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New Materials (4/14/24 - 4/20/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO WALTERS PAGE The Rulebreaker: The Life and Times of Barbara Walters Page, Susan.

DVD FIC WISH Wish Wish (Motion picture)

FIC ARMENTROUT From blood and ash Armentrout, Jennifer L.

FIC BENTLEY Without sanction Bentley, Don

LP FIC ALVAREZ The cemetery of untold stories: a novel Alvarez, Julia

LP FIC BARDUGO The familiar Bardugo, Leigh

LP FIC CLARK It had to be you [large print] Clark, Mary Higgins

LP FIC HANNAH The women Hannah, Kristin

LP FIC LEFTERI The Book of Fire: (Large Print) Lefteri, Christy

LP FIC SAMPSON Nosy neighbors Sampson, Freya

428.432 SUTZ Speed reading for dummies Sutz, Richard

028.9 PATTERSON The secret lives of booksellers and librarians: true stories of the magic of reading Patterson, James

306.76 GHAZIANI Long live queer nightlife: how the closing of gay bars sparked a revolution Ghaziani, Amin

332.1 MONNET Balance of power: central banks and the fate of democracies Monnet, Eric

618.2 OSTER The unexpected: navigating pregnancy during and after complications Oster, Emily

641.5 RINELLA The MeatEater outdoor cookbook: wild game recipes for the grill, smoker, campstove, and campfire Rinella, Steven

649.1 AMEN Raising mentally strong kids: how to combine the power of neuroscience with Love and Logic to grow confident, kind, responsible, and resilient children and young adults Amen, Daniel G.

910.92 SIDES The wide wide sea: the final, fateful voyage of Captain James Cook Sides, Hampton

937.01 CLINE After 1177 B. C.: the survival of civilizations Cline, Eric H.

972.95 MELENDEZ BADILLO Puerto Rico: a national history Meléndez Badillo, Jorell A.

BIO VO VO My Vietnam, Your Vietnam: A Father Flees. a Daughter Returns. Vo, Christina/ Vo, Nghia M.

FIC CAMPISI The widow spy: a novel Campisi, Megan

FIC COLE One of us knows Cole, Alyssa

FIC HENRY Funny story Henry, Emily

FIC HEPWORTH Darling girls Hepworth, Sally

FIC MCFADDEN One by one McFadden, Freida

FIC MEIER Patchwork quilt murder. Meier, Leslie

FIC PIAZZA The Sicilian inheritance: a novel Piazza, Jo

FIC PRESTON Extinction Preston, Douglas J.

FIC SCORE The corpse in the closet Score, Lucy

FIC SMILEY Lucky Smiley, Jane

FIC THAYER The summer we started over: a novel Thayer, Nancy

FIC WILLIAMS The house of broken bricks: a novel Williams, Fiona

MYS FIC BROWN Feline fatale Brown, Rita Mae

MYS FIC CLARK It had to be you Clark, Mary Higgins

MYS FIC GRAVES Death by chocolate raspberry scone Graves, Sarah

MYS FIC GRIFFITHS The last word: a novel Griffiths, Elly

MYS FIC HILLERMAN Lost birds Hillerman, Anne

MYS FIC HOROWITZ Close to death Horowitz, Anthony

MYS FIC PARETSKY Pay dirt Paretsky, Sara

New Materials (4/7/24 - 4/13/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

CD FIC COLGAN 6CDS 7.25HRS Studies at the school by the sea Colgan, Jenny

CD FIC MIRANDA 8ccds 10.5hrs Daughter of Mine Miranda, Megan.

E B The Berenstain bears go to school Berenstain, Stan

E D The wrong book Daywalt, Drew

E F A unicorn, a dinosaur, and a shark walk into a book Fenske, Jonathan

E J You're going to love this book! John, Jory

E K My first Earth Day Katz, Karen

E L The truth about dragons Leung, Julie

E P Big feelings Penfold, Alexandra

E R I am happy! Rosen, Michael

E S Angela's glacier Scott, Jordan

E S Anansi and the golden pot Selasi, Taiye

E S Where the wild things are. Sendak, Maurice

E S Treehouse town Sterer, Gideon

E T Fox versus fox Tabor, Corey R.

E T When dinosaurs walked the Earth: a hungry dino story! Taylor, Sean

E T Cranky Tran, Phuc, 1974- Author

E W How to catch a Mamasaurus Walstead, Alice

E W Dino-Earth Day Wheeler, Lisa

E W Swim, Jim! Windness, Kaz

BB MCDONALD Weather McDonald, Jill

JUV FIC BRADLEY The night war Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker

JUV FIC GEMEINHART Coyote lost and found Gemeinhart, Dan

JUV FIC GRIFFITHS The 169-story treehouse: Doppelganger doom! Griffiths, Andy

JUV FIC HEADEN Warrior on the mound Headen, Sandra W.

