Monday, June 24, 2024

New Materials (6/16/24 - 6/22/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO DANIEL WEAVER Love & whiskey: the remarkable true story of Jack Daniel, his master distiller Nearest Green, and the improbable rise of Uncle Nearest Weaver, Fawn

BIO FAUCI FAUCI On call: a doctor's journey in public service Fauci, Anthony S.

BIO LEADBEATER LEADBEATER The uptown local: joy, death, and Joan Didion: a memoir Leadbeater, Cory

BIO LEDECKY LEDECKY Just add water: my swimming life Ledecky, Katie

BIO SCHNEIDER SCHNEIDER In the form of a question: the joys and rewards of a curious life Schneider, Amy

CD FIC ANDREWS 14cds 17hrs Act of defiance Andrews, Brian

CD FIC KWAN 12cds 15hrs Lies and weddings: a novel Kwan, Kevin

E C The squish Carzoo, Breanna

E D Oddbird's chosen family Desierto, Derek

E M The super Mario Bros. movie: official storybook Moccio, Michael

E Y Interrupting Cow meets the wise quacker Yolen, Jane

CD FIC GRISHAM 9cds 10.5hrs Camino ghosts. vol. 03 Grisham, John

JUV FIC KINNEY Diary of a wimpy kid: the long haul Kinney, Jeff

JUV 629.8 BEATY Rockin' Robots! Beaty, Andrea

MYS FIC CHRISTIE Murder in three acts Christie, Agatha

306.768 PURKIS The autistic trans guide to life Purkis, Yenn

551.21 MATHER Adventures in volcanoland: what volcanoes tell us about the world and ourselves Mather, Tamsin A.

782.421 QUESTLOVE Hip-hop is history Questlove

940.542 GRAFF When the sea came alive: an oral history of D-day Graff, Garrett M.

FIC BONAM YOUNG Out on a limb: a novel Bonam-Young, Hannah

FIC BROWN The devil's fortress Brown, Dale

FIC CARR Red sky mourning Carr, Jack

FIC CENTER The rom-commers Center, Katherine

FIC CHEVALIER The glassmaker Chevalier, Tracy

FIC CONSTANTINE The next Mrs. Parrish: a novel Constantine, Liv

FIC FOLEY The Midnight Feast Hardcover Foley, Lucy

FIC GRANT The nature of disappearing: a novel Grant, Kimi Cunningham


FIC HART Assassins anonymous Hart, Rob

FIC KHONG Real Americans: a novel Khong, Rachel

FIC LINDE The wren in the Holly library Linde, K. A.

FIC LOMBARDO Same as it ever was Lombardo, Claire

FIC MCFADDEN The housemaid is watching McFadden, Freida

FIC MCPHILLIPS When we were silent McPhillips, Fiona

FIC MILLER Lula Dean's little library of banned books: a novel Miller, Kirsten

FIC POOLEY How to age disgracefully: a novel Pooley, Clare

FIC SAGER Middle of the night: a novel Sager, Riley

FIC SHALVIS The summer escape: a novel: Book 6: Sunrise Cove novel. Shalvis, Jill

FIC THAYNE 15 summers later Thayne, RaeAnne

FIC WESTERBEKE A short walk through a wide world Westerbeke, Douglas

FIC WILSON Kittentits Wilson, Holly

FIC WROBLEWSKI Familiaris Wroblewski, David

MYS FIC JURCZYK That night in the library: a novel Jurczyk, Eva

YA FIC ABIKE-IYIM Four Eids and a funeral Àbíké-Íyímídé, Faridah

YA FIC GARBER A curse for true love Garber, Stephanie

YA FIC GARBER Legendary. vol. 02 Garber, Stephanie

YA FIC LU Icon and inferno Lu, Marie

YA FIC MARKUM Love, off the record Markum, Samantha

YA FIC MILLER Dark parts of the universe Miller, Samuel

YA FIC PARK Snowglobe Park, Soyoung

YA FIC PLOZZA The worst perfect moment Plozza, Shivaun

YA FIC WILLIAMS Blood at the root Williams, LaDarrion

YA HYE V.2 See you in my 19th life. V. 2 Hye, Lee

YA OSTERTAG The deep dark Ostertag, Molly Knox

Monday, June 17, 2024

New Materials (6/9/24 - 6/15/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO MITCHELL POWERS Traveling: on the path of Joni Mitchell Powers, Ann

