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New Materials 12/1/17 - 12/7/17

Call Number Title Author
BIO BRANSON BRANSON Finding my virginity : the new autobiography Branson, Richard
BIO EHRHART EHRHART Vietnam-Perkasie : a combat marine memoir Ehrhart, W. D. (William Daniel), 1948-
BIO NICKS DAVIS Gold dust woman : the biography of Stevie Nicks Davis, Stephen, 1947-
BIO ZEE ZEE Natural disaster : I cover them, I am one Zee, Ginger
CD FIC ARCHER 5cds 5hrs Tell tale : short stories Archer, Jeffrey, 1940-
CD FIC BRADFORD 11cds 13hrs Secrets of Cavendon : a novel Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 1933-
CD FIC CLARK 6cds 7hrs Every breath you take Clark, Mary Higgins
CD FIC EVANOVICH 6cds 7hrs Hardcore twenty-four Evanovich, Janet
CD FIC EVANS 5cds 6hrs The Noel diary : a novel Evans, Richard Paul
DVD FIC HITMANS BODY GUARD The hitman's bodyguard
DVD 780 MARSALIS ON MUSIC Marsalis on music
DVD 793.32 DISCOVER BELLYDANCE Discover bellydance. Beyond basic dance
E B Stanley's store Bee, William
E C The mitten tree Christiansen, Candace
E D Best boss ever King, Trey
E D Beauty and the Beast Lagonegro, Melissa
E L I'm Batgirl! West, Tracey, 1965-
E M We are family Belle, Magnolia
E M Big Shark, Little Shark Membrino, Anna
E M Ride, otto, ride! Milgrim, David
E M See Otto Milgrim, David
E O ABCs on wheels Olivera, Ramon
E P King for a day! Tillworth, Mary
E T Bug battle! Mangual, C. Ines
FIC DEMILLE The lion's game : a novel DeMille, Nelson
FIC OFARRELL The hand that first held mine O'Farrell, Maggie, 1972-
GRAPHIC NOVEL EXILE The exile : an Outlander graphic novel Gabaldon, Diana
BB FUN WITH FRIENDS Fun with friends
JUV BIO DYLAN O'CONNOR Who is Bob Dylan? O'Connor, Jim
JUV BIO ARMSTRO MCDONO Who was Louis Armstrong? McDonough, Yona Zeldis
JUV BIO BEATLES EDGERS Who were the Beatles? Edgers, Geoff
JUV BIO CARSON FABINY Who was Rachel Carson? Fabiny, Sarah
JUV BIO CLEMENT BUCKLEY Who was Roberto Clemente? Buckley, James, Jr., 1963-
JUV BIO HENSON HOLUB Who was Jim Henson? Holub, Joan
JUV BIO HOUDINI SUTHERL Who was Harry Houdini? Sutherland, Tui, 1978-
JUV BIO KELLER THOMPSO Who was Helen Keller? Thompson, Gare
JUV BIO LEE BADER Who was Robert E. Lee? Bader, Bonnie, 1961-
JUV BIO NEWTON PASCAL Who was Isaac Newton? Pascal, Janet B.
JUV BIO OBAMA EDWARDS Who is Barack Obama? Edwards, Roberta
JUV BIO OBAMA STINE Who is Michelle Obama? Stine, Megan
JUV BIO PICASSO KELLEY Who was Pablo Picasso? Kelley, True
JUV BIO POLO HOLUB Who was Marco Polo? Holub, Joan
JUV BIO REAGAN MILTON Who was Ronald Reagan? Milton, Joyce
JUV BIO REVERE EDWARDS Who was Paul Revere? Edwards, Roberta
JUV BIO SHACKLE BUCKLEY Who was Ernest Shackleton? Buckley, James, Jr., 1963-
JUV BIO SPIELBER SPINNER Who is Steven Spielberg? Spinner, Stephanie.
