Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New Materials (11/19/23 - 11/25/23)

 Shelf Location Title Author

CD FIC CHILD 8cds 9.5hrs The Secret (CD) Child, Lee

CD FIC CHIZMAR 10cds 12hrs Becoming the boogeyman Chizmar, Richard

CD FIC DEMILLE 16cds 19.5hrs Blood lines : a novel DeMille, Nelson

CD FIC DUGONI 9cds 10.5hrs One Last Kill (CD) [CD book] Dugoni, Robert

CD FIC GRISHAM 8cds 9hrs The exchange: after The firm Grisham, John

CD FIC KINSELLA 10cds 12.5hrs The burnout [sound recording (CD)] Kinsella, Sophie

CD FIC ROSENFELT 6cds 6.5hrs Twas the Bite Before Christmas [sound recording (CD)] Rosenfelt, David

CD FIC SANDFORD 9cds 11hrs Judgment prey.: vol. 33 Sandford, John

CD FIC WOODS 5cds 6hrs Obsession Woods, Stuart

E B Over in the jungle: a rainforest rhyme Berkes, Marianne Collins

E M Happy Valentine's Day, little critter! Mayer, Mercer

E M I just forgot Mayer, Mercer

E M Just a mess Mayer, Mercer

FIC PICOULT The book of two ways: a novel Picoult, Jodi

JUV FIC DICAMILLO The puppets of Spelhorst DiCamillo, Kate

JUV FIC QUINN Cinder's flame Quinn, Jordan

JUV FIC QUINN The coldfire curse Quinn, Jordan

JUV FIC QUINN Ghost island Quinn, Jordan

JUV FIC QUINN Ice dragon Quinn, Jordan

JUV FIC QUINN Inferno New Year Quinn, Jordan

JUV FIC QUINN Legion of lava Quinn, Jordan

JUV FIC QUINN Night hunt Quinn, Jordan

JUV FIC QUINN Shadow hills Quinn, Jordan

JUV FIC QUINN The Shattered Shore Quinn, Jordan

JUV FIC ROWLING Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone Rowling, J. K.

JUV FIC ROWLING Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Rowling, J. K.

JUV FIC ROWLING Harry Potter and the goblet of fire Rowling, J. K.

JUV FIC ROWLING Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Rowling, J. K.

LP FIC AVERY The year of second chances Avery, Lara

LP FIC PERRY A Christmas vanishing: a novel Perry, Anne

LP FIC UNGER Christmas presents Unger, Lisa

LP 070.4 WOLFF The fall: the end of Fox News and the Murdoch dynasty Wolff, Michael

649 MOSKOWITZ A+ parenting: the surprisingly fun guide to raising surprisingly smart kids Moskowitz, Eva S.

FIC MACOMBER Jack Frost: a new holiday novella Macomber, Debbie

YA FIC AVILA The making of Yolanda la bruja Avila, Lorraine

YA FIC FARLEY The dream heist Farley, Christina

YA FIC SIMMONS Find him where you left him dead Simmons, Kristen

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

New Materials (11/12/23 - 11/18/23)

 Active Holdings Code Shelf Location Title Author

LBIO BIO LAND LAND Class: a memoir Land, Stephanie, 1978


LDVD DVD FIC MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 3 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.   

LF FIC HUBBARD A Mother's Love Hubbard, Charlotte, 1953

LF FIC JONES Alice's friendship bench: a novel Jones, Jeffrey McClain

LF FIC WATSON Called to Battle  

LLPBIO LP BIO WINKLER WINKLER Being Henry: the Fonz . . . and beyond Winkler, Henry

LLPF LP FIC COLGAN Midnight at the Christmas bookshop Colgan, Jenny

LLPF LP FIC DEMILLE Blood lines DeMille, Nelson

LLPF LP FIC EVANOVICH Dirty thirty Evanovich, Janet

LLPF LP FIC KINSELLA The burnout: a novel Kinsella, Sophie

LLPF LP FIC MILLER Christmas in Painted Pony Creek Miller, Linda Lael

LLPF LP FIC RIMMER The Paris agent Rimmer, Kelly

LLPF LP FIC SMITH From a far and lovely country McCall Smith, Alexander

LLPF LP FIC WARD Let us descend: a novel Ward, Jesmyn

LNF 158.1 SHARMA The 5 AM club: own your morning, elevate your life Sharma, Robin S.

