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New Materials (3/24/24 - 3/30/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO ROSE OBRIEN Charlie Hustle: the rise of Pete Rose and the fall of baseball O'Brien, Keith



E A The ocean gardener Anganuzzi, Clara

E A What's new, Daniel? Archer, Micha

E C Library Fish Capucilli, Alyssa Satin

E C Sleepy Sheepy and the sheepover Cummins, Lucy Ruth

E E No cats in the library Emmons, Lauren

E F A unicorn, a dinosaur, and a shark were riding a bicycle Fenske, Jonathan

E F Solar bear Ferry, Beth

E F Partly cloudy Freedman, Deborah

E H Oops! Rabbit Ham, Jo

E H My block looks like Harper, Janelle

E H Penelope Rex and the problem with pets Higgins, Ryan T.

E I Party Rex Idle, Molly

E L There are no dragons in this book Lambo-Weidner, Donna

E P Wherever you go Penfold, Alexandra, Author

E P Don't trust cats: (life lessons from Chip the dog) Petty, Dev

E T Taxi, go! Toht, Patricia

E W Bros Weatherford, Carole Boston

BB KASTNER Space Kastner, Emmy

E B The Berenstain Bears and the ghost of the theater Berenstain, Mike

JUV FIC BAGLEY Duel Bagley, Jessixa, Author

JUV FIC BRANCHES Beach pug May, Kyla

JUV FIC DICAMILLO Ferris DiCamillo, Kate

JUV FIC GUTMAN No more school, April Fools! Gutman, Dan

JUV FIC KURTZ Table Titans Club Kurtz, Scott R.

JUV FIC MARA Grace the cove dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Hana the thunder dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Phoebe the moonlight dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Rosie the twilight dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Sofia the lagoon dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Stella the starlight dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Zoe the beach dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC REEDSTROM Duck moves in! Reedstrom, Kirk

JUV FIC RELLIHAN Not the worst friend in the world Rellihan, Anne

JUV FIC ROY The talking T. Rex Roy, Ron

JUV FIC STILTON Treasures of the Maya Stilton, Geronimo

JUV FIC WINICK Hilo.: Rise of the cat Winick, Judd

LP 363.7 GOODELL The heat will kill you first: life and death on a scorched planet Goodell, Jeff

LP 364.16 LEWIS Going infinite: the rise and fall of a new tycoon Lewis, Michael

FIC REICH Matterhorn Reich, Christopher

305.9 BLITZER Everyone who is gone is here: the United States, Central America, and the lives in between Blitzer, Jonathan

628.4 HUMES Total garbage: how we can fix our waste and heal our world Humes, Edward

FIC COLGAN Studies at the school by the sea Colgan, Jenny

FIC CORNWELL Sharpe's command Cornwell, Bernard

FIC DOLAN Don't turn around: a thriller Dolan, Harry

FIC EVERETT James: a novel Everett, Percival

FIC GRAHAM The reaper follows Graham, Heather

FIC GUDENKAUF Everyone Is watching: a novel Gudenkauf, Heather

FIC HANNAH The women Hannah, Kristin

FIC KUBICA She's not sorry Kubica, Mary

FIC MICHAELS The wild side Michaels, Fern

FIC ROSE Cheater Rose, Karen

FIC RUECKERT If the tide turns Rueckert, Rachel K.

FIC SAMPSON Nosy neighbors Sampson, Freya

FIC WINSLOW City in ruins: a novel Winslow, Don

MYS FIC FLOWER To slip the bonds of Earth Flower, Amanda

MYS FIC HALL Watch where they hide. Hall, Tamron

YA FIC WESTON Diary of a confused feminist Weston, Kate


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