Friday, December 28, 2007

New material 12/21/2007 - 12/27/2007

Cosmic thing [sound recording] by B-52's (Musical group) prf CD 784 B-52S
Shake your money maker [sound recording] by Black Crowes (Musical group) prf CD 784 BLACK CROWES
The Southern harmony and musical companion [sound recording] by Black Crowes (Musical group) CD 784 BLACK CROWES
Blues Traveler four [sound recording]. by Blues Traveler (Musical group) prf CD 784 BLUES TRAVELER
Journeyman [sound recording] by Eric Clapton CD 784 CLAPTON
Transit [sound recording] by A. J. Croce CD 784 CROCE
Shaking the tree [sound recording] : sixteen golden greats by Peter Gabriel CD 784 GABRIEL
Use your illusion I [sound recording] by Guns n' Roses (Musical group) CD 784 GUNS N ROSES
Use your illusion II [sound recording] by Guns N' Roses (Musicial group) CD 784 GUNS N ROSES
Throwing copper [sound recording] by Live (Musical group) CD 784 LIVE
Automatic for the people [sound recording] by R.E.M. (Musical group) prf CD 784 R.E.M.
Out of time [sound recording] by R.E.M. (Musical group) CD 784 R.E.M.
Achtung baby [sound recording] by U2 (Musical group) CD 784 U2
Hand of evil [sound recording] : a novel of suspense by Judith A. Jance CD F JANCE
Baby Mozart [sound recording] : concert for little ears by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart CD JUV 782.42083 MOZART
Mozart for babies [sound recording] by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart CD JUV 782.42083 MOZART
Build your baby's brain [compact disc] : through the power of music . CD JUV 785 BUILD YOUR BABYS BRAIN
Legends of horror. [videorecording] Bela Lugosi DVD FIC LEGENDS OF HORROR
The Simpsons movie [videorecording] David Silverman DVD FIC SIMPSONS MOVIE
Terror attack [videorecording]. DVD FIC TERROR ATTACK
Garbage monsters. DVD JUV 628.445 GARBAGE MONSTERS
Dirt monsters [videorecording] DVD JUV 629.224 DIRT MONSTERS
Purplicious by Victoria Kann E K
Where, oh where, is Santa Claus? by Lisa Wheeler E W
Forever Christmas by Christine Lynxwiler FIC LYNXWILE
Third grade ghouls! by Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna JUV FIC MCKENNA


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