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New Materials 9/17/23 - 9/23/23

 Shelf Location             Title                     Author

BIO ASTOR COOPER Astor : the rise and fall of an American fortune Cooper, Anderson

BIO GULMAN GULMAN Misfit : growing up awkward in the '80s Gulman, Gary 

BIO LEON LEON Wandering through life : a memoir Leon, Donna 

BIO WALTERS WALTERS Gambler : secrets from a life at risk Walters, Billy  

DVD FIC ABOUT MY FATHER About my father  

LP FIC ARMSTRONG The poisoner's ring: a rip through time novel Armstrong, Kelley

LP FIC BRAZIER Girls and their horses Brazier, Eliza

LP FIC CLEEVES The raging storm : Cleeves, Ann 

LP FIC DUBUS Such kindness : a novel Dubus, Andre 

LP FIC JALALUDDIN Much ado about Nada Jalaluddin, Uzma 

LP FIC JEWELL None of this is true: a novel Jewell, Lisa 

LP FIC KRUEGER The river we remember: a novel Krueger, William Kent 

LP FIC LITTLEWOOD Amazing Grace Adams Littlewood, Fran 

LP FIC MICHAELS Liar! Michaels, Fern 

LP FIC NOVAK Talulah's back in town : a novel Novak, Brenda 

LP FIC PEARCE Mrs. Porter calling : a novel Pearce, A. J. 

LP FIC RABESS Everything's fine : a novel Rabess, Cecilia 

LP FIC ROBB Payback in death Robb, J. D. 

LP FIC WOOD The president's wife : a novel Wood, Tracey 

001.9 ARIELY Misbelief : what makes rational people believe irrational things Ariely, Dan 

262 DAVIS The great dechurching : who's leaving, why are they going, and what will it take to bring them back? Davis, Jim 

305.892 FERSKO We need to talk about antisemitism Fersko, Diana 

610.73 SMILIOS The Black Angels : the untold story of the nurses who helped cure tuberculosis. Smilios, Maria 

648 SHEARER The Home edit: stay organized : the ultimate guide to making systems stick Shearer, Clea 

940.53 FINKELSTEIN Two roads home : Hitler, Stalin, and the miraculous survival of my family Finkelstein, Daniel 

FIC ARCHER Traitors gate Archer, Jeffrey 

FIC BEUKES Bridge : a novel of suspense Beukes, Lauren 

FIC BLACK The art of scandal Black, Regina 

FIC CANAS Vampires of El Norte Cañas, Isabel 

FIC CONNOLLY The land of lost things Connolly, John 

FIC CROOKS Under the influence : a novel Crooks, Noelle 

FIC DEESE The words we lost Deese, Nicole 

FIC DUNCAN Sun house Duncan, David James 

FIC HARVEY The summer of songbirds : a novel Harvey, Kristy Woodson 

FIC IRWIN A lady's guide to scandal : Irwin, Sophie 

FIC KIM Happiness falls : a novel Kim, Angie 

FIC KNOLL Bright young women Knoll, Jessica 

FIC MAEHRER Assistant to the villain Maehrer, Hannah Nicole 

FIC MORGAN The book club hotel Morgan, Sarah

FIC POSTON The seven year slip Poston, Ashley 

FIC SANTIAGO Las madres : a novel Santiago, Esmeralda 

FIC SCORE Things we left behind Score, Lucy 

FIC SMALE Cassandra in reverse Smale, Holly 

FIC SOLOMON Business or pleasure Solomon, Rachel Lynn 

FIC THAI Banyan moon : a novel Thai, Thao 

FIC VERGHESE The covenant of water : a novel Verghese, Abraham 

FIC WHITE Mister Magic : a novel White, Kiersten 

MYS FIC BEATON Dead on target Beaton, M. C. 

MYS FIC JANCE Blessing of the lost girls Jance, Judith A. 

MYS FIC OSMAN The last devil to die Osman, Richard 

MYS FIC SWANN The sunset years of Agnes Sharp Swann, Leonie 

YA FIC EVANS Michael Vey. The traitor Evans, Richard Paul 

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New Materials 9/10/23 - 9/16/23

 Shelf Location                 Title                     Author

BIO BAMFORD BAMFORD Sure, I'll join your cult : a memoir of mental illness and the quest to belong anywhere Bamford, Maria 

BIO FERGUSON FERGUSON No ordinary assignment : a memoir Ferguson, Jane  

BIO GUPTA GUPTA They called us exceptional : and other lies that raised us Gupta, Prachi 

BIO LELAND LELAND The country of the blind : a memoir at the end of sight Leland, Andrew 

BIO MARBLE BLAIS Queen of the court : the many lives of tennis legend Alice Marble Blais, Madeleine 

BIO MCCRAE MCCRAE Pulling the chariot of the sun : a memoir of a kidnapping McCrae, Shane 

BIO MUSK ISAACSON Elon Musk Isaacson, Walter 

BIO WONG HUANG Daughter of the dragon : Anna May Wong's rendezvous with American history Huang, Yunte 

CD FIC BROWN  Out of nowhere : a novel Brown, Sandra 

CD FIC DONAGHUE   Learned by heart Donoghue, Emma 

CD FIC HOWARD   The trap Howard, Catherine Ryan 

CD FIC PATCHETT   Tom Lake : a novel Patchett, Ann 

CD FIC PATTERSON   Lion & Lamb Patterson, James 

CD FIC PRESTON   Dead mountain Preston, Douglas J. 

