Friday, May 11, 2007

New materials added 5/4/2007 - 5/10/2007

At the center of the storm by George J. Tenet 327.1273 TENET
Scoundrels to the hoosegow : Perry Mason moments and entertaining cases from the files of a prosecuting attorney by Morley Swingle 364.102 SWINGLE
The art of seeing things : essays by John Burroughs 508 BURROUGHS
At knit's end : meditations for women who knit too much by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee 746.43 PEARL- MCPHEE
The Sopranos: the complete fourth season [DVD] DVD FIC SOPRANOS COMPLETE 4TH SEASON
The youngest fairy godmother ever by Stephen Krensky E K
Mr. Pusskins : a love story by Sam Lloyd E L
Big rigs by Hope Irvin Marston E M
Knitting by Anne Bartlett FIC BARTLETT
Generation loss : a novel by Elizabeth Hand FIC HAND
Science in ancient Rome by Jacqueline L. Harris JUV 509.37 HARRIS
The incredible hunt for the giant squid by Bradford Matsen JUV 594 MATSEN
Invasion of the road weenies : and other warped and creepy tales by David Lubar JUV FIC LUBAR
Capitol threat by William Bernhardt LP FIC BERNHARD
I heard that song before by Mary Higgins Clark LP FIC CLARK
The castle in the forest by Norman Mailer LP FIC MAILER
The view from Castle Rock : stories by Alice Munro LP FIC MUNRO
Dry ice by Stephen White LP FIC WHITE
The unquiet : a novel by John Connolly MYS FIC CONNOLLY
6th target by James Patterson MYS FIC PATTERSO
Invisible prey by John Sandford MYS FIC SANDFORD
Baby Mozart [videorecording] /cBaby Einstein Co. ; created by Julie Aigner-Clark. by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart VIDEO JUV FIC BABY MOZART
Bear in the big blue house : [videorecording] everybody's special VIDEO JUV FIC BEAR IN THE BIG
Bear in the big blue house [videorecording] : Live! VIDEO JUV FIC BEAR IN THE BIG
Discover Spot [videorecording] by Eric Hill VIDEO JUV FIC SPOT DISCOVER SPOT
Spot goes to school [videorecording]b VIDEO JUV FIC SPOT GOES TO SCHOOL
Favorite Things [videorecording] by Anne Wood VIDEO JUV FIC TELE- TUBBIES FAVORITE THINGS
Dance with the Teletubbies [videorecording] VIDEO JUV FIC TELETUBB DANCE
Teletubbies [videocassette] : Here come the teletubbies VIDEO JUV FIC TELETUBBI HERE COME
Veggie Tales: [videorecording] Are you my neighbor?. VIDEO JUV FIC VEGGIE TALES NEIGHBOR
The Wiggles. Hoop-dee-doo! It's a wiggly party [videorecording] by Wiggles VIDEO JUV FIC WIGGLES HOOP DEE DOO
The Wiggles : [videorecording] wake up Jeff! by Wiggles VIDEO JUV FIC WIGGLES WAKE UP JEFF
The Wiggles: Yummy Yummy [videorecording] by Wiggles VIDEO JUV FIC WIGGLES YUMMY YUMMY
Hazing Meri Sugarman by Michael Apostolina YA FIC APOSTOLI
Ask me no questions by Marina Tamar Budhos YA FIC BUDHOS
Murkmere by Patricia Elliott YA FIC ELLIOTT
I am a taxi by Deborah Ellis YA FIC ELLIS
Darkhenge by Catherine Fisher YA FIC FISHER
Crossing the wire by Will Hobbs YA FIC HOBBS
Ark angel : an Alex Rider adventure by Anthony Horowitz YA FIC HOROWITZ
The hookup artist by Tucker Shaw YA FIC SHAW
Keeper of the winds by Jenna Solitaire YA FIC SOLITAIR
Fake ID : a novel by Walter Sorrells YA FIC SORRELLS
Battle drift by Todd Strasser YA FIC STRASSER
Street pharm by Allison Van Diepen YA FIC VAN DIEPEN


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