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New Materials (6/9/24 - 6/15/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO MITCHELL POWERS Traveling: on the path of Joni Mitchell Powers, Ann

CD FIC GRAY 7cds 8.75hrs A is for Amish [sound recording (CD)] Gray, Shelley Shepard

CD FIC LAUREN 9cds 11.5hrs The paradise problem [sound recording (CD)] Lauren, Christina

CD FIC STEEL 6cds 7hrs Resurrection [sound recording] Steel, Danielle

CD FIC TOIBIN 8cds 9.5hrs Long Island [sound recording (CD)] Tóibín, Colm

E B Dog vs. Strawberry Buchet, Nelly

E C The spaceman Cecil, Randy Illustrator

E F Come again, pelican Freeman, Don

E H Beach bummer Higgins, Ryan T. 

E I Perfect paper cranes Iwai, Melissa 

E J The cool bean makes a splash John, Jory

E M Mario's big adventure Man-Kong, Mary

E M Meet Mario! Shealy, Malcolm

E R Heatwave Redniss, Lauren

E S Cooking with the Sneetches Geisel, Theodor Seuss

E S Kelp leads the way! Sima, Jessie

E T Ursula upside down Tabor, Corey R.

E W Moving up!: a graduation celebration Wells, Rosemary

BB FRANCESCH Go! block Franceschelli, Christopher

JUV FIC GUTMAN Mrs. Marge is in charge! Gutman, Dan

JUV GRANT V.2 Mimi and the boo-hoo blahs Grant, Shauna J.

JUV LIBENSON Always Anthony Libenson, Terri Author

JUV LINN V.1 Bunnybirds / 1 Linn, Natalie

JUV LINN V.1 Bunnybirds / 1 Linn, Natalie

LP FIC ARMSTRONG The boy who cried bear Armstrong, Kelley

LP FIC ARMSTRONG Murder at Haven's Rock [Large Print] Armstrong, Kelley

LP FIC BIRKELUND A Northern Light in Provence: (Large Print) Birkelund, Elizabeth

LP FIC CHAMBERS Swift River Chambers, Essie

LP FIC COBEN Think twice [large print] Coben, Harlan

LP FIC MALLERY For the love of Summer Mallery, Susan

LP FIC MONAGHAN Summer romance Monaghan, Annabel

LP FIC PATTERSON The 24th hour: Book 24: Women's Murder Club. Patterson, James

LP FIC ROBERTS Mind games: a novel Roberts, Nora

LP FIC ROUDA Under the palms: a novel Rouda, Kaira Sturdivant

LP FIC ROWLEY The Guncle abroad: a novel Rowley, Steven

LP FIC STEEL Only the brave: a novel Steel, Danielle

LP FIC WARE One perfect couple [large print] Ware, Ruth

LP 978.020 DURY Throne of grace: a mountain man, an epic adventure, and the bloody conquest of the American West Drury, Bob

MYS FIC PATTERSON 12 months to live Patterson, James

253 COSPER Land of my sojourn: the landscape of a faith lost and found Cosper, Mike

363.7 STEYER Cheaper, faster, better: how we'll win the climate war Steyer, Tom

781.6609 MCGLORY The other Fab Four: the remarkable true story of the Liverbirds, Britain's first female rock band McGlory, Mary

940.54 DUGARD Taking London: Winston Churchill and the fight to save civilization Dugard, Martin

FIC BALDACCI A calamity of souls Baldacci, David

FIC BELLE The Paris widow Belle, Kimberly

FIC BURKE Clete Burke, James Lee

FIC FOSTER All the summers in between Foster, Brooke Lea

FIC FOSTER The love shack Foster, Lori

FIC LLOYD The final act of Juliette Willoughby: a novel Lloyd, Ellery

MYS FIC SANDFORD Toxic prey Sandford, John

MYS FIC SWANSON A talent for murder: a novel Swanson, Peter

YA FIC CADOW Gather Cadow, Kenneth M.

YA FIC CHEE Kindling Chee, Traci

YA FIC COLE Ariel crashes a train Cole, Olivia A.

YA FIC COLE Dear Medusa Cole, Olivia A.

YA FIC JOHNSON Invisible son Johnson, Kim

YA FIC SOLOMON Past present future Solomon, Rachel Lynn

YA CURATO Flamer Curato, Mike


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