Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Materials 10/10/14 - 10/16/14

Call Number Title Author
BIO MCCLOE MCCLOE Rude awakening McCloe, Toni
BIO ROOSEV WARD The Roosevelts : an intimate history Ward, Geoffrey C.
CD FIC MURAKAMI 10hrs 8cds Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage [sound recording] : a novel Murakami, Haruki, 1949-
DVD FIC LULLABY Lullaby [videorecording]
FIC LEWIS The Englisher Lewis, Beverly, 1949-
GRAPHIC NOVEL DUFFY Above the dreamless dead : World War I in poetry and comics
GRAPHIC NOVEL FAR SIDE WIENER DOG ART Wiener dog art : a Far side collection Larson, Gary
GRAPHIC NOVEL GIRARD Petty theft Girard, Pascal
GRAPHIC NOVEL NARUTO 5 Naruto Kishimoto, Masashi
GRAPHIC NOVEL NEIGHBO HIGH STEPPING THROUGH High stepping through The neighborhood Van Amerongen, Jerry
GRAPHIC NOVEL NEIGHBO INTRODU THE The neighborhood Van Amerongen, Jerry
GRAPHIC NOVEL NEIGHBO SOUND SLEEPING IN Sound sleeping in The neighborhood Van Amerongen, Jerry
GRAPHIC NOVEL REVOLUTI IN THE BLEACHER Revolution in the bleachers : more sports cartoons Moore, Steve
GRAPHIC NOVEL WRENCHIES The Wrenchies Dalrymple, Farel
BB SOMAN Ladybug Girl and her mama Soman, David
BB SOMAN Ladybug Girl dresses up! Soman, David
BB SOMAN Ladybug Girl feels happy Soman, David
BB SOMAN Ladybug Girl loves-- Soman, David
BB SOMAN Ladybug Girl makes friends Soman, David
BB SOMAN Ladybug Girl plays Soman, David
BB SOMAN Ladybug Girl says good night Soman, David
JUV FIC ROWLING Harry Potter and the goblet of fire Rowling, J. K.
JUV FIC STILTON The volcano of fire : the fifth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy
JUV FIC STILTON The quest for Paradise : the return to the Kingdom of Fantasy Secondo viaggio nel della Regno Fantasia: alla ricerca della felicita. English
JUV FIC STILTON The dragon prophecy : the fourth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy Stilton, Geronimo. Quarto viaggio nel Regno della fantasia. English
JUV FIC STILTON The amazing voyage : the third adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy Stilton, Geronimo
JUV FIC STILTON The hunt for the golden book : plus a bonus mini mystery and cheesy jokes! Stilton, Geronimo
JUV FIC STILTON The journey through time Stilton, Geronimo
JUV FIC STILTON The Kingdom of Fantasy Stilton, Geronimo
LP FIC BARCLAY No safe house Barclay, Linwood
LP FIC COULTER The Lost Key Coulter, Catherine
LP FIC GRIMES Vertigo 42 : a Richard Jury mystery Grimes, Martha
LP FIC HENRY The stories we tell Henry, Patti Callahan
LP FIC JOHANSE The perfect witness Johansen, Iris
LP FIC KELLERM The Golem of Hollywood Kellerman, Jonathan
LP FIC MICHAELS When the Snow Falls
LP FIC MOTT The wonder of all things Mott, Jason
LP FIC WOODS Paris Match Woods, Stuart
LP 355.009 OREILLY Killing Patton : the strange death of World War II's most audacious general / by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard. O'Reilly, Bill
FRENCH OLDER TOLSTOI Les Cosaques Tolstoy, Leo
SPANISH OLDER CALDWELL El enigma del cuatro Caldwell, Ian, 1976-
355.009 O'REILLY Killing Patton : the strange death of World War II's most audacious general O'Reilly, Bill
005.4 WINDOWS 8 Windows 8 for seniors : for senior citizens who want to start using computers
158.1 PAPE The power of the heart : finding your true purpose in life Pape, Baptist de
202.3 ALEXAND The map of heaven : how science, religion, and ordinary people are proving the afterlife Alexander, Eben
303.48 TAYLOR Speed limits : where time went and why we have so little left Taylor, Mark C.
306.76 DECKER The invisible orientation : an introduction to asexuality Decker, Julie Sondra.
320.52 SAVAGE Stop the coming civil war : my savage truth Savage, Michael, 1942-
328.73 BAI All the truth is out : the week politics went tabloid Bai, Matt
338.7 GENOWAYS The chain : farm factory Genoways, Ted
338.7 MAGEE So you want to start a brewery? : the Lagunitas story Magee, Tony
352.23 MORRIS Power grab : Obama's dangerous plan for a one party nation Morris, Dick
551.55 SOBEL Storm surge : Hurricane Sandy, our changing climate, and extreme weather of the past and future Sobel, Adam H., 1967-
613.2 ALBERS Eat Q : unlock the weight loss power of emotional intelligence Albers, Susan, 1974-
613.2 ELKAIM The all-day energy diet : double your energy in 7 days Elkaim, Yuri, 1980-
613.25 STORK The Doctor's Diet Cookbook. Stork, Travis
613.6 GREEN Last-minute survival secrets : 128 ingenious tips to endure the coming apocalypse and other minor inconveniences Green, Joey
616.85 KLUGER The narcissist next door : understanding the monster in your family, in your office, in your bed-in your world Kluger, Jeffrey
641.6 PILLSBURY The big book of easy baking with refrigerated dough.
745.594 WASINGER Artful Christmas Wasinger, Susan
790.1 GLENN Unbored games : serious fun for everyone Glenn, Joshua, 1967-
796.357 BECKETT Beckett almanac of baseball cards & collectibles. Number 18
824.914 PRATCHE A slip of the keyboard : collected nonfiction Pratchett, Terry
932.014 COONEY The woman who would be king Cooney, Kara
973.7 GWYNNE Rebel yell : the violence, passion, and redemption of Stonewall Jackson Gwynne, S. C. (Samuel C.), 1953-
973.7 HOLZER Lincoln and the power of the press : the war for public opinion Holzer, Harold
973.713 MCPHERS Embattled rebel : Jefferson Davis as commander in chief McPherson, James M.
974.7 CUOMO All things possible : setbacks and success in politics and life Cuomo, Andrew Mark, 1957-
PB 2 BAIN Murder in a minor key : a Murder, she wrote mystery : a novel Bain, Donald, 1935-
PB 2 PATTERSON Don't blink : a novel Patterson, James, 1947-
PB 2 SWEENEY The cat, the quilt and the corpse : a cats in trouble mystery Sweeney, Leann
PB ROMANCE AIKEN For such a time as this : [a women of Hope novel] Aiken, Ginny
PB ROMANCE HARRIS Redemption ranch Harris, Leann
PB ROMANCE HART Hometown hearts Hart, Jillian
FIC MCCAIG Ruth's journey : the authorized novel of Mammy from Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the wind McCaig, Donald.
FIC MORTON Florence Gordon Morton, Brian, 1955-
FIC NAUGHTIE The madness of July Naughtie, James, 1951-
FIC ROBINSON Lila Robinson, Marilynne.


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