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New Materials 7/8/18 - 7/14/18

Call Number Title Author
CD FIC DELINSKY 12cds 14.5hrs Before and again : a novel Delinsky, Barbara
CD FIC LAMOUR 5hrs 5cds Fallon : a novel L'Amour, Louis, 1908-1988.
CD FIC PARIS 6cds 7.5hrs Bring me back : a novel Paris, B. A.
DVD FIC 12 STRONG 12 strong : the declassified true story of the horse soldiers
FIC BURKE The dead take no bows, Burke, Richard, 1886-
FIC EMERSON The king's damsel Emerson, Kate
FIC GRAF Hours Between Us. Graf, Carol.
FIC TSOUMBAKOS Vikings: the truth about Lagertha and Ragnar Tsoumbakos, Rachel, 1974-
FIC UPDIKE Rabbit, run Updike, John
FIC ZADOORIAN The leisure seeker Zadoorian, Michael
CD JUV FIC APPLEGA 3cds 3.75hrs The one and only Ivan [sound recording] Applegate, Katherine
CD JUV FIC BIRDSALL 5cds 7.5hrs The Penderwicks at Point Mouette [sound recording] Birdsall, Jeanne
CD JUV FIC DAHL 3cds 3.5hrs Charlie and the chocolate factory [sound recording] Dahl, Roald
CD JUV FIC DICAMIL 2cds 2.5hrs Because of Winn-Dixie [sound recording] DiCamillo, Kate
CD JUV FIC JENKINS 2cds 2.25hrs Toys come home [sound recording] : being the early experiences of an intelligent stingray, a brave buffalo, and a brand-new someone called Plastic Jenkins, Emily, 1967-
CD JUV FIC JENKINS 2cds 2hrs Toys go out [sound recording] : being the adventures of a knowledgeable Stingray, a toughy little Buffalo, and someone called Plastic Jenkins, Emily, 1967-
CD JUV FIC JENKINS 3cds 3hrs Toy dance party [sound recording] : being the further adventures of a bossyboots Stingray, a courageous Buffalo, and a hopeful round someone called Plastic Jenkins, Emily, 1967-
CD JUV FIC LEWIS 4cds 4hrs The horse and his boy [sound recording] Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963
CD JUV FIC LEWIS 4cds 4hrs The magician's nephew [sound recording] Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963
CD JUV FIC LEWIS 4cds 4hrs Prince Caspian [sound recording] Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963
CD JUV FIC LEWIS 5cds 6hrs The silver chair [sound recording] Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963
CD JUV FIC LEWIS 5cds 6hrs The voyage of the Dawn Treader [sound recording] Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963
CD JUV FIC NAYLOR 3cds 3.5hrs Shiloh [sound recording] Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
CD JUV FIC OSBORNE 5cds 5.5hrs Magic tree house collection. Books 1-8 [sound recording] Osborne, Mary Pope
CD JUV FIC PARK 5cds 5.5hrs Junie B. Jones collection. Books 9-16 [sound recording] Park, Barbara.
CD JUV FIC WHITE 2cds 2hrs Stuart Little [sound recording] White, E. B. (Elwyn Brooks), 1899-1985
CD JUV FIC WHITE 3cds 3.5hrs Charlotte's web [sound recording] White, E. B. (Elwyn Brooks), 1899-1985
JUV FIC BLABEY The Bad Guys Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The bad guys in Alien vs. Bad Guys Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The Bad Guys in Attack of the zittens Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The bad guys in intergalactic gas Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The Bad Guys in Mission unpluckable Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The bad guys in the furball strikes back Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC CITRO Caterflies and ice Citro, Asia
JUV FIC CITRO Dragons and marshmallows Citro, Asia
JUV FIC CITRO Merhorses and bubbles Citro, Asia
JUV FIC CITRO Monsters and mold Citro, Asia
JUV FIC CITRO The pod and the bog Citro, Asia
JUV FIC LUMBERJA Lumberjanes : a terrible plan
JUV FIC LUMBERJA Lumberjanes : beware the kitten holy Stevenson, Noelle
JUV FIC LUMBERJA Lumberjanes : friendship to the max Stevenson, Noelle
JUV FIC LUMBERJA Lumberjanes : out of time Stevenson, Noelle
JUV FIC LUMBERJA Lumberjanes : out of time Stevenson, Noelle
JUV FIC LUMBERJA Lumberjanes : sink or swim Watters, Shannon
JUV 629.435 FRETLAN Rovers Fretland VanVoorst, Jenny, 1972-
JUV 629.442 FRETLAN Space stations Fretland VanVoorst, Jenny, 1972-
JUV 629.46 FRETLAN Artificial satellites Fretland VanVoorst, Jenny, 1972-
JUV 629.47 FRETLAN Rockets Fretland VanVoorst, Jenny, 1972-
JUV 629.47 FRETLAN Spacecraft Fretland VanVoorst, Jenny, 1972-
JUV 974.1 PERISH Maine : the pine tree state Perish, Patrick
JUV 974.5 RECHNER Rhode Island : the Ocean State Rechner, Amy
JUV 974.6 OACHS Connecticut : the Constitution State Oachs, Emily Rose
JUV 974.8 RECHNER Pennsylvania : the Keystone State Rechner, Amy
JUV 975.1 SCHNOBR Delaware Schnobrich, Emily
JUV 975.8 OWINGS Georgia Owings, Lisa
JUV 975.9 OACHS Florida : the Sunshine State Oachs, Emily Rose
JUV 976.3 OWINGS Louisiana Owings, Lisa
JUV 976.6 HOENA Oklahoma : the Sooner State Hoena, B. A.
