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New Materials 4/7/17 - 4/13/17

Call Number Title Author
BIO CURTIS CURTIS Better than new Curtis, Nicole, 1976-
BIO HART HART Lucky Jim Hart, James (Executive)
BIO HEBEN HEBEN Undaunted : life's toughest battles are not always fought in a war zone Heben, Christopher Mark
BIO LETTERMAN ZINOMAN Letterman : the last giant of late night Zinoman, Jason
BIO LI LI Dear friend, from my life I write to you in your life Li, Yiyun, 1972-
BIO NHAT HANH At home in the world : stories and essential teachings from a monk's life Nht Hnh, Thich
BIO RUMI GOOCH Rumi's secret : the life and times of the Sufi poet Gooch, Brad, 1952-
CD FIC KLEYPAS 8cds 10hrs Devil in spring Kleypas, Lisa
CD FIC MALLERY 8 cds 10hrs A Million Little Things : a Mischief Bay novel Mallery, Susan
CD FIC STEEL 6cds 7.5hrs Dangerous games : a novel Steel, Danielle
CD 973.933 SAVAGE 6cds 7hrs Trump's war : his battle for America Savage, Michael, 1942-
DVD FIC USS INDIANA POLIS USS Indianapolis : men of courage
E B Noisy night Barnett, Mac
E B Triangle Barnett, Mac
E B We are the dinosaurs Berkner, Laurie
E B Pig and Goose and the first day of spring Bond, Rebecca, 1972-
E C I love Mom with the very hungry caterpillar Carle, Eric
E D Pete the cat and the treasure map Dean, James, 1957-
E F One lonely fish Flintham, Thomas
E G Chugga chugga choo choo Garcia, Emma, 1969-
E G Tidy Gravett, Emily
E K I am (not) scared Kang, Anna
E K Green pants Kraegel, Kenneth
E M Goodnight, numbers! McKellar, Danica
E M Over and under the pond Messner, Kate
E N Bird, balloon, Bear Na, Il Sung
E P We're all wonders Palacio, R. J.
E S Too many toys Shannon, David, 1959-
E S Ballet Cat : what's your favorite favorite? Shea, Bob
E S A perfect day Smith, Lane
E W Say hello, Sophie Wells, Rosemary
FIC BRUNSTE The restoration Brunstetter, Wanda E.
FIC HAUCK The wedding shop Hauck, Rachel, 1960-
FIC TESSARO The perfume collector : a novel Tessaro, Kathleen, 1965-
GRAPHIC NOVEL BEST WE COULD DO The best we could do : an illustrated memoir Bui, Thi
JUV BIO BASQUIAT STEPTOE Radiant child : the story of young artist Jean-Michel Basquiat Steptoe, Javaka, 1971-
JUV FIC BARKLEY Marion and the secret letter Barkley, Callie
JUV FIC CALONITA Tricked Calonita, Jen
JUV FIC CARROLL In darkling wood Carroll, Emma, 1970-
JUV FIC CRONIN Dark shadows : yes, another misadventure Cronin, Doreen
JUV FIC GIBBS Panda-monium : a Funjungle novel Gibbs, Stuart, 1969-
JUV FIC GRIFFITHS The 65-story treehouse Griffiths, Andy, 1961-
JUV FIC HAMBURG Hazy Bloom and the tomorrow power Hamburg, Jennifer
JUV FIC HOLUB Hermes and the horse with wings Holub, Joan
JUV FIC HOLUB Nyx the mysterious Holub, Joan
JUV FIC HUNTER Shattered sky Hunter, Erin
JUV FIC KORMAN Payback Korman, Gordon
JUV FIC LEE The balance of power Lee, Stan, 1922-
JUV FIC LEE The dragon's return Lee, Stan, 1922-
JUV FIC MINECRAF Terrors of the forest Cheverton, Mark
JUV FIC MLYNOWSKI Sugar and spice Mlynowski, Sarah
JUV FIC OCONNOR Nancy Clancy, late-breaking news! O'Connor, Jane
JUV FIC PATTERSON Escape to Australia Patterson, James, 1947-
JUV FIC PATTERSON House of robots : robot revolution Patterson, James, 1947-
JUV FIC PATTERSON I funny : School of Laughs Patterson, James, 1947-
JUV FIC PEIRCE Big Nate : what's a little noogie between friends? Peirce, Lincoln
