Saturday, March 07, 2020

New Materials 3/1/20 - 3/7/20

Call Number Title Author
BIO BARBELLA PUCCI The lady of Sing Sing : an American countess, an Italian immigrant, and their epic battle for justice in New York's Gilded Age Pucci, Idanna
BIO HERNANDEZ CASTILLO Children of the land Hernandez Castillo, Marcelo
BIO KHAR KHAR Strung out : one last hit and other lies that nearly killed me Khar, Erin
BIO MCBRIDE MCBRIDE The color of water : a black man's tribute to his white mother McBride, James
BIO SHAKUR SHAKUR Tupac : resurrection, 1971-1996 Shakur, Tupac
BIO WASHING COE You never forget your first : a biography of George Washington Coe, Alexis
BIO ZIMMERM ZIMMERM Smacked : a story of white-collar ambition, addiction, and tragedy Zimmerman, Eilene
CD FIC ALLENDE 10hrs 8cds A long petal of the sea : a novel Allende, Isabel
CD FIC PATCHETT 8cds 10hrs The Dutch house : a novel Patchett, Ann
E A Fly guy presents : monster trucks Arnold, Tedd
E B The Mermaid Park mystery
E C Where is the sun? Carle, Eric
E C Nesting Cole, Henry
E D Elsa's epic journey Amerikaner, Susan
E D Spirits of nature Bouchard, Natasha
E D Books are the best Testa, Maggie
E D Mulan Tillworth, Mary
E K Pinkalicious and the merminnies Kann, Victoria
E M We are thankful Busse, R. R.
E M Fluttershy's bunny haven Keane, Rory
E M Fry bread : a Native American family story Maillard, Noble
E T Pizza patrol! Webster, Christy
DVD JUV FIC NORM OF THE NORTH FAMILY VACAT Norm of the north. Family vacation
JUV FIC BRANCHES Bo and the dragon-pup Elliott, Rebecca
JUV FIC NUANEZ Birdie and me Nuanez, J. M. M.
JUV FIC PATTERSO Master of disaster Patterson, James
JUV FIC PEIRCE Big Nate : blow the roof off! Peirce, Lincoln
JUV FIC SACHAR Wayside School beneath the Cloud of Doom Sachar, Louis
JUV FIC SUTHERLA Dragonslayer Sutherland, Tui
LP FIC CHILDS Lavender blue murder Childs, Laura
LP FIC GRIPPAN The big lie : a Jack Swyteck novel Grippando, James
LP FIC KLEYPAS Chasing Cassandra Kleypas, Lisa
LP FIC MAHER The girl in the white gloves : a novel of Grace Kelly Maher, Kerri
LP FIC MALLERY Sisters by choice Mallery, Susan
LP FIC MICHAELS Home sweet home
LP FIC PATTERS Blindside : a Detective Michael Bennett thriller Patterson, James
LP FIC SCHAITKIN Saint X Schaitkin, Alexis
LP FIC SERLE In five years Serle, Rebecca
LP 170 KOTB I really needed this today : words to live by Kotb, Hoda
158 HEADLEE Do nothing : how to break away from overworking, overdoing, and underliving Headlee, Celeste Anne
224.5015 JEREMIAH Agents of Babylon : what the prophecies of Daniel tell us about the end of days Jeremiah, David
305.262 LUNDEN Why did I come into this room? : a candid conversation about aging Lunden, Joan
305.8009 JEWELL This book is anti-racist Jewell, Tiffany
305.8009 KENDI Stamped : racism, antiracism, and you Kendi, Ibram X.
324.973 PLOUFFE A citizen's guide to beating Donald Trump Plouffe, David
327.1247 CORERA Russians among us : sleeper cells, ghost stories, and the hunt for Putin's spies Corera, Gordon
363.738 JAHREN The story of more : how we got to climate change and where to go from here Jahren, Hope
613.712 UNDERWOOD Find your path : honor your body, fuel your soul, and get strong with the Fit52 life Underwood, Carrie
641.59 SMALLS Meals, music, and muses : recipes from my African American kitchen Smalls, Alexander
646.3 MONTENE Mending life : a handbook for repairing clothes and hearts Montenegro, Nina
650.1 BURNETT Designing your work life : how to thrive and change and find happiness at work Burnett, William
790.1 RAAB The hunt for history : on the trail of the world's lost treasures-from the letters of Lincoln, Churchill, and Einstein to the secret recordings on-board JFK's Air Force One Raab, Nathan
940.5425 MACCALLUM Unknown valor : a story of family, courage, and sacrifice from Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima MacCallum, Martha
REF 974.812 NORTH WALES Celebrate North Wales 1869-2019 :
FIC CUSSLER Journey of the pharaohs : a novel from the NUMA files Cussler, Clive
FIC ERDRICH The night watchman : a novel Erdrich, Louise
FIC FOWLER A good neighborhood Fowler, Therese
FIC JANOWITZ The Grace Kelly dress : a novel Janowitz, Brenda
FIC JENKINS On the corner of Hope and Main : a Blessings novel Jenkins, Beverly
FIC JOSHI The henna artist Joshi, Alka
FIC KUBICA The other Mrs. Kubica, Mary
FIC MANTEL The mirror & the light Mantel, Hilary
FIC PENMAN The land beyond the sea Penman, Sharon Kay
FIC SWANSON Eight perfect murders : a novel Swanson, Peter
FIC WOLFE The lost diary of M : a novel Wolfe, Paul
FIC YOON Run me to earth : a novel Yoon, Paul
FIC ZIGMAN Separation anxiety : a novel Zigman, Laura
MYS FIC ADLER OLSEN Victim 2117 Adler-Olsen, Jussi
MYS FIC CHILDS Lavender blue murder Childs, Laura
MYS FIC DEVERAUX A forgotten murder Deveraux, Jude
MYS FIC DUGONI A cold trail : a Detective Tracy Crosswhite Dugoni, Robert
MYS FIC MARGOLIN A reasonable doubt Margolin, Phillip
MYS FIC MCMAHON The evil men do McMahon, John
YA FIC GILES Not so pure and simple Giles, L. R.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