JUV 976.9 PERISH Kentucky : the bluegrass state Perish, Patrick
JUV 977.4 RECHNER Michigan : the great lakes state Rechner, Amy
JUV 977.5 RECHNER Wisconsin Rechner, Amy
JUV 977.6 RECHNER Minnesota : the north star state Rechner, Amy
JUV 978.2 PERISH Nebraska : the cornhusker state Perish, Patrick
JUV 978.7 SWEAZEY Wyoming Sweazey, Davy
JUV 979.2 HOENA Utah : the Beehive State Hoena, B. A.
JUV 979.8 OACHS Alaska : the Last Frontier Oachs, Emily Rose
LP FIC ARMSTRONG This fallen prey Armstrong, Kelley
LP FIC CASTILLO America is not the heart Castillo, Elaine
LP FIC DELINSKY Before and again Delinsky, Barbara
LP FIC GIFFIN All we ever wanted Giffin, Emily
LP FIC LINDSEY Marry me by sundown Lindsey, Johanna
LP FIC MALLERY When we found home Mallery, Susan
LP FIC MARTIN Beyond control Martin, Kat
LP FIC MICHAELS Truth or Dare Michaels, Fern.
LP FIC PARIS Bring me back Paris, B. A.
MYS FIC HASELDINE Duplicity Haseldine, Jane, 1966-
155.6 RAUCH The happiness curve : why life gets better after 50 Rauch, Jonathan, 1960-
305.488 SANTANA All the women in my family sing : women write the world--essays on equality, justice, and freedom
323.1196 BELL Lighting the fires of freedom : African American women in the Civil Rights Movement Bell, Janet Dewart
523.1 FRANK Light of the stars : alien worlds and the fate of the Earth Frank, Adam, 1962-
551.7 CHILDS Atlas of a lost world : travels in ice age America Childs, Craig, 1967-
616.8 MACE The 36-hour day : a family guide to caring for people who have Alzheimer disease, other dementias, and memory loss Mace, Nancy L.
629.43 STERN Chasing New Horizons : inside the epic first mission to Pluto Stern, Alan, 1957-
811.6 SMITH Wade in the water : poems Smith, Tracy K.
818 PAPA Your dad stole my rake and other family dilemmas Papa, Tom
973.0496 WILLS Black fortunes : the story of the first six African Americans who escaped slavery and became millionaires Wills, Shomari
FIC ALGER The banker's wife Alger, Cristina
FIC CHRISTEN The last cruise : a novel Christensen, Kate, 1962-
FIC DAWSON Match making for beginners : a novel Dawson, Maddie
FIC DOAN The summer list Doan, Amy Mason
FIC HALL Our kind of cruelty Hall, Araminta
FIC HAWLEY A conspiracy of tall men Hawley, Noah
FIC MANSELL Sheer mischief Mansell, Jill
FIC MANSELL This could change everything Mansell, Jill
FIC MORAN How to be famous : a novel Moran, Caitlin, 1975-
FIC MORGAN How to keep a secret Morgan, Sarah, 1948-
FIC PEARCE Dear Mrs. Bird : a novel Pearce, A. J. (Amanda-Jane)
FIC POWERS A shout in the ruins Powers, Kevin
FIC SHALVIS Rainy day friends : a novel Shalvis, Jill
FIC THAYNE The cottages on Silver Beach Thayne, RaeAnne
FIC THOMPSON SPIRES Heads of the colored people : stories Thompson-Spires, Nafissa
FIC TREMBLAY The cabin at the end of the world : a novel Tremblay, Paul
FIC UMRIGAR Everybody's son : a novel Umrigar, Thrity N.
FIC WAGNER Futureface : a family mystery, an epic quest, and the secret to belonging Wagner, Alex
MYS FIC DOIRON Stay hidden Doiron, Paul
SF FIC FINLEY The darkest time of night Finley, Jeremy
SF FIC FLINT Grantville Gazette VIII
SF FIC LACKEY The hills have spies Lackey, Mercedes
YA FIC HAND My plain Jane Hand, Cynthia, 1978-
YA FIC TAHIR A reaper at the gates Tahir, Sabaa

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New Materials 7/1/18 - 7/7/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO FOLES FOLES Believe it : my journey of success, failure, and overcoming the odds Foles, Nick
BIO JACKSON JACKSON Moonwalk Jackson, Michael, 1958-2009
BIO KILGALLEN SHAW The reporter who knew too much : the mysterious death of What's my Line tv star and media icon Dorothy Kilgallen Shaw, Mark, 1945-
CD FIC BACKMAN 11cds 14hrs Us against you : a novel Backman, Fredrik, 1981-
CD FIC WIGGS 9cds 11hrs Between you and me : a novel Wiggs, Susan author.
CD 327.730 BAIER 11cds 12.5hrs Three days in Moscow : Ronald Reagan and the fall of the Soviet empire Baier, Bret
DVD FIC PADDING TON 2 Paddington 2
FIC HALL The well of loneliness Hall, Radclyffe
FIC HUXLEY Point counter point, Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963
FIC WAUGH Decline and fall Waugh, Evelyn, 1903-1966
CD JUV FIC OSBORNE 5cds Magic tree house collection. #9-16 Osborne, Mary Pope
CD JUV FIC WARNER 6cds The Boxcar children collection. Volume 2 : three complete stories Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979
JUV 523.53 GALLAGH Exploring meteor showers Gallagher, Brigid
JUV 523.8 LATTA Exploring constellations Latta, Sara L.
JUV 523.99 SHERMAN Exploring eclipses Sherman, Jill
JUV 538.768 KENNEY Exploring auroras Kenney, Karen Latchana
JUV 620.0023 CUNNINGH Roller coasters : from concept to consumer Cunningham, Kevin, 1966-
JUV 629.4 SNEDDEN A brief illustrated history of space exploration Snedden, Robert
JUV 728.8 BERGERE Follow Rollo : a romp through Fonthill Castle The Home of Henry Chapman Mercer Bergere, Nancy
JUV 943.71 SIMMONS The Czech Republic Simmons, Walter (Walter G.)
