Monday, December 29, 2008

New materials added 12/18/2008 - 12/25/2008

Five good minutes in your body : 100 mindful practices to help you accept yourself and feel at home in your body by Brantley, Jeffrey 158.1 BRANTLEY
Everyman's Talmud : the major teachings of the rabbinic sages by Cohen, A. (Abraham), 1887- 296.1 COHEN
Forecast : the consequences of climate change, from the Amazon to the Arctic, from Darfur to Napa Valley by Faris, Stephan 304.2 FARIS
The Italian boy : a tale of murder and body snatching in 1830s London by Wise, Sarah 364.152 WISE
Alex & me : how a scientist and a parrot discovered a hidden world of animal intelligence--and formed a deep bond in the process by Pepperberg, Irene M. (Irene Maxine) 636.6 PEPPERB
1001 foods you must taste before you die by Case, Frances 641.3 1001 FOODS
The bread bible by Beranbaum, Rose Levy. 641.8 BERANBAU
Smart but scattered : the revolutionary executive skills approach to helping kids reach their potential by Dawson, Peg 649.1526 DAWSON
Forces for good : the six practices of high-impact nonprofits by Crutchfield, Leslie R., 1968- 658 CRUTCHF
Crash course in architecture by Howarth, Eva 720.1 HOWARTH
Making dolls' house furniture by King, Patricia 745.592 KING
Christmas ideas, 2008 by 745.594 CHRISTMAS
The (expanded) freelancer's rulebook by Hill, Bonnie Hearn, 1945- 808.027 HILL
The book of great books : a guide to 100 world classics by Campbell, W. John 809 CAMPBELL
Why we suck : a feel good guide to staying fat, loud, lazy and stupid by Leary, Denis 814.54 LEARY
The mammoth book of war diaries and letters : life on the battlefield in the words of the ordinary soldier, 1775-1991 by Lewis, Jon E., 1961- 909.21 MAMMOTH
50,001 best baby names by Stafford, Diane 929.4 STAFFOR
The fires of Vesuvius : Pompeii lost and found by Beard, Mary, 1955- 937.7256 BEARD
Fiets's vase and other stories of survival, Europe 1939-1945 by Gold, Alison Leslie. 940.53 GOLD
There once was a world : a nine-hundred-year chronicle of the shtetl of Eishyshok by Eliach, Yaffa. 947.93 ELIACH
The coldest winter : America and the Korean War by Halberstam, David. 951.904 HALBERST
The last great revolution by Wright, Robin B., 1948- 955.05 WRIGHT
The prince of the marshes : and other occupational hazards of a year in Iraq by Stewart, Rory 956.7044 STEWART
What's your red, white & blue IQ? by Spignesi, Stephen J. 973.22 SPIGNESI
Wishful drinking by Fisher, Carrie. BIO FISHER FISHER
The private patient [sound recording] : an Adam Dalgliesh mystery by James, P. D. CD FIC JAMES 12CDS 15HRS
Cruel intent [sound recording] by Jance, Judith A. CD FIC JANCE 5CDS 6HRS
Lulu in Marrakech [sound recording] by Johnson, Diane, 1934- CD FIC JOHNSON 8CDS 9.5HRS
A Prairie Home Companion 3rd annual farewell performance [sound recording] by Keillor, Garrison CD FIC KEILLOR 2CDS 2.25HRS
Your heart belongs to me [sound recording] by Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945- CD FIC KOONTZ 7CDS 9HRS
Stop bullying now! [videorecording] : take a stand, lend a hand. by United States. Health Resources and Services Administration DVD 371.58 STOP BULLYING NOW
When Zachary Beaver came to town [videorecording] by Holt, Kimberly Willis DVD FIC WHEN ZACHARY
Anakin in action! by Beecroft, Simon E B
Tutus and toe shoes by Benjamin, Ruth E B
Watch out for Jabba the Hutt! by Beecroft, Simon E B
Very lucky ponies by Benjamin, Ruth E B
Merry Christmas, Ollie! by Dunrea, Olivier. E D
My dress-up box by DK Publishing, Inc. E D
Time for bed by Driscoll, Laura E D
Patch by Earhart, Kristin E E
Kung fu panda : Po's crash course by Hapka, Cathy E H
Kung fu panda : meet the masters by Hapka, Cathy E H
The land before time : Cera's shiny stone by Hapka, Cathy E H
The land before time : the lonely dinosaur by Hapka, Cathy E H
The haunted road trip by Herman, Gail, 1959- E H
More snacks! : a Thanksgiving play by Holub, Joan. E H
My first ballet recital by Junor, Amy E J
Welcoming babies by Knight, Margy Burns E K
A trip to the theater by Lock, Deborah E L
Alison's zinnia. [Miscellaneous] by Lobel, Anita E L
Three wishes by Lukas, Catherine E L
Santa Duck by Milgrim, David E M
Bunny trouble by Ring, Susan E R
Cookie rescue by Ring, Susan E R
Pinata party by Ring, Susan E R
Prairie dog rescue by Ricci, Christine E R
Care Bears : Oopsy saves the day! by Sander, Sonia E S
Jack and the box by Spiegelman, Art. E S
The magic school bus flies with the dinosaurs by Schwabacher, Martin E S
