Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Materials 7/22/16 - 7/27/16

Call Number Title Author
BAG FIC CLEGG Did you ever have a family Clegg, Bil
BIO BROWN HIRSHEY Not pretty enough : the unlikely triumph of Helen Gurley Brown Hirshey, Gerri
BIO JACKSON ROBERTSO Stonewall Jackson : the man, the soldier, the legend Robertson, James I.
CD FIC EVANOVI 6cds 7.5hrs The pursuit Evanovich, Janet
CD FIC PATTERS 7cds 8hrs The games Patterson, James, 1947-
CD FIC ROBERTS 9cds 11hrs Bay of sighs Roberts, Nora
CD FIC SILVA 12cds 14.25hrs The black widow Silva, Daniel, 1960-
CD FIC STEEL 7cds 8hrs Magic Steel, Danielle
CD 355.07 ROACH Grunt Roach, Mary
CD 591.5 GRANDIN 13cds 14.5hrs Animals in translation [sound recording] : using the mysteries of autism to decode animal behavior Grandin, Temple
DVD FIC BY THE SEA By the sea [videorecording]
DVD FIC I SAW THE LIGHT I saw the light
DVD FIC NORM OF THE NORTH Norm of the north
JUV FIC METZ S.M.A.R.T.S. and the 3-D danger Metz, Melinda
JUV FIC METZ S.M.A.R.T.S. and the invisible robot Metz, Melinda
JUV FIC METZ S.M.A.R.T.S. and the missing UFO Metz, Melinda
JUV FIC METZ S.M.A.R.T.S. and the poison plates Metz, Melinda
JUV 530.4 SLADE Splat! : Wile E. Coyote experiments with states of matter Slade, Suzanne
JUV 531.112 WEAKLAN Thud! : Wile E. Coyote experiments with forces and motion Weakland, Mark
JUV 531.6 SLADE Zap! : Wile E. Coyote experiments with energy Slade, Suzanne
JUV 621.811 WEAKLAN Smash! : Wile E. Coyote experiments with simple machines Weakland, Mark
LP 791.45 ARMSTRONG Seinfeldia : how a show about nothing changed everything Armstrong, Jennifer Keishin
MYS FIC TYSON Seduction of Miriam Cross : a Delilah Percy Powers mystery Tyson, W A
153.4 GLADWELL Blink : the power of thinking without thinking Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963-
179.9 NUSSBAUM Anger and forgiveness : resentment, generosity, justice Nussbaum, Martha Craven, 1947-
305.242 SMITH Invisible man, got the whole world watching : a young black man's education Smith, Mychal Denzel, 1986-
305.5 ISENBERG White Trash : The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America Isenberg, Nancy
305.800 ANDERSON White rage : the unspoken truth of our racial divide Anderson, Carol (Carol Elaine)
362.198 BAKER Pro-voice : how to keep listening when the world wants a fight Baker, Aspen
364.973 HINTON From the war on poverty to the war on crime : the making of mass incarceration in America Hinton, Elizabeth Kai, 1983-
782.421 SMILEY Before you judge me : the triumph and tragedy of Michael Jackson's last days Smiley, Tavis, 1964-
823.92 MATAR The return : fathers, sons, and the land in between Matar, Hisham, 1970-
973.7 PHOTOGR HISTORY v.I The Photographic history of the Civil War
973.7 PHOTOGR HISTORY v.II The Photographic history of the Civil War
973.7 PHOTOGR HISTORY v.III The Photographic history of the Civil War
973.7 PHOTOGR HISTORY v.IV The Photographic history of the Civil War
973.7 PHOTOGR HISTORY v.V The Photographic history of the Civil War
FIC ABBOTT You will know me : a novel Abbott, Megan E., 1971-
FIC ANDREWS Whitefern Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)
FIC BELL Since she went away Bell, David, 1969 November 17-
FIC GRAHAM Deadly fate Graham, Heather
FIC HARBISON One less problem without you Harbison, Elizabeth M.
FIC HOWELLS The beauty of the end Howells, Debbie
FIC JENSEN The sister Jensen, Louise.
FIC MALLERY Daughters of the bride Mallery, Susan
FIC MIRANDA All the missing girls : a novel Miranda, Megan
FIC MORIARTY Truly madly guilty Moriarty, Liane
FIC OCHSNER The hidden letters of Velta B. Ochsner, Gina, 1970-
FIC PALMER Defender Palmer, Diana
FIC SHRIVER The Mandibles : a family, 2029-2047 Shriver, Lionel
FIC SOLOMON Leaving Lucy Pear Solomon, Anna
FIC STIBBE Paradise Lodge Stibbe, Nina
MYS FIC BERENSON Live and let growl Berenson, Laurien
MYS FIC FAIRSTEIN Killer look Fairstein, Linda A.
MYS FIC MULLER Someone always knows Muller, Marcia
MYS FIC MYERS Tea with jam and dread Myers, Tamar
SF FIC LEWIS Out of the silent planet Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963
SF FIC MARTIN A game of thrones Martin, George R. R.
YA FIC LEE Under a painted sky Lee, Stacey (Stacey Heather)
YA FIC WHITE And I darken White, Kiersten


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