JUV 948.97 BORGERT- SPANIOL Finland Borgert-Spaniol, Megan, 1989-
JUV 951.249 OWINGS Taiwan Owings, Lisa
JUV 956.9 SIMMONS Cambodia Simmons, Walter (Walter G.)
JUV 959.8 OWINGS Indonesia Owings, Lisa
JUV 966.9 OWINGS Nigeria Owings, Lisa
JUV 968 OWINGS South Africa Owings, Lisa
JUV 972.83 FRAZEL Honduras Frazel, Ellen
JUV 972.92 OWINGS Jamaica Owings, Lisa
JUV 974.2 SCHNOBRI New Hampshire Schnobrich, Emily
JUV 974.3 OWINGS West Virginia Owings, Lisa
JUV 974.4 RECHNER Massachusetts : The bay state Rechner, Amy
JUV 975.3 HOENA Washington, D.C. : the U.S. Capital Hoena, B. A.
JUV 976.1 OWINGS Alabama : the heart of Dixie Owings, Lisa
JUV 976.2 HOENA Mississippi Hoena, B. A.
JUV 978.1 HOENA Kansas : the sunflower state Hoena, B. A.
JUV 978.4 HOENA North Dakota Hoena, B. A.
JUV 978.6 OACHS Montana Oachs, Emily Rose
JUV 979.1 RYAN Arizona : the Grand Canyon State Ryan, Patrick, 1948-
JUV 979.3 HOENA Nevada : the battle born state Hoena, B. A.
JUV 979.6 PERISH Idaho : the gem state Perish, Patrick
JUV 979.7 SCHUETZ Washington : the evergreen state Schuetz, Kristin
LP FIC PRESTON The pharaoh key Preston, Douglas J.
070.4 SMERCON Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right : American life in columns Smerconish, Michael A.
299.93 RAM DASS Remember, be here now.
352.23 BROWER First in line : presidents, vice presidents, and the pursuit of power Brower, Kate Andersen
355.52 AMBINDER The brink : President Reagan and the nuclear war scare of 1983 Ambinder, Marc
364.106 FRENCH City of devils : the two men who ruled the underworld of old Shanghai French, Paul, 1966-
658.4 GORDON The power of a positive team : proven principles and practices that make great teams great Gordon, Jon, 1971-
684.1 HINGLEY Furniture repair & restoration Hingley, Brian D.
813.6 SCOTTOLINE I see life through rose-colored glasses Scottoline, Lisa
940.54 VINCENT Indianapolis : the true story of the worst sea disaster in U.S. naval history and the fifty-year fight to exonerate an innocent man Vincent, Lynn
968.06092 MANDELA The prison letters of Nelson Mandela Mandela, Nelson, 1918-2013
REF 338 HARRIS INDUSTRIAL 2018 AT DESK Harris Pennsylvania industrial directory.
REF 338 HARRIS SERVICES 2018 AT DESK Harris Pennsylvania services directory.
FIC DION The dependents Dion, Katharine
FIC GORTNER The Romanov empress : a novel of Tsarina Maria Feodorovna Gortner, C. W.
FIC HANNAH The great alone Hannah, Kristin
FIC MALLERY When we found home Mallery, Susan
FIC SAGER The last time I lied : a novel Sager, Riley
FIC STEEL The good fight : a novel Steel, Danielle
FIC TAN What we were promised Tan, Lucy
FIC THOR Spymaster : a thriller Thor, Brad
FIC TYLER Clock dance : a novel Tyler, Anne.
MYS FIC CASTILLO A gathering of secrets Castillo, Linda
MYS FIC SEFTON Dyeing up loose ends Sefton, Maggie

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New Materials 6/24/18 - 6/30/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO MARCIANO STANTON Unbeaten : Rocky Marciano's fight for perfection in a crooked world Stanton, Mike, 1957-
BIO OBAMA RHODES The world as it is : a memoir of the Obama White House Rhodes, Benjamin J., 1977-
E S Oh, the places you'll go! Seuss, Dr.
E Z Crab cab Ziefert, Harriet
FIC LOVECRAFT The call of Cthulhu Lovecraft, H. P. (Howard Phillips), 1890-1937
FIC STEEL Friends forever : a novel Steel, Danielle
JUV BIO HERSCHEL MCCULLY Caroline's comets : a true story McCully, Emily Arnold
JUV BIO MARTIN SCHMIDT Martin de Porres : the rose in the desert Schmidt, Gary D.
JUV BIO YOUSAFZ LANGSTO For the right to learn : Malala Yousafzai's story Langston-George, Rebecca
JUV FIC ACAMPORA How to avoid extinction Acampora, Paul
JUV FIC BLABEY The Bad Guys Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The Bad Guys in Attack of the zittens Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The bad guys in intergalactic gas Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The Bad Guys in Mission unpluckable Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The bad guys in the furball strikes back Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLAKEMO The Water Castle Blakemore, Megan Frazer
JUV FIC MARSHALL In the footsteps of Crazy Horse Marshall, Joseph, 1945-
JUV FIC MESSNER Hurricane Katrina rescue Messner, Kate
JUV FIC STINE Escape from shudder mansion Stine, R. L.
