Monday, December 29, 2008

New materials added 12/18/2008 - 12/25/2008

Five good minutes in your body : 100 mindful practices to help you accept yourself and feel at home in your body by Brantley, Jeffrey 158.1 BRANTLEY
Everyman's Talmud : the major teachings of the rabbinic sages by Cohen, A. (Abraham), 1887- 296.1 COHEN
Forecast : the consequences of climate change, from the Amazon to the Arctic, from Darfur to Napa Valley by Faris, Stephan 304.2 FARIS
The Italian boy : a tale of murder and body snatching in 1830s London by Wise, Sarah 364.152 WISE
Alex & me : how a scientist and a parrot discovered a hidden world of animal intelligence--and formed a deep bond in the process by Pepperberg, Irene M. (Irene Maxine) 636.6 PEPPERB
1001 foods you must taste before you die by Case, Frances 641.3 1001 FOODS
The bread bible by Beranbaum, Rose Levy. 641.8 BERANBAU
Smart but scattered : the revolutionary executive skills approach to helping kids reach their potential by Dawson, Peg 649.1526 DAWSON
Forces for good : the six practices of high-impact nonprofits by Crutchfield, Leslie R., 1968- 658 CRUTCHF
Crash course in architecture by Howarth, Eva 720.1 HOWARTH
Making dolls' house furniture by King, Patricia 745.592 KING
Christmas ideas, 2008 by 745.594 CHRISTMAS
The (expanded) freelancer's rulebook by Hill, Bonnie Hearn, 1945- 808.027 HILL
The book of great books : a guide to 100 world classics by Campbell, W. John 809 CAMPBELL
Why we suck : a feel good guide to staying fat, loud, lazy and stupid by Leary, Denis 814.54 LEARY
The mammoth book of war diaries and letters : life on the battlefield in the words of the ordinary soldier, 1775-1991 by Lewis, Jon E., 1961- 909.21 MAMMOTH
50,001 best baby names by Stafford, Diane 929.4 STAFFOR
The fires of Vesuvius : Pompeii lost and found by Beard, Mary, 1955- 937.7256 BEARD
Fiets's vase and other stories of survival, Europe 1939-1945 by Gold, Alison Leslie. 940.53 GOLD
There once was a world : a nine-hundred-year chronicle of the shtetl of Eishyshok by Eliach, Yaffa. 947.93 ELIACH
The coldest winter : America and the Korean War by Halberstam, David. 951.904 HALBERST
The last great revolution by Wright, Robin B., 1948- 955.05 WRIGHT
The prince of the marshes : and other occupational hazards of a year in Iraq by Stewart, Rory 956.7044 STEWART
What's your red, white & blue IQ? by Spignesi, Stephen J. 973.22 SPIGNESI
Wishful drinking by Fisher, Carrie. BIO FISHER FISHER
The private patient [sound recording] : an Adam Dalgliesh mystery by James, P. D. CD FIC JAMES 12CDS 15HRS
Cruel intent [sound recording] by Jance, Judith A. CD FIC JANCE 5CDS 6HRS
Lulu in Marrakech [sound recording] by Johnson, Diane, 1934- CD FIC JOHNSON 8CDS 9.5HRS
A Prairie Home Companion 3rd annual farewell performance [sound recording] by Keillor, Garrison CD FIC KEILLOR 2CDS 2.25HRS
Your heart belongs to me [sound recording] by Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945- CD FIC KOONTZ 7CDS 9HRS
Stop bullying now! [videorecording] : take a stand, lend a hand. by United States. Health Resources and Services Administration DVD 371.58 STOP BULLYING NOW
When Zachary Beaver came to town [videorecording] by Holt, Kimberly Willis DVD FIC WHEN ZACHARY
Anakin in action! by Beecroft, Simon E B
Tutus and toe shoes by Benjamin, Ruth E B
Watch out for Jabba the Hutt! by Beecroft, Simon E B
Very lucky ponies by Benjamin, Ruth E B
Merry Christmas, Ollie! by Dunrea, Olivier. E D
My dress-up box by DK Publishing, Inc. E D
Time for bed by Driscoll, Laura E D
Patch by Earhart, Kristin E E
Kung fu panda : Po's crash course by Hapka, Cathy E H
Kung fu panda : meet the masters by Hapka, Cathy E H
The land before time : Cera's shiny stone by Hapka, Cathy E H
The land before time : the lonely dinosaur by Hapka, Cathy E H
The haunted road trip by Herman, Gail, 1959- E H
More snacks! : a Thanksgiving play by Holub, Joan. E H
My first ballet recital by Junor, Amy E J
Welcoming babies by Knight, Margy Burns E K
