tait, Kimberley
FIC THAYER Secrets in summer : a novel Thayer, Nancy, 1943-
FIC TUROW Testimony Turow, Scott
FIC WEIR Anne Boleyn, a king's obsession : a novel Weir, Alison, 1951-
MYS FIC ROBERTS Two lost boys Robertson, L. F.
SF FIC YUKNAVI The book of Joan Yuknavitch, Lidia

Friday, May 12, 2017

New Materials 5/5/17 - 5/11/17

Call Number Title Author
BIO BUCKLEY FELZENBERG A man and his presidents : the political odyssey of William F. Buckley Jr. Felzenberg, Alvin S.
BIO FORD FORD Between them : remembering my parents Ford, Richard, 1944-
BIO GETHERS GETHERS My mother's kitchen : breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the meaning of life Gethers, Peter
BIO KENNEDY MCKEON Jackie's girl : my life with the Kennedy family McKeon, Kathy
BIO LEE FLYNT Mockingbird songs : Harper Lee : a friendship Flynt, Wayne, 1940-
BIO LIN LIN Shanghai faithful : betrayal and forgiveness in a Chinese Christian family Lin, Jennifer, 1959-
BIO PAUL PAUL My life with Bob : flawed heroine keeps book of books, plot ensues Paul, Pamela
BIO STEVENS STEVENS Bleaker house : chasing my novel to the end of the world Stevens, Nell, 1985-
CD 090.92 OREILLY 4cds 4.5hrs Old school : life in the sane lane O'Reilly, Bill
DVD FIC FANTASTIC BEASTS Fantastic beasts and where to find them
JUV FIC ROY July jitters Roy, Ron, 1940-
JUV 709.02 RIGGS What is gothic art? Riggs, Kate
JUV 709.04 RIGGS What is cubism? Riggs, Kate
JUV 709.04 RIGGS What is modernism? Riggs, Kate
JUV 730 KALLEN Sculpture Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-
JUV 739.034 RIGGS What is romanticism? Riggs, Kate
JUV 741.5 MARCOVIT Comic book art Marcovitz, Hal
JUV 751.4 RIGGS What is realism? Riggs, Kate
JUV 759.054 HIRSCHMA Impressionism Hirschmann, Kris, 1967-
JUV 759.054 RIGGS What is impressionism? Riggs, Kate
LP FC JOHANSEN No easy target Johansen, Iris
LP FIC BETLEY Oath of honor : a thriller Betley, Matthew
LP FIC CARR Any day now Carr, Robyn
LP FIC EVANS The broken road Evans, Richard Paul
LP FIC HONEYMA Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine Honeyma, Gail
LP FIC JEWELL I found you Jewell, Lisa
LP FIC LUDWIG Ginny Moon Ludwig, Benjamin, 1974-
LP FIC MERULLO The delight of being ordinary : a road trip with the Pope and the Dalai Lama Merullo, Roland
LP FIC MIRANDA The perfect stranger Miranda, Megna
LP FIC PETRIE Burning bright Petrie, Nicholas
LP FIC PINBROU Behind her eyes Pinborough, Sarah, 1972-
LP FIC QUICK The girl who knew too much Quick, Amanda
LP FIC SANDFORD Golden prey Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-
LP FIC WOODS Fast & loose Woods, Stuart
KOREAN OLDER KIM Noe taegyo tonghwa Kim, Chang-gyu, 1954-
KOREAN OLDER KIM Hananim?i taesa Kim, Ha-jung, 1947-
133.1097 ADAMS Philadelphia ghost stories Adams, Charles J. (Charles Jesse), 1947-
158.1 SINCERO You are a bad ass : how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life Sincero, Jen, 1965-
332.024 SINCERO You Are a Badass at Making Money : Master the Mindset of Wealth Sincero, Jen, 1965-
362.1 PEARSON No apparent distress : a doctor's coming-of-age on the front lines of American medicine Pearson, Rachel, 1983-
364.16 ENRICH The spider network : the wild story of a math genius, a gang of backstabbing bankers, and one of the greatest scams in financial history Enrich, David
610.72 HARRIS Rigor mortis : how sloppy science creates worthless cures, crushes hope, and wastes billions Harris, Richard F.
636.8 MCNAMEE The inner life of cats : the science and secrets of our mysterious feline companions McNamee, Thomas, 1947-
746.43 RIMOLI Amigurumi two! : crocheted toys for me and you and baby too Rimoli, Ana Paula, 1976-
796.323 WINDHORST Return of the king : LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the greatest comeback in NBA history Windhorst, Brian
917.304 BAUERSC Driving Miss Norma : one family's journey saying yes to living Bauerschmidt, Tim
940.53 REES The Holocaust : a new history Rees, Laurence, 1957-
988.3 PARKER Willoughbyland : England's lost colony Parker, Matthew
FIC ATKINS Little white lies Atkins, Ace
FIC CAMERON A dog's way home Cameron, W. Bruce
FIC CASTLE Heat Storm Castle, Richard
FIC GABLE The book of summer : a novel Gable, Michelle
FIC LEHANE Since we fell Lehane, Dennis
FIC LUSTBADER The fallen Lustbader, Eric
FIC NESBO The thirst : a Harry Hole novel Nesbo, Jo, 1960-
FIC QUICK The girl who knew too much Quick, Amanda
FIC RUSSO Trajectory Russo, Richard, 1949-
FIC SHOEMAKER Mr. Rochester Shoemaker, Sarah
FIC SULLIVAN Saints for all occasions : a novel Sullivan, J. Courtney
FIC TOIBIN House of names Toibin, Colm, 1955-
MYS FIC PATTERS 16th seduction Patterson, James, 1947-