Saturday, October 19, 2019

New Materials 10/13/19 - 10/19/19

Call Number Title Author
BIO BENNACK BENNACK Leave something on the table : and other surprising lessons for success in business and in life Bennack, Frank A.
BIO BETZ-HAMILTON BETZ-HAMILTON The less people know about us : a mystery of betrayal, family secrets, and stolen identity Betz-Hamilton, Axton
BIO JANETTI JANETTI Do you mind if I cancel? : (things that still annoy me) Janetti, Gary
BIO JOHN JOHN Me John, Elton
BIO POWER POWER The education of an idealist : a memoir Power, Samantha
CD FIC CAMERON 9cds 11hrs A dog's promise Cameron, W. Bruce
CD 153.4 HALL Tools of thinking : understanding the world through experience and reason Hall, James
CD 294.34 MUESSE Practicing mindfulness : an introduction to meditation. Muesse, Mark W.
CD 500 GOLDMAN Science in the twentieth century : a social-intellectual survey Goldman, Steven L.
CD 648 WENZKE 5cds 5hrs The art of happy moving : how to declutter, pack, and start over while maintaining your sanity and finding happiness Wenzke, Ali
CD 784.18 GREENBERG The symphony Greenberg, Robert
CD 808 SPURGIN The art of reading Spurgin, Timothy
CD 823.91 HEFFERNAN Joyce's Ulysses Heffernan, James A. W.
CD 973.2 ALLISON Before 1776 : life in the American colonies Allison, Robert J.
CD 973.3 GEULZO The American revolution Guelzo, Allen C.
DVD FIC TOY STORY 4 Toy story 4
E A National Geographic readers. Let's go! Andrus, Aubre
E A Engines around the world Webster, Christy
E B Baby Shark and the balloons
E B Back to school with the Berenstain Bears Berenstain, Stan
E C The very lonely firefly Carle, Eric
E D Daniel's potty time Cassel, Alexandra
E D Night night, Groot Deneen, Brendan
E F Rainbow Stew Falwell, Cathryn
E J We are the Justice League! : a collection of five early readers.
E M Best fillies forever.
E M Princess Celestia's starring role Alexander, Louise
E P Puppy dance party! James, Hollis
E P Track that monkey! Neumann, Casey
E P Dragon's fat cat Pilkey, Dav
E R Good night, zoo Gold, Gina
E R Three cheers for Kid McGear! Rinker, Sherri Duskey
E S Good night, Little Blue Truck Schertle, Alice
E S Be a good sport, Charlie Brown! Schulz, Charles M.
E S Just ask! : be different be brave, be you Sotomayor, Sonia
FIC FLYNN American assassin : a thriller Flynn, Vince
FIC WEINER Good in bed : a novel Weiner, Jennifer
FIC YOUNG The shack : a novel Young, William P.
GRAPHIC NOVEL WINGS OF FIRE 3 Wings of fire. [Book three], The hidden kingdom : the graphic novel Sutherland, Tui
JUV FIC CERVANTE The Fire Keeper : a Storm Runner novel Cervantes, Jennifer
JUV FIC GRIFFITH The 117-story tree house Griffiths, Andy
JUV FIC JAMES The bookwanderers James, Anna
JUV FIC MBALIA Tristan Strong punches a hole in the sky Mbalia, Kwame
JUV FIC O'DONNELL Homerooms & hall passes O'Donnell, Tom
JUV FIC PATTERSO Happy howlidays! Patterson, James
JUV FIC RYAN Iron tide rising Ryan, Carrie
JUV FIC SIMPSON The unicorn whisperer : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure Simpson, Dana
JUV 597.3 BASSIER Sharks Bassier, Emma
JUV 597.92 BASSIER Sea turtles Bassier, Emma
JUV 599.3 BULLER Sloths Buller, Laura
JUV 599.73 BULLER Llamas Buller, Laura
LP FIC MACOMBER A Mrs. Miracle Christmas Macomber, Debbie
LP FIC PATTERSON The 19th Christmas Patterson, James
MYS FIC STELLJES Deadly Stillwater Stelljes, Roger
362.7309 CHRISTIE Before and after : the incredible real-life stories of orphans who survived the Tennessee Children's Home Society Christie, Judy Pace
364.152 SWITALSKI Stolen memories... : an immigration specialist's worst night-mare Switalski, Joyce D
394.2663 NEWMARK Chicken soup for the soul : it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas : 101 tales of holiday love & wonder
641.5 YOU You suck at cooking : the absurdly practical guide to sucking slightly less at making food.
790 POSNANSKI The life and afterlife of Harry Houdini Posnanski, Joe
791.4572 RENFRO The unofficial guide to Game of Thrones Renfro, Kim
940.53 BAIER Three days at the brink : FDR's daring gamble to win World War II Baier, Bret
973 WEINGARTEN One day : the extraordinary story of an ordinary 24 hours in America Weingarten, Gene
FIC ANSHAW Right after the weather Anshaw, Carol
FIC BILLER The widow of Rose House Biller, Diana
FIC CLINCH Marley : a novel Clinch, Jon
FIC HAMMER Scrublands Hammer, Chris
FIC HUGHES Christmas in Vermont Hughes, Anita
FIC LECARRE Agent running in the field Le Carre, John
FIC MALLERY Meant to be yours Mallery, Susan
FIC MORRIS Cilka's journey Morris, Heather
FIC THAYER Let it snow : a novel Thayer, Nancy
MYS FIC CONNELLY The night fire Connelly, Michael
MYS FIC MCCALL SMITH To the land of long lost friends McCall Smith, Alexander
MYS FIC PATTERSON The 19th Christmas Patterson, James
MYS FIC WOODS Stealth Woods, Stuart
SS FIC EDWARDS Christmas card crime : and other stories
YA FIC WATERS Generation dead Waters, Daniel


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