JUV 384.55 OTFINOS Television : from concept to consumer Otfinoski, Steven
JUV 597.903 WILSDON Ultimate reptile-opedia : the most complete reptile reference ever Wilsdon, Christina
JUV 946.9 SCHUETZ Portugal Schuetz, Kari
JUV 948.1 ZOBEL Norway Zobel, Derek, 1983-
JUV 949.12 OWINGS Iceland Owings, Lisa
JUV 949.2 OWINGS The Netherlands Owings, Lisa
JUV 962.9 OWINGS South Sudan Owings, Lisa
JUV 974.7 SCHNOBR New York : The empire state Schnobrich, Emily
JUV 975.2 PERISH Maryland : the old line state Perish, Patrick
JUV 975.6 SWEAZEY North Carolina : the Tar Heel State Sweazey, Davy
JUV 976.8 RECHNER Tennessee : the Volunteer State Rechner, Amy
JUV 978.9 LEAF New Mexico : the land of enchantment Leaf, Christina
JUV 979.4 SCHNOBR California : the Golden State Schnobrich, Emily
JUV 987 SCHUETZ Venezuela Schuetz, Kari
LP BIO WESTOVER WESTOVER Educated : a memoir Westover, Tara
LP FIC SCOTTOL After anna Scottoline, Lisa
LP 303.44 PINKER Enlightenment now : the case for reason, science, humanism, and progress [large print] Pinker, Steven, 1954-
LP 363.28 CANTU The line becomes a river : dispatches from the border Cantu, Francisco (Essayist)
305.5 QUART Squeezed : why our families can't afford America Quart, Alissa
324.973 NANCE The plot to destroy democracy : how Putin and his spies are undermining America and dismantling the West Nance, Malcolm W.
364.152 FOX Conan Doyle for the defense : the true story of a sensational British murder, a quest for justice, and the world's most famous detective writer Fox, Margalit
599.5 PYENSON Spying on whales : the past, present, and future of earth's most awesome creatures Pyenson, Nick
615.9 HANNA ATTISHA What the eyes don't see : a story of crisis, resistance, and hope in an American city Hanna-Attisha, Mona
791.440 BONES Fail until you don't : fight grind repeat Bones, Bobby, 1980-
947.08 RAPPAPO The race to save the Romanovs : the truth behind the secret plans to rescue the Russian imperial family Rappaport, Helen
PB ROMANCE MILLER A Creed in Stone Creek Miller, Linda Lael
PB ROMANCE MILLER The Creed legacy Miller, Linda Lael
FIC BILLING The killing habit Billingham, Mark
FIC DICKSON Guilty pleasure Dickson, Kevin
FIC GIFFIN All we ever wanted : a novel Giffin, Emily
FIC GROFF Florida Groff, Lauren
FIC KEPNES Providence : a novel Kepnes, Caroline, 1976-
FIC MAKKAI The great believers Makkai, Rebecca
FIC OATES Night-gaunts and other tales of suspense Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-
FIC PERRI When Katie met Cassidy Perri, Camille
FIC PUTNEY Once a scoundrel Putney, Mary Jo
FIC ROBARDS The Moscow deception Robards, Karen
FIC SACKS You were made for this Sacks, Michelle, 1980-
FIC WIGGS Between you and me : a novel Wiggs, Susan author.
MYS FIC BELLE Three days missing Belle, Kimberly
MYS FIC DUGONI A steep price Dugoni, Robert
MYS FIC JACKSON Liar, liar Jackson, Lisa
MYS FIC PATTERS Murder in paradise Patterson, James, 1947-

Saturday, June 23, 2018

New Materials 6/17/18 - 6/23/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO FISHER FISHER My girls : a lifetime with Carrie and Debbie Fisher, Todd
BIO HARRY LEVIN Harry : a biography of a prince Levin, Angela
BIO RAMIS RAMIS Ghostbuster's daughter : life with my dad, Harold Ramis Ramis Stiel, Violet
BIO SCOVELL SCOVELL Just the funny parts : ...and a few hard truths about sneaking into the Hollywood boys' club Scovell, Nell
BIO WRIGHT BRANCH The last cowboys : a pioneer family in the new West Branch, John
E M Tap the magic tree Matheson, Christie
FIC GRISHAM A painted house : a novel Grisham, John
FIC STEEL Mixed blessings Steel, Danielle
GRAPHIC NOVEL BRAZEN Brazen : rebel ladies who rocked the world Bagieu, Penelope
JUV BIO JOHNSON BECKER Counting on Katherine : how Katherine Johnson saved Apollo 13 Becker, Helaine
DVD JUV FIC ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS SQUEAK Alvin and the Chipmunks : the squeakquel
JUV FIC CARTER Forever, or a long, long time Carter, Caela
JUV FIC BILDNER A whole new ballgame Bildner, Phil
JUV FIC BLABEY The bad guys in Alien vs. Bad Guys Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC FANTASK Isabel Feeney : Star Reporter Fantaskey, Beth
JUV FIC GIFF Genevieve's war Giff, Patricia Reilly.
JUV FIC GUTMAN The Lincoln project Gutman, Dan
JUV FIC GUTMAN Mr. Will needs to chill! Gutman, Dan
JUV FIC HOSTETT Aim Hostetter, Joyce Moyer
JUV FIC L'ENGLE A wrinkle in time L'Engle, Madeleine
JUV FIC LEAN A dog called Homeless Lean, Sarah
JUV FIC LEVINE The jigsaw jungle Levine, Kristin (Kristin Sims), 1974-
JUV FIC LORD A handful of stars Lord, Cynthia
JUV FIC MASCHARI The remarkable journey of Charlie Price Maschari, Jennifer
JUV FIC PECK The best man Peck, Richard, 1934-
JUV FIC STILTON The cheese experiment Stilton, Geronimo
JUV 513.21 ADLER Place value Adler, David A.