Can you see what I see? : toys read-and-seek by Wick, Walter E W
World without end by Follett, Ken FIC FOLLETT
Summer knight by Butcher, Jim, 1971- FIC BUTCHER
An Elm Creek quilts sampler : the first three novels in the popular series by Chiaverini, Jennifer FIC CHIAVERI
Lucy : a novel by Feldman, Ellen, 1941- FIC FELDMAN
Fire and ice by Garwood, Julie FIC GARWOOD
Fidel's last days by Merullo, Roland FIC MERULLO
Bitsy's Bait & BBQ by Morsi, Pamela FIC MORSI
An imperfect lens : a novel by Roiphe, Anne Richardson, 1935- FIC ROIPHE
All I want for Christmas is a vampire by Sparks, Kerrelyn FIC SPARKS
Another life : a Burke novel by Vachss, Andrew H. FIC VACHSS
Ooze slingers from outer space by Hoena, B. A. JUV FIC HOENA
The mystery of the Mona Lisa : France by Hunt, Elizabeth Singer JUV FIC HUNT
Weedflower by Kadohata, Cynthia JUV FIC KADOHATA
Poppy's perfect home by Le Quesne, Pippa JUV FIC LE QUESNE
Sweet Pea's precious promise by Le Quesne, Pippa JUV FIC LE QUESNE
Jules Verne's Journey to the center of the Earth by Miller, Davis JUV FIC MILLER
The war of the worlds by Miller, Davis JUV FIC MILLER
Junie B., first grader (at last!) by Park, Barbara. JUV FIC PARK
The dung beetle bandits by Reynolds, Aaron, 1970- JUV FIC REYNOLDS
Creep from the deep by Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
Monster blood for breakfast! by Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
Revenge of the living dummy by Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
The scream of the haunted mask by Stine, R. L. JUV FIC STINE
Jasmine's starry night by Woodward, Kay JUV FIC WOODWARD
Willow's underwater world by Woodward, Kay JUV FIC WOODWARD
Show no fear by O'Shaughnessy, Perri LP FIC O'SHAUGH
The Howards of Caxley by Read, Miss LP FIC READ
Memory book by Engel, Howard, 1931- MYS FIC ENGEL
Death at Blenheim Palace by Paige, Robin MYS FIC PAIGE
Harris Pennsylvania services directory. by Harris InfoSource (Firm) REF 338 HARRIS AT DESK
Harris Pennsylvania industrial directory. by Pennsylvania. Dept. of Commerce REF 338.9748 HARRIS AT DESK
A spell for chameleon by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Castle Roogna by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Centaur aisle by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Night mare by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Ogre, ogre by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Pet peeve by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Swell foop by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
The source of magic by Anthony, Piers SF FIC ANTHONY
Brighid's quest by Cast, P. C. SF FIC CAST
The Brave little toaster [videorecording] by Disch, Thomas M. Brave little toaster. VIDEO JUV FIC BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER
The fox and the hound [VTC]. by VIDEO JUV FIC FOX AND THE HOUND
Great mouse detective [VTC]. by VIDEO JUV FIC GREAT MOUSE DETECTI
Lady and the Tramp II, Scamps adventure [videorecording] by Walt Disney Pictures VIDEO JUV FIC LADY AND THE TRAMP
A night in terror tower [videorecording] by Stine, R. L. VIDEO JUV FIC NIGHT IN TERROR TOWER
Once upon a forest [videorecording] by Hanna-Barbera Productions VIDEO JUV FIC ONCE UPON A FOREST
Walt Disney's the spirit of Mickey [videorecording] by Disney, Walt, 1901-1966 VIDEO JUV FIC SPIRIT OF MICKEY
After the holocaust. by Greenfeld, Howard YA 940.5318 GREENFE

Friday, December 19, 2008

New materials added 12/11/2008 - 12/18/2008

No one sees God : the dark night of atheists and believers by Novak, Michael 261.2 NOVAK
The purpose of Christmas by Warren, Richard, 1954- 263.915 WARREN
Facing the cognitive challenges of multiple sclerosis by Gingold, Jeffrey N. 362.196 GINGOLD
Brain rules : 12 principles for surviving and thriving at work, home, and school by Medina, John, 1956- 612.8 MEDINA
How to write a business plan by McKeever, Mike P. 658.15 MCKEEVER
Butterflies be gone : a hands-on approach to sweat-proof public speaking by Bell, Arthur H. (Arthur Henry), 1946- 808.5 BELL
I hate your guts by Norton, Jim, 1968- 814.6 NORTON
Hope endures : leaving Mother Teresa, losing faith, and my ongoing search for meaning by Livermore, Colette BIO LIVERMORE LIVERMORE
The American journey of Barack Obama by BIO OBAMA LIFE
The bodies left behind [sound recording] by Deaver, Jeffery CD FIC DEAVER 5CDS 6HRS
Electric ladyland [sound recording] by Hendrix, Jimi CD MUSIC HENDRIX
