Wednesday, May 29, 2024

New Materials (5/19/24 - 5/25/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO ASANTE ASANTE Nephew: a memoir in four-part harmony Asante, MK

BIO BESSETTE- KENNEDY BELLER Once upon a time: the captivating life of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy Beller, Elizabeth

BIO COE COE Brother. do. you. love. me. Coe, Manni

BIO ERVIN ERVIN Rabbit heart: a mother's murder, a daughter's story Ervin, Kristine S.

BIO KERSHAW MCCULLOU The last of his kind: Clayton Kershaw and the burden of greatness McCullough, Andy

BIO TAN TAN The backyard bird chronicles: a nature journal Tan, Amy

E B Ahoy! Blackall, Sophie

E D Changes for Riley  

E D Crunch, the shy dinosaur Dunlap, Cirocco

E D Riley's new world McCullough, Kathy

E D The perfect place de la Peña, Matt

E F Do you even know me? Faruqi, Reem

E G Proper Badger would never! Glattly, Lauren

E H Spider in the well Hannigan, Jess

E K Monster hands Kane, Karen

E L Game on! Foxe, Steve

E M Lola meets the bees McQuinn, Anna

E M Not perfect Myers, Maya

E S If I drove an ice cream truck Heim, Alastair

E W Summer is here Watson, Renée

BB CARLE Mister Seahorse's ocean friends: a touch-and-feel book Carle, Eric Illustrator

JUV BIO SWIFT ANDERSON Who is Taylor Swift? Anderson, Kirsten

JUV FIC CURRIE The mystery of locked rooms Currie, Lindsay

JUV FIC KESSLER Code name Kingfisher Kessler, Liz

LP FIC GARDNER Still see you everywhere Gardner, Lisa

153.6 NOWICKI Raising a socially successful child: teaching kids the nonverbal language they need to communicate, connect, and thrive Nowicki, Stephen

232.96 HALIK The Afternoon of Christianity: the courage to change Halík, Tomáš

304.6 JUNGER In my time of dying: how I came face-to-face with the idea of an afterlife Junger, Sebastian

305.6 QURESHI Being Muslim today: reclaiming the faith from orthodoxy and islamophobia Qureshi, Saqib Iqbal

306.9 ARTHUR Briefly perfectly human: making an authentic life by getting real about the end Arthur, Alua

335.830 JOHNSON The infernal machine: a true story of dynamite, terror, and the rise of the modern detective Johnson, Steven

335.8309 WILLRICH American anarchy: the epic struggle between immigrant radicals and the US government at the dawn of the twentieth century Willrich, Michael

347.73 MCMAHON A Supreme Court unlike any other: the deepening divide between the justices and the people McMahon, Kevin J.

362.104 ELLIOT The occasional human sacrifice: medical experimentation and the price of saying no Elliott, Carl

363.124 HIGGINBO Challenger: a true story of heroism and disaster on the edge of space Higginbotham, Adam

612.664 THORNTON Tits up: what sex workers, milk bankers, plastic surgeons, bra designers, and witches tell us about breasts Thornton, Sarah

616.8 GLEASON A life impossible: living with ALS: finding peace and wisdom within a fragile existence Gleason, Steve

915.204 RICHMOND Japan 2024  

937 KING The shortest history of Italy: 3,000 years from the Romans to the Renaissance to a modern republic--a retelling for our times King, Ross

943.108 HOYER Beyond the wall: a history of East Germany Hoyer, Katja

973.099 STEPHANO The situation room: the inside story of presidents in crisis Stephanopoulos, George

974.710 ANBINDER Plentiful country: the great potato famine and the making of Irish New York Anbinder, Tyler

FIC FINLAY If something happens to me: a novel Finlay, Alex

FIC GRISHAM Camino ghosts Grisham, John

FIC HIGGINS Look on the bright side Higgins, Kristan

FIC HOSTIN Summer on Highland Beach: a novel Hostin, Sunny

FIC ILES Southern man: a novel. Iles, Greg

FIC RINDELL Summer Fridays: a novel Rindell, Suzanne

FIC WEIR The passionate Tudor: a novel of Queen Mary I Weir, Alison

MYS FIC COBEN Think twice Coben, Harlan

MYS FIC JOHNSON First frost Johnson, Craig

MYS FIC PATTERSON The 24th hour Patterson, James

Friday, May 24, 2024

New Materials (5/12/24 - 5/18/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