JUV 811.6 WEATHER You can fly : the Tuskegee Airmen Weatherford, Carole Boston, 1956-
LP FIC CLINTON The president is missing Clinton, Bill, 1946-
LP FIC MADEN Line of sight Maden, Mike
MYS FIC PATTERSON Pop goes the weasel : a novel Patterson, James, 1947-
MYS FIC PRATT An innocent client : Joe Dillard #1 Pratt, Scott
158.23 KISHIMI The courage to be disliked : the Japanese phenomenon that shows you how to change your life and achieve real happiness Kishimi, Ichir, 1956-
220.6 BIBLE The Bible book
306.097 BRILL Tailspin : the people and forces behind America's fifty-year fall--and those fighting to reverse it Brill, Steven, 1950-
306.92 EHRENRE Natural causes : an epidemic of wellness, the certainty of dying, and killing ourselves to live longer Ehrenreich, Barbara
346.7304 STEWART Every landlord's legal guide Stewart, Marcia
364.106 GREEN Sex Money Murder : a story of crack, blood, and betrayal Green, Jonathan (Journalist)
567.9 BRUSATTE The rise and fall of the dinosaurs : a new history of a lost world Brusatte, Stephen
616.89 BURKHART Life inside my mind : 31 authors share their personal struggles
781.6609 HYDEN Twilight of the gods : a journey to the end of classic rock Hyden, Steven, 1977-
782.1 PURDUM Something wonderful : Rodgers and Hammerstein's Broadway revolution Purdum, Todd S.
920.72 BARNET Visionary women : how Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters changed our world Barnet, Andrea
951.04 KLEINER The Flying Tigers : the untold story of the American pilots who waged a secret war against Japan Kleiner, Samuel M. (Samuel Miller), 1987-
951.93 JEPPESEN See you again in Pyongyang : a journey into Kim Jong Un's North Korea Jeppesen, Travis, 1979-
974.8 ROKER Ruthless tide : the heroes and villains of the Johnstown flood, America's astonishing gilded age disaster Roker, Al, 1954-
REF 378.3097 TANABE The ultimate scholarship book 2019 : billions of dollars in scholarships, grants and prizes Tanabe, Gen S.
FIC BLUM The lost family : a novel Blum, Jenna
FIC BROCKMANN SEAL camp Brockmann, Suzanne
FIC BURTON Social creature : a novel Burton, Tara Isabella
FIC CENTER How to walk away : a novel Center, Katherine
FIC CURRAN My lady's choosing : an interactive romance novel Curran, Kitty
FIC DELINSKY Before and again : a novel Delinsky, Barbara
FIC HEATH Beyond scandal and desire Heath, Lorraine
FIC HOANG The kiss quotient Hoang, Helen
FIC HUMMEL Still lives : a novel Hummel, Maria
FIC KUANG The poppy war Kuang, R. F.
FIC MIRZA A place for us Mirza, Fatima Farheen
FIC ORANGE There there : a novel Orange, Tommy, 1982-
FIC POEPPEL Limelight : a novel Poeppel, Amy
FIC SANDS Twice bitten Sands, Lynsay
FIC SHEPHERD The book of M : a novel Shepherd, Peng
MYS FIC NUGENT Lying in wait : a novel Nugent, Liz
YA FIC JACKSON Monday's not coming Jackson, Tiffany D.
YA FIC JOHNSON Truly devious Johnson, Maureen, 1973-

Saturday, June 16, 2018

New Materials 6/10/18 - 6/16/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO BERNSTE BERNSTE Famous father girl : a memoir of growing up Bernstein Bernstein, Jamie
BIO BUSH SOSA George and Barbara Bush : a great American love story Sosa, Ellie LeBlond
BIO CLAPPER CLAPPER Facts and fears : hard truths from a life in intelligence Clapper, James R. (James Robert), 1941-
BIO FORD RUMSFELD When the center held : Gerald Ford and the rescue of the American presidency Rumsfeld, Donald, 1932-
BIO HERSH HERSH Reporter : a memoir Hersh, Seymour M.
BIO TRUMP FOX Born Trump : inside America's first family Fox, Emily Jane
BIO TYDINGS TYDINGS My life in progressive politics : against the grain Tydings, Joseph D. (Joseph Davies), 1928-
CD FIC BALDACCI 10cds 12hrs The fallen Baldacci, David
CD FIC CLINTON 11cd 13hrs The president is missing Clinton, Bill, 1946-
CD FIC WARE 12cds 14hrs The death of Mrs. Westaway Ware, Ruth
E S Yertle the turtle and other stories Seuss, Dr.
E S Silly Tilly Spinelli, Eileen
FIC GREER Less : a novel Greer, Andrew Sean
FIC HEMING The sun also rises Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961
FIC NG Little fires everywhere : a novel Ng, Celeste
JUV BIO NORTHRUP FRADIN Stolen into slavery : the true story of Solomon Northup, free black man Fradin, Judith Bloom
JUV FIC FLETCHER Flying solo Fletcher, Ralph J.
JUV FIC FROST Salt : a story of friendship in a time of war Frost, Helen, 1949-
JUV FIC TIMBERLA One came home Timberlake, Amy
JUV FIC VANDE VELDE Heir apparent Vande Velde, Vivian.
JUV 822.3 BURDETT Hamlet for kids Burdett, Lois, 1952-
JUV 822.3 BURDETT A midsummer night's dream for kids Burdett, Lois.
JUV 971.91 MEISSNER Call of the Klondike : a true gold rush adventure Meissner, David (Teacher)
LP FIC BROWN Probable claws Brown, Rita Mae
LP FIC CUSSLER The gray ghost Cussler, Clive
LP FIC GABLE The summer I met Jack Gable, Michelle
LP FIC HANNAH The great alone Hannah, Kristin
LP FIC MCLAUGHLIN Bearskin McLaughlin, James A.