JUV FIC HOPSON Eagle drums Hopson, Nasug̊raq Rainey

JUV FIC MCDONALD Stink and Webster go to Mars McDonald, Megan

JUV FIC MCDONALD Stink, superhero superfan McDonald, Megan

JUV FIC MLYNOWSKI Fairest of all: the graphic novel Mlynowski, Sarah

JUV FIC OLSEN The happy shop Olsen, Brittany Long

JUV FIC PEIRCE Big Nate. This means war! Peirce, Lincoln

JUV FIC REEDSTRO Duck moves in! Reedstrom, Kirk

JUV FIC REEDSTROM Moose blasts off! Reedstrom, Kirk

JUV FIC ROY The missing mummy Roy, Ron

JUV FIC SCRIVAN All is Nat lost Scrivan, Maria

JUV FIC SIMON Cupcake diaries, the graphic novel 5 Katie, batter up! Simon, Coco

JUV FIC STILTON Geronimo Stilton, reporter. V. 16, Mr. and Mrs. Matched Stilton, Geronimo

JUV FIC TARSHIS I survived the battle of D-Day, 1944 Ball, Georgia

JUV 523.99 RAU What is a solar eclipse? Rau, Dana Meachen

JUV 598.764 MONTGOMERY Brave baby hummingbird Montgomery, Sy

JUV 612.6 ROBIE It's so amazing!: a book about eggs, sperm, birth, babies, gender, and families Harris, Robie H.

FIC STECK Lethal range Steck, Ryan

YA FIC SUTHERLAND The invocations Sutherland, Krystal

New Materials (3/31/24 - 4/6/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO GAGNE GAGNE Sociopath: a memoir Gagne, Patric

BIO HARDIN HARDIN The many lives of Mama Love: a memoir of lying, stealing, writing, and healing Hardin, Lara Love

BIO HARING GOOCH Radiant: the life and line of Keith Haring Gooch, Brad

BIO LAMOTT LAMOTT Somehow: thoughts on love Lamott, Anne

BIO MULLEN MULLEN The only way through is out Mullen, Suzette

BIO YANG YANG Where rivers part: a story of my mother's life Yang, Kao Kalia

CD FIC HANNAH 12cds 15hrs The women: a novel Hannah, Kristin

CD FIC MICHAELS 9cds 11hrs The wild side [sound recording (CD)] Michaels, Fern

CD FIC SCOTTOLINE 8cds 9.5hrs The truth about the Devlins Scottoline, Lisa

CD 306.2097 MCGRAW 12cds 13.5hrs We've got issues [sound recording (CD)]: how you can stand strong for America's soul and sanity McGraw, Phillip C.

DVD FIC SECRET GARDEN The secret garden [videorecording (DVD)] Smith, Owen

FIC ALDRIDGE Ocean Heart Aldridge, Ally

FIC BURROWS The Preacher Burrows, Nathan

FIC DAVIS The echo of old books: a novel Davis, Barbara

JUV FIC KELLY The first state of being Kelly, Erin Entrada

JUV FIC OSBORNE Afternoon on the Amazon: the graphic novel Laird, Jenny

JUV FIC PILKEY Dog Man: The scarlet shedder Pilkey, Dav

JUV FIC SCHU Louder than hunger Schu, John

LP FIC GARVIS The trail of lost hearts [large print] Garvis Graves, Tracey

LP FIC GUENDKAUF Everyone Is Watching: (Large Print) Gudenkauf, Heather

LP FIC KELLERMAN The Ghost Orchid Kellerman, Jonathan

LP FIC MICHAELS The wild side Michaels, Fern

LP FIC PATTERSON The #1 lawyer Patterson, James

LP FIC QUINDLEN After Annie [large print] Quindlen, Anna

LP FIC STEEL Never too late: a novel Steel, Danielle

LP FIC STEEL Upside down: a novel Steel, Danielle

001.942 PASULKA Encounters: experiences with nonhuman intelligences Pasulka, Diana Walsh

153.1 RANGANATH Why we remember: unlocking memory's power to hold on to what matters Ranganath, Charan

155.2 DURVASULA It's not you: identifying and healing from narcissistic people Durvasula, Ramani

306.874 HIBBS You're not done yet: parenting young adults in an age of uncertainty Hibbs, B. Janet

306.874 SILVERMAN How to talk to kids about anything: tips, scripts, stories, and steps to make even the toughest conversations easier Silverman, Robyn J. A.

