Monday, November 17, 2008

New materials added10/16/08 - 10/23/08

Crazy stuff by Mastar, Tibor, 1965- 306 MARCAIS
The science book : everything you need to know about the world and how it works. by National Geographic Society (U.S.) 500 SCIENCE
Death from the skies! : these are the ways the world will end by Plait, Philip C. 520 PLAIT
Stalking the plumed serpent and other adventures in herpetology by Means, D. Bruce 597.9 MEANS
Autism's false prophets : bad science, risky medicine, and the search for a cure by Offit, Paul A. 618.92 OFFIT
96 great interview questions to ask before you hire by Falcone, Paul 658.3 FALCONE
Platinum anniversary collection : 70 years of extraordinary photography by Andreas, Robert 779.09 LIFE
Time great events of the 20th century by Time, inc. 909.82 TIME
Ghost train to the Eastern star : on the tracks of the great railway bazaar by Theroux, Paul 915.04 THEROUX
Roads to Quoz : an American mosey by Heat Moon, William Least 917.3 HEAT
Radioman : an eyewitness account of Pearl Harbor and World War II in the Pacific by Daves, Ray BIO DAVES HIPPERSO
The longest trip home : a memoir by Grogan, John, 1957- BIO GROGAN
Groucho and me by Marx, Groucho, 1890-1977 BIO MARX
Deconstructing Sammy [sound recording] : music, money, madness, and the mob by Birkbeck, Matt CD BIO DAVIS BIRKBECK 5CDS 6HRS
Don't tell a soul [sound recording] by Rosenfelt, David CD F ROSENFELT 6CDS 8HRS
Expelled [videorecording] : no intelligence allowed. by Stein, Benjamin, 1944- DVD 231.7652 EXPELLED
Flight of the red balloon [videorecording] by Binoche, Juliette, 1964- DVD FIC FLIGHT OF THE RED
The forbidden kingdom [videorecording] by Minkoff, Rob DVD FIC FORBIDDE KINGDOM
The happening [videorecording] by Happening (Motion picture) DVD FIC HAPPENING
Under the Tuscan sun [videorecording] by Lane, Diane. DVD FIC UNDER THE TUSAN SUN
Brainy baby. Jingle bells [videorecording]. by DVD JUV 394.266 BRAINY BABY
Dora the explorer [videorecording] meet Diego by Nick Jr. (Firm) DVD JUV FIC DORA THE EXPLORER MEET
Thomas and the magic railroad [DVD] by Thomas and the magic railroad (Motion picture) DVD JUV FIC THOMAS AND THE MAGIC
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown [DVD] by Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000 DVD JUV IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN
Hilda must be dancing by Wilson, Karma E W
Rasputin's daughter by Alexander, Robert, 1952- FIC ALEXANDE
The red scarf by Furnivall, Kate FIC FURNIVAL
The rainmaker by Grisham, John FIC GRISHAM
Thank you for all things by Kring, Sandra FIC KRING
'Tis the season! : a novel by Landvik, Lorna, 1954- FIC LANDVIK
Rhett Butler's people by McCaig, Donald. FIC MCCAIG
The Faraday girls : a novel by McInerney, Monica FIC MCINERNEY
A McKettrick Christmas by Miller, Linda Lael FIC MILLER
Burn out by Muller, Marcia. FIC MULLER
The fire / Katherine Neville. by Neville, Katherine, 1945- FIC NEVILLE
Sundays at Tiffany's by Patterson, James, 1947- FIC PATTERSO
A good woman by Steel, Danielle FIC STEEL
The good thief : a novel by Tinti, Hannah FIC TINTI
The widows of Eastwick by Updike, John FIC UPDIKE
Bombarderos = Bombers by Reed, Jennifer, 1967- JUV 623.7463 REED
