Monday, July 15, 2024

New Materials (7/7/24 - 7/13/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO MADOFF BEHAR Madoff: the final word Behar, Richard

CD FIC COULTER 9cds 11.75hrs Flashpoint Coulter, Catherine

CD FIC QUINN 12cds 15hrs The Briar Club [sound recording (CD)] Quinn, Kate

CD FIC ROBOTHAM 9cds 11hrs Storm child [sound recording (CD)] Robotham, Michael

DVD FIC GODZILLA x KONG Godzilla x Kong. The new empire [videorecording (DVD)] Wingard, Adam

DVD FIC IN THE LAND OF SAINTS In the land of saints and sinners [videorecording (DVD)] Lorenz, Robert

DVD FIC LONG GAME The long game  


DVD FIC MOONFALL Moonfall. / DVD/Widescreen  

DVD FIC SPIDER MAN Spider-Man, across the Spider-Verse. / DVD/Widescreen  

JUV 618.92 GRAY The New social story book  

LP FIC VAN PELT Remarkably bright creatures: a novel Van Pelt, Shelby

070.435 HEINZERLING Newshawks in Berlin: The Associated Press and Nazi Germany Heinzerling, Larry

302.231 REEVE Black pill: my strange journey into the darkest corners of the internet Reeve, Elle

320.520 CONASON The longest con: how grifters, swindlers, and frauds hijacked American conservatism Conason, Joe

917.00 RUTLAND Dk Eyewitness National Parks of the USA DK Eyewitness (COR)

FIC CARVER Bad tourists Carver, Caro

FIC COBB The Hollywood assistant Cobb, May

FIC FOLEY The Midnight Feast Hardcover Foley, Lucy

FIC LECOAT Beyond summerland Lecoat, Jenny

FIC MCFADDEN The housemaid is watching McFadden, Freida

FIC QUINN The Briar Club: a novel Quinn, Kate

FIC SILVA A death in Cornwall Silva, Daniel

FIC THANKI A thousand times before: a novel Thanki, Asha

FIC WOOD Ladykiller: a novel Wood, Katherine

MYS FIC CASTILLO The burning Castillo, Linda

MYS FIC LEON A refiner's fire Leon, Donna

YA FIC MCDOWELL Heir, apparently: a novel McDowell, Kara

YA FIC ROBERTS Powerless Roberts, Lauren

Monday, July 08, 2024

New Materials (6/30/24 - 7/6/24)

 Shelf Location         Title                                 Author

JUV FIC OSBORNE Viking ships at sunrise Osborne, Mary Pope

FIC CONDIE                 The unwedding         Condie, Allyson Braithwaite

FIC COULTER         Flashpoint                 Coulter, Catherine

FIC GARDNER         Shadowheart                     Gardiner, Meg

FIC GIFFIN                 The Summer pact: a novel Giffin, Emily

FIC GREEN                 The world after Alice: a novel Green, Lauren Aliza

FIC HARVEY         Last summer on Sunset Lane: a novel Harvey, Kristy Woodson

FIC KAMALI                 The lion women of Tehran Kamali, Marjan

FIC LAUREN                 The paradise problem Lauren, Christina Author

FIC MONAGHAN         Summer romance Monaghan, Annabel

FIC ROBOTHAM         Storm child Robotham, Michael

FIC SANCHEZ         Hombrecito Sanchez, Santiago Jose

FIC SULLIVAN         The cliffs: a novel Sullivan, J. Courtney

MYS FIC ROSENFELT Dog day afternoon Rosenfelt, David

Friday, July 05, 2024

New Materials (6/23/24 - 6/29/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO ELWOOD ELWOOD All the worst humans: how I made news for dictators, tycoons, and politicians Elwood, Phil

BIO MANDELBAUM FOX The talented Mrs. Mandelbaum: the rise and fall of an American organized-crime boss Fox, Margalit

CD FIC ATKINS 12cds 14.75hrs Don't let the devil ride: a novel Atkins, Ace

CD FIC BATTLES 7cds 8.5hrs Stuart Woods' Smolder Battles, Brett

CD FIC CARR 14cds 15.5hrs Red sky mourning. vol. 07 Carr, Jack

CD FIC CASTILLO 8cds 9.5hrs The Burning [sound recording] Castillo, Linda

CD FIC FOLEY 8cds 10.25hrs The midnight feast [sound recording (CD)] Foley, Lucy

CD FIC HANNA 7cds 9hrs Happy Harbor Hanna, Rachel

CD FIC ROSENFELT 7cds 7hrs Dog day afternoon [sound recording(CD)] Rosenfelt, David

CD FIC SHALVIS 7cds 8.75hrs The summer escape: a novel Shalvis, Jill

CD FIC WINGATE 11cds 14hrs Shelterwood [sound recording (CD)] Wingate, Lisa


FIC KASPER Last target standing Kasper, Jason

LP FIC CRICHTON Eruption [large print] Crichton, Michael

LP FIC GRISHAM Camino ghosts: Book 3: Camino Island. Grisham, John

LP FIC HILDERBRAND Swan song [large print] Hilderbrand, Elin

LP FIC JOHANSEN Flashback Johansen, Iris

LP 306.209 MCGRAW We've got issues: how you can stand strong for America's soul and sanity McGraw, Phillip C.

LP 973.927 CHRISTIE What Would Reagan Do?: (Large Print) Christie with Ellis Henican, Chris

303.48 MURGIA Code dependent: living in the shadow of AI Murgia, Madhumita

567.3 LONG The secret history of sharks: the rise of the ocean's most fearsome predators Long, John A.

616.8311 SANDISON Reversing Alzheimer's: the new toolkit to improve cognition and protect brain health Sandison, Heather

791.4572 SETOODEH Apprentice in Wonderland: How Donald Trump and Mark Burnett Took America Through the Looking Glass Setoodeh, Ramin

FIC AKBAR Martyr! Akbar, Kaveh

FIC BERRY Red Star falling Berry, Steve

FIC CARSON Lost Man's Lane: a novel Carson, Scott

FIC COBLE What we hide Coble, Colleen

FIC CRICHTON Eruption Crichton, Michael

FIC FRANCIS Feels like summer: a novel Francis, Wendy

FIC HILDERBRAND Swan song Hilderbrand, Elin

FIC JOHANSEN Flashback Johansen, Iris

MYS FIC JEWELL Breaking the dark: a Jessica Jones crime novel Jewell, Lisa

MYS FIC MOSLEY Farewell, Amethystine: Book 16: an Easy Rawlins mystery. Mosley, Walter Author

SF FIC LIU The dark forest Liu, Cixin

SF FIC LIU Death's end Liu, Cixin