Friday, September 15, 2017

New Materials 9/8/17 - 9/14/17

Call Number Title Author
BIO MAYNARD MAYNARD The best of us : a memoir Maynard, Joyce, 1953-
BIO OSBOURNE OSBOURNE There is no f*cking secret : letters from a badass bitch Osbourne, Kelly, 1984-
BIO YAMASHI YAMASHI Scintillations : letters to memory Yamashita, Karen Tei, 1951-
CD FIC BOX 8cds 10hrs Paradise valley : a novel Box, C. J.
CD 943.08 CHILDERS 6cds A history of Hitler's empire Childers, Thomas, 1946-
E B See Fred run Bolger, Kevin
E D Daniel Tiger's 5-minute stories.
E D The pomegranate witch Doyen, Denise
E D Daniel's new friend Friedman, Becky
E P Big words for little geniuses Patterson, James, 1947-
E R Nothing rhymes with orange Rex, Adam
E R A creepy pair of underwear Reynolds, Aaron, 1970-
E set contains 12 books My first Bob books. Pre-reading skills Kertell, Lynn Maslen
E S Toad on the road Shaskan, Stephen
E S Tea with Oliver Song, Mika
E S The only fish in the sea Stead, Philip Christian
BB DANIEL TIGER Daniel loves fall Shaw, Natalie
BB DANIEL TIGER I'm feeling thankful Shaw, Natalie
BB FIRST First 100 words.
BB LOW Trucks to the rescue! Low, William
JUV BIO HAMILTON POLLACK Who was Alexander Hamilton? Pollack, Pam.
JUV FIC BIRNEY Friendship according to Humphrey Birney, Betty G.
JUV FIC BIRNEY Surprises according to Humphrey Birney, Betty G.
JUV FIC BIRNEY Trouble according to Humphrey Birney, Betty G.
JUV FIC BIRNEY The world according to Humphrey Birney, Betty G.
JUV FIC COLFER The Land of Stories : Queen Red Riding Hood's guide to royalty Colfer, Chris, 1990-
JUV FIC CROWLEY Monsterland Crowley, James, 1969 July 15-
JUV FIC MELLOM Confessions from the principal's kid Mellom, Robin
JUV FIC PEREZ The first rule of punk Perez, Celia C., 1972-
JUV 005.1023 SAUJANI Girls who code Saujani, Reshma
JUV 781.66 O'CONNOR What is rock and roll? O'Connor, Jim
JUV 974.8 JEROME Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania : cool stuff every kid should know Jerome, Kate Boehm
LP FIC CALETTI What's become of her Caletti, Deb
LP FIC CUSSLER The Romanov ransom : a Sam and Remi Fargo adventure Cussler, Clive
LP FIC DAILEY Texas fierce Dailey, Janet
LP FIC ELLISON Lie to me Ellison, J. T.
LP FIC GORDON There your heart lies Gordon, Mary, 1949-
LP FIC GRAFTON Y is for yesterday Grafton, Sue
LP FIC HENRY How to find love in a bookshop Henry, Veronica
LP FIC NEGGERS Thief's Mark Neggers, Carla
LP FIC PEARL George and lizzie Pearl, Nancy
LP FIC ROBB Secrets in death Robb, J. D., 1950-
LP FIC SCOTTOL Exposed Scottoline, Lisa
KOREAN OLDER SALINGER Homilbat ui p'asukkun = Catcher in the rye Salinger, J. D. (Jerome David), 1919-2010
KOREAN OLDER SALINGER Homilbat ui p'asukkun = Catcher in the rye Salinger, J. D. (Jerome David), 1919-2010
006.301 TEGMARK Life 3.0 : being human in the age of artificial intelligence Tegmark, Max
152.4 MANN Yawn : adventures in boredom Mann, Mary
155.2 RUBIN The four tendencies : the indispensable personality profiles that reveal how to make your life better (and other people's lives better, too) Rubin, Gretchen.
233 GREENBLAT The rise and fall of Adam and Eve Greenblatt, Stephen, 1943-
236.24 JEFFRESS A place called heaven : 10 surprising truths about your eternal home Jeffress, Robert, 1955-
248.86 LUCADO Anxious for nothing : finding calm in a chaotic world Lucado, Max
302.2309 BERNSTEIN Masters of the word : how media shaped history, from the alphabet to the Internet Bernstein, William J.
324.973 TUR Unbelievable : my front-row seat to the craziest campaign in American history Tur, Katy
328.73 CLINTON Untitled Clinton, Hillary Rodham
613.6 LARKIN When violence is the answer : learning how to do what it takes when your life is at stake Larkin, Tim (Self-defense instructor)
616.8 SHERZAI The Alzheimer's solution : a breakthrough program to prevent and reverse the symptoms of cognitive decline at every age Sherzai, Dean
909 HARARI Sapiens : a brief history of humankind Harari, Yuval N.
910.9164 DEAN The taking of K-129 : how the CIA used Howard Hughes to steal a Russian sub in the most daring covert operation in history Dean, Josh
959.704 WARD The Vietnam War : an intimate history Ward, Geoffrey C.
FIC CARR The summer that made us Carr, Robyn
FIC COULTER Enigma Coulter, Catherine
FIC CUSSLER The Romanov ransom : a Sam and Remi Fargo adventure Cussler, Clive
FIC FEEHAN Dark legacy : a Carpathian novel Feehan, Christine
FIC FOLLETT A column of fire Follett, Ken
FIC FORD Love and other consolation prizes : a novel Ford, Jamie
FIC HENDERSON The twelve-mile straight : a novel Henderson, Eleanor
FIC LAGERCR The girl who takes an eye for an eye Lagercrantz, David
FIC LEWIS The proving Lewis, Beverly, 1949-
FIC NG Little fires everywhere : a novel Ng, Celeste
FIC RUSHDIE The golden house : a novel Rushdie, Salman
FIC SLOAN Sourdough Sloan, Robin, 1979-
FIC WARD Sing, unburied, sing : a novel Ward, Jesmyn
MYS FIC BOLTON Dead woman walking Bolton, S. J.
MYS FIC CLEEVES The seagull : a Vera Stanhope mystery Cleeves, Ann
MYS FIC COLEMAN Robert B. Parker's the Hangman's sonnet Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956-
MYS FIC DELANY Body on Baker Street Delany, Vicki, 1951-
MYS FIC DENFELD The child finder Denfeld, Rene
MYS FIC DODD The woman who couldn't scream Dodd, Christina
MYS FIC JOHNSON The western star Johnson, Craig, 1961-
MYS FIC SCHMIDT See what I have done Schmidt, Sarah, 1979 Sept. 10-
YA FIC EVANS The final spark Evans, Richard Paul
YA FIC MAAS Tower of dawn Maas, Sarah J.


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