Friday, December 28, 2007

New material 12/21/2007 - 12/27/2007

Cosmic thing [sound recording] by B-52's (Musical group) prf CD 784 B-52S
Shake your money maker [sound recording] by Black Crowes (Musical group) prf CD 784 BLACK CROWES
The Southern harmony and musical companion [sound recording] by Black Crowes (Musical group) CD 784 BLACK CROWES
Blues Traveler four [sound recording]. by Blues Traveler (Musical group) prf CD 784 BLUES TRAVELER
Journeyman [sound recording] by Eric Clapton CD 784 CLAPTON
Transit [sound recording] by A. J. Croce CD 784 CROCE
Shaking the tree [sound recording] : sixteen golden greats by Peter Gabriel CD 784 GABRIEL
Use your illusion I [sound recording] by Guns n' Roses (Musical group) CD 784 GUNS N ROSES
Use your illusion II [sound recording] by Guns N' Roses (Musicial group) CD 784 GUNS N ROSES
Throwing copper [sound recording] by Live (Musical group) CD 784 LIVE
Automatic for the people [sound recording] by R.E.M. (Musical group) prf CD 784 R.E.M.
Out of time [sound recording] by R.E.M. (Musical group) CD 784 R.E.M.
Achtung baby [sound recording] by U2 (Musical group) CD 784 U2
Hand of evil [sound recording] : a novel of suspense by Judith A. Jance CD F JANCE
Baby Mozart [sound recording] : concert for little ears by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart CD JUV 782.42083 MOZART
Mozart for babies [sound recording] by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart CD JUV 782.42083 MOZART
Build your baby's brain [compact disc] : through the power of music . CD JUV 785 BUILD YOUR BABYS BRAIN
Legends of horror. [videorecording] Bela Lugosi DVD FIC LEGENDS OF HORROR
The Simpsons movie [videorecording] David Silverman DVD FIC SIMPSONS MOVIE
Terror attack [videorecording]. DVD FIC TERROR ATTACK
Garbage monsters. DVD JUV 628.445 GARBAGE MONSTERS
Dirt monsters [videorecording] DVD JUV 629.224 DIRT MONSTERS
Purplicious by Victoria Kann E K
Where, oh where, is Santa Claus? by Lisa Wheeler E W
Forever Christmas by Christine Lynxwiler FIC LYNXWILE
Third grade ghouls! by Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna JUV FIC MCKENNA

Friday, December 21, 2007

New materials added 12/14/2007 - 12/20/2007

Uncertainty : Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr, and the struggle for the soul of science by David Lindley 530.12 LINDLEY
The professional chef's knife kit by Culinary Institute of America 641.5 CULINARY INSTITUT
A guide to the great gardens of the Philadelphia region by Adam Levine 712.609748 LEVINE
The Johnstown flood by David G. McCullough 974.877 MCCULLOUG
The Middle Sea : a history of the Mediterranean by John Julius Norwich 974.877 NORWICH
Colors everywhere by Sam McBratney BB MCBRATNE
When I'm big by Sam McBratney BB MCBRATNE
Mark Twain : a life by Ron Powers BIO TWAIN POWERS
The year of living biblically [sound recording] : one man's humble quest to follow the Bible as literally as possible by A. J. Jacobs CD 220 JACOBS
Write it when I'm gone [sound recording] : remarkable off-the-record conversations with Gerald R. Ford by Thomas M. DeFrank CD BIO FORD DEFRANK
T is for trespass [sound recording] by Sue Grafton CD F GRAFTON
Cat's cradle [sound recording] by Kurt Vonnegut CD F VONNEGUT
Peter Pan [sound recording] by J. M. Barrie CD JUV FIC BARRIE
Half-moon investigations [sound recording] by Eoin Colfer CD JUV FIC COLFER
The eternity code [sound recording] by Eoin Colfer CD JUV FIC COLFER
The Spiderwick chronicles. Books 1-5 [sound recording] by Tony DiTerlizzi CD JUV FIC DITERLIZZI
Ella enchanted [sound recording] by Gail Carson Levine CD JUV FIC LEVINE
Connections 2 [DVD] DVD 609 CONNECTI 2 DISC 1
Connections 2 [DVD] DVD 609 CONNECTI 2 DISC 2
Connections 2 [DVD] DVD 609 CONNECTI 2 DISC 3
Connections 2 [DVD] DVD 609 CONNECTI 2 DISC 4
Connections 2 [DVD] DVD 609 CONNECTI 2 DISC 5
Big love. The complete first season [videorecording] DVD FIC BIG LOVE FIRST SEASON
The Bourne ultimatum [DVD] DVD FIC BOURNE ULTIMATU
Dead pool [videorecording] DVD FIC DEAD POOL
The enforcer [videorecording] DVD FIC ENFORCER
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [videorecording] DVD FIC HARRY POTTER ORDER OF PHOENIX
Midsomer murders. Beyond the grave [videorecording] DVD FIC MIDSOMER MURDERS BEYOND THE GR
Midsomer murders. Blood will out [videorecording] DVD FIC MIDSOMER MURDERS BLOOD WILL OU
Midsomer murders. Death's shadow [videorecording] DVD FIC MIDSOMER MURDERS DEATHS SHADOW
Midsomer Murders. Strangler's wood [videorecording] DVD FIC MIDSOMER MURDERS STRANGLE WOOD
Monk. Season five [videorecording] DVD FIC MONK SEASON FIVE
The office. The complete series one & two and the special [videorecording] DVD FIC OFFICE SERIES ONE & TWO
Pirates of the Caribbean [videorecording] : at world's end DVD FIC PIRATES CARIBBEA AT WORLDS END
Sudden impact [videorecording] DVD FIC SUDDEN IMPACT
Touching evil 2 [videorecording] DVD FIC TOUCHING EVIL 2
Fire monsters [DVD]. DVD JUV 628.9 FIRE MONSTERS
Brave Norman : a true story by Andrew Clements E C
The all-I'll-ever-want Christmas doll by Pat McKissack E M
The alphabet from A to Y with bonus letter, Z! by Steve Martin E M
Red butterfly : how a princess smuggled the secret of silk out of China by Deborah Noyes E N
Zoom Broom by Margie Palatini E P
Diego saves the sloth! by Alexis Romay E R
Thanksgiving is for giving thanks by Margaret Sutherland E S
The barnyard night before Christmas by Beth Terrill E T
The night before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore JUV 811 MOORE
Ripley's Believe it or not! : the search for the shrunken heads and other curiosities. by Robert Le Roy Ripley JUV 910.4092 RIPLEY
The Black Book of Secrets by F. E. Higgins JUV FIC HIGGINS
The Littles go exploring by John Lawrence Peterson JUV FIC PETERSON
The ghost, the White House, and me by Judith St. George JUV FIC ST. GEORGE
The tale of Hawthorn House : the cottage tales of Beatrix Potter by Susan Wittig Albert LP FIC ALBERT
Antony and Cleopatra by Colleen McCullough LP FIC MCCULLOU
Star wars : a pop-up guide to the galaxy by Matthew Reinhart REF JUV 791.43 REINHART