LNNF 155.915 BEATTIE Codependent no more: how to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself Beattie, Melody

LNNF 359 SNOW Sailing the graveyard sea: the deathly voyage of the Somers, the U.S. Navy's only mutiny, and the trial that gripped the nation Snow, Richard

LRF FIC BALDACCI The edge Baldacci, David

LRF FIC BALDREE Bookshops & bonedust Baldree, Travis

LRF FIC CAMERON Command and control Cameron, Marc

LRF FIC FADIPE The sun sets in Singapore: a novel Fadipe, Kehinde

LRF FIC PETERS The berry pickers: a novel Peters, Amanda

LRF FIC SINGH There should have been eight Singh, Nalini

LRF FIC STEEL The ball at Versailles: a novel Steel, Danielle

LRF FIC WOODS The lost bookshop Woods, Evie

LRF MYS FIC MCDERMID Past lying McDermid, Val

LRF MYS FIC OCONNOR Some of us are looking: a County Kerry novel O'Connor, Carlene

LRF MYS FIC PATTERSON Alex Cross must die Patterson, James

LYAF YA FIC GIBALDI Battle of the bands  

LYAF YA FIC GIBALDI First-year orientation  

LYAF YA FIC LEWIS Thieves' gambit Lewis, Kayvion

LYAF YA FIC MOORE The library of shadows Moore, Rachel

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

New Materials (11/5/23-11/11/23)

 Active Holdings Code Shelf Location Title


LBIO BIO MADONNA GABRIEL Madonna: a rebel life 

LBIO BIO ROMNEY COPPINS Romney: a reckoning 

LBIO BIO SANDERS TAYLOR Coach Prime: Deion Sanders and the making of men 

LBIO BIO SOFRIN SOFRIN All Hands on Deck: A Modern-day High Seas Adventure to the Far Side of the World.


LE E H Hopefully the scarecrow 

LE E I Hooray for fall! 

LE E J The Big Cheese 

LE E S Dr. Seuss's how the Grinch lost Christmas! 

LE E W The little old lady who was not afraid of anything 

LJF JUV FIC BLABEY The bad guys in look who's talking 

LJF JUV FIC BRALLIER The last kids on Earth and the monster dimension 

LJF JUV FIC GREEN Under the weather 

LJNF JUV 394.2649 KIERNAN We gather together: stories of Thanksgiving from then to now 

LNNF 001.942 GRAFF Ufo : the inside story of the US government's search for alien life here - and out there 

LNNF 158 PATEL Spiritual anatomy: meditation, chakras, and the journey to the center 

LNNF 248.86 MEYER Blessed in the mess: how to experience God's goodness in the midst of life's pain 

LNNF 302 BROOKS How to know a person: the art of seeing others deeply and being deeply seen 

LNNF 302.231 LORENZ Extremely online: the untold story of fame, influence, and power on the internet 

LNNF 303.483 MERCHANT Blood in the machine: the origins of the rebellion against big tech 

LNNF 320.53 MADDOW Prequel: an American fight against Fascism 

LNNF 324.2734 STEVENS The conspiracy to end America: five ways my old party is driving our democracy to autocracy 

LNNF 327.1 HARMON Ghosts of Honolulu: a Japanese spy, a Japanese American spy hunter, and the untold story of Pearl Harbor 

LNNF 332.0973 SCHULMAN The money kings: the epic story of the Jewish immigrants who transformed Wall Street and shaped modern America 

LNNF 364.13 HALE In the pines: a lynching, a lie, a reckoning 

LNNF 364.154 WETTERLING Dear Jacob: a mother's journey of hope 

LNNF 364.16 RENNER Gator country: deception, danger, and alligators in the Everglades 

LNNF 629.4 WEINERSMITH A city on Mars: can we settle space, should we settle space, and have we really thought this through? 