LP FIC MIRZA A place for us Mirza, Fatima Farheen, 1991-
LP FIC MONROE Beach house reunion Monroe, Mary Alice
LP FIC NG Little fires everywhere : a novel Ng, Celeste
LP FIC PATTERS Murder, interrupted Patterson, James, 1947-
LP FIC ROBERTS Shelter in place Roberts, Nora
LP FIC WOODS Turbulence Woods, Stuart
LP` FIC MORIARTY Big little lies Moriarty, Liane
956.05 HALEVI Letters to my Palestinian neighbor Klein Halevi, Yossi, 1953-
973.933 GINGRICH Trump's America : the truth about our nation's great comeback Gingrich, Newt
FIC BUTLAND The lost for words bookshop : a novel Butland, Stephanie
FIC CLANCY Tom Clancy line of sight Maden, Mike
FIC DYBEK The Verdun Affair : a Novel Dybek, Nick
FIC HILDERB The perfect couple Hilderbrand, Elin
FIC HILLIER Jar of hearts Hillier, Jennifer
FIC MILLET Fight no more : stories Millet, Lydia, 1968-
FIC PARIS Bring me back : a novel Paris, B. A.
FIC PEARSON How hard can it be? Pearson, Allison, 1960-
FIC PRESTON The pharaoh key Preston, Douglas J.
MYS FIC CLINTON The president is missing Clinton, Bill, 1946-
SF FIC BROOKS The Skaar invasion Brooks, Terry
SF FIC CAREY Starless Carey, Jacqueline, 1964-
YA FIC BARTOLET The boy who dared Bartoletti, Susan Campbell
YA FIC DUNCAN The third eye Duncan, Lois., 1934-2016.
YA FIC HOBBS The maze Hobbs, Will.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

New Materials 6/3/18 - 6/9/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO KENNEDY KENNEDY American values : lessons I learned from my family Kennedy, Robert Francis, 1954-
BIO LINCOLN ABRAMS Lincoln's last trial : the murder case that propelled him to the presidency Abrams, Dan, 1966-
BIO MARDINI MARDINI Butterfly : from refugee to Olympian, my story of rescue, hope, and triumph Mardini, Yusra
BIO MARKLE MORTON Meghan : a Hollywood princess Morton, Andrew, 1953-
BIO MARSHALL PAUL Without precedent : John Marshall and his times Paul, Joel R.
BIO MEARNS MEARNS The shipwreck hunter : a lifetime of extraordinary discoveries on the ocean floor Mearns, David L.
CD FIC KOONTZ 13cds 15hrs The crooked staircase Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
CD FIC ROBERTS 12cds 15hrs Shelter in place Roberts, Nora
CD FIC WOODS 6cds 7.5hrs Turbulence [sound recording] Woods, Stuart
CD 363.25 COMEY 8cds 9hrs A higher loyalty : truth, lies, and leadership Comey, James B., Jr., 1960-
E B The mermaid Brett, Jan, 1949-
E B The turnip Brett, Jan, 1949-
E B The dead bird Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952
E D Firefighter Pete Dean, James, 1957-
E D Llama Llama loves to read Dewdney, Anna
E F Ocean meets sky Fan, Terry
E H Drop it, Rocket! Hills, Tad
E L Frog and Toad storybook treasury Lobel, Arnold.
E L Julian is a mermaid Love, Jessica
E N If you give a mouse a brownie Numeroff, Laura Joffe
E P Bigger! Bigger! Patricelli, Leslie
E P The itchy book! Pham, LeUyen
E S Not quite narwhal Sima, Jessie
E T Accident Tsurumi, Andrea
FIC COBLE The Inn at Ocean's Edge Coble, Colleen
GRAPHIC NOVEL DRAMA Drama Telgemeier, Raina
JUV BIO ANDREWS ANDREWS Trombone Shorty Andrews, Troy
JUV BIO CLARK LANG Swimming with sharks : the daring discoveries of Eugenie Clark Lang, Heather, 1966-
JUV BIO HAMER WEATHER Voice of freedom : Fannie Lou Hamer, spirit of the civil rights movement Weatherford, Carole Boston, 1956-
JUV BIO WHITE SWEET Some writer!: the story of E. B. White Sweet, Melissa
JUV FIC ACAMPORA Confusion is nothing new Acampora, Paul
JUV FIC AL MANSOUR The green bicycle Al-Mansour, Haifaa, 1974-
JUV FIC APPLEGA The last Applegate, Katherine
JUV FIC BIRDSALL The Penderwicks at last Birdsall, Jeanne
JUV FIC BIRNEY Spring according to Humphrey Birney, Betty G.
JUV FIC BOWLING Insignificant events in the life of a cactus Bowling, Dusti
JUV FIC BROSGOL Be prepared Brosgol, Vera
JUV FIC BUNTING SOS Titanic Bunting, Eve, 1928-
JUV FIC CHABERT The hall monitors are fired! Chabert, Jack
JUV FIC CHAMBLISS BERTMAN Book Scavenger Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss
JUV FIC EGGERS The lifters Eggers, Dave
JUV FIC GRIMES Garvey's choice Grimes, Nikki
JUV FIC HATKE Legends of Zita the spacegirl Hatke, Ben
JUV FIC HATKE Zita the spacegirl Book one, Far from home Hatke, Ben
JUV FIC HOLUB Aphrodite the fair Holub, Joan
JUV FIC HOLUB Echo the copycat Holub, Joan
JUV FIC KIRBY Captain Awesome for president Kirby, Stan
JUV FIC KIRBY Captain Awesome has the best snow day ever? Kirby, Stan
JUV FIC KIRBY Captain Awesome meets Super Dude! Kirby, Stan
JUV FIC KIRBY Captain Awesome takes flight Kirby, Stan
JUV FIC KORMAN Island Korman, Gordon
JUV FIC LARSON All summer long Larson, Hope
JUV FIC LIN Where the mountain meets the moon Lin, Grace
JUV FIC MASS Bob Mass, Wendy, 1967-
JUV FIC MCANULTY The miscalculations of Lightning Girl McAnulty, Stacy
JUV FIC MESSNER Breakout Messner, Kate
JUV FIC MESSNER Race to the South Pole Messner, Kate
JUV FIC MLYNOWSKI Two peas in a pod Mlynowski, Sarah
JUV FIC NAYLOR Shiloh Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
JUV FIC OCONNOR Wish O'Connor, Barbara
JUV FIC PATTERSO The nerdiest, wimpiest, dorkiest I funny ever Patterson, James, 1947-
JUV FIC SAEED Amal unbound Saeed, Aisha
JUV FIC SIMPSON Unicorn on a roll : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure Simpson, Dana, 1977-
JUV FIC SIMPSON Unicorn vs. goblins : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure Simpson, Dana, 1977-
JUV FIC STINE Ghost beach Stine, R. L.
