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New Materials (3/3/24 - 3/9/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO EVANS EVANS Sharing too much: lessons from an unlikely life Evans, Richard Paul

BIO GOLD GOLD Outofshapeworthlessloser Gold, Gracie

BIO HOLIDAY ALEXANDER Bitter crop: the heartache and triumph of Billie Holiday's last year Alexander, Paul

BIO KAMINE KAMINE On locations: lessons learned from My Life on Set with the Sopranos and in the film industry. Kamine, Mark

BIO KELLY BLEHM The darkest white: a mountain legend and the avalanche that took him Blehm, Eric

BIO RUPAUL RUPAUL The House of Hidden Meanings: A Memoir Hardcover RuPaul

BIO SAWALHA HERMEZ "My brother, my land: a story from Palestine " Hermez, Sami

CD FIC BOX 8cds 10hrs Three-inch teeth Box, C. J.

CD FIC CHOO 13cds 14.5hrs The fox wife: a novel Choo, Yangsze

CD FIC FRENCH 14cds 16.5hrs The Hunter (CD) [CD book] French, Tana

CD FIC PARIS 7cds 8.5hrs The guest: a novel Paris, B. A.

CD FIC RICE 8cds 9.5hrs Last night Rice, Luanne

DVD FIC HUNGER GAMES BALLAD OF SONGBIRDS The hunger games: The ballad of songbirds and snakes.  

DVD FIC WHAT HAPPENS LATER What happens later  

FIC STECK Fields of fire: a Matthew Redd thriller Steck, Ryan

LP FIC BEATON Death of a spy [large print] Beaton, M. C.

LP FIC PATTERSON Missing persons: a Private novel Patterson, James

153.6 DUHIGG Supercommunicators: how to unlock the secret language of connection Duhigg, Charles

305.5 MONROE Trash: a poor white journey Monroe, Cedar

331.11 NEWPORT Slow productivity: the lost art of accomplishment without burnout Newport, Cal

364.1523 HORTIS The witch of New York: the trials of Polly Bodine and the cursed birth of tabloid justice Hortis, C. Alexander

635.0484 COBB "The backyard homestead guide to growing organic food: a crop-by-crop reference for 62 vegetables, fruits, nuts, and herbs " Cobb, Tanya Denckla

641.5676 SIVA Nosh: plant-forward recipes celebrating modern jewish cuisine Siva, Micah

649.1 DAVIES The Montessori child: a parent's guide to raising capable children with creative minds and compassionate hearts Davies, Simone

781.650 KAPLAN "3 shades of blue: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, and the lost empire of cool " Kaplan, James

796.357 ECENBARGER "Work, fight, or play ball: how bethlehem steel helped baseball's stars avoid world war i" Ecenbarger, William

796.3570 BAKER The New York game: baseball and the rise of a new city Baker, Kevin

809.917 FOX Comedy book: how comedy conquered culture-and the magic that makes it work Fox, Jesse David

917.2904 CARIBBEAN Caribbean Islands 2023  

942.0099 GREGORY Normal Women: Nine Hundred Years of Making History Gregory, Philippa

979.461 KING Portal: San Francisco's Ferry Building and the reinvention of American cities King, John

FIC BAKER The hidden life of Cecily Larson: a novel Baker, Ellen

FIC BARKER WHITE My name was Eden: a novel Barker-White, Eleanor

FIC COELHO Maktub: an inspirational companion to The Alchemist Coelho, Paulo

FIC DODD Every single secret Dodd, Christina

FIC FRENCH The hunter: a novel French, Tana

FIC QUINDLEN After Annie: a novel Quindlen, Anna

FIC ST. JAMES Murder road St. James, Simone

FIC STEEL Never too late: a novel Steel, Danielle

FIC UNGER The new couple in 5b Unger, Lisa

SF FIC SANDERSON The sunlit man Sanderson, Brandon

YA FIC AVACHAT Arya Khanna's Bollywood moment Avachat, Arushi

YA FIC BLACK The prisoner's throne: a novel of Elfhame Black, Holly

YA FIC DE LA CRUZ The Encanto's daughter De la Cruz, Melissa

YA FIC EMILL Wander in the dark Emill, Jumata

YA FIC IBANEZ What the river knows: a novel Ibañez, Isabel

YA FIC OH The colliding worlds of Mina Lee Oh, Ellen

New Materials (2/25/24 - 3/2/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO CROSLEY CROSLEY Grief is for people Crosley, Sloane

BIO DAVIS DAVIS "Dear mom and dad: a letter about family, memory, and the America we once knew " Davis, Patti

BIO HAY HAY Soundtrack of silence Hay, Matt

BIO WILDER TAYLOR WILDER TAYLOR Drunk-ish: loving and leaving alcohol Wilder-Taylor, Stefanie

CD FIC KELLERMAN 8cds 10hrs The ghost orchid Kellerman, Jonathan

CD FIC MICHAELIDES 7cds 8hrs The Fury (CD) Michaelides, Alex

E A The Gabi that Girma wore Adefris, Fasika

E D Who will win? David, Arihhonni

E D The Gruffalo Donaldson, Julia

E H The teeny-weeny unicorn Harris, Shawn

E H Eyes that weave the world's wonders Ho, Joanna

E R Hornbeam all in Rylant, Cynthia

E T Tokyo Night Parade Takahashi, J. P.