ADULT BIO HULLS Feeding ghosts: a graphic memoir Hulls, Tessa

ADULT BIO SIMONE Nina Simone in comics Adriansen, Sophie

ADULT BIO VELLEKOOP I'm so glad we had this time together: a memoir Vellekoop, Maurice

ADULT BIO WEIWEI Zodiac: a graphic memoir Ai, Weiwei

ADULT BIO WILLIAMS What's wrong?: personal histories of chronic pain and bad medicine Williams, Erin

ADULT BULLING Firebugs Bulling, Nino

ADULT CORMAN Victory parade Corman, Leela, Author Artist

ADULT FERRIS V.1 My favorite thing is monsters Book one Ferris, Emil

ADULT FERRIS V.2 My favorite thing is monsters Book two Ferris, Emil

ADULT MILLAR Big game Millar, Mark

ADULT SATRAPI Woman, life, freedom Satrapi, Marjane

ADULT SMALL The werewolf at dusk: and other stories Small, David

BIO TADA TADA Joni: an unforgettable story Tada, Joni Eareckson

CD FIC CLARK 7.5hrs 7cds It had to be you [sound recording (CD)] Clark, Mary Higgins

DVD FIC BEEKEEPER The beekeeper  




FIC ASHLEY Night's touch Ashley, Amanda

FIC CAPOTE Answered prayers Capote, Truman

FIC HUANG Twisted games Huang, Ana

FIC HUANG Twisted hate Huang, Ana

FIC HUANG Twisted lies Huang, Ana

FIC HUANG Twisted love Huang, Ana

FIC LESCROART The Ophelia cut: a novel Lescroart, John T.

FIC TURNER Sarah's quilt: the novel of Sarah Agnes Prine and the Arizona territories, 1906 Turner, Nancy E.

FIC TURNER The star garden: a novel of Sarah Agnes Prine Turner, Nancy E.

FIC TURNER These is my words: the diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901: Arizona territories: a novel Turner, Nancy E.

LP FIC ANDREWS Summers at the Saint Andrews, Mary Kay

LP FIC BROWN Feline fatale: a Mrs. Murphy mystery Brown, Rita Mae

LP FIC BURNS Mercury: a novel Burns, Amy Jo

LP FIC CHARLES Miss Morgan's Book Brigade [large print] Charles, Janet Skeslillen

LP FIC DAILEY Lone Oaks crossing Dailey, Janet

LP FIC DEVERAUX An unfinished murder: a detective mystery Deveraux, Jude

LP FIC FORTUNE This summer will be different Fortune, Carley

LP FIC GARVIN Crow talk: a novel Garvin, Eileen

LP FIC HEPWORTH Darling girls: a novel Hepworth, Sally

LP FIC HOOOD The stolen child: a novel Hood, Ann

LP FIC KAPELKE DALE The fortune seller: a novel Kapelke-Dale, Rachel

LP FIC SANDFORD Toxic prey Sandford, John

158 KISHIMI The courage to be disliked: the japanese phenomenon that shows you how to change your life and achieve real happiness Kishimi, Ichiro

303.48 MOLLICK Co-intelligence: living and working with AI Mollick, Ethan

613.25 PERRINE The full-body fat fix: the science-based 7-day plan to cool inflammation, heal your gut, and build a healthier, leaner you Perrine, Stephen

641.5 BLANCO Open wide: a cookbook for friends Blanco, Benny

737.4973 YEOMAN Handbook of United States coin  

810.989 ABE The literature of Japanese American incarceration  

FIC BRADLEY The ministry of time: a novel Bradley, Kaliane

FIC COMEY Westport Comey, James B., Jr.

FIC FORTUNE This summer will be different Fortune, Carley

FIC GRAHAM Death Behind Every Door. Graham, Heather

FIC KING You Like It Darker: Stories. King, Stephen

FIC KWAN Lies and weddings: a novel Kwan, Kevin

FIC LAUREN The paradise problem Lauren, Christina

FIC MACNEAL The last hope: a novel MacNeal, Susan Elia

FIC OATES Butcher: father of modern gyno-psychiatry: a novel Oates, Joyce Carol

FIC ROBERTS Mind games Roberts, Nora

FIC ROBERTS The best life book club Roberts, Sheila

FIC ROBERTS The best life book club Roberts, Sheila

FIC ROSE Home is where the bodies are Rose, Jeneva

FIC ROTH When among crows Roth, Veronica

FIC ROWLEY The guncle abroad: a novel Rowley, Steven

FIC SCORE The blast from the past Score, Lucy

FIC SHAARA The shadow of war: a novel of the Cuban Missile Crisis Shaara, Jeff

FIC SHENJE The Library Thief Shenjé, Kuchenga

FIC TYREE Control Tyree, Omar

FIC WARE One perfect couple Ware, Ruth

FIC WHITE The last time she saw him: a novel White, Kate

FIC WOOD How to read a book Wood, Monica

FIC ZYZAK The lady waiting Zyzak, Magdalena

MYS FIC HAINES Lights, camera, bones Haines, Carolyn

MYS FIC SOLVINIC The hunter's daughter Solvinic, Nicola

MYS FIC TURTON The last murder at the end of the world: a novel Turton, Stuart

YA FIC MAAS Queen of shadows: a throne of glass novel Maas, Sarah J.