New Materials 2/23/20 - 2/29/20

Call Number Title Author
CD FIC CUMMINS 14cds 17hrs American dirt : a novel Cummins, Jeanine
LP 362.29 WESTHOFF Fentanyl, inc. : how rogue chemists are creating the deadlist wave of the opioid epidemic Westhoff, Ben
LP 791.43 HOLT The queens of animation : the untold story of the women who transformed the world of Disney and made cinematic history Holt, Nathalia
201 JAMES The varieties of religious experience : a study in human nature James, William
248.4 RICHARDS Eat, fast, feast : heal your body while feeding your soul--a Christian guide to fasting Richards, Jay W.
305.8009 ZUCCHINO Wilmington's lie : the murderous coup of 1898 and the rise of white supremacy Zucchino, David
324.2734 BORDEWICH Congress at War : How Republican Reformers Fought the Civil War, Defied Lincoln, Ended Slavery, and Remade America Bordewich, Fergus M.
324.623 DUBOIS Suffrage : women's long battle for the vote DuBois, Ellen Carol
363.37 IFSTA Fire inspection and code enforcement
363.7387 COOK Cranky uncle vs. climate change : how to understand and respond to climate science deniers Cook, John
364.152 MURDOCH Yellow Bird : oil, murder, and a woman's search for justice in Indian country Murdoch, Sierra Crane
973.099 FEHRMAN Author in chief : the untold story of our presidents, and the books they wrote Fehrman, Craig
973.3 ABRAMS John Adams under fire : the founding father's fight for justice in the Boston Massacre murder trial Abrams, Dan
973.928 BUSH Pearls of wisdom : little pieces of advice (that go a long way) Bush, Barbara
REF 629.283 PA DRIVERS MANUAL Pennsylvania driver's manual
FIC ESCOBAR Children of the stars Escobar, Mario
FIC HAUCK The Fifth Avenue Story Society : a novel Hauck, Rachel
FIC HOOD Robert Ludlum's the Treadstone resurrection Hood, Joshua
FIC ROSNER The yellow bird sings Rosner, Jennifer
FIC STEEL The numbers game : a novel Steel, Danielle
FIC SUMMERS The after wife : a novel Summers, Melanie
FIC TAYLOR Real life Taylor, Brandon
FIC WILDE The moonglow sisters : a novel Wilde, Lori
MYS FIC BOX Long range Box, C. J.
MYS FIC GOODMAN The sea of lost girls Goodman, Carol
MYS FIC JACKSON Last girl standing Jackson, Lisa
MYS FIC LEON Trace elements Leon, Donna
MYS FIC MOSLEY Trouble is what I do Mosley, Walter
MYS FIC PATTERSON Blindside Patterson, James
SF FIC CARRICO 1636 : flight of the nightingale Carrico, David