320.973 SCHALLER White rural rage: the threat to American democracy Schaller, Thomas F.

338.470 DIXON Read write own: building the next era of the Internet Dixon, Chris

362.6609 HALE Death row welcomes you: visiting hours in the shadow of the execution chamber Hale, Steven

641.5 BERTONELLI Indulge: delicious and decadent dishes to enjoy and share Bertinelli, Valerie

641.5927 ASSIL Arabiyya: Recipes from the Life of an Arab in Diaspora Assil, Reem.

649.1 LAITHLAND Momma cusses: a field guide to responsive parenting & trying not to be the reason your kid needs therapy Laithland, Gwenna

650.1 PUMA Career forward: strategies from women who've made it Puma, Grace

791.4572 SEPINWALL Welcome to The O.C: the oral history Sepinwall, Alan

813.54 ONDAATJE A year of last things: poems Ondaatje, Michael

908.996 GATES The Black box: writing the race Gates, Henry Louis

917.306 PUGLISI Where should we camp next? Budget camping: a 50-state guide to budget-friendly campgrounds and free and low-cost outdoor activities Puglisi, Stephanie

973.09 COHEN Life after power: seven presidents and their search for purpose beyond the White House Cohen, Jared

973.82 BORDEWICH Klan war: Ulysses S. Grant and the battle to save Reconstruction Bordewich, Fergus M.

FIC BURR The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers: a novel Burr, Samuel

FIC COX The fallen woman's daugter: a novel Cox, Michelle

FIC DAVIES Clear: a novel Davies, Carys

FIC DELACOUR The Lady He Lost Paperback Delacour, Faye

FIC DUGONI A killing on the hill: Dugoni, Robert

FIC FREUDEN The limits Freudenberger, Nell

FIC GARCIA MARQUEZ Until August: a novel García Márquez, Gabriel

FIC GLASS The vacancy in room 10 Glass, Seraphina Nova

FIC HOGLE Old flames and new fortunes: a novel Hogle, Sarah

FIC JENSEN A fate inked in blood Jensen, Danielle L.

FIC LABUSKES The lost Book of Bonn: a novel Labuskes, Brianna

FIC MIRANDA Daughter of Mine Miranda, Megan

FIC NOVAK Tourist season Novak, Brenda

FIC SCOTTOLINE The truth about the Devlins Scottoline, Lisa

FIC SHRIVER Mania: a novel Shriver, Lionel

FIC TOWLES Table for two: fictions Towles, Amor

MYS FIC CHILDS Murder in the tea leaves Childs, Laura

MYS FIC MILLER The antique hunter's guide to murder: a novel Miller, C. L.

MYS FIC SANDFORD Toxic prey Sandford, John

MYS FIC STEVENSON Everyone on this train is a suspect: a novel Stevenson, Benjamin

MYS FIC TUDOR The gathering: a novel Tudor, C. J.

SF FIC WELLS All systems red: the Murderbot diaries Wells, Martha

YA FIC ABIKE IYIMIDE Where sleeping girls lie Àbíké-Íyímídé, Faridah

YA FIC JACKSON The reappearance of Rachel Price Jackson, Holly

YA FIC MCGINNIS Under this red rock McGinnis, Mindy

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New Materials (3/24/24 - 3/30/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO ROSE OBRIEN Charlie Hustle: the rise of Pete Rose and the fall of baseball O'Brien, Keith



E A The ocean gardener Anganuzzi, Clara

E A What's new, Daniel? Archer, Micha

E C Library Fish Capucilli, Alyssa Satin

E C Sleepy Sheepy and the sheepover Cummins, Lucy Ruth

E E No cats in the library Emmons, Lauren

E F A unicorn, a dinosaur, and a shark were riding a bicycle Fenske, Jonathan

E F Solar bear Ferry, Beth

E F Partly cloudy Freedman, Deborah

E H Oops! Rabbit Ham, Jo

E H My block looks like Harper, Janelle

E H Penelope Rex and the problem with pets Higgins, Ryan T.

E I Party Rex Idle, Molly

E L There are no dragons in this book Lambo-Weidner, Donna

E P Wherever you go Penfold, Alexandra, Author

E P Don't trust cats: (life lessons from Chip the dog) Petty, Dev

E T Taxi, go! Toht, Patricia

E W Bros Weatherford, Carole Boston

BB KASTNER Space Kastner, Emmy

E B The Berenstain Bears and the ghost of the theater Berenstain, Mike

JUV FIC BAGLEY Duel Bagley, Jessixa, Author

JUV FIC BRANCHES Beach pug May, Kyla

JUV FIC DICAMILLO Ferris DiCamillo, Kate

JUV FIC GUTMAN No more school, April Fools! Gutman, Dan

JUV FIC KURTZ Table Titans Club Kurtz, Scott R.