BB CARLE Brown Bear and Friends ABC Carle, Eric

JUV BIO MARTIN MARTIN Mexikid: a graphic memoir Martin, Pedro

JUV BIO VALDOVINOS SALAZAR Jovita wore pants: the story of a Mexican freedom fighter Salazar, Aida

JUV FIC BEHAR Across so many seas Behar, Ruth

JUV FIC DAY We still belong Day, Christine

JUV FIC ELLIOTT The war of the witches Elliott, Zetta

JUV FIC GIDWITZ Max in the house of spies Gidwitz, Adam

JUV FIC GREEN Agents of S.U.I.T. From Badger to worse Green, John Patrick

JUV FIC HOLM Sunny makes her case Holm, Jennifer L.

JUV FIC PATTERSON Million dollar mess Patterson, James

JUV FIC PENNYPACK Leeva at last Pennypacker, Sara

JUV FIC XU Alterations Xu, Ray

JUV FIC YEE A royal conundrum Yee, Lisa

JUV 363.72 WHEELER Team trash: a time traveler's guide to sustainability Wheeler, Kate

JUV 567.9 O'BRIEN Big babies O'Brien, Patrick

JUV 576.839 MCANULTY Where are the aliens?: the search for life beyond Earth McAnulty, Stacy

LP BIO HARRISON NORMAN George Harrison: the reluctant Beatle Norman, Philip

LP BIO MANTEL MANTEL A memoir of my former self: a life in writing Mantel, Hilary

200.19 HERRINGTON Deconstructing your faith without losing yourself Herrington, Angela J.

231.6 GUTHRIE Mostly what God does: reflections on seeking and finding his love everywhere Guthrie, Savannah

306.209 MCGRAW We've got issues: how you can stand strong for America's soul and sanity McGraw, Phillip C.

362.0425 APPLEBAUM "Stand by me: a guide to navigating modern, meaningful caregiving " Applebaum, Allison


639.9 TORINO "The ultimate wildlife habitat garden: attract and support birds, bees, and butterflies " Tornio, Stacy

973.934 ROGERS American woman Rogers, Katie

FIC CHURCHILL The Turtle House Churchill, Amanda

FIC MCFADDEN Locked door McFadden, Freida

FIC QUINN The clinic: a novel Quinn, Cate

MYS FIC BOX Three-inch teeth Box, C. J.

YA FIC ZOBOI Nigeria Jones Zoboi, Ibi Aanu

New Materials (2/18/24 - 2/24/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO DAVIS JACOBSON Dancing down the barricades: Sammy Davis Jr. and the long civil rights era: a cultural history Jacobson, Matthew Frye

E C Nana in the Country Castillo, Lauren

GRAPHIC NOVEL SPY X FAMILY 10 Spy x family. V. 10 Endō, Tatsuya

JUV FIC ALKAF Hamra and the jungle of memories Hanna Alkaf

JUV FIC GRATZ Heroes Gratz, Alan

JUV FIC MARSH Medusa Marsh, Katherine

JUV FIC NAYERI "The many assassinations of Samir, the Seller of Dreams " Nayeri, Daniel

JUV FIC PONTI Mission Manhattan Ponti, James, Author

JUV FIC URSU Not quite a ghost Ursu, Anne

649.1 CLARKE FIELDS "Raising good humans: a mindful guide to breaking the cycle of reactive parenting and raising kind, confident kids " Clarke-Fields, Hunter

362.196 RODGERS "How to find a four-leaf clover: what Autism can teach us about difference, connection, and belonging " Rodgers, Jodi

FIC PARIS The guest Paris, B. A.

YA FIC KENNEALLY Catching Jordan Kenneally, Miranda

YA FIC KENNEALLY Stealing Parker Kenneally, Miranda

New Materials (2/11/24 - 2/17/24)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO ALNES ALNES The fruit cure: the story of extreme wellness turned sour Alnes, Jacqueline


BIO GAMAL GAMAL The Unit: my life fighting terrorists as one of America's most secret military operatives Gamal, Adam

BIO MORIMOTO MORIMOTO Rental person who does nothing: a memoir Morimoto, Shoji

CD FIC LASKOWSKI 10hrs 8cds The weekend retreat: a novel Laskowski, Tara


DVD FIC GRAN TURISMO Gran turismo.  

