Saturday, October 14, 2017

New Materials 10/6/17 - 10/12/17

Call Number Title Author
BIO ALI EIG Ali : a life Eig, Jonathan
BIO GRANT CHERNOW Grant Chernow, Ron
BIO MAUPIN MAUPIN Logical family : a memoir Maupin, Armistead
BIO SCALIA SCALIA Scalia speaks : reflections on law, faith, and life well lived Scalia, Antonin
CD FIC COULTER 9cds 11hrs Enigma Coulter, Catherine
CD FIC GRAFTON 17hrs 14cds Y is for yesterday Grafton, Sue
CD FIC ROBB 11cds 13hrs Secrets in death Robb, J. D., 1950-
CD FIC SCOTTOLINE 8cds 9hrs Exposed Scottoline, Lisa
CD FIC CLARK 6cds 7hrs All dressed in white Clark, Mary Higgins
E D 5 minute Christmas stories.
E E Baabwaa & Wooliam Elliott, David, 1947-
E E Flashlight night Ensenwine, Matt Forrest
E F There's a monster in your book Fletcher, Tom, 1985-
E H My adopted family Harrington, Claudia, 1957-
E H My blended family Harrington, Claudia, 1957-
E H My first-generation family Harrington, Claudia, 1957-
E H My grandparents Harrington, Claudia, 1957-
E H My military mom Harrington, Claudia, 1957-
E H My mom and dad Harrington, Claudia, 1957-
E H My single dad Harrington, Claudia, 1957-
E H My single mom Harrington, Claudia, 1957-
E H My special needs family Harrington, Claudia, 1957-
E H My two dads Harrington, Claudia, 1957-
E H My two homes Harrington, Claudia, 1957-
E H My two moms Harrington, Claudia, 1957-
E H On the night of the shooting star Hest, Amy.
E J The bad seed John, Jory
E K Emeraldalicious Kann, Victoria
E K On the farm & at the market Karas, G. Brian
E K Monster trucks Keller, Joy
E M Chicka chicka boom boom Martin, Bill, 1916-
E M The little red cat : (who ran away from home and learned his ABC's the hard way) McDonnell, Patrick, 1956-
E M Come with me McGhee, Holly M.
E P It's okay to make mistakes Parr, Todd
E S Just one of the princes Baer, Jill.
E S Sarah Bella's thinking cap Schachner, Judith Byron
E S The antlered ship Slater, Dashka
E W Sam, the most scaredy-cat kid in the whole world Willems, Mo
BB COTTER Little face, big face Cotter, Bill
BB RYAN Animal opposites Ryan, Jo
BB RYAN Dinoshapes Ryan, Jo
JUV 510.92 SHETTER Hidden figures : the untold true story of four African-American women who helped launch our nation into space Lee Shetterly, Margot
JUV 621.381 BODDEN Virtual-reality headsets Bodden, Valerie
JUV 621.381 BODDEN Wearable technology Bodden, Valerie
JUV 629.222 ZUCHORA Self-driving cars Zuchora-Walske, Christine
JUV 660.6 ZUCHORA Bionic eyes Zuchora-Walske, Christine
LP FIC CARR The summer that made us Carr, Robyn
LP FIC COULTER Enigma Coulter, Catherine
LP FIC DEMILLE The Cuban affair DeMille, Nelson
LP FIC DUENAS The vineyard Duenas, Maria, 1964-
LP FIC EGAN Manhattan Beach Egan, Jennifer
LP FIC HENRY The bookshop at water's end Henry, Patti Callahan
LP FIC KARON To be where you are Karon, Jan, 1937-
LP FIC MALLERY Second chance girl Mallery, Susan
LP FIC MICHAELS Holly and Ivy Michaels, Fern.
LP FIC MILLER A snow country Christmas Miller, Linda Lael
LP FIC MULLEN Lightning men Mullen, Thomas
LP FIC PERRY An echo of murder : a William Monk novel Perry, Anne
LP FIC SLOAN Sourdough Sloan, Robin, 1979-
LP 973.3 OREILLY Killing England : the brutal struggle for American independence O'Reilly, Bill
CHINESE OLDER CHEN Chuang yi shu guo qie diao pan shi Chen, Zhaofeng
MYS FIC PENNY Still life Penny, Louise
220.1 CAHN The paradigm : the ancient blueprint that holds the mystery of our times Cahn, Jonathan
248.843 SHANKLE Church of the small things : the million little pieces that make up a life Shankle, Melanie
328.73 SCHMEDLEN Wisdom, vision and diplomacy : speakers of the Pennsylvania House : a biographical history of the speakers of the Provincial Assembly and the House of Representatives, 1682-1998 Schmedlen, Jeanne Hearn
328.9 SCHMEDLEN History of women in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives 1923-2001 : the suffrage movement, biographies, history of statewide women's organizations and the demographics of the 105 women who have been elected to serve in the state House of Repres Schmedlen, Jeanne Hearn
808.1 MAYES The discovery of poetry : a field guide to reading and writing poems Mayes, Frances
FIC GINGRICH Vengeance : a novel Gingrich, Newt
FIC HILDERB Winter solstice Hilderbrand, Elin
FIC HOOPER The other Alcott Hooper, Elise
FIC STEEL Fairytale : a novel Steel, Danielle
FIC TAYLOR An Irish country practice Taylor, Patrick, 1941-
FIC WITEMEYER With this ring? : a novella collection of proposals gone awry
MYS FIC BERENSON Wagging through the snow Berenson, Laurien
SF FIC CARD Children of the fleet Card, Orson Scott
SF FIC BURROUGHS Mars trilogy : A princess of Mars, The gods of Mars, The warlord of Mars Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 1875-1950
YA FIC GREEN Turtles all the way down Green, John, 1977-


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