CD FIC GRAY 7cds 8.75hrs A is for Amish [sound recording (CD)] Gray, Shelley Shepard

CD FIC LAUREN 9cds 11.5hrs The paradise problem [sound recording (CD)] Lauren, Christina

CD FIC STEEL 6cds 7hrs Resurrection [sound recording] Steel, Danielle

CD FIC TOIBIN 8cds 9.5hrs Long Island [sound recording (CD)] Tóibín, Colm

E B Dog vs. Strawberry Buchet, Nelly

E C The spaceman Cecil, Randy Illustrator

E F Come again, pelican Freeman, Don

E H Beach bummer Higgins, Ryan T. 

E I Perfect paper cranes Iwai, Melissa 

E J The cool bean makes a splash John, Jory

E M Mario's big adventure Man-Kong, Mary

E M Meet Mario! Shealy, Malcolm

E R Heatwave Redniss, Lauren

E S Cooking with the Sneetches Geisel, Theodor Seuss

E S Kelp leads the way! Sima, Jessie

E T Ursula upside down Tabor, Corey R.

E W Moving up!: a graduation celebration Wells, Rosemary

BB FRANCESCH Go! block Franceschelli, Christopher

JUV FIC GUTMAN Mrs. Marge is in charge! Gutman, Dan

JUV GRANT V.2 Mimi and the boo-hoo blahs Grant, Shauna J.

JUV LIBENSON Always Anthony Libenson, Terri Author

JUV LINN V.1 Bunnybirds / 1 Linn, Natalie

JUV LINN V.1 Bunnybirds / 1 Linn, Natalie

LP FIC ARMSTRONG The boy who cried bear Armstrong, Kelley

LP FIC ARMSTRONG Murder at Haven's Rock [Large Print] Armstrong, Kelley

LP FIC BIRKELUND A Northern Light in Provence: (Large Print) Birkelund, Elizabeth

LP FIC CHAMBERS Swift River Chambers, Essie

LP FIC COBEN Think twice [large print] Coben, Harlan

LP FIC MALLERY For the love of Summer Mallery, Susan

LP FIC MONAGHAN Summer romance Monaghan, Annabel

LP FIC PATTERSON The 24th hour: Book 24: Women's Murder Club. Patterson, James

LP FIC ROBERTS Mind games: a novel Roberts, Nora

LP FIC ROUDA Under the palms: a novel Rouda, Kaira Sturdivant

LP FIC ROWLEY The Guncle abroad: a novel Rowley, Steven

LP FIC STEEL Only the brave: a novel Steel, Danielle

LP FIC WARE One perfect couple [large print] Ware, Ruth

LP 978.020 DURY Throne of grace: a mountain man, an epic adventure, and the bloody conquest of the American West Drury, Bob

MYS FIC PATTERSON 12 months to live Patterson, James

253 COSPER Land of my sojourn: the landscape of a faith lost and found Cosper, Mike

363.7 STEYER Cheaper, faster, better: how we'll win the climate war Steyer, Tom

781.6609 MCGLORY The other Fab Four: the remarkable true story of the Liverbirds, Britain's first female rock band McGlory, Mary

940.54 DUGARD Taking London: Winston Churchill and the fight to save civilization Dugard, Martin

FIC BALDACCI A calamity of souls Baldacci, David

FIC BELLE The Paris widow Belle, Kimberly

FIC BURKE Clete Burke, James Lee

FIC FOSTER All the summers in between Foster, Brooke Lea

FIC FOSTER The love shack Foster, Lori

FIC LLOYD The final act of Juliette Willoughby: a novel Lloyd, Ellery

MYS FIC SANDFORD Toxic prey Sandford, John

MYS FIC SWANSON A talent for murder: a novel Swanson, Peter

YA FIC CADOW Gather Cadow, Kenneth M.

YA FIC CHEE Kindling Chee, Traci

YA FIC COLE Ariel crashes a train Cole, Olivia A.

YA FIC COLE Dear Medusa Cole, Olivia A.

