Friday, September 14, 2007

New materials added 9/7/2007 - 9/13/2007

Hinds' feet on high places by Hannah Hurnard 242 HURNARD
"Armies of the Raj : from the mutiny to independence, 1858-1947" by Byron Farwell 306 FARWELL
A random walk down Wall Street : the time-tested strategy for successful investing by Burton Gordon Malkiel 332.6 MALKIEL
Giving : how each of us can change the world by Bill Clinton 361.7 CLINTON
Bulbs for the rock garden by Jack Elliott 635.9 ELLIOTT
"Scandals, vandals, and Da Vincis : a gallery of remarkable art tales" by Harvey Rachlin 759 RACHLIN
Dead certain : the presidency of George W. Bush by Robert Draper 973.931092 DRAPER
Someone to love [sound recording] : a novel by Jude Deveraux CD F DEVERAUX
The manny [sound recording] by Holly Peterson CD F PETERSON
300 [videorecording] DVD FIC 300
Georgia rule [videorecording] by Jane Fonda DVD FIC GEORGIA RULE
"Meet the Robinsons : me, myself, and the Bowler Hat Guy" by Annie Auerbach E A
Sometimes = Algunas veces by Keith Baker E B
Whole world by Christopher Corr E C
Goldilocks and the three bears by Timothy S. Donehoo E D
The little red hen by Timothy S. Donehoo E D
The gingerbread man by Timothy S. Donehoo E D
Meet the Robinsons : keep moving forward by Katherine Emmons E E
How many sharks in the bath? by Bill Gillham E G
Drumheller dinosaur dance by Robert Heidbreder E H
Trucks : whizz! zoom! rumble! by Patricia Hubbell E H
Remembering Grandpa by Uma Krishnaswami E K
Big brown bear = El gran oso pardo by David McPhail E M
Catch me if you can! = A que no me alcanzas! by Bernard Most E M
Penelope and the monsters by Sheri Radford E R
"One is a snail, ten is a crab : a counting by feet book" by April Pulley Sayre E S
"Trout, trout, trout! : a fish chant" by April Pulley Sayre E S
Something to tell the grandcows by Eileen Spinelli E S
Away : a novel by Amy Bloom FIC BLOOM
Deliver me from evil by Mary Monroe FIC MONROE
Songs without words by Ann Packer FIC PACKER
Birds : how to choose and care for a bird by Laura S. Jeffrey JUV 636.68 JEFFREY
Chinese Shar-Pei by Juliette Cunliffe JUV 636.72 CUNLIFFE
Boxers by Lynn M. Stone JUV 636.73 STONE
Doberman pinscher by Lynn M. Stone JUV 636.73 STONE
Rottweilers by Lynn M. Stone JUV 636.73 STONE
Cats : how to choose and care for a cat by Laura S. Jeffrey JUV 636.8 JEFFREY
"Heroes! : draw your own superheroes, gadget geeks & other do-gooders" by Jay Stephens JUV 741.51 STEPHENS
"Monsters! : draw your own mutants, freaks & creeps" by Jay Stephens JUV 743.8 STEPHENS
"The leaping, sliding, sprinting, riding science book : 50 super sports science activities" by Bobby Mercer JUV 796 MERCER
Girls' skateboarding : skating to be the best by Terri Dougherty JUV 796.22 DOUGHERTY
Girls' golf : teeing it up by Heather E. Schwartz JUV 796.352 SCHWARTZ
Girls' snowboarding : showing off your style by Heather E. Schwartz JUV 796.93 SCHWARTZ
Girls' ice hockey : dominating the rink by Tami Johnson JUV 796.962 JOHNSON
Disney high school musical 2 the junior novel by N. B. Grace JUV FIC GRACE
Heartsick by Chelsea Cain MYS FIC CAIN
Drop shot by Harlan Coben MYS FIC COBEN
A killer's kiss by William Lashner MYS FIC LASHNER
Stolen in the night by Patricia J. MacDonald MYS FIC MACDONAL
A wrongful death by Kate Wilhelm MYS FIC WILHELM
The Child's World encyclopedia of the NFL by James Buckley REF JUV 796.332 BUCKLEY


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