Monday, November 27, 2006

New materials added 11/17/2006 - 11/23/2006

The Mr. & Mrs. Happy handbook : everything I know about love and marriage (with corrections by Mrs. Doocy) by Steve Doocy 306.81 DOOCY
Beneath the metropolis : the secret lives of cities by Alex Marshall 307.76 MARSHALL
How to save $100 just by changing a lightbulb ...and 101 other money-saving tips 332.024 BOTTOM LINE
Medicare & you. 368.426 MEDICARE & YOU
Human technology : a toolkit for authentic living by Ilchi Lee 615.852 LEE
How to prevent and treat diabetes with natural medicine by Michael T. Murray 616.4 MURRAY
Keyboarding made simple by Leigh Zeitz 652.3 ZEITZ
The great book of Philadelphia sports lists by Glen Macnow 796.09748 MACNOW
The writer's idea book by Jack Heffron 808 HEFFRON
The write-brain workbook : 366 exercises to liberate your writing by Bonnie Neubauer 808 NEUBAUER
A writer's workbook : daily exercises for the writing life by Caroline Sharp 808 SHARP
The pocket muse : ideas & inspirations for writing by Monica Wood 808 WOOD
Oh, Babe! by Mary Hogan BB H
The life and times of the thunderbolt kid : a memoir by Bill. Bryson BIO BRYSON BRYSON
The first scientific American : Benjamin Franklin and the pursuit of genius by Joyce E. Chaplin BIO FRANKLIN CHAPLIN
The audacity of hope : thoughts on reclaiming the American dream by Barack Obama BIO OBAMA OBAMA
Jimmy Stewart : a biography by Marc Eliot BIO STEWART ELIOT
Self-made man : one woman's journey into manhood and back again by Norah Vincent BIO VINCENT VINCENT
Medicare & you. [sound recording]. CASS 368.426 MEDICARE & YOU
The coffin dancer [sound recording] by Jeffery Deaver CD F DEAVER
The fast and the furious. Tokyo drift [DVD] DVD FIC FAST AND THE FURIOUS TOKYO
The Sopranos. Season 6. Part 1 [DVD] DVD FIC SOPRANOS
Blue's room. Meet Blue's baby brother [DVD] DVD JUV FIC BLUE'S ROOM MEET BLUE'S
Boris and Bella by Carolyn Crimi E C
There was an old lady who swallowed a bat! by Lucille Colandro E C
Skeleton hiccups by Margery Cuyler E C
Winners never quit by Mia Hamm E H
One witch by Laura Leuck E L
My bossy dolly by Steve Metzger E M
Christmas in the country by Cynthia Rylant E R
Ook the book by Lissa Rovetch E R
Tigger by Lynne Suesse E S
There was an old lady who swallowed a fly by Simms Taback E T
Farmer Dale's red pickup truck by Lisa Wheeler E W
I promise I'll find you by Heather P. Ward E W
Turk and Runt by Lisa Wheeler E W
Treasure of Khan by Clive Cussler FIC CUSSLER
John's story : the last eyewitness by Tim F. LaHaye FIC LAHAYE
The jungle by Upton Sinclair FIC SINCLAIR
The blonde by Duane Swierczynski FIC SWIERCZYN
Barking goats and the Redneck Mafia by Dolores J. Wilson FIC WILSON
Sammy's big book of awesome adventures by Daniel J. Hochstatter JUV 220.9 HOCHSTAT
The Usborne big book of experiments by Howard Allman JUV 507.8 SMITH
The young astronomer by Sheila Snowden JUV 530 SNOWDEN
The great undersea search by Kate Needham JUV 551.46 NEEDHAM
1,001 facts about dinosaurs by Neil Clark JUV 567.9 CLARK
The big bug search by Caroline Young JUV 595.7 YOUNG
Animal origami by Yoshio Sato JUV 736.98 SATO
Matt Groening's cartooning with the Simpsons. by Matt. Groening JUV 741.5 GROENING
The great history search by Kamini Khanduri JUV 909 KHANDURI
Our 50 states : a family adventure across America by Lynne V. Cheney JUV 973 CHENEY
The soccer machine by David Bedford JUV FIC BEDFORD
Top of the league by David Bedford JUV FIC BEDFORD
Star quest by Andy Dixon JUV FIC DIXON
Beck and the great berry battle by Laura Driscoll JUV FIC DRISCOLL
Vidia and the fairy crown by Laura Driscoll JUV FIC DRISCOLL
Secrets in the hills : a Josefina mystery by Kathleen Ernst JUV FIC ERNST
Peril at King's Creek : a Felicity mystery by Elizabeth McDavid Jones JUV FIC JONES
Lily's pesky plant by Kirsten Larsen JUV FIC LARSEN
Proof positive by Peter Lerangis JUV FIC LERANGIS
Mad house by Scott Lobdell JUV FIC LOBDELL
Malled by Scott Lobdell JUV FIC LOBDELL
Stink : the incredible shrinking kid by Megan McDonald JUV FIC MCDONALD
The case of the psychic hamster by P. J. McMahon JUV FIC MCMAHON
The case of the singing Sea Dragons by P. J. McMahon JUV FIC MCMAHON
The mystery of the diappearing dinosaurs by P. J. McMahon JUV FIC MCMAHON
The mystery of the morphing hockey stick by P. J. McMahon JUV FIC MCMAHON
The girl who wasn't there by Stefan Petrucha JUV FIC PETRUCHA
The trouble with Tink by Kiki Thorpe JUV FIC THORPE
Fast company by Rich Wallace JUV FIC WALLACE
The final showdown by Jude Watson JUV FIC WATSON
Ghost dancer : a thriller by John Case LP FIC CASE
A Christmas secret by Anne Perry LP FIC PERRY
The long night of Winchell Dear by Robert James Waller LP FIC WALLER
Happiness sold separately by Lolly Winston LP FIC WINSTON
The green trap by Ben Bova MYS FIC BOVA
The shape shifter by Tony Hillerman MYS FIC HILLERMAN
Brother Odd by Dean R. Koontz MYS FIC KOONTZ
Cripple Creek : a novel by James Sallis MYS FIC SALLIS
The exhaustive concordance of the by James Strong REF 220.5 STRONG
Consumer reports. Buying guide issue. REF 640.73 CONSUMER REPORTS AT DESK
The Shawshank redemption [videorecording] by Stephen King VIDEO FIC SHAWSHAN REDEMP- TION
When we were saints by Han Nolan YA FIC NOLAN


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