JUV BIO TUBMAN MCDONO Who was Harriet Tubman? McDonough, Yona Zeldis
JUV BIO WASHING EDWARDS Who was George Washington? Edwards, Roberta
CD JUV FIC DAHL 3cds 3.5hrs James and the giant peach Dahl, Roald
CD JUV FIC DICAMILLO 3cds 3.5hrs The tale of Despereaux [sound recording] DiCamillo, Kate
CD JUV FIC GUTMAN 5cds 6hrs Mission unstoppable Gutman, Dan
CD JUV FIC KINNEY 2cds 1.75hrs Double down [sound recording] Kinney, Jeff
CD JUV FIC KINNEY 2cds 1.75hrs The getaway [sound recording] Kinney, Jeff
CD JUV FIC KINNEY 2cds 1.75hrs The long haul [sound recording] Kinney, Jeff
CD JUV FIC KINNEY 2cds 1.75hrs Old school [sound recording] Kinney, Jeff
CD JUV FIC KINNEY 2cds 2.25hrs The last straw [sound recording] Kinney, Jeff
CD JUV FIC KINNEY 2cds 2.25hrs Rodrick rules [sound recording] Kinney, Jeff
CD JUV FIC KINNEY 2cds 2hrs Greg Heffley's journal [sound recording (CD)] Kinney, Jeff
CD JUV FIC KINNEY 2cds 2hrs Ugly truth [sound recording] Kinney, Jeff
CD JUV FIC OSBORNE 5cds 5.5hrs Magic tree house collection. Books 1-8 [sound recording] Osborne, Mary Pope
CD JUV FIC PARK 5cds 5.75hrs Junie B. Jones. Books 1-8 [sound recording] Park, Barbara.
CD JUV FIC RUSSELL 3cds 3hrs Tales from a not-so-fabulous life [sound recording] Russell, Rachel Renee
CD JUV FIC RUSSELL 3cds 3hrs Tales from a not-so-popular party girl [sound recording] Russell, Rachel Renee
CD JUV FIC SEUSS 2cds 2hrs The cat in the hat and other Dr. Seuss favorites [sound recording]. Seuss, Dr.
JUV 609 NATIONAL GEOGRAPH 125 cool inventions Boyer, Crispin
JUV 688.7 KEMMETER Build it! : make supercool models with your LEGO classic set. Things that float Kemmeter, Jennifer
JUV 688.7 KEMMETER Build it! : make supercool models with your LEGO classic set. Things that fly Kemmeter, Jennifer
JUV 688.7 KEMMETER Build it! : make supercool models with your LEGO classic set. Things that go Kemmeter, Jennifer
LP FIC BALDACCI End game Baldacci, David
LP FIC EVERSON The one true love of Alice-Ann Everson, Eva Marie
LP FIC PATTERS The people vs. Alex Cross Patterson, James, 1947-
004.092 LANIER Dawn of the new everything : encounters with reality and virtual reality Lanier, Jaron
158.1 BYRNE The Secret Byrne, Rhonda
230 SAVAGE God, faith, and reason Savage, Michael, 1942-
248.4 FRANCIS Happiness in this life : a passionate meditation on earthly existence Francis, Pope, 1936-
248.4 LENTZ Own the moment Lentz, Carl
305.2308 LUISELLI Tell me how it ends : an essay in forty questions Luiselli, Valeria, 1983-
320.520 SYKES How the right lost its mind Sykes, Charles J., 1954-
330 YUNUS A world of three zeros : the new economics of zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero carbon emissions Yunus, Muhammad, 1940-
332.024 HUME Get the most out of retirement : checklist for happiness, health, purpose, and financial security Hurme, Sally Balch
346.730 KASKY The ABA consumer guide to adopting a child : everything you need to know for a successful adoption Kasky, Robert A.
362.709 LYNN Start your own child-care service Lynn, Jacquelyn
362.734 ROORDA In their voices : Black Americans on transracial adoption Roorda, Rhonda M., 1969-
363.325 NEUMANN Blood profits : how American consumers unwittingly fund terrorists Neumann, Vanessa
364.15 SLATER The 57 bus Slater, Dashka
599.885 CROCKER Following Fifi : my adventures among wild chimpanzees : lessons from our closest relatives Crocker, John
612.3 ANDERSON The psychobiotic revolution : mood, food, and the new science of the gut-brain connection Anderson, Scott C.