Saturday, February 22, 2020

New Materials 2/16/20 - 2/22/10

Call Number Title Author
BIO CHURCHILL LARSON The splendid and the vile Larson, Erik
BIO PARKS REYBURN Rosa Parks : in her own words Reyburn, Susan
BIO POZZI BARNES The man in the red coat Barnes, Julian
BIO WALDER WALDER The unexpected spy : from the CIA to the FBI, my secret life taking down some of the world's most notorious terrorists Walder, Tracy
CD BIO GINSBURG ROSEN Conversations with RBG : Ruth Bader Ginsburg on life, love, liberty, and law Rosen, Jeffrey
CD BIO GOODALL GOODALL My life with the chimpanzees Goodall, Jane
DVD FIC GOOD LIAR The good liar
E B Jack at bat Barnett, Mac
E B Big Papa and the time machine Bernstrom, Daniel
E G No more naps! : a story for when you're wide-awake and definitely not tired Grabenstein, Chris
E H Beehive Hurley, Jorey
E L The double bass blues Loney, Andrea J.
E S Almost time Schmidt, Gary D.
FIC SHEEHY The boy who said no : an escape to freedom Sheehy, Patti
LP FIC KELLERMAN The museum of desire : an Alex Delaware novel Kellerman, Jonathan
158.1 PELOSI The Nancy Pelosi way : advice on success, leadership, and politics from America's most powerful woman Pelosi, Christine
332.1 ENRICH Dark towers : Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an epic trail of destruction Enrich, David
641.5 QUICK COOKING 2020 Taste of home quick cooking annual recipes
641.5 SIFTON See you on Sunday! : a cookbook for family and friends / by Sam Sifton. Sifton, Sam
REF 362.6 BENEFITS FOR OLDER PENNSLVANIA Benefits & rights for older Pennsylvanians
FIC BAILEY Love her or lose her : a novel Bailey, Tessa
FIC BERRY The Warsaw protocol Berry, Steve
FIC ELLIOT The wife before me Elliot, Laura
FIC GREANEY One minute out Greaney, Mark
FIC GRIPPANDO The big lie Grippando, James
FIC KLEYPAS Chasing Cassandra : the Ravenels Kleypas, Lisa
FIC MAHER The girl in white gloves : a novel of Grace Kelly Maher, Kerri
FIC PETERS The orphan thief Peters, Glynis
FIC POOLEY The authenticity project Pooley, Clare
FIC SCHAITKIN Saint X Schaitkin, Alexis
MYS FIC FINCH The last passenger Finch, Charles
MYS FIC FLUKE Coconut layer cake murder Fluke, Joanne
MYS FIC GRAVES Death by chocolate frosted doughnut Graves, Sarah
MYS FIC MOORE The holdout : a novel Moore, Graham
MYS FIC ROBINSON Many rivers to cross Robinson, Peter
MYS FIC ST JAMES The sun down motel St. James, Simone

