Thursday, February 01, 2007

New materials added 1/26/2007 - 2/1/2007

The richest man who ever lived : King Solomon's secrets to success, wealth, and happiness by Steve Scott 158.1 SCOTT
Worldchanging : a user's guide for the 21st century by Alex Steffen 333.7 STEFFEN
How to help your child with homework : the complete guide to encouraging good study habits and ending the homework wars by Jeanne Shay Schumm 372.13 SCHUMM
Spelling made simple by Stephen V. Ross 428.1 ROSS
Algebra II for dummies by Mary Jane Sterling 512 STERLING
Calculus made easy : being a very-simplest introduction to those beautiful methods of reckoning which are generally called by the terrifying names of the differential calculus and the integral calculus by Silvanus Phillips Thompson 515 THOMPSON
Geometry for dummies by Wendy Arnone 516 ARNONE
Trigonometry for dummies by Mary Jane Sterling 516.24 STERLING
Probability for dummies by Deborah J. Rumsey 519.2 RUMSEY
Astronomy made simple by Kevin Marvel 520 MARVEL
Physics made simple by Christopher Gordon De Pree 530 DEPREE
Chemistry made simple. by John T. Moore 540 MOORE
Aftershock : what to do when the doctor gives you or someone you love- a devastating diagnosis by Jessie. Gruman 616 GRUMAN
Putting on the brakes : young people's guide to understanding attention deficit hyperactivity disorder by Patricia O. Quinn 618.9285 QUINN
The perfect aquarium : the complete guide to setting up and maintaining an aquarium by Jeremy Gay 639.34 GAY
On top of spaghetti ... : ... macaroni, linguine, penne, and pasta of every kind by Johanne Killeen 641.822 KILLEEN
On becoming babywise : giving your infant the gift of nighttime sleep by Gary Ezzo 649.122 EZZO
The bead directory : the complete guide to choosing and using more than 600 beautiful beads by Elise Mann 745.58 MANN
An illustrated history of horror and science-fiction films by Carlos Clarens 791.43 CLARENS
Dancing in the no-fly zone : a woman's journey through Iraq by Hadani Ditmars 915.6704 DITMARS
Ghost plane : the true story of the CIA torture program by Stephen Grey 973.931 GREY
The new adventures of Sherlock Holmes [sound recording] : murder by moonlight & other mysteries by Anthony Boucher CD F BOUCHER
Treasure of Khan [sound recording] by Clive Cussler CD F CUSSLER
Bad blood [sound recording] : a novel by Linda A. Fairstein CD F FAIRSTEIN
Stalemate [sound recording] by Iris Johansen CD F JOHANSEN
The night listener [videorecording] DVD FIC NIGHT LISTENER
Our friend, Martin [videorecording] DVD JUV BIO OUR FRIEND MARTIN
Laura's star [videorecording] DVD JUV FIC LAURA'S STAR
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch kids [videorecording (DVD)] DVD JUV FIC MISS SPIDER'S SUNNY PATCH
The Snow Queen [videorecording] by H. C. Andersen DVD JUV FIC SNOW QUEEN
Thomas & friends. James learns a lesson & other Thomas adventures [videorecording]. DVD JUV FIC THOMAS & FRIENDS JAMES
Thomas & friends. Sing-along & stories [DVD]. DVD JUV FIC THOMAS & FRIENDS SING
Arlington Park by Rachel Cusk FIC CUSK
Him, her, him again, the end of him : a novel by Patricia Marx FIC MARX
Singing bird by Roisin McAuley FIC MCAULEY
Traveler by Ron McLarty FIC MCLARTY
Communications technology by John Hilvert JUV 621.382 HILVERT
Space technology by Linda Bruce JUV 629.1 BRUCE
Growing things by Ting Morris JUV 635.9 MORRIS
Househould technology by Linda Bruce JUV 643 BRUCE
Masks by Ting Morris JUV 646.4 MORRIS
Sports technology by Linda Bruce JUV 688.7 BRUCE
You can draw Star Wars by Bonnie Burton JUV 741.5028 BURTON
Animals by Ting Morris JUV 745.5 MORRIS
Dinosaurs by Ting Morris JUV 745.5 MORRIS
Music by Ting Morris JUV 784.192 MORRIS
Entertainment technology by Linda Bruce JUV 794.8 BRUCE
Miracles, saints, and pagan superstition : the medieval mind by Stephen Currie JUV 940.1 CURRIE
The unholy crusade : The ransacking of medieval Constantinople by William W. Lace JUV 949.5 LACE
Breakpoint by Richard A. Clarke LP FIC CLARKE
White lies by Jayne Ann Krentz LP FIC KRENTZ
The song is you by Megan E. Abbott MYS FIC ABBOTT
Trouble by Jesse Kellerman MYS FIC KELLERMAN
Deep Storm : a novel by Lincoln Child SF FIC CHILD
Star wars. Allegiance by Timothy Zahn SF FIC ZAHN
Homework helpers. Calculus by Denise Szecsei YA 515 SZECSEI
Homework helpers : Trigonometry by Denise Szecsei YA 516 SZECSEI
The girl's guide to absolutely everything by Melissa Kirsch YA 646.70084 KIRSCH
Late modernism by Anne Fitzpatrick YA 709 FITZPATR
The Renaissance by Anne Fitzpatrick YA 709 FITZPATR
The Baroque period by Anne Fitzpatrick YA 709 FITZPATR
Cubism by Shannon Robinson YA 759.06 ROBINSON
Homework helpers. English language & composition by Maureen Lindner YA 808 LINDNER
Homework helpers. U.S. history (1492-1865) : from the discovery of America through the Civil War by Ron Olson YA 973.076 OLSON


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The history of King Solomon is the history of mankind's relationship
with God. That History now spans three Millenia, from building the
house of the Lord thru the crusades and the knights Templar, to
today's miraculous events surrounding the Archaeological excavations
of the Solomonic City Gates in Israel.

I invite the members to view the real world modern ramifications of
King Solomons life,... the wondrous events surrounding the excavations
of the Gates of Megiddo (1930), Hazor (1950), and Gezer (1971). They
range from the televised surprise at the recent election of Pope
Benedict 16th and the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey to the assassination
attempt on Pope John Paul II and more. The modern solomonic events and
coincidences are both well documented and astounding.

I Look forward to your comments and reactions to these surprising
and turns of modern history, that have so many parallels in the past.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please consider putting a sticker with the url: in the Babywise book. New parents deserve to have information about some of the medical misinformation about this book when they decide how and whether to implement the ideas with their children.

8:14 PM  

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