613.2 CARROLL The bad food bible : how and why to eat sinfully Carroll, Aaron E.
613.7 EIKO Even the stiffest people can do the splits : a 4-week stretching plan to achieve amazing health Otake, Eiko
621.319 LITCHFIELD Wiring complete : includes the latest in Wi-Fi, smart-house tech Litchfield, Michael W.
636.009 EHRINGER Leaving the wild : the unnatural history of dogs, cats, cows, and horses Ehringer, Gavin
640.73 CONSUMER REPORTS 2018 Consumer reports. Buying guide issue.
641.5 FLAY Bobby Flay fit : 200 recipes for a healthy lifestyle Flay, Bobby
641.5 GREGER The how not to die cookbook : 100+ recipes to help prevent and reverse disease Greger, Michael
650.1 FERRISS Tribe of mentors : short life advice from the best in the world Ferriss, Timothy
658.2 SANDER Free stuff guide for everyone : free and good deals that save you lots of money Sander, Peter J.
796.5 HEAVEY Should the tent be burning like that? : a professional amateur's guide to the outdoors Heavey, Bill
920.009 WAYNE Anyone who's anyone : the astonishing celebrity interviews, 1987-2017 Wayne, George
940.3 HERMAN 1917 : Lenin, Wilson, and the birth of the new world disorder Herman, Arthur, 1956-
940.53 KIX The saboteur : the aristocrat who became France's most daring anti-Nazi commando Kix, Paul
973.3 SHORTO Revolution song : a story of American freedom Shorto, Russell
975.2 GIORGIONE Inside Camp David : the private world of the presidential retreat Giorgione, Michael
REF 640.73 CONSUMER REPORTS 2018 Consumer reports. Buying guide issue.
FIC ARDEN The girl in the tower : a novel Arden, Katherine
FIC CHAKRAB The city of brass Chakraborty, S. A.
FIC CHIAVERINI Enchantress of numbers : a novel of Ada Lovelace Chiaverini, Jennifer
FIC CHILD The midnight line : a Jack Reacher novel Child, Lee
FIC FITCH The revolution of Marina M. Fitch, Janet, 1955-
FIC GAINES The tragedy of Brady Sims Gaines, Ernest J., 1933-
FIC HAYES MCCOY The library at the edge of the world : a novel Hayes-McCoy, Felicity
FIC JAMES Wilde in love James, Eloisa
FIC JOHNSON Loving day : a novel Johnson, Mat
FIC MARSALIS As lie is to grin Marsalis, Simeon
FIC MCCRUMB The unquiet grave : a novel McCrumb, Sharyn, 1948-
FIC MCFADDEN The book of Harlan McFadden, Bernice L.
FIC ROBERTS Year one Roberts, Nora
FIC ROLLINS The demon crown Rollins, James, 1961-
FIC SALA Life of lies Sala, Sharon
FIC SCOTT Unforgivable love Scott, Sophfronia
FIC SHEPARD Spy of the first person Shepard, Sam, 1943-2017
FIC SILBER Improvement Silber, Joan
FIC SMITH The ice house : a novel Smith, Laura Lee, 1968-
MYS FIC DOLAN The man in the crooked hat Dolan, Harry
MYS FIC MACNEAL The queen's accomplice : a Maggie Hope mystery MacNeal, Susan Elia
MYS FIC MCDERMID Insidious intent McDermid, Val
MYS FIC WHITE The secrets you keep : a novel White, Kate, 1950-
SF MARTIN Mississippi roll
YA FIC CAMERON The Knowing Cameron, Sharon, 1970-
YA FIC CHEE The reader : book one of sea of ink and gold Chee, Traci
YA FIC CHEE The speaker Chee, Traci
YA FIC GILES Now is everything Giles, Amy
YA FIC MOON Sparrow Moon, Sarah, 1982-


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