A trip to the theater by Lock, Deborah E L
Alison's zinnia. [Miscellaneous] by Lobel, Anita E L
Three wishes by Lukas, Catherine E L
Santa Duck by Milgrim, David E M
Bunny trouble by Ring, Susan E R
Cookie rescue by Ring, Susan E R
Pinata party by Ring, Susan E R
Prairie dog rescue by Ricci, Christine E R
Care Bears : Oopsy saves the day! by Sander, Sonia E S
Jack and the box by Spiegelman, Art. E S
The magic school bus flies with the dinosaurs by Schwabacher, Martin E S
Can you see what I see? : toys read-and-seek by Wick, Walter E W
World without end by Follett, Ken FIC FOLLETT
Summer knight by Butcher, Jim, 1971- FIC BUTCHER
An Elm Creek quilts sampler : the first three novels in the popular series by Chiaverini, Jennifer FIC CHIAVERI
Lucy : a novel by Feldman, Ellen, 1941- FIC FELDMAN
Fire and ice by Garwood, Julie FIC GARWOOD
Fidel's last days by Merullo, Roland FIC MERULLO
Bitsy's Bait & BBQ by Morsi, Pamela FIC MORSI
An imperfect lens : a novel by Roiphe, Anne Richardson, 1935- FIC ROIPHE
All I want for Christmas is a vampire by Sparks, Kerrelyn FIC SPARKS
Another life : a Burke novel by Vachss, Andrew H. FIC VACHSS
Ooze slingers from outer space by Hoena, B. A. JUV FIC HOENA
The mystery of the Mona Lisa : France by Hunt, Elizabeth Singer JUV FIC HUNT
Weedflower by Kadohata, Cynthia JUV FIC KADOHATA
Poppy's perfect home by Le Quesne, Pippa JUV FIC LE QUESNE
Sweet Pea's precious promise by Le Quesne, Pippa JUV FIC LE QUESNE
Jules Verne's Journey to the center of the Earth by Miller, Davis JUV FIC MILLER
The war of the worlds by Miller, Davis JUV FIC MILLER
Junie B., first grader (at last!) by Park, Barbara. JUV FIC PARK
The dung beetle bandits by Reynolds, Aaron, 1970- JUV FIC REYNOLDS
Creep from the deep by Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
Monster blood for breakfast! by Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
Revenge of the living dummy by Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
The scream of the haunted mask by Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
Jasmine's starry night by Woodward, Kay JUV FIC WOODWARD
Willow's underwater world by Woodward, Kay JUV FIC WOODWARD
Show no fear by O'Shaughnessy, Perri LP FIC O'SHAUGH
The Howards of Caxley by Read, Miss LP FIC READ
Memory book by Engel, Howard, 1931- MYS FIC ENGEL
Death at Blenheim Palace by Paige, Robin MYS FIC PAIGE
Harris Pennsylvania services directory. by Harris InfoSource (Firm) REF 338 HARRIS AT DESK
Harris Pennsylvania industrial directory. by Pennsylvania. Dept. of Commerce REF 338.9748 HARRIS AT DESK
A spell for chameleon by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Castle Roogna by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Centaur aisle by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Night mare by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Ogre, ogre by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Pet peeve by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Swell foop by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
The source of magic by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Brighid's quest by Cast, P. C. SF FIC CAST
The Brave little toaster [videorecording] by Disch, Thomas M. Brave little toaster. VIDEO JUV FIC BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER
The fox and the hound [VTC]. by VIDEO JUV FIC FOX AND THE HOUND
Great mouse detective [VTC]. by VIDEO JUV FIC GREAT MOUSE DETECTI
Lady and the Tramp II, Scamps adventure [videorecording] by Walt Disney Pictures VIDEO JUV FIC LADY AND THE TRAMP
A night in terror tower [videorecording] by Stine, R. L. VIDEO JUV FIC NIGHT IN TERROR TOWER
Once upon a forest [videorecording] by Hanna-Barbera Productions VIDEO JUV FIC ONCE UPON A FOREST
Walt Disney's the spirit of Mickey [videorecording] by Disney, Walt, 1901-1966 VIDEO JUV FIC SPIRIT OF MICKEY
After the holocaust. by Greenfeld, Howard YA 940.5318 GREENFE


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