Baron Baptiste power yoga. Level 2, The next challenge [videorecording] by Baptiste, Baron DCD 613.7046 POWER YOGA LEVEL 2
Baron Baptiste's hot yoga basics. Level 1, Power yoga for beginners [videorecording]. by Baptiste, Baron DVD 613.7046 POWER YOGA LEVEL 1
Baron Baptiste power yoga. Level 3, The ultimate challenge [videorecording] by Baptiste, Baron DVD 613.7046 POWER YOGA LEVEL 3
War in Iraq : the road to Baghdad / [Videorecording] by CNN (Cable News Network) DVD 956.7 WAR IN IRAQ
CNN Tribute [videorecording (DVD)] : America remembers by Cable News Network DVD 973.931 AMERICA REMEMBERS
Blade runner [videorecording] by Ford, Harrison, 1942- DVD FIC BLADE RUNNER
The client [videorecording] by Schumacher, Joel, 1939- DVD FIC CLIENT
The dark knight [videorecording] by Nolan, Christopher, 1970- DVD FIC DARK KNIGHT
Dave [DVD] by Reitman, Ivan. DVD FIC DAVE
FearDotCom [videorecording] by Rea, Stephen DVD FIC FEAR DOT COM
Fred Claus [videorecording] by Dobkin, David, 1969- DVD FIC FRED CLAUS
Christmas vacation [videorecording] by Chase, Chevy, 1943- DVD FIC NATIONAL LAMPOON CHRISTMAS VAC
National Lampoon's vacation [videorecording] by Chase, Chevy, 1943- DVD FIC NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION
Vegas vacation [videorecording] by Chase, Chevy, 1943- DVD FIC VEGAS VACATION
A visitor for Bear by Becker, Bonny E B
The Christmas bears by Conover, Chris. E C
Ten little fingers and ten little toes by Fox, Mem, 1946- E F
Finklehopper Frog by Livingston, Irene, 1932- E L
Wonder Bear by Nyeu, Tao E N
Silly Lilly and the four seasons : a toon book by Rosenstiehl, Agnes. E R
How I learned geography by Shulevitz, Uri, 1935- E S
There are cats in this book by Schwarz, Viviane E S
Stormy weather by Buckley, Geri FIC BUCKLEY
The Paris enigma : a novel by Santis, Pablo de, 1963- FIC DESANTIS
Fallen skies by Gregory, Philippa, 1954- FIC GREGORY
The world according to Bertie by McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- FIC MCCALL SMITH

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New materials added 12/4/2008 - 12/11/2008

A dictionary of computing. by Daintith, John REF 004.03 DICTION OF COMPUTI
Why believe in Jesus? by LaHaye, Tim F. 232.22 LAHAYE
Myths, dreams, and theology in early Christianity by Stitt, Frederick H., 1929- 232.9 STITT
I can't do it all! : breaking free from the lies that control us by Peterson, Tracie 248.8 PETERSON
The book of the dead : the hieroglyphic transcript and translation into English of the Papyrus of Ani by Book of the dead. English. 299.31 BOOK OF THE DEAD
The ten-cent plague : the great comic-book scare and how it changed America by Hajdu, David 302.23 HAJDU
Chicken soup for every mom's soul : new stories of love and inspiration for moms of all ages by Canfield, Jack, 1944- 306.874 CANFIELD
Multiple blessings : surviving to thriving with twins and sextuplets by Gosselin, Jon 306.874 GOSSELI
Best jobs for the 21st century by Farr, Michael 331.702 FARR
Why most things fail : evolution, extinction and economics by Ormerod, Paul. 338.7 ORMEROD
U.S. Marines close-quarters combat manual. by 355.548 U.S. MARINES
The nursing home guide : a doctor reveals what you need to know about long-term care by Schor, Joshua D. 362.16 SCHOR
Bridges out of poverty : strategies for professionals and communities by Payne, Ruby K. 362.5 PAYNE
Bridges out of poverty : strategies for professionals and communities : workbook by DeVol, Philip E. 362.5 PAYNE
The forensic casebook : the science of crime scene investigation by Genge, Ngaire 363.25 GENGE
Creative resources for bulletin boards in the early childhood classroom by Herr, Judy 371.3 HERR
Don't get burned on eBay by Wright, Shauna 381.177 WRIGHT
Post Office jobs : explore and find jobs, prepare for the 473 Postal Exam, and locate all job opportunities by Damp, Dennis V. 383.4973 DAMP
The superorganism : the beauty, elegance, and strangeness of insect societies by Holldobler, Bert, 1936- 595.7 HOLLDOB
Let's play doctor by Leyner, Mark 610 LEYNER
The realAge makeover : take years off your looks and add them to your life by Roizen, Michael F. 613.0434 ROIZEN
The trans fat solution : cooking and shopping to eliminate the deadliest fat from your diet by Severson, Kim 613.2 SEVERSON
Dairy-free & delicious by Davis, Brenda, 1968- 613.26 DAVIS
Carbophobia : the scary truth about America's low-carb craze by Greger, Michael 613.283 GREGER
Overcoming panic attacks / Ray Comfort. by Comfort, Ray 616.85 COMFORT
Your pregnancy week by week by Curtis, Glade B. 618.2 CURTIS
