Thursday, April 19, 2007

New materials added 4/13/2007 - 4/19/2007

Somebody's gotta say it by Neal Boortz 306.0973 BOORTZ
Blackwater : the rise of the world's most powerful mercenary army by Jeremy Scahill 355.3 SCAHILL
Stealing your life : the ultimate identity theft prevention plan by Frank W. Abagnale 362.88 ABAGNALE
Tea : the drink that changed the world by Laura C. Martin 394.1 MARTIN
How doctors think by Jerome E. Groopman 610 GROOPMAN
The lemon tree : an Arab, a Jew, and the heart of the Middle East by Sandy Tolan 956.9405092 TOLAN
31 days : Gerald Ford, the Nixon pardon, and a government in crisis by Barry Werth 973.925 WERTH
The hardcore diaries by Mick Foley BIO FOLEY FOLEY
Grace (eventually) : thoughts on faith by Anne Lamott BIO LAMOTT LAMOTT
The Yacoubian building by Al Aswany Alaa FIC AL ASWANY
Eye of the archangel : a Mallory and Morse novel of espionage by Forrest DeVoe FIC DEVOE
Helpless : a novel by Barbara Gowdy FIC GOWDY
The gods of Newport : a novel by John Jakes FIC JAKES
The sight by Erin Hunter JUV FIC HUNTER
Heartstopper : a novel by Joy Fielding MYS FIC FIELDING
The mosaic crimes by Giulio Leoni MYS FIC LEONI
The good husband of Zebra Drive by Alexander McCall Smith MYS FIC MCCALL SMITH
The computer by Mark Frauenfelder REF 004 FRAUENFE
Narn i chin Hurin : the tale of the children of Hurin by J. R. R. Tolkien SF FIC TOLKIEN
Things you either hate or love by Brigid Lowry YA FIC LOWRY


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