YA FIC JOHNSON Invisible son Johnson, Kim

YA FIC SOLOMON Past present future Solomon, Rachel Lynn

YA CURATO Flamer Curato, Mike

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

New Materials (6/2/24 - 6/8/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

E C Just like Millie Castillo, Lauren

E C Maisy goes to the eye doctor Cousins, Lucy

E H Bubbly beautiful Kitty-Corn Hale, Shannon

E H Finding things Henkes, Kevin

E H When Rosie walks George Hest, Amy

E L Go and get with Rex LaRochelle, David

E L Built to last Lê, Minh

E N For our daughters Nyoko, Mel

E P Peppa Pig and the nature walk.  

E P Moo hoo Perrott, Audrey

E R The truth about the couch Rubin, Adam

E S Oh, are you awake? Shea, Bob

E S A maleta full of treasures Sylvester, Natalia

JUV FIC MILLER Magnolia Wu unfolds it all Miller, Chanel

JUV FIC MILLINGTON Olivetti Millington, Allie

JUV FIC OSBORNE Windy night with wild horses Osborne, Mary Pope

JUV FIC RIORDAN Percy Jackson's Greek Gods Riordan, Rick.

JUV FIC WEST Cave of the Crystal dragon West, Tracey

JUV BRALLIER V.2 The last comics on Earth: 2: too many villains! Brallier, Max

JUV BROSGOL Plain Jane and the mermaid Brosgol, Vera Artist

JUV TATULLI The eXpets. V.1 Tatulli, Mark

JUV ZAYID Shiny misfits Zayid, Maysoon

JUV 791.43 BRAY Marvel Studios character encyclopedia Bray, Adam

JUV 796.5 RINELLA Catch a crayfish, count the stars: fun projects, skills, and adventures for outdoor kids Rinella, Steven

MYS FIC KELLERMAN The Beast Kellerman, Faye

MANGA TOKYO V.1 Tokyo these days. V. 1 Matsumoto, Taiyō

YA GOOCH In utero Gooch, Chris Artist

YA HA The fox maidens Ha, Robin Artist

YA HAUGHT The baker and the bard: a cozy fantasy adventure Haught, Fern

YA NERI Safe passage Neri, Greg

YA SAADE Just another story: a graphic migration account Saade, Ernesto Artist

YA STARKS Karate prom Starks, Kyle

YA XUNISE Punk rock karaoke Xunise, Bianca

Monday, June 03, 2024

New Materials (5/26/24 - 6/1/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

ADULT ISHIGURO The summer we crossed Europe in the rain: lyrics for Stacey Kent Ishiguro, Kazuo

BIO EISENHOWER PARADIS The light of battle: Eisenhower, D-Day, and the birth of the American superpower Paradis, Michel

BIO GOODWIN GOODWIN An unfinished love story: a personal history of the 1960s Goodwin, Doris Kearns

BIO LYON LYON The chair and the valley: a memoir of trauma, healing, and the outdoors Lyon, Banning

BIO WHITLOCK FRANCIS Fat Leonard: how one man bribed, bilked, and seduced the U.S. Navy Whitlock, Craig

CD FIC CUSSLER 10CDS 11.5HRS Clive Cussler's the Heist (CD) [CD book] Cussler, Clive

CD FIC KING 17CDS 20HRS You Like It Darker: stories King, Stephen

CD FIC WARE 12CDS 14HRS One perfect couple Ware, Ruth

DVD FIC ANYONE BUT YOU Anyone but you [videorecording (DVD)] Gluck, Will

E B Bluey: mini Bluey  

FIC KASPER The Enemies of my Country  

FIC NAPOLITANO Within arm's reach: a novel Napolitano, Ann

CD 973.711 LAWSON 14CDS 17.5HRS The Demon of Unrest (CD) [CD book] Larson, Erik

JUV FIC HIGGINS Fireworks night Higgins, Cam

JUV FIC HIGGINS Herd you loud and clear Higgins, Cam

JUV FIC HIGGINS Home is where the heart is Higgins, Cam

JUV FIC HIGGINS Life is good Higgins, Cam

JUV FIC HIGGINS Raised in a barn Higgins, Cam

JUV FIC HIGGINS The swimming hole Higgins, Cam

JUV GRAVEL V.2 Arlo & Pips V.2: Join the crow crowd! Gravel, Elise

JUV GRAVEL V.3 Arlo & Pips. V. 3, New kids in the flock Gravel, Elise

JUV MINECRAFT STORIES V.1 Minecraft: V. 1.: stories from the overworld.  

