Saturday, November 02, 2019

New Materials 10/27/19 - 11/2/19

Call Number Title Author
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The year of less [electronic resource] : How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, and Discovered Life is Worth More Than Anything You Can Buy in a Store. Flanders, Cait
EBOOK OVERDRIVE We were brothers [electronic resource] : A Memoir. Moser, Barry
EBOOK OVERDRIVE The rise of magicks [electronic resource] : Chronicles of The One, Book 3. Roberts, Nora
BIO CHANEY COCO Coco Chanel : an intimate life Chaney, Lisa
BIO CONROY CONROY Tell me a story : my life with Pat Conroy King, Cassandra
BIO ROGERS EDWARDS Kindness and wonder : why Mister Rogers matters now more than ever Edwards, Gavin
BIO SHULTS SHULTS Nerves of steel : how i followed my dreams, earned my wings, and faced my greatest challenge Shults, Tammie Jo
CD FIC CONNOLLY 18cds 22.5hrs A book of bones Connolly, John
CD FIC MORRIS 9cds 11hrs Cilka's journey : a novel Morris, Heather
DVD FIC GODZILLA Godzilla : king of the monsters
E F The scarecrow Ferry, Beth
E H Around the table that grandad built Hill, Melanie Heuiser
E M Two for me, one for you Muhle, Jorg
E N Come next season Norman, Kim
E S Tractor Mac : autumn is here Steers, Billy
FIC BRUNSTE The farmers' market mishap Brunstetter, Wanda E.
FIC WOODSMA Fraying at the edge Woodsmall, Cindy
GRAHIC NOVEL STRANGER THINGS OTHER SIDEv.4 Stranger things. [Volume four], The other side Houser, Jody
GRAPHIC NOVEL STRANGER THINGS OTHER SIDEv.1 Stranger things. [Volume one], The other side Houser, Jody
GRAPHIC NOVEL STRANGER THINGS OTHER SIDEv.2 Stranger things. [Volume two], The other side Houser, Jody
GRAPHIC NOVEL STRANGER THINGS OTHER SIDEv.3 Stranger things. [Volume three], The other side Houser, Jody
BB DIESEN Be thankful, pout-pout fish Diesen, Deborah
BB RUMBAUGH T is for thanks! and turkey Rumbaugh, Melinda
JUV BIO HARPER GITLIN Bryce Harper : baseball star Gitlin, Marty
JUV BIO WENTZ SCHEFF Carson Wentz : football star Scheff, Matt
DVD JUV FIC VEGGIE TALES BEST CHRISTMAS GI Veggie Tales. The best Christmas gift.
JUV 636.5 SCHUETZ Turkeys Schuetz, Kari
JUV 636.9 LEIGHTON Goats Leighton, Christina
JUV FIC KEENE Turkey trot plot Keene, Carolyn
JUV FIC SPLATOON 1 Splatoon. Vol. 1 Hinodeya, Sankichi
JUV FIC SPLATOON 2 Splatoon. Vol. 2 Hinodeya, Sankichi
JUV FIC SPLATOON 3 Splatoon. Vol. 3 Hinodeya, Sankichi
JUV FIC SPLATOON 4 Splatoon. Vol. 4 Hinodeya, Sankichi
JUV FIC SPLATOON 5 Splatoon. Vol. 5 Hinodeya, Sankichi
JUV FIC SPLATOON 6 Splatoon. Vol. 6 Hinodeya, Sankichi
JUV FIC SPLATOON 7 Splatoon. Vol. 7 Hinodeya, Sankichi
JUV 593.5 BASSIER Jellyfish Bassier, Emma
JUV 593.9 BASSIER Starfish Bassier, Emma
JUV 594.56 BASSIER Octopuses Bassier, Emma
JUV 597.72 BASSIER Clown fish Bassier, Emma
JUV 599.5 BASSIER Whales Bassier, Emma
JUV 599.665 DULING Zebras Duling, Kaitlyn
JUV 599.67 DULING African elephants Duling, Kaitlyn
JUV 599.75 RATHBUR Mountain lions Rathburn, Betsy
JUV 599.753 BORGERT- SPANIOL Canada lynx Borgert-Spaniol, Megan
JUV 599.757 DULING African lions Duling, Kaitlyn
JUV 610.69 LEAF Doctors Leaf, Christina
JUV 623.82 ADAMSON Ships Adamson, Thomas K.
JUV 629.133 PETTIFO Helicopters Pettiford, Rebecca
JUV 629.225 BOWMAN Fire trucks Bowman, Chris
JUV 636.1 LEIGHTON Horses Leighton, Christina
JUV 636.2 SCHUETZ Cows Schuetz, Kari
JUV 636.3 LEIGHTON Sheep Leighton, Christina
JUV 636.4 LEIGHTON Pigs Leighton, Christina
JUV 636.5 SCHUETZ Chickens Schuetz, Kari
JUV 636.5 SCHUETZ Ducks Schuetz, Kari
JUV 811.6 THANKU Thanku : poems of gratitude
LP FIC GRISHAM The Guardians Grisham, John
347.73 LOVELACE Search and destroy : inside the campaign against Brett Kavanaugh Lovelace, Ryan
782.4216 COHEN Long walk home : reflections on Bruce Springsteen
MYS FIC BLACK Let justice descend Black, Lisa
FIC CHILD Blue moon : a Jack Reacher novel Child, Lee
FIC CUNNINGHAM White knight Cunningham, John H
FIC LADD The governess of Penwythe Hall Ladd, Sarah E.
FIC NOVAK Christmas in Silver Springs Novak, Brenda
FIC WILSON Nothing to see here Wilson, Kevin
MYS FIC CRAWFORD A catered New Year's Eve Crawford, Isis


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