Monday, May 13, 2024

New Materials (5/5/24 - 5/11/24)

Shelf Location         Title                 Author

ADULT STEPHENS Dwellings Stephens, Jay

CD FIC ANDREWS 12cds 14.5hrs Summers at the Saint [sound recording (CD)] Andrews, Mary Kay

CD FIC BARCLAY 8cds 9.5hrs I Will Ruin You Barclay, Linwood

CD FIC CHIAVERINI 9cds 10.75hrs The Museum of Lost Quilts. vol. 22 Chiaverini, Jennifer

CD FIC HENRY 9cds 11.5hrs Funny Story Henry, Emily

CD FIC HEPWORTH 8cds 9hrs Darling girls Hepworth, Sally

CD FIC ROBERTS 12cds 15hrs Mind Games (CD) [CD book] Roberts, Nora

CD FIC SANDFORD 9cds 11.5hrs Toxic Prey [sound recording (CD)] Sandford, John

CD FIC STEEL 7hrs 6cds Only the Brave [sound recording (CD)] Steel, Danielle

DVD FIC COLOR PURPLE The Color Purple [videorecording (DVD)] Bazawule, Blitz

E D The Woolly Bear Caterpillar Donaldson, Julia, Author

E P My Little Ogichidaa: An Indigenous Lullaby Poll, Willie/ Pichette, Hawlii

JUV FIC DICAMILLO Orris and Timble: the beginning DiCamillo, Kate

342.73 JACOBS The year of living constitutionally: one man's humble quest to follow the Constitution's original meaning Jacobs, A. J.

FIC MORGAN The Summer Swap Morgan, Sarah

MYS FIC CONNOLLY The Instruments of Darkness Connolly, John

SF FIC SANDERSON The Final Empire: Book 1: Mistborn novel. Sanderson, Brandon 

Monday, May 06, 2024

New Materials (4/28/24 - 5/4/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

ADULT BIO KOBABE Gender queer: a memoir Kobabe, Maia

ADULT BRUBAKER Where the body was Brubaker, Ed

ADULT VAUGHAN COMP V.1 Saga Compendium one Vaughan, Brian K.

ADULT VAUGHAN V.10 Saga. Volume ten Vaughan, Brian K.

ADULT VAUGHAN V.11 Saga. Volume eleven Vaughan, Brian K.

ADULT WALKER OMNIBUS V.1 Bitter root. Omnibus book one Walker, David

ATLAS 917.59 RAND MCNALLY Rand McNally Road atlas: United States, Canada, Mexico.  

BIO MADIA MADIA Never leave the dogs behind: a memoir Madia, Brianna

BIO WEIZMANN GOLANI Chaim Weizmann: a biography Golani, Moṭi

FIC ARMENTROUT The crown of gilded bones Armentrout, Jennifer L.

FIC ARMENTROUT A kingdom of flesh and fire Armentrout, Jennifer L.

FIC ARMENTROUT A soul of ash and blood Armentrout, Jennifer L.

FIC ARMENTROUT The war of two queens Armentrout, Jennifer L.

LP BIO MEHLBERG WHITE The counterfeit countess: the Jewish woman who rescued thousands of Poles during the Holocaust White, Elizabeth B.

LP FIC BALDACCI A calamity of souls Baldacci, David

LP FIC PATTERSON The murder inn [large print] Patterson, James

LP 177.7 ANDERSON Infectious generosity: the ultimate idea worth spreading Anderson, Chris

342 BREYER Reading the Constitution: Why I Chose Pragmatism, Not Textualism Breyer, Stephen

355.0217 JACOBSEN Nuclear war: a scenario Jacobsen, Annie

361.74 MCCARTEN Warren and Bill: Gates, Buffett, and the friendship that changed the world McCarten, Anthony

796.72 ROBINSON The formula: how rogues, geniuses, and speed freaks reengineered F1 into the world's fastest-growing sport Robinson, Joshua

973.4 COGLIANO A revolutionary friendship: Washington, Jefferson, and the American Republic Cogliano, Francis D.

REF 808.8024 MAGILL'S LITERARY ANNUAL Magill's literary annual.  