Saturday, February 15, 2020

New Materials 2/9/20 - 2/15/20

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE American dirt [electronic resource] : A novel. Cummins, Jeanine
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The last passenger - a prequel [electronic resource] : Charles lenox mystery series, book 13. Finch, Charles
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The book woman of troublesome creek [electronic resource] : A novel. Richardson, Kim Michele
BIO BUNDY KENDALL The phantom prince : my life with Ted Bundy Kendall, Elizabeth
BIO KEATON KEATON Brother & sister Keaton, Diane
BIO MCBRIDE MCBRIDE The color of water : a black man's tribute to his white mother McBride, James
BIO SIMONS ZUCKERMAN The man who solved the market Zuckerman, Gregory
BIO SIMPSON SIMPSON Open book Simpson, Jessica
BIO WASHING COE You never forget your first : a biography of George Washington Coe, Alexis
BIO WASHING HORN Washington's end : the final years and forgotten struggle Horn, Jonathan
CD FIC PERRY 9cds 11hrs A small town [sound recording] : a novel Perry, Thomas
DVD FIC MALEFICENT MISTRESS OF EVIL Maleficent. Mistress of evil [DVD]
EBOOK OVERDRIVE Moon of the crusted snow [electronic resource] : A novel. Rice, Waubgeshig
JUV BIO WALKER HUBBARD The oldest student : how Mary Walker learned to read Hubbard, Rita L.
JUV FIC ANDREWS This was our pact Andrews, Ryan
JUV FIC CRAFT New kid Craft, Jerry
JUV FIC GUTMAN We're red, weird, and blue! what can we do? Gutman, Dan
JUV FIC KORMAN Notorious Korman, Gordon
JUV FIC MCMANN Dragon fire McMann, Lisa
JUV FIC ROY The orange outlaw Roy, Ron
JUV FIC ROY White House white-out Roy, Ron
JUV FIC ROY The zombie zone Roy, Ron
JUV FIC STEVENSO Treasure Island : retold from Robert Louis Stevenson original Tait, Chris
JUV FIC TARSHIS I survived. The sinking of the Titanic, 1912 Ball, Georgia
JUV FIC WINICK Hilo. Book 6, All the pieces fit Winick, Judd
JUV 323.092 WITTENS A place to land Wittenstein, Barry
JUV 590.3 WOODWA DK Smithsonian knowledge encyclopedia. Animal! Woodward, John
JUV 598.524 POLIQUIN Ostriches : the superpower field guide Poliquin, Rachel
JUV 688.7 BEECROFT LEGO Star Wars : visual dictionary / written by Simon Beecroft, Jason Fry, and Simon Hugo. Beecroft, Simon
JUV 811.008 PROPER The proper way to meet a hedgehog : and other how-to poems
JUV 811.54 NYE Cast away : poems for our time Nye, Naomi Shihab
LP FIC COLVIN Africaville Colvin, Jeffrey
LP FIC DAILEY Hart's hollow farm Dailey, Janet
LP FIC GARDNER When you see me /
Gardner, Lisa
LP FIC KELLY The whispers of war Kelly, Julia
LP FIC LINDASY Just watch me Lindsay, Jeff
LP FIC MILLER Country strong Lael Miller, Linda
LP FIC NAPOLITA Dear Edward Napolitano, Ann
LP FIC ROBB Golden in death Robb, J. D.
LP FIC SPINDLER The look-alike Spindler, Erica
MYS FIC KELLERMAN Silent partner Kellerman, Jonathan
MYS FIC ROBB Origin in death Robb, J. D.
MYS FIC TURSTEN Hunting game Tursten, Helene
006.3 SHANE You look like a thing and I love you : how artificial intelligence works and why it's making the world a weirder place Shane, Janelle
155.3 PLANK For the love of men : a new vision for mindful masculinity Plank, Liz
155.9 KERR Death is but a dream : finding hope and meaning at life's end Kerr, Christopher, M.D.
209.0973 WEISS Broken faith : inside the Word of Faith Fellowship, one of America's most dangerous cults Weiss, Mitch
305.896 GORDON Conversations in black : on power, politics, and leadership Gordon, Ed