LNNF 641.865 AREFI Snacking Bakes: simple recipes for cookies, bars, brownies, Cakes, & more 

LNNF 747 MARRS House + love = home: creating warm, intentional spaces for a beautiful life 

LNNF 973.933 KARL Tired of winning: Donald Trump and the end of the Grand Old Party 

LNNF 978 CLAVIN The last outlaws: the desperate final days of the Dalton Gang 

LRF FIC ALBOM The little liar: a novel 

LRF FIC BAILEY Wreck the halls: a novel 

LRF FIC BROOKS Sister of starlit seas 

LRF FIC BUTCHER The Olympian affair 

LRF FIC CORNWELL Uhtred's feast: inside the world of the Last Kingdom 

LRF FIC CUSSLER The Corsican shadow 

LRF FIC GERRITSEN The spy coast 

LRF FIC GUANZON The hurricane wars 

LRF FIC HENRY Good girls don't die 

LRF FIC JOHNSTON Distant sons 

LRF FIC KINGSBURY Just once: a novel 

LRF FIC LEDWIDGE The girl in the vault: a thriller 

LRF FIC MACMILLAN The manor house: a novel 

LRF FIC MASON North woods 

LRF FIC MITCHARD A very inconvenient scandal 

LRF FIC OKORAFOR Who fears death 

LRF FIC RAI Partners in crime: a novel 

LRF FIC RUFFIN We cast a shadow 

LRF FIC SHIPMAN The wishing bridge 

LRF FIC TAN The house of doors: a novel 

LRF FIC THAYNE Christmas at the Shelter Inn 

LRF FIC WENDIG Black river orchard: a novel 

LRF FIC WHEELER The war begins in Paris: a novel 


LRF MYS FIC BANCROFT The hexologists 


LRF MYS FIC PERRY A Christmas vanishing: a novel 

LRF SF FIC BUTLER Fledgling: a novel 

LYAF YA FIC PAOLINI Murtagh: world of Eragon 

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

New Materials (10/29/23 - 11/04/23)

 Title Author Shelf Location

The Woman in Me Spears, Britney BIO SPEARS SPEARS

If you would have told me: a memoir Stamos, John BIO STAMOS STAMOS


There's a bear in your book Fletcher, Tom E F

The dog who was there Marasco, Ron FIC MARASCO

Simon sort of says Bow, Erin JUV FIC BOW

Top secret anniversary Ruths, Mitali Banerjee JUV FIC BRANCHES PARTY DIARIES

12 months to live Patterson, James LP FIC PATTERSON

23 1/2 lies: thrillers Patterson, James LP FIC PATTERSON

Happiness: a novel Steel, Danielle LP FIC STEEL

Killers of the flower moon: the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI Grann, David 363.2595 GRANN

Life force: how new breakthroughs in precision medicine can transform the quality of your life & those you love Robbins, Anthony 610 ROBBINS

Ghost rider: travels on the healing road Peart, Neil 917.04 PEART

Forever strong: a new, science-based strategy for aging well Lyon, Gabrielle 612.6 LYON

How to say goodbye: the wisdom of hospice caregivers MacNaughton, Wendy 616.02 MACNAUGHTON

The hidden roots of white supremacy: and the path to a shared American future Jones, Robert P. 305.8009 JONES

Someone always nearby: a novel of Georgia O'Keeffe and Maria Chabot Albert, Susan Wittig FIC ALBERT

Starling house Harrow, Alix E. FIC HARROW

Absolution McDermott, Alice FIC MCDERMOTT

The proof of the pudding Bowen, Rhys MYS FIC BOWEN

Resurrection walk Connelly, Michael MYS FIC CONNELLY

Dirty thirty Evanovich, Janet MYS FIC EVANOVICH

From a far and lovely country McCall Smith, Alexander MYS FIC MCCALL SMITH

The visitors Simak, Clifford D.            SF FIC SIMAK

Such a good liar Wallman, Sue YA FIC WALLMAN

Thursday, November 02, 2023

New Materials 10/22/23 - 10/28/23

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO PARTON PARTON Dolly Parton : my life in rhinestones / behind the seams Parton, Dolly

