Wednesday, May 29, 2024

New Materials (5/19/24 - 5/25/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO ASANTE ASANTE Nephew: a memoir in four-part harmony Asante, MK

BIO BESSETTE- KENNEDY BELLER Once upon a time: the captivating life of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy Beller, Elizabeth

BIO COE COE Brother. do. you. love. me. Coe, Manni

BIO ERVIN ERVIN Rabbit heart: a mother's murder, a daughter's story Ervin, Kristine S.

BIO KERSHAW MCCULLOU The last of his kind: Clayton Kershaw and the burden of greatness McCullough, Andy

BIO TAN TAN The backyard bird chronicles: a nature journal Tan, Amy

E B Ahoy! Blackall, Sophie

E D Changes for Riley  

E D Crunch, the shy dinosaur Dunlap, Cirocco

E D Riley's new world McCullough, Kathy

E D The perfect place de la Peña, Matt

E F Do you even know me? Faruqi, Reem

E G Proper Badger would never! Glattly, Lauren

E H Spider in the well Hannigan, Jess

E K Monster hands Kane, Karen

E L Game on! Foxe, Steve

E M Lola meets the bees McQuinn, Anna

E M Not perfect Myers, Maya

E S If I drove an ice cream truck Heim, Alastair

E W Summer is here Watson, Renée

BB CARLE Mister Seahorse's ocean friends: a touch-and-feel book Carle, Eric Illustrator

JUV BIO SWIFT ANDERSON Who is Taylor Swift? Anderson, Kirsten

JUV FIC CURRIE The mystery of locked rooms Currie, Lindsay

JUV FIC KESSLER Code name Kingfisher Kessler, Liz

LP FIC GARDNER Still see you everywhere Gardner, Lisa

153.6 NOWICKI Raising a socially successful child: teaching kids the nonverbal language they need to communicate, connect, and thrive Nowicki, Stephen

232.96 HALIK The Afternoon of Christianity: the courage to change Halík, Tomáš

304.6 JUNGER In my time of dying: how I came face-to-face with the idea of an afterlife Junger, Sebastian

305.6 QURESHI Being Muslim today: reclaiming the faith from orthodoxy and islamophobia Qureshi, Saqib Iqbal

306.9 ARTHUR Briefly perfectly human: making an authentic life by getting real about the end Arthur, Alua

335.830 JOHNSON The infernal machine: a true story of dynamite, terror, and the rise of the modern detective Johnson, Steven

335.8309 WILLRICH American anarchy: the epic struggle between immigrant radicals and the US government at the dawn of the twentieth century Willrich, Michael

347.73 MCMAHON A Supreme Court unlike any other: the deepening divide between the justices and the people McMahon, Kevin J.

362.104 ELLIOT The occasional human sacrifice: medical experimentation and the price of saying no Elliott, Carl

363.124 HIGGINBO Challenger: a true story of heroism and disaster on the edge of space Higginbotham, Adam

612.664 THORNTON Tits up: what sex workers, milk bankers, plastic surgeons, bra designers, and witches tell us about breasts Thornton, Sarah

616.8 GLEASON A life impossible: living with ALS: finding peace and wisdom within a fragile existence Gleason, Steve

915.204 RICHMOND Japan 2024  

937 KING The shortest history of Italy: 3,000 years from the Romans to the Renaissance to a modern republic--a retelling for our times King, Ross

943.108 HOYER Beyond the wall: a history of East Germany Hoyer, Katja

973.099 STEPHANO The situation room: the inside story of presidents in crisis Stephanopoulos, George

974.710 ANBINDER Plentiful country: the great potato famine and the making of Irish New York Anbinder, Tyler

FIC FINLAY If something happens to me: a novel Finlay, Alex

FIC GRISHAM Camino ghosts Grisham, John

FIC HIGGINS Look on the bright side Higgins, Kristan

FIC HOSTIN Summer on Highland Beach: a novel Hostin, Sunny

FIC ILES Southern man: a novel. Iles, Greg

FIC RINDELL Summer Fridays: a novel Rindell, Suzanne

FIC WEIR The passionate Tudor: a novel of Queen Mary I Weir, Alison

MYS FIC COBEN Think twice Coben, Harlan

MYS FIC JOHNSON First frost Johnson, Craig

MYS FIC PATTERSON The 24th hour Patterson, James


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