306.0973 KLEIN Why we're polarized Klein, Ezra
320.520 NELSON Shadow network : media, money, and the secret hub of the radical right Nelson, Anne
320.973 SCHWEIZER Profiles in corruption : abuse of power by America's progressive elite Schweizer, Peter
321.8 GREENBERG We are indivisible : a blueprint for democracy after Trump Greenberg, Leah
323.1196 SORIN Driving while black : African American travel and the road to civil rights Sorin, Gretchen Sullivan
330.973 KRUGMAN Arguing with zombies : economics, politics, and the fight for a better future Krugman, Paul R.
331.25 SUSSKIND A world without work : technology, automation, and how we should respond Susskind, Daniel
338.064 DIAMANDIS The future is faster than you think : how converging technologies are transforming business, industries, and our lives Diamandis, Peter H.
338.709 CHATELA Franchise : the golden arches in black America Chatelain, Marcia
355 KAPLAN The bomb : presidents, generals, and the secret history of nuclear war Kaplan, Fred M.
363.8 HYMAN Food fix : how to save our health, our economy, our communities, and our planet-- one bite at a time Hyman, Mark
364.16 HAMMER The falcon thief : a true tale of adventure, treachery, and the hunt for the perfect bird Hammer, Joshua
612.8 PERLMUTT Brain wash : detox your mind for clearer thinking, deeper relationships, and lasting happiness Perlmutter, David
639.92 TALLAMY Nature's best hope : a new approach to conservation that starts in your yard Tallamy, Douglas W.
640.286 RHOADS Waste not everyday Rhoads, Erin
649.1 SIEGEL The power of showing up : how parental presence shapes who our kids become and how their brains get wired Siegel, Daniel J.
741.5 BLAUNER The Peanuts papers : writers and cartoonists on Charlie Brown, Snoopy & the gang, and the meaning of life
770 SARTORE National Geographic photo basics : the ultimate beginner's guide to great photography Sartore, Joel
796.720 STARKEY Ford versus Ferrari : the battle for supremacy at Le Mans 1966 Starkey, John
973.3 NORTON 1774 : the long year of Revolution Norton, Mary Beth
973.933 MARKAY Sinking the swamp : how Trump's minions and misfits poisoned Washington Markay, Lachlan
FIC AFSHAR Daughter of Rome Afshar, Tessa
FIC ANDERSON Huckleberry lake : a Mystic Creek novel Anderson, Catherine
FIC ANGELO Followers : a novel Angelo, Megan
FIC BOLLEN A beautiful crime : a novel Bollen, Christopher
FIC CLAYBORN Love lettering Clayborn, Kate
FIC COLFER Highfire : a novel Colfer, Eoin
FIC DARE The girl with the louding voice : a novel Dare, Abi
FIC HURSTON Hitting a straight lick with a crooked stick : stories from the Harlem Renaissance Hurston, Zora Neale
FIC LAYNE Marriage on Madison Avenue Layne, Lauren
FIC LEVANGIE Been there, married that Grazer, Gigi Levangie
FIC MACDONALD When we were Vikings : a novel MacDonald, Andrew
FIC NORTH The rifleman North, Oliver
FIC PATAKI The queen's fortune : a novel of desiree, napoleon, and a dynasty that outlasted an empire Pataki, Allison
FIC RAISIN The little bookshop on the Seine Raisin, Rebecca
FIC SEO The only child : a novel So, Mi-ae
FIC WEINBERG The truants Weinberg, Kate
FIC WRIGHT Processed cheese Wright, Stephen
MYS FIC DUNDAS The blaze Dundas, Chad
MYS FIC LOUREY Unspeakable things Lourey, Jess
MYS FIC WHITE Salt River White, Randy Wayne
SF FIC CHERRYH Resurgence : a Foreigner novel Cherryh, C. J.
SF FIC SALVATOR Song of the risen god Salvatore, R. A.
YA FIC LIGGETT The grace year Liggett, Kim