REF 808.8024 MAGILL'S LITERARY ANNUAL Magill's literary annual.  

FIC ARMENTROUT Visions of Flesh and Blood: A Blood and Ash/Flesh and Fire Compendium Armentrout, Jennifer L.

FIC GRABOWSKI Women and children first: a novel Grabowski, Alina

Friday, May 03, 2024

New Materials (4/21/24 - 4/27/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

ADULT BIO MANN Gaytheist: coming out of my Orthodox childhood Mann, Lonnie

ADULT ELLIS Bad dreams in the night: horror stories Ellis, Adam

ADULT LAPOLICE Masters of the Nefarious: mollusk rampage La Police, Pierre

ADULT LIERON Inside the mind of Sherlock Holmes. The case of the scandalous ticket Lieron, Cyril

ADULT OBERLANDER Anna         Oberländer, Mia

BIO CHAPMAN CHAPMAN Nine Lives and Counting: A Bounty Hunter's Journey to Faith, Hope, and Redemption Hardcover Chapman, Duane

BIO DENCH DENCH Shakespeare: the man who pays the rent Dench, Judi

BIO LYNCH QUINN Becky Lynch: the man: not your average average girl     Lynch, Becky

BIO RANDALL RANDALL My black country: chasing the hidden roots and flowers of black country music genius Randall, Alice

BIO RUSHDIE RUSHDIE Knife: meditations after an attempted murder Rushdie, Salman

BIO TRENT TRENT Between two trailers Trent, J. Dana

BIO WILSON WILSON Rebel rising: a memoir          Wilson, Rebel

FIC MEYER When the day comes Meyer, Gabrielle

JUV FIC GIBBS Charlie Thorne and the Royal Society         Gibbs, Stuart

LP FIC HOWE On the plus side: a novel Howe, Jenny L.

153.42 MONTELL The age of magical overthinking: notes on modern irrationality Montell, Amanda

222.110 ROBINSON Reading Genesis Robinson, Marilynne

296.3 FELDMAN To be a Jew today: a new guide to God, Israel, and the Jewish people Feldman, Noah

302.14 HUNT-HENDRIX Solidarity: the past, present, and future of a world-changing idea Hunt-Hendrix, Leah

305.230 HAIDT The anxious generation: how the great rewiring of childhood is causing an epidemic of mental illness Haidt, Jonathan

332.024 TRANTHAM Beyond getting by Trantham, Holly

616.078 RAMAKRISH Why we die: the new science of aging and the quest for immortality Ramakrishnan, Venki

616.85 CRAMPTON A body made of glass: a cultural history of hypochondria Crampton, Caroline

636.708 TOMLINSON Dogland: passion, glory, and lots of slobber at the Westminster Dog Show Tomlinson, Tommy

796.323 ABDURRAQIB    There's always this year: on basketball and ascension Abdurraqib, Hanif

940.54 BELL Cracking the Nazi Code: the untold story of Agent A12 and the solving of the Holocaust Code Bell, Jason

956.704 COLL The Achilles trap: Saddam Hussein, the C.I.A., and the origins of America's invasion of Iraq Coll, Steve

973.711 LARSON The demon of unrest Larson, Erik

973.918 ROLL Ascent to power: how Truman emerged from Roosevelt's shadow and remade the world Roll, David L.

FIC BALDACCI A calamity of souls Baldacci, David

FIC CHEAVERINI The museum of lost quilts Chiaverini, Jennifer

FIC JIMENEZ Just for the summer Jimenez, Abby

FIC MACK Every time I go on vacation, someone dies: a novel Mack, Catherine

FIC MACKINTOSH A game of lies Mackintosh, Clare

FIC PATAKI Finding Margaret Fuller: a novel Pataki, Allison

FIC REICHL The Paris novel Reichl, Ruth

FIC STEEL Only the brave: a novel Steel, Danielle

MYS FIC DEVERAUX     An unfinished murder Deveraux, Jude

MYS FIC MULLER Circle in the water Muller, Marcia

MYS FIC PATTERSON     The murder inn Patterson, James

MYS FIC PERRIN How to solve your own murder: a novel Perrin, Kristen

SF FIC DYER Gifts from Eykis Dyer, Wayne W.

YA FIC GARZA VILLA Canto contigo: a novel Garza Villa, Jonny