Friday, March 15, 2024

New Materials (2/25/24 - 3/2/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO CROSLEY CROSLEY Grief is for people Crosley, Sloane

BIO DAVIS DAVIS "Dear mom and dad: a letter about family, memory, and the America we once knew " Davis, Patti

BIO HAY HAY Soundtrack of silence Hay, Matt

BIO WILDER TAYLOR WILDER TAYLOR Drunk-ish: loving and leaving alcohol Wilder-Taylor, Stefanie

CD FIC KELLERMAN 8cds 10hrs The ghost orchid Kellerman, Jonathan

CD FIC MICHAELIDES 7cds 8hrs The Fury (CD) Michaelides, Alex

E A The Gabi that Girma wore Adefris, Fasika

E D Who will win? David, Arihhonni

E D The Gruffalo Donaldson, Julia

E H The teeny-weeny unicorn Harris, Shawn

E H Eyes that weave the world's wonders Ho, Joanna

E R Hornbeam all in Rylant, Cynthia

E T Tokyo Night Parade Takahashi, J. P.

BB CARLE Brown Bear and Friends ABC Carle, Eric

JUV BIO MARTIN MARTIN Mexikid: a graphic memoir Martin, Pedro

JUV BIO VALDOVINOS SALAZAR Jovita wore pants: the story of a Mexican freedom fighter Salazar, Aida

JUV FIC BEHAR Across so many seas Behar, Ruth

JUV FIC DAY We still belong Day, Christine

JUV FIC ELLIOTT The war of the witches Elliott, Zetta

JUV FIC GIDWITZ Max in the house of spies Gidwitz, Adam

JUV FIC GREEN Agents of S.U.I.T. From Badger to worse Green, John Patrick

JUV FIC HOLM Sunny makes her case Holm, Jennifer L.

JUV FIC PATTERSON Million dollar mess Patterson, James

JUV FIC PENNYPACK Leeva at last Pennypacker, Sara

JUV FIC XU Alterations Xu, Ray

JUV FIC YEE A royal conundrum Yee, Lisa

JUV 363.72 WHEELER Team trash: a time traveler's guide to sustainability Wheeler, Kate

JUV 567.9 O'BRIEN Big babies O'Brien, Patrick

JUV 576.839 MCANULTY Where are the aliens?: the search for life beyond Earth McAnulty, Stacy

LP BIO HARRISON NORMAN George Harrison: the reluctant Beatle Norman, Philip

LP BIO MANTEL MANTEL A memoir of my former self: a life in writing Mantel, Hilary

200.19 HERRINGTON Deconstructing your faith without losing yourself Herrington, Angela J.

231.6 GUTHRIE Mostly what God does: reflections on seeking and finding his love everywhere Guthrie, Savannah

306.209 MCGRAW We've got issues: how you can stand strong for America's soul and sanity McGraw, Phillip C.

362.0425 APPLEBAUM "Stand by me: a guide to navigating modern, meaningful caregiving " Applebaum, Allison


639.9 TORINO "The ultimate wildlife habitat garden: attract and support birds, bees, and butterflies " Tornio, Stacy

973.934 ROGERS American woman Rogers, Katie

FIC CHURCHILL The Turtle House Churchill, Amanda

FIC MCFADDEN Locked door McFadden, Freida

FIC QUINN The clinic: a novel Quinn, Cate

MYS FIC BOX Three-inch teeth Box, C. J.

YA FIC ZOBOI Nigeria Jones Zoboi, Ibi Aanu


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