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New Materials 11/14/14 - 11/20/14

Call Number Title Author
BIO CHRUCHILL JOHNSON The Churchill factor : how one man made history Johnson, Boris
BIO HUSTON HUSTON Watch me : a memoir Huston, Anjelica
BIO LOREN LOREN Yesterday, today, tomorrow : my life Loren, Sophia, 1934-
BIO MICHAELS MICHAELS You can't make this up : miracles, memories, and the perfect marriage of sports and television Michaels, Al
CD FIC CUSSLER 11hrs 9cds Havana storm [sound recording] Cussler, Clive
CD FIC GRISHAM 15hrs 12cds Gray Mountain [sound recording] : a novel Grisham, John
CD FIC KING 13hrs 11cds Revival [sound recording] King, Stephen, 1947-
CD FIC KINSELLA 10cds 12.5hrs Shopaholic to the stars [sound recording] : a novel Kinsella, Sophie
DVD FIC THE CHRISTMAS CANDLE The Christmas candle Christmas candle (Motion picture)
DVD 320.973 AMERICA America : imagine the world without her
E A There was an old lady who swallowed Fly Guy Arnold, Tedd
E B Animalia Base, Graeme
E H Disney's animal stories Heller, Sarah E.
E M Pooh's fun with one :
FIC GRAY Autumn's promise Gray, Shelley Shepard
FIC GRAY Christmas in Sugarcreek : a Christmas seasons in Sugarcreek novel Gray, Shelley Shepard
FIC GRAY Spring's renewal Gray, Shelley Shepard
GRAPHIC NOVEL WALKING DEAD VOL. 22 The walking dead. Volume 22, a new beginning [text (graphic art format)] Kirkman, Robert
BB CROSBIE Architecture animals Crosbie, Michael J.
BB CROSBIE Architecture colors Crosbie, Michael J.
BB CROSBIE Architecture counts Crosbie, Michael J.
BB CROSBIE Architecture shapes Crosbie, Michael J.
BB RICCI Dora's valentine adventure : with foil and 18 flaps! Ricci, Christine
JUV BIO JOHN PAUL II STANLEY Pope John Paul II : young man of the Church Stanley, George Edward
JUV BIO WOODSON WOODSON Brown girl dreaming Woodson, Jacqueline
JUV FIC BELL The time pirate : a Nick McIver time adventure Bell, Ted
JUV FIC BERLIN The puzzling world of Winston Breen Berlin, Eric
JUV FIC BROWN Framed in France Greenhut, Josh
JUV FIC BROWN Showdown at the Alamo Greenhut, Josh
JUV FIC DAHL Charlie and the chocolate factory Dahl, Roald
JUV FIC DIXON The mystery of Cabin Island Dixon, Franklin W.
JUV FIC FLEISHM The whipping boy Fleischman, Sid, 1920-2010
JUV FIC GEORGE Thursdays with the crown George, Jessica Day, 1976-
JUV FIC HALE Ever After High : once upon a time : a story collection Hale, Shannon
JUV FIC HALE The princess in black Hale, Shannon
JUV FIC HOLUB Hyperion and the great balls of fire Holub, Joan
JUV FIC HOLUB Rapunzel cuts loose Holub, Joan
JUV FIC HOLUB Typhon and the winds of destruction Holub, Joan
JUV FIC HUNTER The Blazing Star Hunter, Erin
JUV FIC HUNTER Tales from the Clans Hunter, Erin
JUV FIC KINNEY Diary of a wimpy kid : the long haul Kinney, Jeff
JUV FIC KINNEY Diary of a wimpy kid : the long haul Kinney, Jeff
JUV FIC LEVITHAN In the eye of the tornado Levithan, David
JUV FIC LIMBAUGH Rush Revere and the American Revolution : time-travel adventures with exceptional Americans Limbaugh, Rush H.
JUV FIC MEADOWS Miley the stylist fairy Meadows, Daisy
JUV FIC MERCADO Tripping over the lunch lady : and other school stories. Mercado, Nancy E., 1975-
JUV FIC MULL Tales of the great beasts
JUV FIC PEIRCE Big Nate : the crowd goes wild! Peirce, Lincoln
JUV FIC PFLUGFE Nick and Tesla's super-cyborg gadget glove : a mystery with a blinking, beeping, voice-recording gadget glove you can build yourself Pflugfelder, Bob.