Satellite imagery for the masses : how to use and profit from satellite revolution by Hough, Harold 621.3678 HOUGH
The perennial gardener's design primer by Cohen, Stephanie, 1937- 635.9 COHEN
The lllustrated kitchen bible by Blashford-Snell, Victoria 641.5 ILLUST KITCHEN BIBLE
Wheat-free, gluten-free cookbook for kids and busy adults by Sarros, Connie 641.563 SARROS
101 things to do before you die by Horne, Richard, 1973- 646.7 HORNE
Job searches beyond the big cities : finding employment in medium to small-sized markets by Fuller, Sarah (Sarah Egan) 650.14 FULLER
Chicken soup for the enterepreneur's soul : advice and inspiration on fulfilling dreams by Canfield, Jack, 1944- 658.4 CANFIELD
Shotgunning : the art and the science by Brister, Bob. 683.4 BRISTER
An illustrated life : drawing inspiration from the private sketchbooks of artists, illustrators and designers by Gregory, Danny, 1960- 741 GREGORY
Digital photo projects / Nick Vandome. by Vandome, Nick 778.3 VANDOME
The complete idiot's guide to movies, flicks, and film by Winokur, Mark. 791.43 WINOKUR
Run fast : how to beat your best time every time by Higdon, Hal. 796.42 HIGDON
Combat knife throwing : a new approach to knife throwing and knife fighting by Thorn, Ralph 796.822 THORN
Poacher wars : a Pennsylvania game warden's journal by Wasserman, William. 799.2 WASSERMAN
A dawn like thunder : the true story of Torpedo Squadron Eight by Mrazek, Robert J. 940.54 MRAZEK
America, 1908 : the dawn of flight, the race to the Pole, the invention of the Model T, and the making of a modern nation by Rasenberger, Jim 973.91 RASENBER
The Sun and the moon : the remarkable true account of hoaxers, showmen, dueling journalists, and lunar man-bats in nineteenth-century New York by Goodman, Matthew 974.7 GOODMAN
Almost there : the onward journey of a Dublin woman by O'Faolain, Nuala BIO O'FAOLAIN O'FAOLAIN
Too close to the sun : growing up in the shadow of my grandparents, Franklin and Eleanor by Roosevelt, Curtis, 1930- BIO ROOSEVE ROOSEVE
Tsar [sound recording] by Bell, Ted CD FIC BELL 15CDS 17HRS
Scarpetta [sound recording] by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels CD FIC CORNWELL 12CDS 15HRS
Arctic drift [sound recording] by Cussler, Clive. CD FIC CUSSLER 11CDS 13HRS
Fidelity [sound recording] by Perry, Thomas, 1947- CD FIC PERRY 9CDS 11HRS
Hot mahogany [sound recording] by Woods, Stuart CD FIC WOODS 7CDS 8HRS
Cannonball [videorecording] by DVD FIC CANNONBALL
The Cannonball run [videorecording] by Needham, Hal, 1931- DVD FIC CANNONBALL RUN
Hancock [videorecording] by Berg, Peter, 1964- DVD FIC HANCOCK
Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull [videorecording] by Ford, Harrison, 1942- DVD FIC INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM
The quiet man [videorecording] by Ford, John, 1894-1973 DVD FIC QUIET MAN
Step brothers [videorecording] by Step brothers (Motion picture) DVD FIC STEP BROTHER
Dora the explorer Dora's Christmas! [videorecording] by DVD JUV FIC DORA THE EXPLORER DORA'S
The open boat and other stories by Crane, Stephen, 1871-1900 FIC CRANE
Beowulf. by FIC BEOWULF
Civil War stories by Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914? FIC BIERCE
Blood sins by Hooper, Kay FIC HOOPER
The beast in the jungle and other stories by James, Henry, 1843-1916 FIC JAMES
The treasure by Johansen, Iris FIC JOHANSE
The prince by Machiavelli, Niccolo, 1469-1527 FIC MACHIAVE
Small town Christmas. by Macomber, Debbie FIC MACOMBE
Zack : armed and dangerous by McCray, Cheyenne FIC MCCRAY
Affair by Quick, Amanda FIC QUICK
Midnight : a gangster love story by Souljah, Sister FIC SOULJAH
Everyone worth knowing by Weisberger, Lauren, 1977- FIC WEISBERG
The bottomless belly button by Shaw, Dash GRAPHIC NOVEL BOTTOMLESS
Cul de sac by Thompson, Richard GRAPHIC NOVEL CUL DE SAC
In Odd We Trust. by Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945- GRAPHIC NOVEL IN ODD WE TRUST
Life sucks by Abel, Jessica GRAPHIC NOVEL LIFE SUCKS
The crass menagerie : a Pearls before swine treasury by Pastis, Stephan GRAPHIC NOVEL PEARLS BEFORE SWINE
Too cool to be forgotten by Robinson, Alex, 1969- GRAPHIC NOVEL TOO COOL
Watchmen by Moore, Alan, 1953- GRAPHIC NOVEL WATCHMEN
What it is by Barry, Lynda, 1956- GRAPHIC NOVEL WHAT IT IS
X-Men Divided we stand by Carey, Mike GRAPHIC NOVEL X-MEN DIVIDED WE STAND
Zot!, 1987-1991 : the complete black and white collection by McCloud, Scott, 1960- GRAPHIC NOVEL ZOT!