Saturday, February 08, 2020

New Materials 2/2/20 - 2/8/20

Call Number Title Author
BIO HODGMAN HODGMAN Vacationland : true stories from painful beaches Hodgman, John
BIO KRAUS KRAUS A delayed life : the true story of the Librarian of Auschwitz Kraus, Dita
CD FIC DORSEY 8cds 10.5hrs Naked came the Florida man : a novel Dorsey, Tim
CD FIC WILLIAMS 12cds 14.25hrs All the ways we said goodbye : a novel of the Ritz Paris Williams, Beatriz
E A Bird hugs Adamson, Ged
E H How to celebrate Valentine's Day! : holiday traditions, rituals, and rules in a delightful story Hallinan, P. K.
E H Little Miss Valentine Hargreaves, Adam
E H I love you brighter than the stars Hart, Owen
E I I love you, Fred Inkpen, Mick
E M One hug Moore, Katrina
E N Grama's hug Nielander, Amy
E W Lola Dutch I love you so much Wright, Kenneth
FIC HAWKINS The girl on the train Hawkins, Paula
FIC KRUEGER Ordinary grace : a novel Krueger, William Kent
GRAPHIC NOVEL DOOMSDAY CLOCK PART 1 Doomsday clock. Part 1 Johns, Geoff
BB DISNEY My first Valentine's Day Miller, Sara
JUV BB SEUSS Dr. Seuss's lovey Things
JUV FIC STEVEN UNIVERSE v.1 Steven Universe : warp tour Gillman, Melanie
JUV FIC STEVEN UNIVERSE v.2 Steven Universe : punching up Kraft, Grace
JUV FIC STEVEN UNIVERSE v.3 Steven Universe : field researching Kraft, Grace
JUV FIC STEVEN UNIVERSE v.4 Steven Universe : just right Kraft, Grace
JUV FIC STEVEN UNIVERSE v.5 Steven Universe : find a way Kraft, Grace
158 MOAWAD It takes what it takes : how to think neutrally and gain control of your life Moawad, Trevor
248.8 RAYNOR Master of one : find and focus on the work you were created to do Raynor, Jordan
364.16 SISMAN The professor and the parson : a story of desire, deceit, and defrocking Sisman, Adam
516.2 RICHESON Tales of impossibility : the 2000-year quest to solve the mathematical problems of antiquity Richeson, David S.
796.4808 DRAPER Olympic pride, American prejudice : the untold story of 18 African Americans who defied Jim Crow and Adolf Hitler to compete in the 1936 Berlin Olympics Draper, Deborah Riley
910.4 STAFFORD Expeditions unpacked : what the great explorers took into the unknown Stafford, Ed
REF 347.748 PA RULES OF COURT Pennsylvania rules of court. State and federal.
FIC AHERN Postscript Ahern, Cecelia
FIC ANDREWS Out of the attic Andrews, V. C.
FIC BOWEN Above the bay of angels Bowen, Rhys
FIC FISHER The wives Fisher, Tarryn
FIC GREY The glittering hour Grey, Iona
FIC MALLERY Sisters by choice Mallery, Susan
FIC OAKLEY You were there too Oakley, Colleen
FIC PINBOROUGH Dead to her : a novel Pinborough, Sarah
FIC ROSE Cartier's hope : a novel Rose, M. J.
MYS FIC ARMSTRONG Alone in the wild : a Rockton novel Armstrong, Kelley
MYS FIC BRENNAN The third to die Brennan, Allison
MYS FIC HANNAH Perfect little children Hannah, Sophie
MYS FIC KELLERMAN The museum of desire Kellerman, Jonathan
MYS FIC KIDD Things in jars Kidd, Jess
MYS FIC PRESTON Crooked river Preston, Douglas J.
MYS FIC RICE Last day Rice, Luanne
MYS FIC ROBB Golden in death Robb, J. D.
MYS FIC SCHAFFHAUSEN All the best lies Schaffhausen, Joanna
MYS FIC TODD A divided loyalty Todd, Charles
SF FIC ABERCROM A little hatred Abercrombie, Joe
SF FIC LANSDALE The sky done ripped Lansdale, Joe R.
YA FIC BRAY The sweet far thing Bray, Libba

