Tuesday, December 26, 2023

New Materials (12/17/23 - 12/23/23)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO WILLSON WILLSON And there I stood with my piccolo Willson, Meredith

CD FIC ALBOM 6cds 7.75hrs The little liar: a novel Albom, Mitch

CD FIC BRADFORD 8cds 9.5hrs The wonder of it all Bradford, Barbara Taylor

CD FIC KRENTZ 7cds 8.5hrs The night island [CD book] Krentz, Jayne Ann

CD FIC KRUEGER 11cds 13.5hrs The river we remember: a novel Krueger, William Kent

CD FIC PROSE 7cds 8.5hrs The mystery guest Prose, Nita

CD FIC UNGER 5cds 5.5hrs Christmas presents Unger, Lisa

CD 328.73 CHENEY 11cds 12hrs Oath and honor: a memoir and a warning Cheney, Liz

CD 974.4 O'REILLY 8cds 9hrs Killing the witches: the horror of Salem, Massachusetts O'Reilly, Bill

CD BIO SPEARS SPEARS 5cds 5.5hrs The woman in me Spears, Britney

DVD FIC INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY Indiana Jones and the dial of destiny

E B Yard sale Bunting, Eve

E C Lawrence & Sophia Cronin, Doreen

E D When grandma gives you a lemon tree Deenihan, Jamie L. B.

E E I did it! Emberley, Michael

E G Noodle conquers Comfy Mountain Graziano, Jonathan

E H I am a dragon!: a squabble & a quibble Hahn, Sabina

E H This book is banned Haldar, Raj

E H Out cold: Higgins, Ryan T.

E N Dragonboy and the 100 hearts Napoleoni, Fabio

E R Oh no, the aunts are here Rex, Adam,

E R There was a party for Langston Reynolds, Jason

FIC TWAIN A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court Twain, Mark

GRAPHIC NOVEL SHUSTERMAN Courage to dream: tales of hope in the Holocaust Shusterman, Neal

BB BOYNTON Silly lullaby Boynton, Sandra

BB BOYNTON Your personal penguin Boynton, Sandra

JUV FIC ANIMAL RESCUE FRIENDS Animal rescue friends. V. 3, Learning new tricks  

JUV FIC BLEXBOLEX The magicians Blexbolex

JUV FIC BRANCHES The glitter bug Elliott, Rebecca

JUV FIC BRANCHES Pug the prince May, Kyla

JUV FIC BRANCHES PRESS START 14 Super game book Flintham, Thomas

JUV FIC CACAO The secret of the ravens Cacao, Joanna

JUV FIC DICAMILLO Mercy Watson is missing! DiCamillo, Kate

JUV FIC FAIRBAIRN Priya puts herself first Fairbairn, Nathan

JUV FIC FAIRBAIRN Mindy makes some space Fairbairn, Nathan

JUV FIC GRABENSTEIN Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's library: the graphic novel Grabenstein, Chris

JUV FIC MILLER Curlfriends: new in town Miller, Sharee

JUV FIC MLYNOWSKI Time after time Mlynowski, Sarah

JUV FIC PETERSON A ranger's guide to Glipwood Forest Peterson, Andrew

JUV FIC RICHARDS 15 secrets to survival Richards, Natalie D.

JUV FIC ROSELLO I am a dinosaur Roselló, Jarod

JUV FIC ROUMANI Tagging freedom Roumani, Rhonda

JUV FIC SELL The cardboard kingdom. V. 3, Snow and sorcery Sell, Chad

JUV FIC SIMPSON Unicorn for a day: another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure Simpson, Dana

JUV FIC STILTON Geronimo stilton reporter, no. 15. clean sweep  

JUV FIC SYMES-SMIT Sir Callie and the dragon's roost Symes-Smith, Esme

JUV FIC TARSHIS I survived the great Alaska earthquake, 1964 Tarshis, Lauren

JUV FIC WATSON Ways to build dreams Watson, Renée

JUV FIC WEST Legend of the Star Dragon West, Tracey

JUV FIC WINKLER Detective Duck: The case of the strange splash Winkler, Henry

MAX MEOW 5 Max Meow: attack of the zombees Gallagher, John

JUV 332.024 REDLING Investing for kids: how to save, invest, and grow money Redling, Dylin

LP FIC DONOGHUE Learned by heart Donoghue, Emma

332.024 CAGAN The infographic guide to personal finance: a visual reference for everything you need to know Cagan, Michele

332.024 SOKUNBI Clever girl finance: learn how investing works, grow your money Sokunbi, Bola

YA FIC GRACE Foxglove Grace, Adalyn

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

New Materials (12/10/2023 - 12/16/2023)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO KENNEDY LANDIS The final witness: a Kennedy secret service agent breaks his silence after 60 years Landis, Paul

BIO WARHOL DORMENT Warhol after Warhol: secrets, lies, & corruption in the art world Dorment, Richard

