Friday, December 14, 2007

New materials added 12/7/2007 - 12/13/2007

One red paperclip : or how an ordinary man achieved his dreams with the help of a simple office supply by Kyle MacDonald 381.142 MACDONALD
My first Menorah by Salina Yoon BB YOON
Clear and present danger [videorecording] DVD FIC CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER
The getaway [videorecording] DVD FIC GETAWAY
Keen Eddie. The complete series [videorecording] DVD FIC KEEN EDDIE
Law & order. one, The first year [videorecording] DVD FIC LAW & ORDER FIRST YEAR
Lethal weapon [videorecording] DVD FIC LETHAL WEAPON
Lethal weapon 2 [videorecording] DVD FIC LETHAL WEAPON 2
Lethal weapon 3 [videorecording] DVD FIC LETHAL WEAPON 3
Lethal weapon 4 [videorecording] DVD FIC LETHAL WEAPON 4
Live free or die hard [DVD] DVD FIC LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD
Mr. Bean's holiday [DVD] DVD FIC MR. BEAN'S HOLIDAY
Napoleon [videorecording] DVD FIC NAPOLEON
Patriot games [videorecording] DVD FIC PATRIOT GAMES
The Pink Panther film collection [videorecording] DVD FIC PINK PANTHER FILM COLLECTI
Sum of all fears [videorecording] DVD FIC SUM OF ALL FEARS
The way of the gun [videorecording] DVD FIC WAY OF THE GUN
The world is not enough [videorecording (DVD)] DVD FIC WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH
Metal monsters. DVD JUV 629.224 METAL MONSTERS
Barney [DVD] : let's go to the zoo DVD JUV FIC BARNEY LET'S GO TO
Bob the Builder Pets in a pickle [DVD] DVD JUV FIC BOB THE BUILDER PETS
Dora the explorer [videorecording] meet Diego DVD JUV FIC DORA THE EXPLORER MEET
Hanukkah moon by Deborah da Costa E D
Santa's twin by Dean R. Koontz E K
'Twas the night before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey E P
Minerva Louise on Christmas Eve by Janet Morgan Stoeke E S
A poke in the I by Paul B. Janeczko JUV 811.008 JANECZKO
It's itchcraft! by Dan. Greenburg JUV FIC GREENBURG
Marvin Redpost : super fast, out of control! by Louis Sachar JUV FIC SACHAR
Caillou Caillou's Reading Adventures [viceorecording] by Jean Pilotte VIDEO JUV FIC CAILLOU'S READING ADVENTURE
Fever, 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson YA FIC ANDERSON


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