JUV FIC STINE Trick or trap Stine, R. L.
JUV FIC TADDONIO The curse of Deadwood Hill Taddonio, Lea
JUV FIC TADDONIO Welcome to Deadwood Hill Taddonio, Lea
JUV FIC TURNER The thief Turner, Megan Whalen
JUV FIC WEEKS Honey Weeks, Sarah
JUV FIC WHELAN Homeless bird Whelan, Gloria
JUV FIC WINICK Hilo. Book 1, The boy who crashed to Earth Winick, Judd
JUV FIC WINICK Hilo. Book 4, Waking the monsters Winick, Judd
JUV FIC WINICK Hilo : saving the whole wide world Winick, Judd
JUV FIC WOODRUFF The orphan of Ellis Island : a time-travel adventure Woodruff, Elvira
JUV 507.8 BEATY Ada Twist's big project book for stellar scientists Beaty, Andrea
JUV 520 HUGHES First big book of space Hughes, Catherine D.
JUV 629.133 NOLL Flying robots Noll, Elizabeth
JUV 822.3 BURDETT Romeo and Juliet for kids Burdett, Lois.
JUV 951.904 MCCORMICK Sergeant Reckless : the true story of the little horse who became a hero McCormick, Patricia, 1956-
JUV FIC VARADARA Save me a seat Weeks, Sarah
LP FIC HENDERS The flicker of old dreams Henderson, Susan
LP FIC KINGSBU To the moon and back Kingsbury, Karen
LP FIC PEARSON How hard can it be? Pearson, Allison, 1960-
LP FIC ROBARDS The Moscow deception Robards, Karen
LP FIC WEISBER When life gives you lululemons Weisberger, Lauren, 1977-
MYS FIC PATTERSON Cross kill Patterson, James, 1947-
158 KING Note to self : inspiring words from inspiring people
158.1 CHERNOFF Getting back to happy : change your thoughts, change your reality, and turn your trials into triumphs Chernoff, Marc
248.8 HOLLIS Girl, wash your face : stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be Hollis, Rachel (Event planner)
302 GLADWELL Outliers : the story of success Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963-
305.235 TWENGE iGEN : why today's super-connected kids are growing up less rebellious, more tolerant, less happy-- and completely unprepared for adulthood and (what this means for the rest of us) Twenge, Jean M., 1971-
305.800 DYSON What truth sounds like : Robert F. Kennedy, James Baldwin, and our unfinished conversation about race in America Dyson, Michael Eric
327.127 HAYDEN The assault on intelligence : American national security in an age of lies Hayden, Michael V. (Michael Vincent), 1945-
338.7 CARREYR Bad blood : secrets and lies in a Silicon Valley startup Carreyrou, John
342.73 TRIBE To end a presidency : the power of impeachment Tribe, Laurence H.
364.15 GAY Not that bad : dispatches from rape culture
551.52 WOHLLE The weather detective : rediscovering nature's secret signs Wohlleben, Peter, 1964-
615.7 POLLAN How to change your mind : what the new science of psychedelics teaches us about consciousness, dying, addiction, depression, and transcendence Pollan, Michael
629.13 MEAD The lost pilots : the spectacular rise and scandalous fall of aviation's golden couple Mead, Corey
641.597 GAINES Magnolia table : a collection of recipes for gathering Gaines, Joanna, 1978-
812.54 WILLIAMS A streetcar named desire Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983
822.3 SHAKESPEA Hamlet Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
891.72 CHEKHOV The seagull : a play in four acts Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904
972.81 CURRIE Cause & effect : the ancient Mayans Currie, Stephen, 1960-
973.049 REISS Blue Eyes on African-american History: a learning adventure Reiss, Philip.
REF 348.748 PURDON'S PA STATUTES Purdon's Pennsylvania statutes and consolidated statutes.
FIC BACKMAN Us against you : a novel Backman, Fredrik, 1981-
FIC BROWN The Moscow offensive : a novel Brown, Dale, 1956-
FIC CARR The terminal list : a thriller Carr, Jack (Joint pseudonym)
FIC CONNOLLY The woman in the woods Connolly, John, 1968-
FIC CUSSLER The gray ghost Cussler, Clive
FIC EDWARDS The last sun Edwards, K. D., 1971-
FIC GRAHAM Fade to black Graham, Heather
FIC KINGSBURY To the moon and back : a novel Kingsbury, Karen
FIC KOSLOW Another side of paradise : a novel Koslow, Sally
FIC MARTIN Send down the rain Martin, Charles, 1969-
FIC MAXWELL A match made in bed : a spinster heiresses novel Maxwell, Cathy
FIC NIFFENEGGER Bizarre romance : stories Niffenegger, Audrey
FIC ROBERTS Shelter in place Roberts, Nora
FIC ROSS Herons Landing Ross, JoAnn
FIC STEADMAN Something in the water : a novel Steadman, Catherine
FIC WARE The death of Mrs. Westaway Ware, Ruth
FIC WEISBER When life gives you lululemons : a novel Weisberger, Lauren, 1977-
FIC WHITE Dreams of falling White, Karen (Karen S.)