What to do about Alice? : how Alice Roosevelt broke the rules, charmed the world, and drove her father Teddy crazy! by Kerley, Barbara JUV BIO ROOSEVELT KERLEY
Crafty kids : fun projects for you and your toddler by Hankin, Rosie JUV 745.5 HANKIN
Our White House : looking in, looking out by National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance JUV 975.3 OUR WHTE HOUSE
Chains by Anderson, Laurie Halse JUV FIC ANDERSON
The underneath by Appelt, Kathi, 1954- JUV FIC APPELT
The Penderwicks : a summer tale of four sisters, two rabbits, and a very interesting boy by Birdsall, Jeanne JUV FIC BIRDSALL
The Penderwicks on Gardam Street by Birdsall, Jeanne JUV FIC BIRDSALL
My one hundred adventures by Horvath, Polly JUV FIC HORVATH
The escape of the deadly dinosaur : USA by Hunt, Elizabeth Singer JUV FIC HUNT
The pursuit of the ivory poachers : Kenya by Hunt, Elizabeth Singer JUV FIC HUNT
The puzzle of the missing panda : China by Hunt, Elizabeth Singer JUV FIC HUNT
The secret of the sacred temple : Cambodia by Hunt, Elizabeth Singer JUV FIC HUNT
A purrfect princess by James, Brian, 1976- JUV FIC JAMES
I'm no fraidy cat! by James, Brian, 1976- JUV FIC JAMES
The fishy field trip by James, Brian, 1976- JUV FIC JAMES
Three's a crowd by James, Brian, 1976- JUV FIC JAMES
Diary of a wimpy kid do-it-yourself book by Kinney, Jeff JUV FIC KINNEY
Savvy by Law, Ingrid, 1970- JUV FIC LAW
The tales of Beedle the Bard : a wizarding classic from the world of Harry Potter by Rowling, J. K. JUV FIC ROWLING
The Velveteen Rabbit, or, How toys become real by Bianco, Margery Williams, 1881-1944 JUV FIC WILLIAMS
Star wars, episode 1 : the phantom menace by Wrede, Patricia C., 1953- JUV FIC WREDE
Scarpetta by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels LP FIC CORNWELL
Cruel intent by Jance, Judith A. LP FIC JANCE
Ash Wednesday : a Father Dowling mystery by McInerny, Ralph M. LP FIC MCINERNY
A mercy by Morrison, Toni LP FIC MORRISON
Petals on the river [text (lg print)] by Woodiwiss, Kathleen E. LP FIC WOODIWIS
Social crimes by Hitchcock, Jane Stanton. MYS FIC HITCHCOC
Messenger of truth : a Maisie Dobbs novel by Winspear, Jacqueline, 1955- MYS FIC WINSPEAR
Title by Author Prefix / Call Number
A dictionary of computing. by Daintith, John REF 004.03 DICTION OF COMPUTI
Webster's New World telecom dictionary by Horak, Ray REF 621.382 HORAK
The New York times : the complete front pages 1851-2008 by Bernstein, Richard, 1944- REF 909.8 NEW YORK TIMES
Make room! Make room! by Harrison, Harry, 1925- SF FIC HARRISON
Ants. by Clay, Pat. THE ANTS
J.R.R. Tolkien : [videorecording] Master of the Rings by Cromwell Productions VIDEO 791.4372 J.R.R. TOLKIEN: MASTER
The Rainy day numbers show [videorecording]. by VIDEO JUV 510 MUSICAL
Get ready for math [videorecording] : the wonder of numbers! by Western. VIDEO JUV 510 WONDER
101 dalmatians [videorecording] by Smith, Dodie, 1896- VIDEO JUV FIC 101 DALMATIONS
101 dalmations [videorecording] by Close, Glenn, 1947- VIDEO JUV FIC 101 DALMATIONS
4 classic cartoons [videorecording] by Warner Home Video (Firm) VIDEO JUV FIC 4 CLASSIC CARTOONS
Arthur's baby; plus, D.W.'s baby [videorecording] by Brown, Marc Tolon VIDEO JUV FIC ARTHUR'S BABY
Arthur's chicken pox - Arthur and the true Francine /VHS (Videotape) by VIDEO JUV FIC ARTHUR'S CHICKEN POX
Arthur's new puppy; plus, Buster's dino dilemma [videorecording]. by Brown, Marc Tolon VIDEO JUV FIC ARTHUR'S NEW PUPPY
Arthur's teacher trouble; plus, Arthur's spelling trubble [videorecording]. by Brown, Marc Tolon VIDEO JUV FIC ARTHUR'S TEACHER
Arthur's tooth - Sick as a dog /VHS (Videotape) by VIDEO JUV FIC ARTHUR'S TOOTH
Beauty and the Beast [videorecording] : the enchanted Christmas by O'Hara, Paige VIDEO JUV FIC BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
Boohbah. Comfy armchair [videorecording] by Bernard, Chris. VIDEO JUV FIC BOOHBAH COMFY ARMCHAIR
