Saturday, August 11, 2018

New Materials 8/5/18 - 8/11/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO MATTIS PROSER No better friend, no worse enemy : the life of General James Mattis Proser, Jim
BIO MITCHELL MITCHELL Somebody I used to know Mitchell, Wendy
CD FIC KOONTZ 10cds 12hrs Sole survivor [sound recording] Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
CD FIC CHAMBER 10cds 13hrs The summer nanny [sound recording] Chamberlin, Holly, 1962-
CD FIC DEAVER 11cds 14hrs The lesson of her death [sound recording] Deaver, Jeffery
CD FIC MACOMBER 9cds 11hrs Cottage by the sea : a novel Macomber, Debbie
E V Rock 'n' roll soul Verde, Susan
JUV FIC WOOD The Long-lost home Wood, Maryrose
LP FIC CANDLISH Our house Candlish, Louise
LP FIC COULTER Paradox Coulter, Catherine
LP FIC HYDE Go ask Fannie Hyde, Elisabeth
LP FIC KELLERM A measure of darkness : a novel Kellerman, Jonathan
LP FIC PATTERSON Murder beyond the grave : true-crime thrillers Patterson, James, 1947-
LP FIC WHITE The life list of Adrian Mandrick White, Chris, 1959-
LP FIC WOODS The money shot Woods, Stuart
028.9 PROSE What to read and why Prose, Francine, 1947-
168 SINNOTT ARMSTRONG Think again : how to reason and argue--and why Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter, 1955-
289.9 OXENBERG Captive : a mother's crusade to save her daughter from a terrifying cult Oxenberg, Catherine, 1961-
342.73 STROSSEN Hate : why we should resist it with free speech, not censorship Strossen, Nadine
362.2909 MACY Dopesick : dealers, doctors, and the drug company that addicted America Macy, Beth
364.16 KURKJIAN Master thieves : the Boston gangsters who pulled off the world's greatest art heist Kurkjian, Stephen A.
629.1309 OBRIEN Fly girls : how five daring women defied all odds and made aviation history O'Brien, Keith, 1973-
746.42 MULLINS Macrame for beginners and beyond : 24 easy macrame projects for home and garden Mullins, Amy
956.7044 CHIVERS The fighters : Americans in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq Chivers, C. J. (Christopher John)
973.933 DERSHOW The case against impeaching Trump Dershowitz, Alan M.
973.933 MANIGAULT NEWMAN Unhinged : an insider's account of the Trump White House. Manigault Newman, Omarosa.
PB 2 EVANOVICH One for the money Evanovich, Janet
REF 738.8 RECKLINGH The official M.I. Hummel price guide : figure & plates Recklinghausen, Heidi Ann von
FIC ADLER OLSEN The Washington decree : a novel Adler-Olsen, Jussi
FIC BROWN Tailspin Brown, Sandra, 1948-
FIC CANDLISH Our house Candlish, Louise
FIC DAVIS The masterpiece : a novel Davis, Fiona, 1966-
FIC GREENWOOD Rust & stardust Greenwood, T. (Tammy)
FIC ROSE Tiffany blues : a novel Rose, M. J., 1953-
FIC WILLETT Summer on the river Willett, Marcia
FIC YOUNGSON Meet me at the museum Youngson, Anne
MYS FIC ANDREWS Toucan keep a secret : a Meg Langslow mystery Andrews, Donna
MYS FIC BOWEN Four funerals and maybe a wedding Bowen, Rhys
MYS FIC LAPENA An unwanted guest Lapena, Shari, 1960-
MYS FIC WOODS The money shot Woods, Stuart

Saturday, August 04, 2018

New Materials 7/29/18 - 8/4/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO ROWBOTTOM ROWBOTTOM Jell-O girls : a family history Rowbottom, Allie
CD FIC DELANEY 8cds 9.5hrs Believe me : a novel Delaney, JP
CD FIC MALLERY 9cds 11.25hrs When we found home Mallery, Susan
FIC KWAN Crazy rich Asians Kwan, Kevin
BB AUSTIN Rescue squad no. 9 Austin, Mike, 1963-
BB SCHERTLE Little Blue Truck Schertle, Alice
BB THOMPSON Little Quack's hide and seek Thompson, Lauren, 1962-
DVD JUV FIC AQUAMAN Aquaman : rage of Atlantis
JUV FIC KROSOCZKA The principal strikes back Krosoczka, Jarrett
177 KAKUTANI The death of truth : notes on falsehood in the age of Trump Kakutani, Michiko
322.4 STALLWORTH Black Klansman : race, hate, and the undercover investigation of a lifetime Stallworth, Ron
582.13 GUNDRY The plant paradox : the hidden dangers in healthy foods that cause disease and weight gain Gundry, Steven R.
641.5 GUNDRY The plant paradox cookbook : 100 delicious recipes to help you lose weight, heal your gut, and live lectin-free Gundry, Steven R.
818 HAMEISTER Okay fine whatever : the year I went from being afraid of everything to only being afraid of most things Hameister, Courtenay
973.933 PIRRO Liars, leakers, and liberals : the case against the anti-Trump conspiracy Pirro, Jeanine
REF 347.748 PA RULES OF COURT Pennsylvania rules of court. State and federal.
FIC BERRY A double life Berry, Flynn, 1986-
FIC COES Bloody Sunday Coes, Ben
FIC COULTER Paradox Coulter, Catherine
FIC FORD Chariot on the mountain : a novel Ford, Jack, 1950-
FIC FOSTER Cooper's charm Foster, Lori, 1958-
FIC GRAHAM Pale as death Graham, Heather
FIC HARDING Her pretty face Harding, Robyn
FIC HEALEY Whistle in the dark : a novel Healey, Emma, 1985-
FIC HOOVER All your perfects : a novel Hoover, Colleen
FIC KEARSLEY Bellewether Kearsley, Susanna, 1966-
FIC KELLERM A measure of darkness : a novel Kellerman, Jonathan
FIC KWON The incendiaries Kwon, R. O.
FIC LOVERING Tell me lies : a novel Lovering, Carola
FIC MOSHFEGH My year of rest and relaxation Moshfegh, Ottessa
FIC PARKER The shortest way home : a novel Parker, Miriam (Miriam Rebecca)
FIC ROBY Better late than never Roby, Kimberla Lawson
FIC SHARRATT Ecstasy : a novel Sharratt, Mary, 1964-
FIC STRAWSER Not that I could tell Strawser, Jessica
FIC TRUHEN The price you pay : a novel Truhen, Aidan
MYS FIC BARCLAY A noise downstairs : a novel Barclay, Linwood
MYS FIC CARBO A sharp solitude : a novel of suspense Carbo, Christine
MYS FIC EASON Called to protect Eason, Lynette
MYS FIC MACNEAL The prisoner in the castle : a Maggie Hope mystery MacNeal, Susan Elia
MYS FIC MCCALL SMITH The quiet side of passion McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
MYS FIC SHAFFER Hope never dies Shaffer, Andrew, 1978-
SF FIC NOVIK Spinning silver Novik, Naomi
SF FIC ZAHN Thrawn : alliances Zahn, Timothy
SF FIC BUTLER Parable of the sower : a novel Butler, Octavia E.