JUV MINECRAFT STORIES V.2 Minecraft: V. 2: stories from the overworld.  

JUV MINECRAFT STORIES V.3 Minecraft: V. 3: stories from the overworld.  

JUV MY LITTLE PONY CLASSICS V.1 My little pony V.1: little fillies Brown, Megan

JUV MY LITTLE PONY CLASSICS V.2 My little pony V.2: little fillies Brown, Megan

JUV MY LITTLE PONY CLASSICS V.3 My little pony V.3: little fillies Brown, Megan

JUV MY LITTLE PONY CLASSICS V.4 My little pony V.4: little fillies Brown, Megan

JUV 612.661 NAIK The girl's guide to growing up Naik, Anita

JUV 612.661 WILKINSON The boy's guide to growing up Wilkinson, Phil

LP BIO BOSKER BOSKER Get the picture: a mind-bending journey among the inspired artists and obsessive art fiends who taught me how to see Bosker, Bianca

306.874 HARRISON Father to daughter: life lessons on raising a girl Harrison, Harry H.

612.8 DOW The brain fog fix: reclaim your focus, memory, and joy in just 3 weeks Dow, Mike

649.1 SKENAZY Free-range kids: how parents and teachers can let go and let grow Skenazy, Lenore

811 BRIK My father's eyes my mother's rage Brik, Rose.

152.46 SCHAPIRA Lessons from the climate anxiety counseling booth: how to live with care and purpose in an endangered world Schapira, Kate

200.19 MCLAREN Life after doom: wisdom and courage for a world falling apart McLaren, Brian D.

305.800 MCMILLAN The white bonus: five families and the cash value of racism in America McMillan, Tracie

320.53 FINCHELSTEIN The wannabe fascists: a guide to understanding the greatest threat to democracy Finchelstein, Federico

320.9 SANGER New cold wars: China's rise, Russia's invasion, and America's struggle to defend the West Sanger, David E.

335.412 SAITO Slow down: the degrowth manifesto Saitō, Kōhei

362.870 BITTLE The great displacement: climate change and the next American migration Bittle, Jake

371.334 KHAN Brave New Words: How AI Will Revolutionize Education (and Why That's a Good Thing) Khan, Salman.

559.89 STUMP Otherworldly Antarctica: ice, rock, and wind at the Polar extreme Stump, Edmund

616.97 QUEGUET The complete guide to allergies: recognizing and treating today's most common and unusual allergens Quéquet, Catherine

641.595 MASSIH Keep it zesty: a celebration of Lebanese flavors & culture from Edy's Grocer Massih, Edy

649.4 SONG Healthy kids, happy kids: an integrative pediatrician's guide to whole child resilience Song, Elisa

796.357 MARTINO The Yankee way: the untold inside story of the Brian Cashman era Martino, Andy

818.602 MAHER What this comedian said will shock you Maher, Bill

940.54 ALEXANDER Skies of thunder: the deadly world war II mission over the roof of the world Alexander, Caroline

940.54 HOLLAND Burma '44: the battle that turned Britain's war in the East Holland, James

941.608 HEMMING Four shots in the night: a true story of spies, murder, and justice in Northern Ireland Hemming, Henry

966.9 ASAKITIKPI Modern Nigeria Asakitikpi, Alex Egodotaye

973.711 GRINSPAN Wide awake: the forgotten force that elected Lincoln and spurred the Civil War Grinspan, Jon

975.3 MEAD The hidden history of the White House Mead, Corey

FIC KELLEY The seaside sisters Kelley, Pamela M.

FIC MALLERY For the love of Summer Mallery, Susan

FIC SYKES Wives Like Us Sykes, Plum

FIC WINGATE Shelterwood: a novel Wingate, Lisa

MYS FIC ALBERT Forget me never Albert, Susan Wittig

MYS FIC BATTLES Stuart Woods' Smolder Battles, Brett

MYS FIC FLETCHER Murder backstage: a novel Fletcher, Jessica

MYS FIC WHITE One deadly eye White, Randy Wayne

MYS FIC WINSPEAR The comfort of ghosts Winspear, Jacqueline

YA FIC MORRIS Annie Leblanc is not dead yet Morris, Molly