Saturday, February 01, 2020

New Materials 1/26/20 - 2/1/20

Call Number Title Author
CD FIC FINDER 8 cds 10hrs House on fire [sound recording] : a novel Finder, Joseph
CD FIC MOORE 11cds 13.5hrs Long bright river [sound recording] : a novel Moore, Liz
CD FIC WOODS 6cds 7.5hrs Treason [sound recording] Woods, Stuart
DVD FIC ADDAMS FAMILY Addams family values
DVD FIC BIG LITTLE LIES SEASON 2 Big little lies. season 2
DVD FIC TERMINATOR DARK FATE Terminator : dark fate
DVD BIO DELOREAN Framing John DeLorean
E H My heart is like a zoo Hall, Michael
E H Bear is awake! Harrison, Hannah E.
E P The I love you book Parr, Todd
E Y How do dinosaurs say I love you? Yolen, Jane
FIC CLINE Ready player one Cline, Ernest
JUV FIC VERNON Little Red Rodent Hood Vernon, Ursula
LP BIO GEIST GEIST Lake of the Ozarks : my surreal summers in a vanishing America Geist, William
LP FIC PATTERSON Lost : a Tom Moon novel Patterson, James
LP 302.23 MCCULLOCH Because internet : understanding the new rules of language McCulloch, Gretchen
153.1 DEHAENE How we learn : why brains learn better than any machine ... for now Dehaene, Stanislas
364.152 ALEXANDER The suspect : an Olympic bombing, the FBI, the media, and Richard Jewell, the man caught in the middle Alexander, Kent
940.5451 PARKIN A game of birds and wolves : the ingenious young women whose secret board game helped win World War II Parkin, Simon
973.933 LITHGOW Dumpty : the age of Trump in verse Lithgow, John
FIC DALLAS Westering women : a novel Dallas, Sandra
FIC HURWITZ Into the fire Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew
FIC HYDE Stay : a novel Hyde, Catherine Ryan
FIC KLASSEN The maid of Fairbourne Hall Klassen, Julie
FIC KLING Qualityland Kling, Marc-Uwe
FIC MILLER Country strong Miller, Linda Lael
FIC OYAMADA The factory Oyamada, Hiroko
FIC SHAW The network : a novel Shaw, L. C.
FIC SPINDLER The look-alike Spindler, Erica
FIC TUDOR The other people : a novel Tudor, C. J.
FIC WHITE The wife and the widow White, Christian
FIC WHITE The number of love White, Roseanna M.
MYS FIC ADAMS The book of candlelight Adams, Ellery
MYS FIC COYLE Brewed awakening Coyle, Cleo
MYS FIC GARDNER When you see me : a novel Gardner, Lisa
MYS FIC MAY The body outside the Kremlin : a novel May, James L.
MYS FIC PETRIE The wild one Petrie, Nicholas

