Saturday, October 26, 2019

New Materials 10/20/19 - 10/26/19

Call Number Title Author
BIO EDISON MORRIS Edison Morris, Edmund
BIO PENCE LOBIANCO Piety & power : Mike Pence and the taking of the White House LoBianco, Tom
BIO SMITH SMITH Year of the monkey Smith, Patti
BIO WILTSHI WILTSHI The nature of life and death : every body leaves a trace Wiltshire, Patricia E. J.
CD FIC BARCLAY 10cds 13hrs Elevator pitch Barclay, Linwood
CD FIC CORNWELL 9cds 10.5hrs Quantum Cornwell, Patricia Daneils
CD FIC GRISHAM 12hrs 10cds The guardians Grisham, John
CD FIC HILDERB 8cds 10hrs What happens in paradise Hilderbrand, Elin
CD FIC PATTERS 6cds 7hrs The 19th Christmas Patterson, James
CD FIC WOODS 7cds 8hrs Stealth Woods, Stuart
CD 612 BRYSON 12cds 14hrs The body : a guide for occupants Bryson, Bill
E A Fly Guy's amazing tricks Arnold, Tedd
E F This is baby Fallon, Jimmy
E K Mother Ghost : spooky rhymes for Halloween Kolar, Rachel
E O Fancy Nancy tea parties O'Connor, Jane
E P The kindness book Parr, Todd
E P The bravest man in the world Polacco, Patricia
E W Who is the Mystery Reader? Willems, Mo
FIC BALSON Once we were brothers Balson, Ronald H.
FIC STEIN The art of racing in the rain : a novel Stein, Garth
MYS FIC MEIER 'Tis the season murder Meier, Leslie
GRAPHIC NOVEL MAGICIANS ALICE'S STORY The magicians : Alice's story Sturges, Lilah
JUV BIO ROGERS BAILEY Who was Mister Rogers? Bailey, Diane
DVD JUV FIC SCOOBY DOO RETURN TO ZOMBIE IS Scooby-Doo! return to zombie island : original movie
JUV FIC BENTON Me! : (just like you, only better) : by Jamie Kelly Benton, Jim
JUV FIC BRANCHES Pug blasts off May, Kyla
JUV FIC GIBBS Charlie Thorne and the last equation Gibbs, Stuart
JUV FIC GRATZ Allies Gratz, Alan
JUV FIC GREEN The missing tooth fairy Green, Poppy
JUV FIC HARRIS The magic misfits : the third movement Harris, Neil Patrick
JUV FIC HOLM Sunny rolls the dice Holm, Jennifer L.
JUV FIC HUNTER Squirrelflight's hope Hunter, Erin
JUV FIC LERANGIS Throwback Lerangis, Peter
JUV FIC PALACIO White bird : a wonder story Palacio, R. J.
JUV FIC PATTERSO Max Einstein : rebels with a cause Patterson, James
JUV FIC RUSSELL Dork diaries. Tales from a not-so-best friend forever Russell, Rachel Renee
JUV FIC STILTON Island of Dragons : Geronimo's twelfth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy Stilton, Geronimo
JUV 027 PAUL Little libraries, big heroes Paul, Miranda
JUV 613.7 BAUER Yummy yoga : playful poses and tasty treats Bauer, Joy
JUV 641.71 COMPLETE The complete baking book for young chefs
JUV 700.462 SEUSS Dr. Seuss's horse museum Seuss, Dr.
JUV 796.332 JACOBS The everything kids' football book : all-time greats, legendary teams, and today's favorite players--with tips on playing like a pro Jacobs, Greg
JUV 796.334 FOLGAR The everything kids' soccer book : rules, techniques, and more about your favorite sport! Folgar, Carlos
LP BIO MARANISS MARANISS A good American family : the Red Scare and my father Maraniss, David
LP 364.152 CALLAHAN American predator : the hunt for the most meticulous serial killer of the 21st century Callahan, Maureen
MYS FIC HELLER Celine : a novel Heller, Peter
MYS FIC MELTZER The first counsel Meltzer, Brad
006.7 MEINZER So you want to start a podcast : finding your voice, telling your story, and building a community that will listen Meinzer, Kristen
069.097 BUNCH A fool's errand : creating the National Museum of African American History and Culture in the age of Bush, Obama, and Trump Bunch, Lonnie G.