JUV FIC MARA Grace the cove dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Hana the thunder dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Phoebe the moonlight dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Rosie the twilight dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Sofia the lagoon dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Stella the starlight dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Zoe the beach dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC REEDSTROM Duck moves in! Reedstrom, Kirk

JUV FIC RELLIHAN Not the worst friend in the world Rellihan, Anne

JUV FIC ROY The talking T. Rex Roy, Ron

JUV FIC STILTON Treasures of the Maya Stilton, Geronimo

JUV FIC WINICK Hilo.: Rise of the cat Winick, Judd

LP 363.7 GOODELL The heat will kill you first: life and death on a scorched planet Goodell, Jeff

LP 364.16 LEWIS Going infinite: the rise and fall of a new tycoon Lewis, Michael

FIC REICH Matterhorn Reich, Christopher

305.9 BLITZER Everyone who is gone is here: the United States, Central America, and the lives in between Blitzer, Jonathan

628.4 HUMES Total garbage: how we can fix our waste and heal our world Humes, Edward

FIC COLGAN Studies at the school by the sea Colgan, Jenny

FIC CORNWELL Sharpe's command Cornwell, Bernard

FIC DOLAN Don't turn around: a thriller Dolan, Harry

FIC EVERETT James: a novel Everett, Percival

FIC GRAHAM The reaper follows Graham, Heather

FIC GUDENKAUF Everyone Is watching: a novel Gudenkauf, Heather

FIC HANNAH The women Hannah, Kristin

FIC KUBICA She's not sorry Kubica, Mary

FIC MICHAELS The wild side Michaels, Fern

FIC ROSE Cheater Rose, Karen

FIC RUECKERT If the tide turns Rueckert, Rachel K.

FIC SAMPSON Nosy neighbors Sampson, Freya

FIC WINSLOW City in ruins: a novel Winslow, Don

MYS FIC FLOWER To slip the bonds of Earth Flower, Amanda

MYS FIC HALL Watch where they hide. Hall, Tamron

YA FIC WESTON Diary of a confused feminist Weston, Kate

New Materials (3/17/24 - 3/23/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author



FIC HOOVER Hopeless : a novel Hoover, Colleen

FIC KING The shining King, Stephen

FIC MORTON Homecoming : a novel Morton, Kate

JUV FIC MARA Aisha the sapphire treasure dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Azmina the gold glitter dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Mei the ruby treasure dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Naomi the rainbow glitter dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Quinn the jade treasure dragon Mara, Maddy

JUV FIC MARA Willa the silver glitter dragon Mara, Maddy

LP FIC DRAY Becoming Madam Secretary: (Large Print) Dray, Stephanie

LP FIC FISHER Good half gone [large print] Fisher, Tarryn

LP FIC GODDHAND The day tripper: a novel. Goodhand, James

LP FIC SERLE Expiration Dates [large print] Serle, Rebecca

158 COVEY The 7 habits of highly effective people : powerful lessons in personal change Covey, Stephen R.

306.37 CHEN Ace : what asexuality reveals about desire, society, and the meaning of sex Chen, Angela

648 DAVIS How to keep house while drowning : a gentle approach to cleaning and organizing Davis, KC

808.027 CHICAGO MANUAL The Chicago manual of style : the essential guide for writers, editors, and publishers  

808.066 SCIENTIFC STYLE Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers  

New Materials (3/10/24 - 3/16/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO CHAPMAN CHAPMAN It's hard for me to live with me: a memoir Chapman, Rex

BIO COLDSTREAM COLDSTREAM Cloistered: my years as a nun Coldstream, Catherine

BIO GRAHAM JOWITT Errand into the maze: the life and works of Martha Graham Jowitt, Deborah

BIO LIEU LIEU The manicurist's daughter: a memoir Lieu, Susan

BIO SLATER SLATER How to be old: lessons in living boldly from the accidental icon Slater, Lyn

CD FIC DODD 7cds 8.25hrs Every single secret Dodd, Christina

DVD FIC AQUAMAN LOST KINGDOM Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (DVD)  