CD FIC CORNWELL 12hrs 10cds Unnatural death: a Scarpetta novel Cornwell, Patricia Daniels

CD FIC CUSSLER 12hrs 10cds The Corsican shadow Cussler, Dirk

CD FIC KINGSBURY 9hrs 7cds Just once [sound recording (CD)] Kingsbury, Karen

CD FIC MCDERMOTT 8cds 10hrs Absolution McDermott, Alice

CD FIC PATTERSON 8cds 9hrs Alex Cross must die: a thriller Patterson, James

CD FIC ROBERTS 14hrs 10cds Inheritance Roberts, Nora


E B That flag Brown, Tameka Fryer

E C Ploof Clanton, Ben

E D My Bollywood dream Dwivedi, Avani

E G Cat sees snow Gehl, Laura

E H Big Bub, Small Car Heim, Alastair

E H Cinderella and a mouse called Fred Hopkinson, Deborah

E M See Otto say hi! Milgrim, David

E P Kitty-cam Palatini, Margie

E P Shark-cam Palatini, Margie

E S The North Wind & the Sun Stead, Philip Christian

E T Mole is not alone Tatsukawa, Maya

E V Captain Cat goes to Mars Virján, Emma J.

E W Every dreaming creature Wenzel, Brendan

E W Busy Betty & the circus surprise Witherspoon, Reese

FIC POTTER Confessions of a forty-something f##k up Potter, Alexandra

FIC VAN PELT Remarkably bright creatures: a novel Van Pelt, Shelby

FIC WOOD Crescendo: Wood, L. Marie

LP FIC CANTOR The Fiction Writer [Large Print] Cantor, Jillian

LP FIC HOWE A true account: Hannah Masury's sojourn amongst the Pyrates, written by herself Howe, Katherine

LP FIC KINGSBURY Just once Kingsbury, Karen

LP FIC LINDSAY The Fourth Rule Lindsay, Jeff

LP FIC MAHER All you have to do is call Maher, Kerri

LP FIC MCDERMOTT Absolution McDermott, Alice

LP FIC MITCHARD A very inconvenient scandal: a novel Mitchard, Jacquelyn

LP FIC NOVAK The talk of coyote canyon: a novel Novak, Brenda

LP FIC PALMER Wyoming proud Palmer, Diana

LP FIC TOON Five years from now Toon, Paige

640 SEYMOUR The Self-sufficient Life and How to Live It: The Complete Back-to-basics Guide Seymour, John

364.152 MURNICK Blood on their hands: murder, corruption, and the fall of the Murdaugh dynasty  

613.2 AVENA Sugarless: a 7-step plan to uncover hidden sugars, curb your cravings, and conquer your addiction Avena, Nicole M.

635 GALA Vegetable Gardening Made Easy: Simple Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Best Garden Ever Hardcover Gala, Resh

940.54 MOORE Strike of the Sailfish: two sister submarines and the sinking of a Japanese aircraft carrier Moore, Stephen L.

941.086 SCOBIE Endgame: inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy 's fight for survival Scobie, Omid

FIC BERMAN Before we were innocent Berman, Ella

FIC FAULKNER The other mothers: a novel Faulkner, Katherine

FIC KANE The engagement party: a novel Kane, Darby

FIC LINDSAY The fourth rule: a novel Lindsay, Jeffry P.

FIC MCFADDEN Never Lie McFadden, Freida

FIC PERKS For the last time: a novel Perks, Heidi

FIC TOWNSEND The beautiful and the wild Townsend, Peggy

MYS FIC LAWHON The frozen river: a novel Lawhon, Ariel

MYS FIC PROSE The mystery guest Prose, Nita

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

New Materials (12/3/23 - 12/9/23

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO CATALDI CATALDI Loud: how a shy nerd from Rhode Island turned up the volume in the most passionate sports city in America Cataldi, Angelo

BIO CHENEY CHENEY Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning Cheney, Liz

BIO FITZGERALD TICK Becoming Ella Fitzgerald: The Jazz Singer Who Transformed American Song: The Jazz Singer Who Transformed American Song Tick, Judith

BIO KENNAN WALLANCE Into Siberia: George Kennan's epic journey through the brutal, frozen heart of Russia Wallance, Gregory

GRAPHIC NOVEL GARFIELD FULLY CAFFEINAT Garfield Fully Caffeinated: His 75th Book Davis, Jim

GRAPHIC NOVEL GARFIELD HOME COOKIN' Garfield, home cookin' Davis, Jim

LP FIC BALDACCI The edge Baldacci, David

LP FIC CORNWELL Unnatural death Cornwell, Patricia Daniels

LP FIC PATTERSON Alex Cross must die: Patterson, James

MYS FIC BLAEDEL Dissolved: a novel Blædel, Sara

612.6 CHOPRA Quantum body: the new science of living a longer, healthier, more vital life Chopra, Deepak

612.6 GREGER How not to age: the scientific approach to getting healthier as you get older Greger, Michael

636.7 DUNBAR Barking up the right tree: the science and practice of positive dog training Dunbar, Ian

956.05 THRALL A day in the life of Abed Salama: anatomy of a Jerusalem tragedy Thrall, Nathan

973.3092 KELLY God save benedict arnold: the true story of america's most hated man Kelly, Jack

979.3 PATTERSON What really happens in Vegas: true stories of the people who make Vegas, Vegas Patterson, James

FIC BRADFORD The wonder of it all: a house of falconer novel Bradford, Barbara Taylor