Cinderella II [videorecording] : dreams come true by Kafka, John VIDEO JUV FIC CINDERELLA II
Dragon Ball Z. World tournament. Junior division [videorecording] by Funimation Productions. VIDEO JUV FIC DRAGONBALL Z WORLD
The Enchanted Christmas [videorecording] by VIDEO JUV FIC ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS
Finding Nemo [videorecording (VHS)] by Stanton, Andrew VIDEO JUV FIC FINDING NEMO
Five weeks in a balloon [videorecording] by Verne, Jules, 1828-1905. Cinq semaines en ballon. English. [Videorecording]. VIDEO JUV FIC FIVE WEEKS IN A BALLOON
The giant of Thunder Mountain [videorecording] by VIDEO JUV FIC GIANT OF THUNDER MOUNTAIN
Go Diego Go! The great dinosaur rescue [videorecording] by Chialtas, George. VIDEO JUV FIC GREAT DINOSAUR RESCUE
Lion, the witch and the wardrobe [VTC]. by VIDEO JUV FIC LION, WITCH AND THE WARDROBE
Little People. Vol. 4, Discovering things that go! [videocassette] by Fisher-Price (Firm) VIDEO JUV FIC LITTLE PEOPLE DISCOVERING
The Lorax [videocassette] by Seuss, Dr. VIDEO JUV FIC LORAX
Sex, love, and you : making the right decision by Lickona, Thomas YA 241.66 LICKONA

Thursday, December 04, 2008

new materials added 11/27/2008 - 12/4/2008

Miracles can be yours today by Robertson, Pat 231.7 ROBERTSO
Rickles' letters by Rickles, Don 808.869 RICKLES
Bob Schieffer's America by Schieffer, Bob 973.92 SCHIEFFE
An introduction to A lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines [sound recording] by Murphy, Molly. CD 811 MURPHY 1CD 29MIN
An Introduction to The Shawl by Cynthia Ozick [sound recording] by Kampe, Adam. CD 813,54 KAMPE 1CD 29MIN
An Introduction to The Thief and the Dogs by Naguib Mahfouz [sound recording] by Murphy, Molly. CD 813.52 MURPHY 1CD 29MIN
An introduction to A wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin [sound recording] by Stone, Dan CD 813.52 STONE 1CD 45MIN
An Introduction to Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson [sound recording] by Stone, Dan CD 813.54 STONE 1CD 52MIN
An Introduction to Old School by Tobia Wolff [sound recording] by Stone, Dan CD 813.54 STONE 1CD 29MIN
An Introduction to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain [sound recording] by Kampe, Adam. CD 818.4 KAMPE 1CD 53MIN
The chronicles of Narnia. Prince Caspian [videorecording] by The chronicles of Narnia (Motion picture) DVD FIC CHRONIL OF NARNIA PRINCE CASPI
Dexter. The first season [videorecording] by Dexter (Television program). Season 1. DVD FIC DEXTER SEASON ONE
Dexter. The second season [DVD] by Benz, Julie, 1975- DVD FIC DEXTER SEASON TWO
Meet Dave [videorecording] by Robbins, Brian, 1963- DVD FIC MEET DAVE
The X-files I want to believe [videorecording]. by DVD FIC X FILES
The cat in the hat [videorecording] by Myers, Mike, 1963- DVD JUV FIC CAT IN THE HAT
Fly me to the moon [DVD] by Curry, Tim DVD JUV FIC FLY ME TO THE MOON
In a blue room by Averbeck, Jim E A
A couple of boys have the best week ever by Frazee, Marla E F
Traction Man is here! by Grey, Mini E G
Traction Man meets Turbodog by Grey, Mini E G
Adele & Simon in America by McClintock, Barbara. E M
SuperHero ABC by McLeod, Bob E M
Caillou :happy holidays! by Pleau-Murissi, Marilyn. E P
Dinosaur vs. bedtime by Shea, Bob E S
Doo-Wop Pop by Schotter, Roni. E S
Jibberwillies at night by Vail, Rachel E V
What does Mrs. Claus do? by Wharton, Kate, 1969- E W
The alcoholic by Ames, Jonathan GRAPHIC NOVEL ALCOHOL
Ultimate X-Men : ultimate collection by Millar, Mark GRAPHIC NOVEL ULTIMATE XMEN
Where's Waldo? : the fantastic journey by Handford, Martin JUV FIC HANDFORD
Leaving Whiskey Bend by Garlock, Dorothy LP FIC GARLOCK
The bodies left behind by Deaver, Jeffery MYS FIC DEAVER
Cross country : a novel by Patterson, James, 1947- MYS FIC PATTERS
The New York times ... almanac. by REF 317.3 NEW YORK TIMES
Alphabet by Van Fleet, Matthew REF JUV 428.1 VAN FLEET
Last Christmas : the private prequel by Brian, Kate, 1974- YA FIC BRIAN