DVD FIC HOLDOVERS The holdovers  



Just a rainy day Mayer, Mercer

E B Slug in love Bright, Rachel

E B The secret garden Brill, Calista

E C What happened to you? Catchpole, James

E P We love our families Moody, Vanessa

E R Luck of the unicorn Rosenthal, Amy Krouse

FIC KELLY The last garden in England Kelly, Julia

GRAPHIC NOVEL LEE 49 days Lee, Agnes

JUV FIC GIBBS Evil spy school: the graphic novel Gibbs, Stuart

JUV FIC HUNTER Yellowfang's secret Hunter, Erin

LP BIO EVANS EVANS Sharing too much: musings from an unlikely life Evans, Richard Paul

LP FIC DODD Every single secret Dodd, Christina

LP FIC GONZALEZ Anita de Monte laughs last Gonzalez, Xochitl

LP FIC HILL Wellness: a novel Hill, Nathan

LP FIC MALLERY The summer book club Mallery, Susan

LP FIC MICHAELS Rock bottom Michaels, Fern

LP FIC PARIS The guest Paris, B. A.

LP FIC TOMLINSON The last days of the Midnight Ramblers Tomlinson, Sarah

LP FIC UNGER The new couple in 5B Unger, Lisa

LP FIC WAN Women of Good Fortune: (Large Print) Wan, Sophie

FIC HANNAH The women Hannah, Kristin

FIC KLUNE Wolfsong: Book one: a Green Creek. Klune, TJ

FIC LOVERING "Bye, baby: a novel " Lovering, Carola

FIC SCORE Finally mine Score, Lucy

FIC SCORE Protecting what's mine Score, Lucy

FIC SCORE Rock bottom girl Score, Lucy

006.3 BROCKEN Future tense: how we made Artificial Intelligence-and how it will change everything Brockenbrough, Martha

153.8 GRANT Hidden potential: the science of achieving greater things Grant, Adam

332.0140 GHILARDUCCI "Work, retire, repeat: the uncertainty of retirement in the new economy Ghilarducci, Teresa

344.7302 MATTHEWS Social Security, Medicare & government pensions: get the most out of your retirement & medical benefits Matthews, J. L.

363.7 PRICKETT The unclaimed: abandonment and hope in the City of Angels Prickett, Pamela

616.978 GOTTFRIED The Autoimmune Cure: Healing the Trauma and Other Triggers That Have Turned Your Body Against You Gottfried, Sara Szal

641.59 SULLIVAN Quick & easy Mediterranean diet cookbook for beginners  

701.03 BOSKER Get the picture: a mind-bending journey among the inspired artists and obsessive art fiends who taught me how to see Bosker, Bianca

796.01 PARRY The burden of sports: how and why athletes struggle with mental health Parry, John

796.51 APPALACHI TRAIL Appalachian Trail data book 2024  

FIC ALBAN Don't want you like a best friend: a novel Alban, Emma R.

FIC BLAKE The woman with no name Blake, Audrey

FIC BO-REUM Welcome to the Hyunam-dong Bookshop: a novel Hwang, Po-rŭm

FIC BOHJALIAN The princess of Las Vegas: a novel Bohjalian, Chris

FIC CARLSON Just for the Summer Carlson, Melody

FIC CAVANAGH Kill for me kill for you: a novel Cavanagh, Steve

FIC FISHER Good Half Gone: A Thriller (Original) Fisher, Tarryn

FIC GARDNER Still see you everywhere Gardner, Lisa

FIC GOODMAN The inheritance: a novel Goodman, Joanna

FIC HAZELL Piglet: a novel Hazell, Lottie

FIC MARTIN Mrs. Gulliver: a novel Martin, Valerie

FIC ORANGE Wandering stars Orange, Tommy

FIC RYAN The underground library: a novel Ryan, Jennifer

FIC RYAN This could be us Ryan, Kennedy

FIC SCORE The dead guy next door Score, Lucy

FIC SERLE Expiration dates: a novel Serle, Rebecca

FIC SWINARSKI The funeral ladies of Ellerie County: a novel Swinarski, Claire

MYS FIC BOWEN In sunshine or in shadow Bowen, Rhys

MYS FIC FRENCH Has anyone seen Charlotte Salter?: a novel French, Nicci

MYS FIC KASHIWAI The Kamogawa food detectives Kashiwai, Hisashi

MYS FIC PATTERSON The #1 lawyer Patterson, James

MYS FIC RAYBOURN A grave robbery. vol. 09 Raybourn, Deanna

MYS FIC RUNYX Gothikana RuNyx

MYS FIC TINTERA Listen for the lie: a novel Tintera, Amy

YA FIC SHUKAIRY Six truths and a lie Shukairy, Ream