Friday, December 14, 2007

New materials added 12/7/2007 - 12/13/2007

One red paperclip : or how an ordinary man achieved his dreams with the help of a simple office supply by Kyle MacDonald 381.142 MACDONALD
My first Menorah by Salina Yoon BB YOON
Clear and present danger [videorecording] DVD FIC CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER
The getaway [videorecording] DVD FIC GETAWAY
Keen Eddie. The complete series [videorecording] DVD FIC KEEN EDDIE
Law & order. one, The first year [videorecording] DVD FIC LAW & ORDER FIRST YEAR
Lethal weapon [videorecording] DVD FIC LETHAL WEAPON
Lethal weapon 2 [videorecording] DVD FIC LETHAL WEAPON 2
Lethal weapon 3 [videorecording] DVD FIC LETHAL WEAPON 3
Lethal weapon 4 [videorecording] DVD FIC LETHAL WEAPON 4
Live free or die hard [DVD] DVD FIC LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD
Mr. Bean's holiday [DVD] DVD FIC MR. BEAN'S HOLIDAY
Napoleon [videorecording] DVD FIC NAPOLEON
Patriot games [videorecording] DVD FIC PATRIOT GAMES
The Pink Panther film collection [videorecording] DVD FIC PINK PANTHER FILM COLLECTI
Sum of all fears [videorecording] DVD FIC SUM OF ALL FEARS
The way of the gun [videorecording] DVD FIC WAY OF THE GUN
The world is not enough [videorecording (DVD)] DVD FIC WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH
Metal monsters. DVD JUV 629.224 METAL MONSTERS
Barney [DVD] : let's go to the zoo DVD JUV FIC BARNEY LET'S GO TO
Bob the Builder Pets in a pickle [DVD] DVD JUV FIC BOB THE BUILDER PETS
Dora the explorer [videorecording] meet Diego DVD JUV FIC DORA THE EXPLORER MEET
Hanukkah moon by Deborah da Costa E D
Santa's twin by Dean R. Koontz E K
'Twas the night before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey E P
Minerva Louise on Christmas Eve by Janet Morgan Stoeke E S
A poke in the I by Paul B. Janeczko JUV 811.008 JANECZKO
It's itchcraft! by Dan. Greenburg JUV FIC GREENBURG
Marvin Redpost : super fast, out of control! by Louis Sachar JUV FIC SACHAR
Caillou Caillou's Reading Adventures [viceorecording] by Jean Pilotte VIDEO JUV FIC CAILLOU'S READING ADVENTURE
Fever, 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson YA FIC ANDERSON

