Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Materials 4/15/11 - 4/21/11

Title Author Prefix / Call Number
What? : are these the twenty most important questions in human history, or, is this a game of twenty questions? Kurlansky, Mark 100 KURLANS
Sideways on a scooter : life and love in India Kennedy, Miranda 305.409 KENNEDY
The rights of the people : how our search for safety invades our liberties Shipler, David K., 1942- 323.097 SHIPLER
Crapshoot investing : how tech savvy traders and clueless regulators turned the stock market into a casino McTague, Jim, 1949- 332.64 MCTAGUE
Powering the dream : the history and promise of green technology Madrigal, Alexis, 1982- 338.9 MADRIGAL
Hitman : the untold story of Johnny Martorano, Whitey Bulger's enforcer and the most feared gangster in the underworld Carr, Howie 364.12 CARR
Fairy tale rituals : engage the dark, eerie & erotic power of familiar stories Klein, Kenny, 1955- 398.2 KLEIN
101 quantum questions : what you need to know about the world you can't see Ford, Kenneth William, 1926- 530.12 FORD
Cascadia's fault : the earthquake and tsunami that could devastate North America Thompson, Jerry, 1949- 551.22 THOMPSO
First contact : scientific breakthroughs in the hunt for life beyond Earth Kaufman, Marc 576.8 KAUFMAN
Build your own periscope, flashlight, and other useful stuff Enz, Tammy JUV 620.0078 ENZ
Build your own mini golf course, lemonade stand, and other things to do Enz, Tammy JUV 620.0078 ENZ
Build your own fort, igloo, and other hangouts Enz, Tammy JUV 624.1 ENZ
Build your own car, rocket, and other things that go Enz, Tammy JUV 629.04 ENZ
Easy closets : affordable storage solutions for everyone Provey, Joe 648 PROVEY
What to expect the second year : from 12 to 24 months Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg 649.122 MURKOFF
Biopunk : kitchen-counter scientists hack the software of life Wohlsen, Marcus 660.6 WOHLSEN
The art quilt collection : designs & inspiration from around the world Seward, Linda. 746.46 ART QUILT COLLECT
Hidden alcatraz : the fortress revealed Fritz, Steve R. 770 FRITZ
Snow play : how to make forts & slides & winter campfires plus the coolest Loch Ness monster and 23 other brilliant projects in the snow Ralston, Birgitta 796.9 RALSTON
Max Brand, western giant : the life and times of Frederick Schiller Faust Nolan, William F., 1928- 813.52 NOLAN
This is a book Martin, Demetri 818.607 MARTIN
Lost in Shangri-la : the epic true story of a World War II plane crash into the Stone Age Zuckoff, Mitchell 940.54 ZUCKOFF
Indian voices : listening to Native Americans Owings, Alison 970.004 OWINGS
Drinking with Miss Dutchie : a memoir Breslin, Ed BIO BRESLIN BRESLIN
Bossypants [compact disc] Fey, Tina, 1970- CD BIO FEY FEY
Bossypants Fey, Tina, 1970- BIO FEY FEY
Treasures from the attic : the extraordinary story of Anne Frank's family Pressler, Mirjam BIO FRANK PRESSLE
Red : my uncensored life in rock Hagar, Sammy BIO HAGAR HAGAR
Stories I only tell my friends : an autobiography Lowe, Rob. BIO LOWE LOWE
Jackie as editor [sound recording] : the literary life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Lawrence, Greg CD BIO ONASSIS LAWRENC
The adventures of Mark Twain by Huckleberry Finn Burleigh, Robert E B
Clifford the small red puppy Bridwell, Norman E B
Little Beauty Browne, Anthony, 1946- E B
Fred stays with me Coffelt, Nancy E C
Olivia and the haunted hotel Shepherd, Jodie E F
Olivia and the school carnival Gallo, Tina E F
Sit, Marley, sit! Le Ny, Jeanine E G
Boo, bunny! Galbraith, Kathryn Osebold E G
Diego's International Rescue League Gallo, Tina E G
Marley steals the show Le Ny, Jeanine E G
If you hold my hand Harker, Jillian E H
Iron Man fights back Huelin, Jodi E H
Iron Man vs. Whiplash Huelin, Jodi E H
Build this city! Scholastic Inc. E L
Pooh's snowy day Cecil, Lauren E M
Toy trouble Murray, Kiel E M
Mind your manners Brooke, Samantha E M
My farm friends Minor, Wendell E M
Snow rabbit, spring rabbit : a book of changing seasons Na, Il Sung E N
The mommy book Parr, Todd E P
The family book Parr, Todd E P
The daddy book Parr, Todd E P
A sick day for Amos McGee Stead, Philip Christian E S
Dora's big birthday adventure Silverhardt, Lauryn E S
Whose shoes? : a shoe for every job Swinburne, Stephen R. E S
Welcome to Trucktown Scieszka, Jon E S
The great truck rescue Scieszka, Jon E S
Gone too far Brockmann, Suzanne FIC BROCKMANN
Hiss of death : a Mrs. Murphy mystery Brown, Rita Mae MYS FIC BROWN
The priest's graveyard Dekker, Ted, 1962- FIC DEKKER
Killer listing : A Darby Farr mystery Doudera, Vicki, 1961- MYS FIC DOUDERA
Dead to the world Harris, Charlaine FIC HARRIS
Prince of dreams Kleypas, Lisa FIC KLEYPAS
Quicksilver Quick, Amanda FIC QUICK
Chasing fire Roberts, Nora FIC ROBERTS
Something of value. Ruark, Robert Chester, 1915- FIC RUARK
The druggist of Auschwitz : a documentary novel Schlesak, Dieter, 1934- FIC SCHLESA
Tangled [videorecording] Tangled (Motion picture : 2010) DVD FIC TANGLED
The pale king Wallace, David Foster. FIC WALLACE
Bel-Air dead : a Stone Barrington novel Woods, Stuart MYS FIC WOODS
ACME novelty library 20 Ware, Chris, 1967- GRAPHIC NOVEL ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY
Freeway Kalesniko, Mark GRAPHIC NOVEL FREEWAY
It was the war of the trenches Tardi, Jacques GRAPHIC NOVEL IT WAS THE WAR OF THE TRENCHES
Moto Hagio's a drunken dream and other stories GRAPHIC NOVEL MOTO HAGIOS DRUNKEN DREAM
Moving pictures Immonen, Kathryn GRAPHIC NOVEL MOVING PICTURES
The sky over the Louvre Yslaire, Bernar. GRAPHIC NOVEL SKY OVER THE LOUVRE
The Outfit : a graphic novel Cooke, Darwyn GRAPHIC NOVEL THE OUTFIT
Artichoke tales Kelso, Megan, 1968- GRPAHIC NOVEL ARTICHO TALES
The curse of the blue figurine Bellairs, John JUV FIC BELLAIRS
Let's pretend this never happened : by Jamie Kelly Benton, Jim JUV FIC BENTON
Jake Drake, class clown Clements, Andrew, 1949- JUV FIC CLEMENTS
Jake Drake, know-it-all Clements, Andrew, 1949- JUV FIC CLEMENTS
Mrs. Roopy is loopy! Gutman, Dan JUV FIC GUTMAN
Miss Holly is too jolly! Gutman, Dan JUV FIC GUTMAN
Horrible Harry bugs the three bears Kline, Suzy. JUV FIC KLINE
Plum lovin' Evanovich, Janet MYS FIC EVANOVICH
People Turner, Dee PEACE PROJECT


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