DVD FIC MARSH KINGS DAUGHTER The Marsh King's daughter  

DVD FIC PINOCCHINO Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio.


DVD FIC UNDER THE BOARDWALK Under the boardwalk  

E B Bedtime for Bad Kitty Bruel, Nick

E C Just one more sleep: all good things come to those who wait ... and wait ... and wait Curtis, Jamie Lee

E E The last stand Eady, Antwan

E L Nat the cat takes a bath Lerner, Jarrett

E M To the other side Meza, Erika

E M The light within you Moolani Mehra, Namita

E P My Grandfather's song Phung, Nguyen Quang

E S Ten little rabbits Sendak, Maurice

E W Are you big? Willems, Mo

FIC HANNON One perfect spring: Hannon, Irene

JUV BIO LEWIS HURSTON Barracoon: adapted for young readers Hurston, Zora Neale

JUV FIC AMULET 9 "Amulet. Book 9, Waverider " Kibuishi, Kazu

JUV FIC ANDERSON Elf dog & owl head Anderson, M. T.

JUV FIC BAILEY "Henry, like always " Bailey, Jenn

JUV FIC KORMAN Slugfest Korman, Gordon

JUV FIC STEIN Beaky Barnes and the devious duck Stein, David Ezra

JUV FIC TRINH The mystery of the painted fan Trinh, Linda

JUV 571.8 ROY Making more: how life begins Roy, Katherine

JUV 609.2 EDWARDS Mommy how come...: inventors 1st & 2nd edition Edwards, Charnice

LP FIC BALOGH Always remember Balogh, Mary

LP FIC BLAKE The atlas complex Blake, Olivie

LP FIC BURKE Harbor lights Burke, James Lee

LP FIC CARR The friendship club Carr, Robyn

LP FIC FAULKNER The other mothers: a novel Faulkner, Katherine

LP FIC FRANKEL Family family: a novel Frankel, Laurie

LP FIC GOODWIN Diva Goodwin, Daisy

LP FIC MCCAULEY You Only Call When You're in Trouble McCauley, Stephen

LP FIC MICHAELIDES The Fury [large print] Michaelides, Alex

LP FIC ROBB Random in death Robb, J. D.

LP FIC WILLINGHAM Only if you're lucky: a novel Willingham, Stacy

LP FIC YOUNG The unmaking of June Farrow: a novel Young, Adrienne

LP FIC ZHANG Land of milk and honey: a novel Zhang, C Pam


152.1 KEYES Languishing: how to feel alive again in a world that wears us down Keyes, Corey L. M.

154.4 BREEN "Tripping on utopia: Margaret Mead, the Cold War, and the troubled birth of psychedelic science " Breen, Benjamin

303.48 YOUNG American patriots: a short history of dissent Young, Ralph

306 KLINENBERG "2020: one city, seven people, and the year everything changed" Klinenberg, Eric

306.82 ZUG You'll Do: A History of Marrying for Reasons Other Than Love Zug, Marcia A

326.0973 PLANT Of greed and glory: in pursuit of freedom for all Plant, Deborah G.

599.65 HOWSARE The age of deer: trouble and kinship with our wild neighbors Howsare, Erika

658.382 MORRIS "The cancer factory: industrial chemicals, corporate deception, and the hidden deaths of American workers " Morris, Jim

791.457 THOMSON Remotely: travels in the binge of TV "Thomson, David

818.54 WIMAN Zero at the bone: fifty entries against despair Wiman, Christian

917.404 BROKAW Frommer's New England Brokaw, Leslie

940.4817 ROSS Harrisburg in World War l and the 1918 pandemic Ross, Rodney

955.05 AZIZI "What iranians want: women, life, freedom" Azizi, Arash

962.1 ISSA Alexandria: the city that changed the world Issa, Islam

973.927 CHRISTIE What would Reagan do?: life lessons from the last great President Christie, Chris

FIC BEARUP Just stab me now Bearup, Jill

FIC BERRY The Atlas Maneuver Berry, Steve

FIC CHOO The fox wife: a novel Choo, Yangsze

FIC GREANEY The chaos agent Greaney, Mark

FIC HARTONG Love and hot chicken: a delicious Southern novel Hartong, Mary Liza

FIC MCBRIDE The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store McBride, James

FIC MCBRIDE The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store McBride, James

FIC NOVAK The messy life of Jane Tanner Novak, Brenda

FIC SHEPARD Nowhere like home: a novel Shepard, Sara

MYS FIC ARMSTRONG The boy who cried bear Armstrong, Kelley

MYS FIC BLACK The deepest kill Black, Lisa

MYS FIC CRAWFORD A catered quilting bee Crawford, Isis

MYS FIC FINN End of story: a novel Finn, A. J.

MYS FIC OCONNOR Murder at an Irish chipper O'Connor, Carlene