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New Materials 6/23/17 - 6/29/17

Call Number Title Author
BIO DEES DEES A lawyer's journey : the Morris Dees story Dees, Morris
BIO PARKER PARKER Life's work : a moral argument for choice Parker, Willie
BIO PETERSON PETERSON All day : a year of love and survival teaching incarcerated kids at Rikers Island Peterson, Liza Jessie
BIO REDDING GOULD Otis Redding : an unfinished life Gould, Jonathan, 1951-
CD FIC CUSSLER 9cds 11.5hrs Nighthawk : a novel from the NUMA Files Cussler, Clive
CD 133.901 BURPO 4cds 5hrs Heaven is for real [sound recording] : a little boy's astounding story of his trip to heaven and back Burpo, Todd
FIC ARMSTRONG Welcome to last chance : a novel Armstrong, Cathleen
JUV BIO ARNOLD SHEINKIN The notorious Benedict Arnold : a true story of adventure, heroism, & treachery Sheinkin, Steve
JUV BIO EARLE NIVOLA Life in the ocean : the story of Sylvia Earle Nivola, Claire A.
JUV BIO WALKER LASKY Vision of beauty : the story of Sarah Breedlove Walker Lasky, Kathryn
JUV FIC O'CONNER How to steal a dog O'Connor, Barbara
JUV FIC ANDERSO Ms. Bixby's last day Anderson, John David, 1975-
JUV FIC AVI Ragweed Avi, 1937-
JUV FIC BARATZ-LO I love you, Michael Collins Baratz-Logsted, Lauren
JUV FIC BARRETT The 100-year-old secret Barrett, Tracy, 1955-
JUV FIC BOWEN Winners take all Bowen, Fred
JUV FIC BRADBURY Outside in Bradbury, Jennifer (Jennifer A.)
JUV FIC BUNKER Felix Yz Bunker, Lisa
JUV FIC BURGIS The dragon with a chocolate heart Burgis, Stephanie
JUV FIC COOPER The Boggart Cooper, Susan, 1935-
JUV FIC COTTRELL BOYCE Sputnik's guide to life on Earth Cottrell Boyce, Frank
JUV FIC COVILLE Jeremy Thatcher, dragon hatcher Coville, Bruce
JUV FIC EDGE The many worlds of Albie Bright Edge, Christopher
JUV FIC ENGLISH Francie English, Karen
JUV FIC GUTMAN Back in time with Thomas Edison : a Qwerty Stevens adventure Gutman, Dan
JUV FIC GUTMAN Mrs. Master is a disaster! Gutman, Dan
JUV FIC HUNTER Broken pride Hunter, Erin
JUV FIC IBBOTSON The secret of platform 13 Ibbotson, Eva.
JUV FIC JAMES Captain Pug : the dog who sailed the seas James, Laura, 1979-
JUV FIC LUPICA Shoot-out : a Comeback Kids novel Lupica, Mike
JUV FIC MACLACH Barkus MacLachlan, Patricia
JUV FIC MARSDEN The gold-threaded dress Marsden, Carolyn
JUV FIC MCLEEF Mal's spell book McLeef, Tina
JUV FIC MESSNER Fergus and Zeke Messner, Kate
JUV FIC PATTERSO Pottymouth & Stoopid Patterson, James, 1947-
JUV FIC PULLMAN The adventures of John Blake : mystery of the ghost ship Pullman, Philip, 1946-
JUV FIC REYNOLDS As brave as you Reynolds, Jason
JUV FIC REYNOLDS Ghost Reynolds, Jason
JUV FIC RILEY King Flashypants and the evil emperor Riley, Andy
JUV FIC RIORDAN The dark prophecy Riordan, Rick
JUV FIC ROBINSON The hero two doors down : based on the true story of friendship between a boy and a baseball legend Robinson, Sharon, 1950-
JUV FIC RODDA Rowan of Rin Rodda, Emily
JUV FIC ROSENBER This is just a test : a novel Rosenberg, Madelyn, 1966-
JUV FIC ROY Yellow star Roy, Jennifer Rozines, 1967-
JUV FIC RUBY The shadow cipher Ruby, Laura
JUV FIC RUSSELL Middle school mayhem Russell, Rachel Renee
JUV FIC SCHLITZ Splendors and glooms Schlitz, Laura Amy
JUV FIC SCHROED Keys to the city Schroeder, Lisa
JUV FIC SMITH The war with Grandpa Smith, Robert Kimmel, 1930-
JUV FIC TOLAN Surviving the Applewhites Tolan, Stephanie S.
JUV FIC TURNAGE Three times lucky Turnage, Sheila
JUV 355.4 PATENT Dogs on duty : soldiers' best friends on the battlefield and beyond Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw
JUV 973.44 KERLEY Those rebels, John and Tom Kerley, Barbara
JUV 973.7 HALE The underground abductor Hale, Nathan, 1976-
LP FIC EVANOVICH Dangerous minds Evanovich, Janet
LP FIC MARTIN Beyond reason Martin, Kat
LP FIC PATTERSON Murder games Patterson, James, 1947-
LP 808.8 SHATNER Spirit of the horse : a celebration in fact and fable Shatner, William
CHINESE YOUNG NAKAE Children bilingual picture book looks pretty and small like a (set of 3 volumes) Nakae, Yoshio.