Friday, December 07, 2007

New materials added 11/30/2007 - 12/6/2007

Free stuff & good deals for folks over 50 by Linda Bowman 362.60973 BOWMAN
Miniature orchids by Steven A. Frowine 584 FROWINE
Sneakiest uses for everyday things : how to make a boomerang with a business card, convert a pencil into a microphone, make animated origami, turn a tv tray into a giant robot, and create alternative energy science projects by Cy Tymony 608 TYMONY
Bottom Line's pocket coach : secrets from the top self-help gurus 640.73 BOTTOM LINE
1776 : excerpts from the acclaimed history, with letters, maps, and seminal artwork by David G. McCullough 973.3 MCCULLOU
Zigzag : the incredible wartime exploits of double-agent Eddie Chapman by Nicholas Booth BIO CHAPMAN BOOTH
Love and Louis XIV : the women in the life of the Sun King by Antonia Fraser BIO LOUIS XIV FRASER
Cheney [sound recording] : the untold story of America's most powerful and controversial vice president by Stephen F. Hayes CD BIO CHENEY HAYES
The chase [sound recording] by Clive Cussler CD F CUSSLER
Tipperary [sound recording] by Frank Delaney CD F DELANEY
The Martian child [sound recording] [a novel about a single father adopting a son] by David Gerrold CD F GERROLD
Turning angel [sound recording] by Greg Iles CD F ILES
Into the wild [sound recording] by Jon Krakauer CD F KRAKAUER
Lost [sound recording] by Gregory Maguire CD F MAGUIRE
Double cross [sound recording] by James Patterson CD F PATTERSO
The almost moon [sound recording] : a novel by Alice Sebold CD F SEBOLD
Planet Earth [videorecording] by David Attenborough DVD 333.95 PLANET EARTH
Connections 1 [videorecording] DVD 609 CONNECTI 1 VOL. 1&2
Connections 1 [videorecording] DVD 609 CONNECTI 1 VOL. 3&4
Connections 1 [videorecording] DVD 609 CONNECTI 1 VOL. 5&6
Connections 1 [videorecording] DVD 609 CONNECTI 1 VOL. 7&8
Connections 1 [videorecording] DVD 609 CONNECTI 1 VOL. 9&10
Hairspray [DVD] by Nikki Blonsky DVD FIC HAIRSPRAY
Talk to me [DVD] by Don Cheadle DVD FIC TALK TO ME
The waitress [videorecording] by Keri Russell DVD FIC WAITRESS
Santa clause 3 [videorecording] : the escape clause by Michael Lembeck DVD JUV FIC SANTA CLAUSE 3
Giraffes can't dance by Giles Andreae E A
Arthur and the true Francine by Marc Tolon Brown E B
The great kapok tree : a tale of the Amazon rain forest by Lynne Cherry E C
Great joy by Kate DiCamillo E D
Spaghetti park by DyAnne DiSalvo E D
The art lesson by Tomie De Paola E D
The day of Ahmed's secret by Florence Parry Heide E H
The cow who wouldn't come down by Paul Brett Johnson E J
Angela and the baby Jesus by Frank McCourt E M
Stephanie's ponytail by Robert N. Munsch E M
Bee-bim bop! by Linda Sue Park E P
The Christmas star by Marcus Pfister E P
Emma Kate by Patricia Polacco E P
I'll fix Anthony by Judith. Viorst E V
Winter days in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder E W
Burnt offerings by Laurell K. Hamilton FIC HAMILTON
Watchman by Ian Rankin FIC RANKIN
A frog prince by Alix Berenzy JUV 398.2 BERENZY
Fin M'Coul : the giant of Knockmany Hill by Tomie De Paola JUV 398.2 DEPAOLA
Rainbow crow by Nancy Van Laan JUV 398.2 VAN LAAN
Two in the wilderness : adventures of a mother and daughter in the Adirondack Mountains by Sandra Weber JUV 508.747 WEBER
Digging up dinosaurs by Aliki JUV 567.9 ALIKI
We three kings by Gennadii Spirin JUV 782.42 SPIRIN
Take me out of the bathtub and other silly dilly songs by Alan Katz JUV 782.42164 KATZ
Scared silly! : a book for the brave by Marc Tolon Brown JUV 810.8 BROWN
Miles of smiles : a collection of laugh-out-loud poems by Bruce Lansky JUV 811 LANSKY
More stories Julian tells by Ann Cameron JUV FIC CAMERON
Horrible Harry takes the cake by Suzy Kline JUV FIC KLINE
Ruby Lu, brave and true by Lenore Look JUV FIC LOOK
Lansdale holiday history tour : make the past a present REF 974.812 LANSDALE HISTORIC SOCIETY
Perfect by Natasha Friend YA FIC FRIEND