FIC COOK Manner of death. vol. 14 Cook, Robin

FIC GREY The last love note: a novel Grey, Emma

FIC LEMAITRE The wide world: a novel Lemaitre, Pierre

FIC YARROS Iron flame Yarros, Rebecca

MYS FIC BROWN Perfect little lives Brown, Amber

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

New Materials (11/26/23 - 12/2/23)

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO JOHNSON LAZENBY Magic: the life of Earvin Magic Johnson Lazenby, Roland, Author

BIO LI LI The worlds I see: curiosity, exploration, and discovery at the dawn of AI Li, Fei Fei, 1976- Author

BIO NIXON CARTER Richard Nixon: California's native son Carter, Paul, (Paul Jeffrey), Author

BIO PARKER MCDONALD Elvis and the Colonel: an insider's look at the most legendary partnership in show business McDonald, Greg, Author

DVD FIC EQUALIZER 3 The Equalizer 3 [videorecording (DVD)] Fuqua, Antoine, Director

DVD FIC EXPEND4BLES Expendables 4  

E B The twelve hours of Christmas Bailey, Jenn, 1965- Author

E B Monsters at Christmas Baker, Laura, 1983- Author

E B Lila Greer, teacher of the year Beaty, Andrea, Author

E B Snowmen's twelve nights of Christmas Buehner, Caralyn, Author

E C We disagree about this tree Collins, Ross, Author

E C Otto the ornament Cummings, Troy, Author Illustrator

E D Merry Christmas, Strega Nona DePaola, Tomie, 1934-2020, Author Illustrator

E D Christmas ahoy! Dealey, Erin, Author

E F Once upon the very first Christmas Feek, Rory Lee, Author

E L Santa Shark: a Great white Christmas Lowery, Mike, 1980- Author Illustrator

E T Dasher can't wait for Christmas Tavares, Matt, Author Illustrator

E T Merry and Hark: a Christmas story Tucholke, April Genevieve, Author

E W How to catch Santa Claus Walstead, Alice, Author

DVD JUV FIC HOW THE GRINCH Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch stole Christmas. / DVD/Fullscreen  

JUV FIC PILKEY Cat kid comic club: influencers Pilkey, Dav, 1966- Author Illustrator artist

LP BIO DALTON CLAVIN The last outlaws: the desperate final days of the Dalton gang Clavin, Tom, 1954- Author

LP FIC GRISHAM The exchange: after The firm Grisham, John, Author

LP 940.530 ANDREWS Valiant women: the extraordinary American servicewomen who helped win World War II Andrews, Lena S., Author

306.0973 LUKIANOFF The canceling of the American mind: cancel culture undermines trust and threatens us all--but there is a solution Lukianoff, Greg, Author

364.152 MACLEAN Starkweather: the untold story of the killing spree that changed America MacLean, Harry N., Author

648.5 PATERAS A dirty guide to a clean home: housekeeping hacks you can't live without Pateras, Melissa Dilkes, Author

649.64 CAMPBELL Tiny humans, big emotions: how to navigate tantrums, meltdowns, and defiance to raise emotionally Intelligent children Campbell, Alyssa Blask, Author Editor

791.430 ROBINSON MCU: the reign of Marvel Studios Robinson, Joanna, (Podcaster) Author

796.33 SANDO The football 100 Sando, Mike, Author

979.46 DAVENPORT The longest minute: the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906 Davenport, Matthew J., Author

FIC CONFINO Don't forget to write: a novel Confino, Sara Goodman, Author

FIC GOLDBERG Calico Goldberg, Lee, 1962- Author

FIC HAWLEY A demon's guide to wooing a witch Hawley, Sarah, Author

FIC HOWE A true account: Hannah Masury's sojourn amongst the pyrates, written by herself Howe, Katherine, 1977- Author

FIC LAVALLE The ballad of Black Tom LaValle, Victor, 1972- Author

FIC NOVAK The Talk of Coyote Canyon. Novak, Brenda.

FIC ROBERTS Inheritance: Book 1: Lost bride trilogy. Roberts, Nora, Author

MYS FIC CORNWELL Unnatural death Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, Author

MYS FIC DEAVER The watchmaker's hand Deaver, Jeffery, Author

MYS FIC GOLDENBAUM A twisted skein Goldenbaum, Sally, Author

MYS FIC LUPICA Robert B. Parker's Broken trust. vol. 50 Lupica, Mike, Author

YA FIC SMITH With or without you Smith, Eric, (Eric A.), Author