006.3 KASPAROV Deep thinking : where machine intelligence ends and human creativity begins Kasparov, G. K. (Garri Kimovich)
128.33 MERCIER The enigma of reason Mercier, Hugo
152.4 ULMER The art of fear : why conquering fear won't work and what to do instead Ulmer, Kristen
248.48 FOGLIO Hey God! Foglio, Frank.
302 PRINSTEIN Popular : the power of likability in a status-obsessed world Prinstein, Mitch
305.5 COWEN The complacent class : the self-defeating quest for the American dream Cowen, Tyler
321.9 SNYDER On tyranny : twenty lessons from the twentieth century Snyder, Timothy
327.1209 NAVARRO Three minutes to doomsday : an agent, a traitor, and the worst espionage breach in US history Navarro, Joe
355.0092 BELL It's my country too : women's military stories from the American Revolution to Afghanistan
363.1 CLARKE Warnings : finding Cassandras to stop catastrophes Clarke, Richard A. (Richard Alan), 1951-
364.152 PELISEK The Grim Sleeper : the lost women of South Central Pelisek, Christine
613.2 HENSRUD The Mayo Clinic diet
641.5 GARUTTI Shake Shack : recipes and stories Garutti, Randy
658.4 SUGERMAN The 8 dimensions of leadership : DiSC strategies for becoming a better leader Sugerman, Jeffrey
658.4036 LENCIONI The five dysfunctions of a team : a leadership fable Lencioni, Patrick, 1965-
780.92 HAUPT Mozart's starling Haupt, Lyanda, Lynn
782.4216 MONK Runnin' with the devil : a backstage pass to the wild times, loud rock, and the down and dirty truth behind the making of Van Halen Monk, Noel E.
811 CHEN When I grow up I want to be a list of further possibilities Chen, Chen, 1989-
914.150 TOIBIN Bad blood : a walk along the Irish border Toibin, Colm, 1955-
956.7044 VELICOV Drone warrior : an elite soldier's inside account of the hunt for America's most dangerous enemies Velicovich, Brett
959.704 MCMASTER Dereliction of duty : Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the lies that led to Vietnam McMaster, H. R., 1962-
PEACE PROJECT 808.0427 HIRSCHB Patterns across cultures Hirschberg, Stuart
FIC BARTON The child Barton, Fiona
FIC CAMPBELL Ice Station Nautilus Campbell, Rick (Navy Commander)
FIC CONNOLLY A game of ghosts : a Charlie Parker thriller Connolly, John, 1968-
FIC CULLINAN The beguiled : a novel Cullinan, Thomas
FIC EISLER Zero sum Eisler, Barry
FIC FALLON The confusion of languages Fallon, Siobhan
FIC GABALDON Seven stones to stand or fall : a collection of Outlander fiction Gabaldon, Diana
FIC GARWOOD Wired Garwood, Julie
FIC HUGHES White sand, blue sea : a St. Barts love story Hughes, Anita, 1963-
FIC KELLY Edge of truth Kelly, Brynn
FIC KIETZMAN Every other Wednesday Kietzman, Susan
FIC KIETZMAN The summer cottage Kietzman, Susan
FIC KLAGES Wicked Wonders Klages, Ellen, 1954-
FIC KUBICA Every last lie Kubica, Mary
FIC MACCOLL Swimming home : a novel MacColl, Mary-Rose, 1961-
FIC MAINE Beyond the wild river : a novel Maine, Sarah
FIC MOGGACH Final demand Moggach, Deborah
FIC NOVAK No one but you Novak, Brenda
FIC PUTNEY Once a rebel Putney, Mary Jo
FIC QUINN The girl with the make-believe husband Quinn, Julia, 1970-
FIC STEEL The duchess : a novel Steel, Danielle
FIC THOR Use of force : a thriller Thor, Brad
FIC WILLETT Indian summer Willett, Marcia
FIC WILLIAMS Cocoa Beach : a novel Williams, Beatriz
MYS FIC BERENSON Murder at the puppy fest Berenson, Laurien
MYS FIC EVANOVICH Dangerous minds : a Knight and Moon novel Evanovich, Janet
MYS FIC LEVINE Death of a bachelorette Levine, Laura, 1943-
MYS FIC MARON Take out Maron, Margaret.
MYS FIC PATTERS Murder games Patterson, James, 1947-
MYS FIC QUNN The right side : a novel Quinn, Spencer
YA FIC CAREY Dragon's keep Carey, Janet Lee
YA FIC TAYLOR Mariah Mundi and the ghost diamonds Taylor, G. P.
YA FIC TAYLOR Mariah Mundi : the Midas Box Taylor, G. P.


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