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New materials added 11/21/08-11/27/08

Making a difference by being yourself : using your personality type at work and in relationships by Huszczo, Gregory E. 155.2 HUSZCZO
Nasty people by Carter, Jay 158.2 CARTER
Soul communication : opening your spiritual channels for success and fulfillment by Sha, Zhi Gang 204 SHA
The Duggars : 20 and counting! : raising one of America's largest families-- how they do it by Duggar, Michelle 248.8 DUGGAR
Chicken soup for the couple's soul : inspirational stories about love and relationships by Canfield, Jack, 1944- 306.7 CHICKEN
Old World, New World : Great Britain and America from the beginning by Burk, Kathleen. 327.7304 BURK
Be the change by Endlich, Lisa, 1959- 361.7 ENDLICH
I am not my breast cancer : women talk openly about love & sex, hair loss & weight gain, mothers & daughters, and being a woman with breast cancer by Peltason, Ruth A. 362.196 PELTASO
Gomorrah : a personal journey into the violent international empire of Naples' organized crime system by Saviano, Roberto, 1979- 364.1 SAVIANO
Signing made easy : a complete program for learning sign language, includes sentence drills and exercises for increased comprehension and signing skill by Butterworth, Rod R. 419 BUTTERW
50 common errors : a practical guide for English learners by Marsden, Bob, 1949- 428.2 MARSDEN
Everyday math demystified by Gibilisco, Stan. 510.22 GIBILISC
Lewis Carroll in numberland : his fantastical mathematical logical life : an agony in eight fits by Wilson, Robin J. 510.92 WILSON
Flat belly diet! : a flat belly is about food & attitude, period (not a single crunch required) by Vaccariello, Liz 613.2 VACCARIE
Just in case : how to be self-sufficient when the unexpected happens by Harrison, Kathy, 1952- 613.6 HARRISO
Dr. Susan Love's breast book by Love, Susan M. 618.1 LOVE
A splintered history of wood : belt sander races, blind woodworkers, and baseball bats by Carlsen, Spike, 1952- 620.1 CARLSEN
Barefoot Contessa back to basics : fabulous flavor from simple ingredients by Garten, Ina 641.5 GARTEN
The flavor bible : the essential guide to culinary creativity, based on the wisdom of America's most Imaginative chefs by Page, Karen 641.5 PAGE
The spice merchant's daughter : recipes and simple spice blends for the American kitchen by Arokiasamy, Christina 641.6 AROKIAS
30 things to do when you turn 30 : thirty achievers on turning thirty by Sellers, Ronnie, 1948- 646.7008 SELLERS
Metal crafting workshop by Browning, Marie 745.56 BROWNING
Annie Leibovitz at work / [Annie Leibovitz ; Sharon DeLano, editor.] by Leibovitz, Annie, 1949- 779.2 LEIBOVIT
House and philosophy : everybody lies by Jacoby, Henry. 791.45 JACOBY
Small screen, big picture :'s inside-the-business guide to writing and producing TV by Gervich, Chad 791.4502 GERVICH
I'm proud of you : my friendship with Fred Rogers by Madigan, Tim, 1957- 791.4502 MADIGAN
The lost art of walking : the history, science, philosophy, and literature of pedestrianism by Nicholson, Geoff, 1953- 796.51 NICHOLSO
Promised land by Parini, Jay 810.9 PARINI
Samuel Johnson : the struggle by Meyers, Jeffrey. 828.609 MEYERS
Antarctica : secrets of the southern continent by McGonigal, David, 1950- 919.8 MCGONIGA
Kaputt by Malaparte, Curzio, 1898-1957 940.54 MALAPART
Season's greetings from the White House by Seeley, Mary Evans 973.09 SEELEY
Hamilton's curse : how Jefferson's arch enemy betrayed the American revolution-- and what it means for Americans today by DiLorenzo, Thomas J. 973.4029 DILORENZ
Crossing the continent, 1527-1540 : the story of the first African-American explorer of the American South by Goodwin, Robert, 1969- BIO ESTEVAN GOODWIN
The world is what it is : the authorized biography of V.S. Naipaul by French, Patrick, 1966- BIO NAIPAUL FRENCH
Called out of darkness : a spiritual confession by Rice, Anne, 1941- BIO RICE RICE
