Saturday, October 21, 2023

New Materials 10/15/23 - 10/21/23

 Shelf Location         Title         Author

BIO DUGGAR DUGGAR Counting the cost Duggar, Jill 

BIO HARRISON WALLACH Flirting with danger : the mysterious life of Marguerite Harrison, socialite spy Wallach, Janet 

CD FIC FOLLETT 18cds 21.5hrs The armor of light Follett, Ken 

CD FIC GOLDBERG 7cds 8hrs Malibu burning Goldberg, Lee 

CD FIC HELPRIN 17cds 21.5hrs The oceans and the stars : a sea story, a war story, a love story Helprin, Mark 

CD FIC PATTERSON 1cd 9.5hrs 12 months to live Patterson, James 

CD FIC STEEL 6cds 8hrs Second act : a novel Steel, Danielle 

CD FIC WEINER 11cds 13.5hrs The breakaway : a novel Weiner, Jennifer 

DVD FIC LITTLE MERMAID The little mermaid   

E M People are wild Meganck, Margaux 

E B How does Santa go down the chimney? Barnett, Mac 

E B Bluey : Sleepytime Brumm, Joe 

E F Dim Sum Palace Fang, X. 

E F How to spook a ghost Fliess, Sue 

E G I'm from Gray, Gary, Jr. 

E H Your birthday was the best! Hutchings, Maggie 

E M The scariest kitten in the world Messner, Kate 

E M Izzy paints Miller, Tim 

E P Don't eat bees : life lessons from Chip the dog Petty, Dev 

E R Sloth sleeps over Russo, Blythe 

E S Books aren't for eating Sorosiak, Carlie 

GRAPHIC NOVEL BABY SITTERS CLUB 14 Stacey's mistake : a graphic novel Martin, Ann M., 


JUV FIC APPLEGATE Dogtown Applegate, Katherine 

JUV FIC BARNETT The first cat in space and the soup of doom Barnett, Mac 

JUV FIC BEATY Aaron Slater and the sneaky snake Beaty, Andrea 

JUV FIC BOWEN COHEN Two tribes Bowen Cohen, Emily 

JUV FIC CHAM Oliver's great big universe Cham, Jorge 

JUV FIC CLEARY Ramona the brave Cleary, Beverly 

JUV FIC GIBBS Spy school goes north Gibbs, Stuart 

JUV FIC GLASER The Vanderbeekers ever after Glaser, Karina Yan 

JUV FIC GUTMAN Uncle Fred is a knucklehead! Gutman, Dan

JUV FIC HATKE Things in the basement Hatke, Ben 

JUV FIC HIAASEN Wrecker Hiaasen, Carl 

JUV FIC KORMAN Operation do-over Korman, Gordon, 

JUV FIC MADDEN Shelley Frankenstein! : Cowpiggy Madden, Colleen M.  

JUV FIC OSBORNE Time of the turtle king Osborne, Mary Pope 

JUV FIC RIVERA Barely floating Rivera, Lilliam 

JUV FIC SUTHERLAND Wings of fire : A guide to the dragon world Sutherland, Tui 

JUV FIC WOODSON Remember us Woodson, Jacqueline 

JUV FICTION RIORDAN The chalice of the gods Riordan, Rick 

JUV 641.512 FARROW The official Harry Potter cookbook Farrow, Joanna 

JUV 641.5951 LIN Chinese menu : the history, myths, and legends behind your favorite foods Lin, Grace 

LP 974.4 O'REILLY Killing the witches : the horror of Salem, Massachusetts O'Reilly, Bill 

LP FIC ANDREWS Bright lights, big Christmas : a novel Andrews, Mary Kay  

LP FIC DELL'ANTONIA Playing the witch card Dell'Antonia, KJ 

LP FIC FOLLETT The armor of light Follett, Ken 

LP FIC GRISSOM Crow Mary : a novel Grissom, Kathleen 

LP FIC MICHAELS Santa & company Michaels, Fern 

LP FIC PERRY The traitor among us Perry, Anne 

LP FIC RIDKER Hope : a novel Ridker, Andrew 

LP FIC ROUDA Beneath the surface : a novel Rouda, Kaira 

LP FIC SANDFORD Judgment prey Sandford, John 

LP FIC SEE Lady Tan's circle of women : See, Lisa 

LP FIC VERGHESE The covenant of water : a novel Verghese, Abraham 

303.48 SULEYMAN The coming wave : technology, power, and the twenty-first century's greatest dilemma Suleyman, Mustafa 

304.2082 MILES Wild girls : how the outdoors shaped the women who challenged a nation Miles, Tiya 

306.765 SHAW Bi : the hidden culture, history, and science of bisexuality Shaw, Julia  

378.753 SWARNS The 272 : the families who were enslaved and sold to build the American Catholic Church Swarns, Rachel L. 

381.149 SCHWARTZ The joy of Costco : a treasure hunt from A to Z Schwartz, David  

597.92 MONTGOMERY Of time and turtles : mending the world, shell by shattered shell Montgomery, Sy 

616.85 GOLD Breaking through depression : a guide to the next generation of promising research and revolutionary new treatments Gold, Philip W. 