261 HOLLAND Dominion : how the Christian revolution remade the world Holland, Tom
261.0973 HOWE The immoral majority : why evangelicals chose political power over Christian values Howe, Ben
261.7 LENZ God land : a story of faith, loss, and renewal in Middle America Lenz, Lyz
303.372 MCGRATH Woke : a guide to social justice McGrath, Titania
306.88 MOAVENI The guest house for young widows : among the women of ISIS Moaveni, Azadeh
324.973 RAPHAEL Represent : the woman's guide to running for office & changing the world Raphael, June Diane
327.1273 MENDEZ The Moscow rules : the secret CIA tactics that helped America win the Cold War Mendez, Antonio J.
327.73 MILLER Empire of borders : the expansion of the US border around the world Miller, Todd
331.4 KANTOR She said : breaking the sexual harassment story that helped ignite a movement Kantor, Jodi
332.63 GREENE Buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat : the BRRRR rental property investment strategy made simple Greene, David
349.73 GORSUCH A republic, if you can keep It Gorsuch, Neil M.
362.8292 MORGAN Finding your voice : a path to healing for survivors of abuse Morgan, Mannette
363.34 GAUL The geography of risk : epic storms, rising seas, and the costs of America's coasts Gaul, Gilbert M.
520 STIMAC Dark skies : a practical guide to astrotourism Stimac, Valerie
540.112 PRINCIPE The secrets of alchemy Principe, Lawrence
616.895 MIKLOWITZ The bipolar disorder survival guide : what you and your family need to know Miklowitz, David Jay
618.1 GUNTER The vagina bible : the vulva and the vagina - separating the myth from the medicine Gunter, Jen
636 FOER We are the weather : saving the planet begins at breakfast Foer, Jonathan Safran
639.2 URBINA The outlaw ocean : journeys across the last untamed frontier Urbina, Ian
641.5 TASTE OF HOME ANNUAL 2020 Taste of home annual recipes
658.4008 HARTS The memo : what women of color need to know to secure a seat at the table Harts, Minda
781.642 DUNCAN Country music : an illustrated history Duncan, Dayton
818.602 ROWE The way I heard it Rowe, Mike
911 SCHULTEN A history of America in 100 maps Schulten, Susan
942.01 MANCO The origins of the Anglo-Saxons : decoding the ancestry of the English Manco, Jean
951.05 YIWU Bullets and opium : real-life stories of China after the Tiananmen Square Massacre Liao, Yiwu
973.931 GRAFF The only plane in the sky : an oral history of 9/11 Graff, Garrett M.
FIC CRUZ Dominicana Cruz, Angie
FIC DELUCA Well met DeLuca, Jen
FIC DEMILLE The deserter : a novel DeMille, Nelson
FIC DUNMORE Bringing down the duke Dunmore, Evie
FIC FEEHAN Dark illusion Feehan, Christine
FIC GUILLORY Royal holiday Guillory, Jasmine
FIC LESTER The Paris orphan Lester, Natasha
FIC SCHINE The Grammarians Schine, Cathleen
FIC WHITE The Christmas spirits on Tradd street White, Karen
FIC WOODSON Red at the bone Woodson, Jacqueline
MYS FIC GUNNIS The girl in the letter Gunnis, Emily
MYS FIC TODD A cruel deception Todd, Charles
SF FIC KOEPP Cold storage : a novel Koepp, David
SF FIC LEE A trick of light Li, Tianshang
SF FIC MIHALIK Aurora blazing : a novel Mihalik, Jessie
SF FIC MUIR Gideon the ninth Muir, Tamsyn
SF FIC NEWITZ The future of another timeline Newitz, Annalee
YA FIC PULLMAN The secret commonwealth Pullman, Philip
YA FIC ROWELL Wayward son Rowell, Rainbow
YA FIC YOON Frankly in love Yoon, David


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