Saturday, June 30, 2018

New Materials 6/24/18 - 6/30/18

Call Number Title Author
BIO MARCIANO STANTON Unbeaten : Rocky Marciano's fight for perfection in a crooked world Stanton, Mike, 1957-
BIO OBAMA RHODES The world as it is : a memoir of the Obama White House Rhodes, Benjamin J., 1977-
E S Oh, the places you'll go! Seuss, Dr.
E Z Crab cab Ziefert, Harriet
FIC LOVECRAFT The call of Cthulhu Lovecraft, H. P. (Howard Phillips), 1890-1937
FIC STEEL Friends forever : a novel Steel, Danielle
JUV BIO HERSCHEL MCCULLY Caroline's comets : a true story McCully, Emily Arnold
JUV BIO MARTIN SCHMIDT Martin de Porres : the rose in the desert Schmidt, Gary D.
JUV BIO YOUSAFZ LANGSTO For the right to learn : Malala Yousafzai's story Langston-George, Rebecca
JUV FIC ACAMPORA How to avoid extinction Acampora, Paul
JUV FIC BLABEY The Bad Guys Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The Bad Guys in Attack of the zittens Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The bad guys in intergalactic gas Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The Bad Guys in Mission unpluckable Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLABEY The bad guys in the furball strikes back Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC BLAKEMO The Water Castle Blakemore, Megan Frazer
JUV FIC MARSHALL In the footsteps of Crazy Horse Marshall, Joseph, 1945-
JUV FIC MESSNER Hurricane Katrina rescue Messner, Kate
JUV FIC STINE Escape from shudder mansion Stine, R. L.
JUV 384.55 OTFINOS Television : from concept to consumer Otfinoski, Steven
JUV 597.903 WILSDON Ultimate reptile-opedia : the most complete reptile reference ever Wilsdon, Christina
JUV 946.9 SCHUETZ Portugal Schuetz, Kari
JUV 948.1 ZOBEL Norway Zobel, Derek, 1983-
JUV 949.12 OWINGS Iceland Owings, Lisa
JUV 949.2 OWINGS The Netherlands Owings, Lisa
JUV 962.9 OWINGS South Sudan Owings, Lisa
JUV 974.7 SCHNOBR New York : The empire state Schnobrich, Emily
JUV 975.2 PERISH Maryland : the old line state Perish, Patrick
JUV 975.6 SWEAZEY North Carolina : the Tar Heel State Sweazey, Davy
JUV 976.8 RECHNER Tennessee : the Volunteer State Rechner, Amy
JUV 978.9 LEAF New Mexico : the land of enchantment Leaf, Christina
JUV 979.4 SCHNOBR California : the Golden State Schnobrich, Emily
JUV 987 SCHUETZ Venezuela Schuetz, Kari
LP BIO WESTOVER WESTOVER Educated : a memoir Westover, Tara
LP FIC SCOTTOL After anna Scottoline, Lisa
LP 303.44 PINKER Enlightenment now : the case for reason, science, humanism, and progress [large print] Pinker, Steven, 1954-
LP 363.28 CANTU The line becomes a river : dispatches from the border Cantu, Francisco (Essayist)
305.5 QUART Squeezed : why our families can't afford America Quart, Alissa
324.973 NANCE The plot to destroy democracy : how Putin and his spies are undermining America and dismantling the West Nance, Malcolm W.
364.152 FOX Conan Doyle for the defense : the true story of a sensational British murder, a quest for justice, and the world's most famous detective writer Fox, Margalit
599.5 PYENSON Spying on whales : the past, present, and future of earth's most awesome creatures Pyenson, Nick
615.9 HANNA ATTISHA What the eyes don't see : a story of crisis, resistance, and hope in an American city Hanna-Attisha, Mona
791.440 BONES Fail until you don't : fight grind repeat Bones, Bobby, 1980-
947.08 RAPPAPO The race to save the Romanovs : the truth behind the secret plans to rescue the Russian imperial family Rappaport, Helen
PB ROMANCE MILLER A Creed in Stone Creek Miller, Linda Lael
PB ROMANCE MILLER The Creed legacy Miller, Linda Lael
FIC BILLING The killing habit Billingham, Mark
FIC DICKSON Guilty pleasure Dickson, Kevin
FIC GIFFIN All we ever wanted : a novel Giffin, Emily
FIC GROFF Florida Groff, Lauren
FIC KEPNES Providence : a novel Kepnes, Caroline, 1976-
FIC MAKKAI The great believers Makkai, Rebecca
FIC OATES Night-gaunts and other tales of suspense Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-
FIC PERRI When Katie met Cassidy Perri, Camille
FIC PUTNEY Once a scoundrel Putney, Mary Jo
FIC ROBARDS The Moscow deception Robards, Karen
FIC SACKS You were made for this Sacks, Michelle, 1980-
FIC WIGGS Between you and me : a novel Wiggs, Susan author.
MYS FIC BELLE Three days missing Belle, Kimberly
MYS FIC DUGONI A steep price Dugoni, Robert
MYS FIC JACKSON Liar, liar Jackson, Lisa
MYS FIC PATTERS Murder in paradise Patterson, James, 1947-


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