973.917 GRAY Passionate mothers, powerful sons : the lives of Jennie Jerome Churchill and Sara Delano Roosevelt Gray, Charlotte 

FIC FULLER GOOGINS The great transition : a novel Fuller Googins, Nick 

FIC GOLDBECK You, again : a novel Goldbeck, Kate 

FIC GROFF The vaster wilds Groff, Lauren 

FIC KANER Godkiller Kaner, Hannah 

FIC RUNYA KATZ Thank you for sharing : a novel Runya Katz, Rachel 

FIC SCALZI Starter villain Scalzi, John 

FIC TARANTO How I won a Nobel Prize : a novel Taranto, Julius 

FIC WARD Darius Ward, J. R. 

FIC ZHANG Land of milk and honey Zhang, C Pam 

MYS FIC HUNTER Murder in the family Hunter, Cara 

MYS FIC O'CONNOR No strangers here O'Connor, Carlene 

SS FIC BRUNSTETT Sisters by the sea : 4 short romances set in the Sarasota, Florida, Amish community.  

YA FIC ALLEN All you have to do Allen, Autumn 

Monday, October 16, 2023

New Materials 10/8/23 - 10/14/23

 Shelf Location                 Title             Author

BIO BANKMAN-FRIED LEWIS Going infinite : the rise and fall of a new tycoon Lewis, Michael 

BIO BUSCH BUSCH Family reins : the extraordinary rise and epic fall of an American dynasty Busch, Billy 

BIO JOHNSON JOHNSON Walk through fire Johnson, Sheila 

BIO KEY KEY How to stay married : the most insane love story ever told Key, Harrison Scott 

BIO SIMMONS SIMMONS Up home : one girl's journey Simmons, Ruth 

BIO SONDHEIM SILVERMAN Sondheim : his life, his shows, his legacy Silverman, Stephen M. 

006.2 HILL Your face belongs to us : a secretive startup's quest to end privacy as we know it Hill, Kashmir 

302.231 KLEIN Doppelganger : a trip into the mirror world Klein, Naomi 

305.8009 LOWERY American whitelash : a changing nation and the cost of progress Lowery, Wesley 

320.473 LEVITSKY Tyranny of the minority : why American democracy reached the breaking point Levitsky, Steven 

320.473 RICHARDSON Democracy awakening : notes on the state of America Richardson, Heather Cox 

320.973 UYGUR Justice is coming : how progressives are going to take over the country and America is going to love it Uygur, Cenk K. 

378.3097 CHANY Paying for college Chany, Kalman A 

520 TYSON To infinity and beyond : a journey of cosmic discovery Tyson, Neil deGrasse

618.1 FAUBION The new rules of menopause : a Mayo Clinic guide to perimenopause and beyond Faubion, Stephanie S. 

956.04 KAUFMANN Eighteen days in October : the Yom Kippur War and how it created the modern Middle East Kaufmann, Uri R. 

FIC AOYAMA What you are looking for is in the library : a novel Aoyama, Michiko  

FIC ARMENTROUT Fall of ruin and wrath Armentrout, Jennifer L. 

FIC ENRIGHT The wren, the wren : a novel Enright, Anne 

FIC FEEHAN Dark memory Feehan, Christine 

FIC LANG Look out for the little guy Lang, Scott 

FIC MILES The quiet room : a Rabbits novel Miles, Terry 

FIC PHILLIPS Night watch : Phillips, Jayne Anne 

FIC SCHWAB The fragile threads of power Schwab, Victoria 

FIC SILVER A winter in New York : a novel Silver, Josie 

FIC STEEL Second act : a novel Steel, Danielle 

FIC UMRIGAR The museum of failures : a novel Umrigar, Thrity N. 

FIC VASQUEZ GILLILAND Witch of wild things Vasquez Gilliland, Raquel 

YA FIC WELLINGTON Their vicious games Wellington, Joelle 

YA FIC WHITE The spirit bares its teeth White, Andrew Joseph 

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

New Materials 10/1/23 - 10/7/23

 Shelf Location                 Title                                     Author

BIO ETHERIDGE ETHERIDGE Talking to my angels  Etheridge, Melissa 

BIO STEWART STEWART Making it so : a memoir Stewart, Patrick 

BIO WASHINGTON WASHINGTON Thicker than water : a memoir Washington, Kerry 

DVD FIC BOOK CLUB THE NEXT CHAPTER Book club : the next chapter  

DVD FIC DEAD MAN'S HAND Dead man's hand.   