MYS FIC BROWN Probable claws : a Mrs. Murphy mystery Brown, Rita Mae
MYS FIC HOROWITZ The word is murder Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-
MYS FIC ORR The bad break Orr, Jill
MYS FIC PAGE Better off read Page, Nora
MYS FIC WOODS Turbulence Woods, Stuart
SF FIC BUTCHER Brief cases Butcher, Jim, 1971-
YA FIC ALBERTA Leah on the offbeat Albertalli, Becky
YA FIC CLARE City of bones : a shadowhunters novel Clare, Cassandra
YA FIC CLARE City of fallen angels Clare, Cassandra
YA FIC MAAS A court of frost and starlight Maas, Sarah J.
YA FIC PENELOPE Song of blood and stone Penelope, L., 1978-

Saturday, June 02, 2018

New Materials 5/27/18 - 6/2/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO AL SAMAWI The fox hunt : a refugee's memoir of coming to America Al Samawi, Mohammed
BIO AUVINEN AUVINEN Rough beauty : forty seasons of mountain living Auvinen, Karen
BIO HEARST NICKLISS Phoebe Apperson Hearst : a life of power and politics Nickliss, Alexandra M.
BIO HENSON BROCK The road to dawn : Josiah Henson and the story that sparked the Civil War Brock, Jared
BIO SIMON HILBURN Paul Simon : the life Hilburn, Robert
BIO TRUMAN BAIME The accidental president : Harry S. Truman and the four months that changed the world Baime, A. J. (Albert J.)
CD FIC CAMERON 1CD 11.5HRS A dog's way home : a novel Cameron, W. Bruce
CD FIC MONROE 9cds11hrs Beach house reunion Monroe, Mary Alice
CD FIC NEGGERS 7CD 9HRS The river house Neggers, Carla
DVD FIC GONE ARE THE DAYS Gone are the days
DVD FIC SAME KIND OF DIFFERE Same kind of different as me
DVD 323.1196 ALICE'S ORDINARY PEOPLE Alice's ordinary people
E B Square Barnett, Mac
E H Whale in a fishbowl Howell, Troy
E R Curious George Rey, H. A. (Hans Augusto), 1898-1977
E R Born an angel Rossiter, Briley
FIC BUKOWSKI Post office Bukowski, Charles
FIC GOLDSMITH The vicar of Wakefield Goldsmith, Oliver, 1730?-1774
FIC MCCULLOUGH The independence of Miss Mary Bennet : a novel McCullough, Colleen, 1937-
FIC THOMPSON Fear and loathing in Las Vegas: a savage journey to the heart of the American dream Thompson, Hunter S.
GRAPHIC NOVEL BLACK PANTHER AND THE CREW Black Panther & the crew : we are the streets Coates, Ta-Nehisi
JUV FIC HOLUB Athena the wise Holub, Joan
JUV FIC SHURTLIFF Grump : the (fairly) true tale of Snow White and the seven dwarves Shurtliff, Liesl
JUV FIC SIMPSON Phoebe and her unicorn : a heavenly nostrils chronicle Simpson, Dana, 1977-
JUV FIC STINE Claws! Stine, R. L.
JUV FIC STINE Zombie halloween Stine, R. L.
JUV FIC WILLINK Marc's mission Willink, Jocko
JUV FIC WINICK Hilo : the great big boom Winick, Judd
JUV 423 AMERICAN HERITAGE The American Heritage first dictionary
JUV 423.17 AMERICAN HERITAGE The American Heritage picture dictionary.
JUV 974.8 FOSTER Where time stands still Foster, Sally, 1937-
LP FIC KORYTA How it happened Koryta, Michael
LP FIC STEEL The cast : a novel Steel, Danielle
271 JONES The Templars : the rise and spectacular fall of God's holy warriors Jones, Dan, 1981-
302.309 FERGUSON The square and the tower : networks and power, from the Freemasons to Facebook Ferguson, Niall
306.483 BRYANT The heritage : Black Athletes, a divided America, and the politics of patriotism Bryant, Howard, 1968-
306.875 SEGAL Accidental brothers : the story of twins exchanged at birth and the power of nature and nurture Segal, Nancy L., 1951-
364.152 JAMES The man from the train : the solving of a century-old serial killer mystery James, Bill, 1949-
379.2 DEVLIN A girl stands at the door : the generation of young women who desegregated America's schools Devlin, Rachel, author.
551.48 STAGER Still waters : the secret world of lakes Stager, Curt
636.5 DAMEROW The chicken health handbook : a complete guide to maximizing flock health and dealing with disease Damerow, Gail
636.7089 PITCAIRN Dr. Pitcairn's complete guide to natural health for dogs & cats Pitcairn, Richard H.
814 CHEE How to write an autobiographical novel : essays Chee, Alexander
940.54 MUNDY Code girls : the untold story of the American women code breakers who helped win World War II Mundy, Liza, 1960-
941.081 CADBURY Queen Victoria's matchmaking : the royal marriages that shaped Europe Cadbury, Deborah
959.704 STANTON The odyssey of Echo Company : the 1968 Tet Offensive and the epic battle to survive the Vietnam War Stanton, Doug
973.076 PETERSON Master the AP U.S. history exam.
973.3092 WOOD Friends divided : John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Wood, Gordon S.
973.7 DICKEY Rising in flames : Sherman's March and the fight for a new nation Dickey, Jeff
973.748 TAYLOR Philadelphia in the Civil War 1861-1865 Taylor, Frank H. (Frank Hamilton), 1846-1927
FIC WALSH The deepest waters : a novel Walsh, Dan, 1957-