Saturday, January 25, 2020

New Materials 1/19-20 - 1/25/20

Call Number Title Author
BIO CARPENTER CARPENTER You are worth it : building a life worth fighting for Carpenter, Kyle
CD FIC MALLERY 7cds 8.5hrs Meant to be yours Mallery, Susan
CD FIC PATTERS 7cds 8hrs The river murders Patterson, James, 1947-
CD 305.2309 KOTLOWITZ 9cds 10.5hrs There are no children here : the story of two boys growing up in the other America Kotlowitz, Alex
JUV FIC RIORDAN The Titan's curse Riordan, Rick
JUV 688.72 HUGO LEGO DC comics super heroes character encyclopedia Hugo, Simon
153.6 ROSENBERG Nonviolent communication : a language of life Rosenberg, Marshall B.
155.2 DREEKE Sizing people up : a veteran FBI agent's user manual for behavior prediction Dreeke, Robin
179.9 CHAYKA The longing for less : living with minimalism Chayka, Kyle
211.709 RYRIE Unbelievers : an emotional history of doubt Ryrie, Alec
232.9 LUCADO Jesus Lucado, Max
305.26 SOMERS A new way to age : the most cutting edge advances in anti-aging Somers, Suzanne
305.42 STEINEM The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off : a lifetime of quotes Steinem, Gloria
306.0973 KRISTOF Tightrope : Americans reaching for hope Kristof, Nicholas D.
320.540 BROOKHIS Give me liberty : a history of America's exceptional idea Brookhiser, Richard
330.9 BANERJEE Good economics for hard times Banerjee, Abhijit V.
364.1523 EISENBERG The third rainbow girl : the long life of a double murder in Appalachia Eisenberg, Emma Copley
371.04 BOGART The brave learner : finding everyday magic in homeschool, learning, and life Bogart, Julie
425.55 BARON What's your pronoun? : beyond he and she Baron, Dennis E.
590 ZOOLOGY Zoology : the secret world of animals.
613.7 MCGRAW Grit & grace : train the mind, train the body, own your life McGraw, Tim
648 STEWART Martha Stewart's organizing : the manual for bringing order to your life, home & routines Stewart, Martha
658.02 TYSON Small business Tyson, Eric
726.6094 FOLLETT Notre-Dame : a short history of the meaning of cathedrals Follett, Ken
779 WOMEN Women : the National Geographic image collection
782.4216 IANDOLI God save the queens : the essential history of women in hip-hop Iandoli, Kathy
782.4216 PATTISON Writing better lyrics : the essential guide to powerful songwriting Pattison, Pat
791.43 DE SEMLYEN Wild and crazy guys : how the comedy mavericks of the '80s changed Hollywood forever De Semlyen, Nick
791.4309 SERRANO Movies (and other things) : a collection of questions asked, answered, illustrated Serrano, Shea
796.323 POWELL Canyon dreams : a basketball season on the Navajo Nation Powell, Michael
919.8904 OBRADY The impossible first : from fire to ice - crossing Antarctica alone O'Brady, Colin
940.53 ASBRINK And in the Vienna woods the trees remain : the heartbreaking true story of a family torn apart by war Asbrink, Elisabeth
940.53 WIND Last stop Auschwitz : my story of survival from within the camp Wind, E. de
940.54 ISSERMAN The winter army : the World War II odyssey of the 10th Mountain Division, America's elite alpine warriors Isserman, Maurice.
973.933 BERNSTEIN American oligarchs : the Kushners, the Trumps, and the marriage of money and power Bernstein, Andrea
973.933 PALAZZOLO The fixers : the bottom-feeders, crooked lawyers, gossipmongers, and porn stars who created the 45th president Palazzolo, Joe
973.933 RUCKER A very stable genius : Donald J. Trump's testing of America Rucker, Philip
973.933 WILSON Running against the devil Wilson, Rick
FIC ALLENDE A long petal of the sea : a novel Allende, Isabel
FIC COLGAN Where have all the boys gone? : a novel Colgan, Jenny
FIC CUMMINS American dirt Cummins, Jeanine
FIC ELLIOT The last sister Elliot, Kendra
FIC FINDER House on fire : a novel Finder, Joseph
FIC GREEN The prized girl : a novel Green, Amy K.
FIC JIN Little gods : a novel Jin, Meng
FIC JONES The better liar : a novel Jones, Tanen
FIC MARWOOD The poison garden Marwood, Alex
FIC SHALVIS Almost just friends : a novel Shalvis, Jill
FIC STABENOW No fixed line Stabenow, Dana
FIC THYNNE The words I never wrote : a novel Thynne, Jane
MYS FIC FELLOWES The Mitford scandal Fellowes, Jessica
MYS FIC HARRIS A longer fall Harris, Charlaine
MYS FIC JAMES Careless whiskers James, Miranda
MYS FIC STANLEY Facets of death Stanley, Michael
SF FIC GOODKIND Heart of black ice Goodkind, Terry