E B Witch & wombat Belote, Ashley 

E C The goblin twins Cha, Frances 

E F The boo crew needs you! Fang, Vicky 

E M Aiko's amazing adventures Macy, Judy 

E M Sí. ¡No! Montijo, Rhode 

E M Meowl-o-ween Muldrow, Diane 

E S The Halloween costume ball Sawan, Anne 

E S Happy Halloween! Slegers, Liesbet 

E S I will read to you Sterer, Gideon 

E S Why did the monster cross the road? Stine, R. L. 

FIC ROBSON The gown : a novel of the royal wedding Robson, Jennifer 

JUV FIC KLASSEN The skull : a Tyrolean folktale Klassen, Jon 

LP FIC BROWN Out of nowhere Brown, Sandra 

LP FIC JANCE Blessing of the lost girls : a Brady and Walker family novel Jance, Judith A. 

LP FIC PRESTON Dead mountain Preston, Douglas J. 

158.1 SCHWARZEN Be useful : seven tools for life Schwarzenegger, Arnold 

940 BRUNT The mysterious case of Rudolf Diesel : genius, power, and deception on the eve of World War I Brunt, Douglas 

FIC CAMPBELL The intern Campbell, Michele 

FIC ELLROY The enchanters : a novel Ellroy, James 

FIC HILL Wellness : a novel Hill, Nathan 

FIC KINSELLA The burnout : a novel Kinsella, Sophie 

FIC MARTIN The last exchange : a novel Martin, Charles 

FIC MATLIN The stranger upstairs : a novel Matlin, Lisa 

FIC MCMAHON My darling girl McMahon, Jennifer 

FIC MURPHY A holly jolly ever after: a Christmas notch novel Murphy, Julie 

FIC MURRAY The bee sting Murray, Paul 

FIC NESBO The night house Nesbø, Jo 

FIC ROBERTS The twelve months of Christmas: Roberts, Sheila 

FIC SCORE The Christmas fix Score, Lucy 

MYS FIC SANDFORD Judgement prey Sandford, John 

Monday, October 02, 2023

New Materials 9/24/23 - 9/30/23


Shelf Location                 Title                         Author

BIO DIDION MCDONNELL The world according to Joan Didion McDonnell, Evelyn 

BIO FAUST FAUST Necessary trouble : growing up at midcentury Faust, Drew Gilpin 



E R Construction site : taking flight! Rinker, Sherri Duskey 

JUV FIC BROWN The wild robot protects Brown, Peter 

JUV FIC GREEN InvestiGATORS All tide up Green, John Patrick  

JUV FIC KINGDOM HEARTS 1 Kingdom Hearts Volume 1 Amano, Shiro 

JUV FIC KINGDOM HEARTS 2 Kingdom Hearts. Volume 2 Amano, Shiro 

JUV FIC KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Kingdom Hearts Volume 3 Amano, Shiro 

JUV FIC KINGDOM HEARTS 4 Kingdom Hearts Volume 4 Amano, Shiro 

JUV FIC LARSON All my friends Larson, Hope 

JUV FIC RUSSELL Dork diaries : tales from a not-so-posh Paris adventure Russell, Rachel Renée 

LP BIO CHURCH RISEN The last honest man : the CIA, the FBI, the mafia, and the Kennedys - and one Senator's fight to save democracy Risen, James 

LP FIC HANNAH Home front Hannah, Kristin 

032.02 OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC 2024 The old farmer's almanac  

616.722 FOX Arthritis for dummies Fox, Barry 

683.4 MCWHIRTER American gun : the true story of the AR-15 McWhirter, Cameron  

974.4 O'REILLY Killing the witches : the horror of Salem, Massachusetts O'Reilly, Bill 

FIC ANDREWS Bright lights, big Christmas : a novel Andrews, Mary Kay 

FIC BOYD The romantic : the real life of Cashel Greville Ross : a novel Boyd, William 

FIC BROWN Nineteen steps : a novel Brown, Millie Bobby 

FIC FOLLETT The armor of light Follett, Ken 

FIC GALBRAITH The running grave Galbraith, Robert 

FIC GRAY An Amish Cinderella Gray, Shelley Shepard 

FIC JILES Chenneville : a novel of murder, loss, and vengeance Jiles, Paulette 

FIC KYLES Flipping boxcars Kyles, Cedric 

FIC LANE The neighbors we want : a novel Lane, Tim 

FIC MARTIN The ghost illusion Martin, Kat 

FIC MICHAELS Santa & company Michaels, Fern 

FIC PATTERSON 12 months to live Patterson, James 

MYS FIC FRANCIS No reserve : a Dick Francis novel. Francis, Felix