JUV FIC ROY April Fools' fiasco Roy, Ron, 1940-
JUV FIC STILTON The hunt for the hundredth key Stilton, Geronimo
JUV FIC STILTON The smelly search Stilton, Geronimo
JUV FIC STILTON Thea Stilton and the Madagascar madness Stilton, Thea
JUV 551.55 TARSHIS Tornado terror Tarshis, Lauren
JUV 591.6 TARSHIS I survived true stories : nature attacks! Tarshis, Lauren
JUV 910.91634 ADAMS Titanic Adams, Simon, 1955-
JUV 940.53 OSBORNE World War II Osborne, Mary Pope
LP FIC ARMSTRONG A darkness absolute Armstrong, Kelley
LP FIC COGMAN The burning page : an invisible library novel Cogman, Genevieve
LP FIC FRANKEL This is how it always is Frankel, Laurie
128.2 DENNETT Bacteria to Bach and back : the evolution of minds Dennett, Daniel Clement
248.86 STANLEY Finding God's blessings in brokenness : how pain reveals His deepest love Stanley, Charles F.
289.9 GUINN The road to Jonestown : Jim Jones and Peoples Temple Guinn, Jeff
303.48 LEVITAN Not a scientist : how politicians mistake, misrepresent, and utterly mangle science Levitan, Dave
305.42 SOLNIT The mother of all questions Solnit, Rebecca
332.64 COHAN Why Wall Street matters Cohan, William D.
355.033 COHEN The big stick : the limits of soft power and the necessity of military force Cohen, Eliot A.
361.452 CARROLL Down city : a daughter's story of love, memory, and murder Carroll, Leah
362.2 POWERS No one cares about crazy people : the chaos and heartbreak of mental health in America Powers, Ron
362.29 OHLER Blitzed : drugs in the Third Reich Ohler, Norman
364.16 RYDELL The book thieves : the Nazi looting of Europe's libraries and the race to return a literary inheritance Rydell, Anders, 1982-
364.973 HAYES A colony in a nation Hayes, Christopher, 1979-
610.289 DWORKIN Medical catastrophe : confessions of an anesthesiologist Dworkin, Ronald William
616.890092 SEARLS The inkblots : Hermann Rorschach, his iconic test, and the power of seeing Searls, Damion
658.4 SPODEK Leadership step by step : become the person others follow Spodek, Joshua
741.2 STICH Sketch your stuff : 200 things to draw and how to draw them Stich, Jon
791.43 FRANKEL High noon : the Hollywood blacklist and the making of an American classic Frankel, Glenn
814 GLUCK American originality : essays on poetry Gluck, Louise, 1943-
818 COUPLAND Bit rot : stories + essays Coupland, Douglas
917.304 YOGERST 50 states, 5,000 ideas : where to go, when to go, what to see, what to do Yogerst, Joseph R.
973.709 CONROY Lincoln's White House : the people's house in wartime Conroy, James B.
FIC BEATTY The sellout Beatty, Paul
FIC BERRY The Lost Order Berry, Steve, 1955-
FIC BOWEN In Farleigh Field Bowen, Rhys
FIC BOYLAN Long black veil : a novel Boylan, Jennifer Finney, 1958-
FIC CARR Any day now Carr, Robyn
FIC GOODMAN The Finishing School Goodman, Joanna
FIC MESSINEO The fire by night : a novel Messineo, Teresa
FIC MEYERS The widow of Wall Street : a novel Meyers, Randy Susan
FIC PATTERS Two from the heart Patterson, James, 1947-
FIC SCOTTOLINE One perfect lie Scottoline, Lisa
FIC SHATTUCK The women in the castle : a novel Shattuck, Jessica
FIC SHREVE The stars are fire Shreve, Anita
FIC WARD The chosen : a novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Ward, J. R., 1969-
FIC WATTS No one is coming to save us Watts, Stephanie Powell
FIC WHITE The night the lights went out White, Karen (Karen S.)
MYS FIC BALDACCI The fix Baldacci, David
MYS FIC DAZIERI Kill the father : a novel Dazieri, Sandrone, 1964-
MYS FIC HILLERMAN Song of the lion Hillerman, Anne, 1949-
MYS FIC KELLERMAN Heartbreak Hotel : an Alex Delaware novel Kellerman, Jonathan
MYS FIC ROSS Miss Julia weathers the storm Ross, Ann B.
SF FIC FLINT 1636: mission to the Mughals Flint, Eric
SF FIC REYNOLDS Revenger Reynolds, Alastair, 1966-
SF FIC ROBINSON New York 2140 Robinson, Kim Stanley.
SF FIC SCALZI The collapsing empire Scalzi, John, 1969-
YA FIC ANDERSON The astonishing life of Octavian Nothing, traitor to the nation. 1 The pox party Anderson, M. T.
YA FIC ONEILL Asking for it O'Neill, Louise, 1985-
YA FIC SPOONER Hunted Spooner, Meagan
YA FIC ZOBOI American street Zoboi, Ibi Aanu


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