BIO SMITH SMITH Worthy Smith, Jada Pinkett

BIO SPEAR SPEAR The Woman in Me Spears, Britney

BIO WINKLER WINKLER Being Henry : the Fonz . . . and beyond Winkler, Henry

DVD FIC BARBIE Barbie Barbie (Motion picture)

DVD FIC GOOD PERSON A good person  

DVD FIC NO HARD FEELINGS No hard feelings  

E A Gold Alexander, Jed

E C Building Cole, Henry

E D This story is not about a kitten De Sève, Randall

E F Mine! Fleming, Candace

E F A few beautiful minutes : experiencing a solar eclipse Fox, Kate Allen

E G Something, someday Gorman, Amanda

E L See the ghost : three stories about things you cannot see LaRochelle, David

E M Squash, the cat Mayer, Sasha

E M Just because McConaughey, Matthew

E R ¡Vamos! : Let's go read Raúl the Third

E R All we need is love and a really soft pillow! Reynolds, Peter H.

E R Up and down : and other stories Ruzzier, Sergio

E S Stickler loves the world Smith, Lane

E V Who I am : words I tell myself Verde, Susan

JUV FIC KINNEY Diary of a wimpy kid : no brainer Kinney, Jeff

JUV 551.46 MCANULTY Ocean! : waves for all McAnulty, Stacy

364.1 DRUMMOND The watchdog : how the Truman Committee battled corruption and helped win World War Two Drummond, Steve

LP 070.4 BARON Collision of power : Trump, Bezos, and The Washington Post Baron, Martin

131 TOUSSAINT Activate your greatness Toussaint, Alex

363.2 LANKFORD Trail of the lost : the relentless search to bring home the missing hikers of the Pacific Crest Trail Lankford, Andrea

370.15 WALLACE Never enough : when achievement culture becomes toxic--and what we can do about it Wallace, Jennifer Breheny

641.5 DRUMMOND The pioneer woman cooks : dinner's ready : 112 fast and fabulous recipes for slightly impatient home cooks Drummond, Ree

649.1 MCCARTHY Raising a kid who can : simple strategies to build a lifetime of adaptability and emotional strength. McCarthy, Catherine

791.4609 PELLEGRINO The jolliest bunch : unhinged holiday stories Pellegrino, Danny

973.0496 HARRIOT Black AF history : the un-whitewashed story of America Harriot, Michael

973.4109 BAIER To rescue the Constitution : George Washington and the fragile American experiment Baier, Bret

977.3 BERG The burning of the world : the Great Chicago Fire and the war for a city's soul Berg, Scott W.

FIC ADEGOKE The list : a novel Adegoke, Yomi

FIC CHILD The secret Child, Lee

FIC GRISHAM The exchange : after The Firm Grisham, John

FIC HARRISON Black sheep Harrison, Rachel

FIC JENKINS A Christmas to remember Jenkins, Beverly

FIC LEVINE My roommate is a vampire Levine, Jenna

FIC LITTLEWOOD Amazing Grace Adams Littlewood, Fran

FIC MORRIS Sisters under the rising sun Morris, Heather

FIC MOSLEY Touched : a novel Mosley, Walter

FIC O'BRIEN America fantastica : a novel O'Brien, Tim

FIC WARD Let us descend : a novel Ward, Jesmyn

FIC WIGGS The twelve dogs of Christmas : a novel Wiggs, Susan

MYS FIC BROWN Lost & hound : a novel Brown, Rita Mae

MYS FIC CARLISLE The twelve books of Christmas Carlisle, Kate

MYS FIC HANNAH Hercule Poirot's silent night Hannah, Sophie

MYS FIC QUINN Up on the woof top Quinn, Spencer

MYS FIC SWANSON The Christmas guest : a novella Swanson, Peter

MYS FIC UNGER Christmas presents : a novella Unger, Lisa

YA FIC NEWMAN Jailbait Newman, Lesléa