JUV FIC SAGE Pathfinder Sage, Angie
JUV FIC SPINELLI Third grade angels Spinelli, Jerry
JUV FIC STILTON Geronimo and the gold medal mystery Stilton, Geronimo. Strano caso dei Giochi Olimpici. English
JUV FIC STINE Heads, you lose! Stine, R. L.
JUV FIC STINE The horror at Chiller house Stine, R. L.
JUV 363.25 RAINIS Crime-solving science projects : forensic science experiments Rainis, Kenneth G.
JUV 507.8 MARGLES Star Wars science fair book Margles, Samantha
JUV 567.9 CLARK 1,001 facts about dinosaurs Clark, Neil
JUV 595.7 MARTIN Insects : a question and answer book Martin, Isabel
JUV 597.02 MARTIN Fish : a question and answer book Martin, Isabel
JUV 597.3 POPE 1,001 facts about sharks Pope, Joyce
JUV 597.8 MARTIN Amphibians : a question and answer book Martin, Isabel
JUV 597.9 MARTIN Reptiles : a question and answer book Martin, Isabel
JUV 598.02 MARTIN Birds : a question and answer book Martin, Isabel
JUV 599.02 MARTIN Mammals : a question and answer book Martin, Isabel
JUV 623.82 VEITCH Big machines float! Veitch, Catherine
JUV 625.2 VEITCH Big machines ride rails! Veitch, Catherine
JUV 629.13 VEITCH Big machines fly! Veitch, Catherine
JUV 629.225 VEITCH Big machines rescue! Veitch, Catherine
JUV 629.43 CLAY Robots in space Clay, Kathryn
JUV 629.892 CLAY Robots on the job Clay, Kathryn
JUV 629.892 CLAY Tiny robots Clay, Kathryn
JUV 629.892 SHORES Animal robots Shores, Erika L.
JUV 636.73 BLAKE Balto's story Blake, Kevin.
JUV 793.7 MARZOLLO I spy : a book of picture riddles Wick, Walter
JUV 811.008 EVANS Fairies, trolls & goblins galore : poems about fantastic creatures
JUV 811.54 SILVERS Falling up : poems and drawings Silverstein, Shel
JUV 811.54 SILVERS The missing piece Silverstein, Shel
JUV 811.54 SILVERS The missing piece meets the Big O Silverstein, Shel
JUV 811.54 SILVERS Where the sidewalk ends : the poems & drawings of Shel Silverstein. Silverstein, Shel
JUV 910.9 DOUGHERTY The search for the Titanic : finding the ship's watery grave Dougherty, Terri
JUV 910.91 MCCOLLUM Building the Titanic : the making of a doomed ship McCollum, Sean
JUV 910.9163 DOUGHER The Titanic's crew : working aboard the great ship Dougherty, Terri
JUV 910.9163 PRICE Passengers of the Titanic : traveling on an ill-fated ship Price, Sean
JUV 973.3 MOORE --if you lived at the time of the American Revolution Moore, Kay, 1950-
KOREA OLDER LUO Three kingdoms cartoon : Luo Guanzhong
KOREAN OLDER AESOP Aesop's fables Aesop
KOREAN OLDER GANGCHAN Wood, 2 : Gangchangmo, et. al.
KOREAN OLDER IN- HWAN Space science classroom (classroom genius hongsin 10) In-hwan Yi
KOREAN OLDER PANG- BU Long sapsida Pang-bu Yun
KOREAN OLDER RINTA Learns directly to Confucius and Mencius : Rinta Kangoe
KOREAN OLDER TURN ON THE Turn on the lights, fill dreams : message of hope to the young people.