Todoterrenos = Humvees by Doeden, Matt JUV 623.74722 DOEDEN
Trenes = Trains by Doeden, Matt JUV 625.1 DOEDEN
Tractores agricolas by Doeden, Matt JUV 631.372 DOEDEN
123 I can draw! by Luxbacher, Irene, 1970- JUV 741.2 LUXBACHER
123 I can make prints! by Luxbacher, Irene, 1970- JUV 760.28 LUXBACHER
Troy Aikman and the Dallas Cowboys : Super Bowl XXVII by Sandler, Michael, 1965- JUV BIO AIKMAN SANDLER
Josh Beckett and the Florida Marlins : 2003 World Series by Sandler, Michael, 1965- JUV BIO BECKETT SANDLER
Jermaine Dye and the Chicago White Sox : 2005 World Series by Sandler, Michael, 1965- JUV BIO DYE SANDLER
David Eckstein and the St. Louis Cardinals : 2006 World Series by Sandler, Michael, 1965- JUV BIO ECKSTEIN SANDLER
Troy Glaus and the Anaheim Angels : 2002 World Series by Sandler, Michael, 1965- JUV BIO GLAUS SANDLER
Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees : 2000 World Series by Sandler, Michael, 1965- JUV BIO JETER SANDLER
Randy Johnson and the Arizona Diamondbacks : 2001 World Series by Sandler, Michael, 1965- JUV BIO JOHNSON SANDLER
Mike Lowell and the Boston Red Sox : 2007 World Series by Sandler, Michael, 1965- JUV BIO LOWELL SANDLER
Eli Manning and the New York Giants : Super Bowl XLII by Sandler, Michael, 1965- JUV BIO MANNING SANDLER
Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers : Super Bowl XXIV by Sandler, Michael, 1965- JUV BIO MONTANA SANDLER
Manny Ramirez and the Boston Red Sox : 2004 World Series by Sandler, Michael, 1965- JUV BIO RAMIREZ SANDLER
Blood on the river : James Town 1607 by Carbone, Elisa Lynn JUV FIC CARBONE
Return of the home run kid by Christopher, Matt JUV FIC CHRISTOP
Matilda by Dahl, Roald JUV FIC DAHL
Inkdeath by Funke, Cornelia Caroline JUV FIC FUNKE
Cracker! : the best dog in Vietnam by Kadohata, Cynthia JUV FIC KADOHATA
Jeremy Fink and the meaning of life by Mass, Wendy, 1967- JUV FIC MASS
Mick Harte was here / (paper) by Park, Barbara. JUV FIC PARK
Death mountain by Shahan, Sherry JUV FIC SHAHAN
Beware, the snowman by Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
Say cheese and die-- again! by Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
Angel's tip by Burke, Alafair MYS FIC BURKE
Dead connection by Burke, Alafair MYS FIC BURKE
The gate house by DeMille, Nelson MYS FIC DEMILLE
Bones : an Alex Delaware novel by Kellerman, Jonathan MYS FIC KELLERMA
Real world by Kirino, Natsuo, 1951- MYS FIC KIRINO
Badlands : a novel of suspense by Montanari, Richard MYS FIC MONTANAR
A Christmas grace : a novel by Perry, Anne MYS FIC PERRY
Heat lightning by Sandford, John, 1944 Feb. 23- MYS FIC SANDFORD
The Goliath bone by Spillane, Mickey, 1918-2006 MYS FIC SPILLANE
Murder inside the Beltway : a Capital crimes novel by Truman, Margaret, 1924-2008 MYS FIC TRUMAN
Arthur's first sleepover [videorecording] plus, Arthur's lost dog by VIDEO JUV FIC ARTHUR'S FIRST SLEEPOVER
The lost years of Merlin by Barron, T. A. YA FIC BARRON
Revelation : a novel by Brian, Kate, 1974- YA FIC BRIAN
Warriors of Alavna by Browne, N. M. YA FIC BROWNE
Scorpions by Myers, Walter Dean, 1937- YA FIC MYERS
Jesse by Soto, Gary YA FIC SOTO


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