Being Elizabeth [sound recording] by Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 1933- CD FIC BRADFOR 11CDS 13HRS
Cross country [sound recording] : [a novel] by Patterson, James, 1947- CD FIC PATTERS 7CDS 8HRS
Getting started in signing [videorecording]. by Costello, Elaine DVD 419.7 GETTING STARTED SIGNING
John Adams [videorecording] by McCullough, David G. John Adams. DVD BIO JOHN ADAMS
Kung fu panda [videorecording] by Stevenson, John, 1959- DVD FIC KUNG FU PANDA
Space chimps by DeMicco, Kirk, direction, writing. DVD JUV FIC SPACE CHIMPS
The tooth book by LeSieg, Theo., 1904- E LESIEG
The cleaner by Battles, Brett FIC BATTLES
The Charlemagne pursuit : a novel by Berry, Steve, 1955- FIC BERRY
Princeps' fury by Butcher, Jim, 1971- FIC BUTCHER
Born to run by Grippando, James, 1958- FIC GRIPPAN
Blue moon by Hamilton, Laurell K. FIC HAMILTO
Stepping into sunlight by Hinck, Sharon FIC HINCK
Your heart belongs to me by Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945- FIC KOONTZ
Chasing faith by Moore, Stephanie Perry FIC MOORE
The spy who came for Christmas by Morrell, David FIC MORRELL
Perfect match by Picoult, Jodi, 1966- FIC PICOULT
Songs of the humpback whale : a novel in five voices by Picoult, Jodi, 1966- FIC PICOULT
Rules of deception by Reich, Christopher FIC REICH
Tribute by Roberts, Nora FIC ROBERTS
Fool moon [sound recording] by Butcher, Jim FOOL MOON
The American Girls Club handbook by Evert, Jodi JUV 790.1 AMERICAN
In Raven we trust by Alfonsi, Alice JUV FIC ALFONSI
Rescue me by Alfonsi, Alice JUV FIC ALFONSI
Step up by Alfonsi, Alice JUV FIC ALFONSI
What you see is what you get by Alfonsi, Alice JUV FIC ALFONSI
Mare in the meadow by Baglio, Ben M. JUV FIC BAGLIO
Pup at the palace by Baglio, Ben M. JUV FIC BAGLIO
Santa Paws by Edwards, Nicholas JUV FIC EDWARDS
The Bobbsey twins' adventure in the country. by Hope, Laura Lee. JUV FIC HOPE
The Bobbsey twins' mystery at school by Hope, Laura Lee. JUV FIC HOPE
The Bobbsey twins: The secret at the seashore by Hope, Laura Lee. JUV FIC HOPE
Escape by Korman, Gordon. JUV FIC KORMAN
Survival by Korman, Gordon. JUV FIC KORMAN
The mystery at Disney World by Marsh, Carole JUV FIC MARSH
Wayside School is falling down by Sachar, Louis, 1954- JUV FIC SACHAR
Runaway to freedom : a story of the Underground Railway by Smucker, Barbara Claassen. JUV FIC SMUCKER
Deadly gift by Graham, Heather LP FIC GRAHAM
Mortal danger and other true cases by Rule, Ann. LP 364.152 RULE
Founding mothers [text (large print)] : the women who raised our nation by Roberts, Cokie LP 973.3092 ROBERTS
First Ladies/Betty Boyd Caroli. by Caroli, Betty Boyd. LP BIO FIRST CAROLI
Dashing through the snow by Clark, Mary Higgins LP FIC CLARK
Artic drift by Cussler, Clive. LP FIC CUSSLER
The blue zone [large print] by Gross, Andrew LP FIC GROSS
Off season by Siddons, Anne Rivers. LP FIC SIDDONS
Scarpetta by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels MYS FIC CORNWEL
Thai die by Ferris, Monica MYS FIC FERRIS
Sweet poison by Hart, Ellen MYS FIC HART
Cruel intent by Jance, Judith A. MYS FIC JANCE
Greasing the pinata by Maleeny, Tim, 1962- MYS FIC MALEEN
Hot mahogany by Woods, Stuart MYS FIC WOODS
American Medical Association complete guide to prevention and wellness : what you need to know about preventing illness, staying healthy, and living longer. by American Medical Association REF 613 AMERICA MEDICAL ASSOCIA
The Penguin state of the world atlas by Smith, Dan, 1951- REF 912 SMITH
Ordinary ghosts by Corrigan, Eireann. YA FIC CORRIGA
I am Rembrandt's daughter by Cullen, Lynn YA FIC CULLEN
Beastly by Flinn, Alex YA FIC FLINN
Before, after, and somebody in between by Garsee, Jeannine YA FIC GARSEE
Shock point by Henry, April YA FIC HENRY
The wild girls by Murphy, Pat, 1955- YA FIC MURPHY
Maximum Ride : saving the world and other extreme sports by Patterson, James, 1947- YA FIC PATTERS
Saints of Augustine by Ryan, Patrick, 1965- YA FIC RYAN