KOREAN YOUNGER CHU Three most scenic spots Chu Yung-kwang
KOREAN YOUNGER GUSANG Three most scenic spots Gusangryeol
KOREAN YOUNGER HEOSUNB Three most scenic spots Heosunbong
KOREAN YOUNGER JINWOO Interesting stories you do not know : Jinwoo Kim
LP 359.009 OWEN No hero : the evolution of a Navy SEAL Owen, Mark, 1976?-
LP FIC BINCHY Maeve's times : in her own words Binchy, Maeve
LP FIC BUTCHER Skin game : a novel of the Dresden files Butcher, Jim, 1971-
LP FIC CORNWELL Flesh and blood : a Scarpetta novel Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
LP FIC CUSSLER Havana Storm : a Dirk Pitt novel Cussler, Clive
LP FIC GRAY Winter's awakening Gray, Shelley Shepard
LP FIC KING Revival King, Stephen, 1947-
LP FIC MCCALL SMITH The Handsome Man's De Luxe Cafe McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-
LP FIC PERRY A New York Christmas Perry, Anne
LP FIC PICOULT Leaving time Picoult, Jodi, 1966-
LP FIC ROBARDS Her last whisper Robards, Karen
LP FIC ROBINSON Lila Robinson, Marilynne.
LP FIC TADEMY Citizens creek Tademy, Lalita
LP 636.800 BOWEN The world according to Bob : the further adventures of one man and his streetwise cat Bowen, James, 1979-
HEBREW YOUNGER MILNE Now we are six Milne, A.A.
SPANISH OLDER PEREZ YUBRAN Frrago boreal Prez Yubrn, Alfredo, 1965-
SPANISH YOUNGER DE ANDREA Alipio y el mar De Andrea, Ingrid.
153.8 OETTING Rethinking positive thinking : inside the new science of motivation Oettingen, Gabriele
201.72 ARMSTRONG Fields of blood : religion and the history of violence Armstrong, Karen, 1944-
231.7 METAXAS Miracles : what they are, why they happen, and how they can change your life Metaxas, Eric
232.9 WILSON The lost Gospel : decoding the ancient text that reveals Jesus' marriage to Mary the Magdalene Wilson, Barrie A.
306.84 SOLOMON Winning Marriage : The Inside Story Of How Same-Sex Couples Took On The Politicians And Pundits -- And Won Solomon, Marc, 1966-
332.024 ROBBINS Money, master the game : 7 simple steps to financial freedom Robbins, Anthony
613.25 CASTLE The meaty truth : why our food Is destroying our health and environment-- and who is responsible Castle, Shushana
746.43 HEDENGR Yarn, yarn, yarn : 50 fun crochet and knitting projects to color your world Hedengren, Sania
791.450 COHEN The Andy Cohen diaries : a deep look at a shallow year Cohen, Andy, 1968-
929 HENDRIC Unofficial guide to : how to find your family history on the #1 genealogy website Hendrickson, Nancy, 1947-
940.54 ZAMPERI Don't give up, don't give in : lessons from an extraordinary life Zamperini, Louis, 1917-2014.
958.104 FAIRWEAT The good war : why we couldn't win the war or the peace in Afghanistan Fairweather, Jack
FIC BALDACCI The escape Baldacci, David
FIC CARLSON The Christmas cat Carlson, Melody
FIC DAY Captivated by you Day, Sylvia
FIC EVANS The mistletoe promise Evans, Richard Paul
FIC HUBBARD An Amish Christmas quilt
FIC MICHAELS When the snow falls
FIC MILLER Forever Christmas Miller, Robert Tate
MYS FIC BARRON Jane and the twelve days of Christmas : being a Jane Austen mystery Barron, Stephanie
MYS FIC CLARK The Cinderella murder : an under suspicion novel Clark, Mary Higgins
MYS FIC EVANOVIC The job : a Fox and O'hare novel Evanovich, Janet
MYS FIC HOLLIS Death of a Christmas caterer Hollis, Lee
MYS FIC PATTERS Hope to die : the return of Alex Cross Patterson, James, 1947-
MYS FIC SCOTTOLI Betrayed : a Rosato & Associates novel Scottoline, Lisa
YA FIC BARRON The fires of Merlin Barron, T. A.
YA FIC CLARE The Bane chronicles Clare, Cassandra
YA FIC DUPRAU The city of Ember DuPrau, Jeanne
YA FIC FLANAGAN The battle for Skandia Flanagan, John (John Anthony)
YA FIC FLANAGAN The sorcerer of the North Flanagan, John (John Anthony)
YA FIC HOROWITZ Crocodile tears Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-


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