CD FIC SLAUGHTER   After that night Slaughter, Karin 

CD FIC SMIRNOFF   The girl in the eagle's talons Smirnoff, Karin 

E B I am a tornado Beckmeyer, Drew 

E C The tiny seed Carle, Eric 

E C The belonging tree Cocca-Leffler, Maryann 

E D The baddies Donaldson, Julia 

E D Llama Llama's little lie Duncan, Reed 

E F Peaceful me Feder, Sandra V. 

E J The secret pocket Janicki, Peggy 

E R Yoga bunny Russo, Brian 

E W Don't let the pigeon drive the sleigh! Willems, Mo 

E Y You are a lion! : and other fun yoga poses Yoo, Taeeun 

FIC DUENAS The heart has its reasons : a novel Dueñas, María 

FIC IVANOV The cabin at the end of the train : a story about pursuing dreams Ivanov, Michael V. 

GRAPHIC NOVEL VISIT TO MOSCOW A visit to Moscow Olswanger, Anna  

BB PAIGE Baby's black & white contrast book: high-contrast fine art for visual stimulation Paige, Tabitha 

JUV FIC BLABEY Cat on the run in cat of death! Blabey, Aaron 

JUV FIC GRIFFITHS The 156-story treehouse Griffiths, Andy 

JUV FIC JONES Bog gone! Jones, P. Knuckle 

JUV FIC PAMMENT Ember and the island of lost creaures Pamment, Jason  

JUV FIC PEIRCE Big Nate. Move it or lose it! Peirce, Lincoln 

JUV FIC SEKARAN Boomi's boombox Sekaran, Shanthi 

JUV FIC TUR Hooky. Volume 3 Tur, Míriam Bonastre 

JUV 551.6 REED Wild weather : storms, meteorology, and climate Reed, M. K. 

JUV 621.43 DROZD Rockets : defying gravity Drozd, Anne 

299 RUIZ The four agreements : a practical guide to personal freedom Ruiz, Miguel 

595.79 SEELEY Honeybee democracy Seeley, Thomas D. 

595.799 SEELEY The lives of bees : the untold story of the honey bee in the wild Seeley, Thomas D. 

031 GUINNESS 2024 Guinness world records 2024.  

158 BROOKS Build the life you want : the art and science of getting happier Brooks, Arthur C. 

158.2 KIM How trust works : the science of how relationships are built, broken, and repaired Kim, Peter H. 

190 EILENBERGER The visionaries : Arendt, Beauvoir, Rand, Weil, and the power of philosophy in dark times Eilenberger, Wolfram 

277.308 MOORE Losing our religion : an altar call for evangelical America Moore, Russell 

305.26 CONNOLLY The measure of our age : navigating care, safety, money, and meaning later in life Connolly, M. T. 

305.5 GOYAL Live to see the day : coming of age in American poverty Goyal, Nikhil 

305.8009 MECKLER Dream town : Shaker Heights and the quest for racial equity Meckler, Laura 

306.8742 DETWILER How to dad : an illustrated instruction manual for first-time fathers Detwiler, T. M. 

339.4 EDIN The injustice of place : uncovering the legacy of poverty in America Edin, Kathryn 

352.8 LEWIS Filthy rich politicians : the swamp creatures, latte liberals, and ruling-class elites cashing in on America Lewis, Matt K. 

362.29 RAMSEY When crack was king : a people's history of a misunderstood era Ramsey, Donovan X. 

364.152 O'CONNELL A thread of violence : a story of truth, invention, and murder O'Connell, Mark 

422 NUTTALL Mother tongue : the surprising history of women's words Nuttall, Jennifer Anne 

571.6 STANGER From one cell : a journey into life's origins and the future of medicine Stanger, Ben 

629.4097 GRUSH The six : the untold story of America's first women astronauts Grush, Loren 

940.5308 ANDREWS Valiant women : the extraordinary American servicewomen who helped win World War II Andrews, Lena S. 

947 MIKANOWSKI Goodbye, Eastern Europe : an intimate history of a divided land Mikanowski, Jacob 

FIC ABDULLAH Perfectly nice neighbors Abdullah, Kia 

FIC ATKINSON Normal rules don't apply : stories Atkinson, Kate 

FIC BAILEY Unfortunately yours : a novel Bailey, Tessa 

FIC BROWN Condor's fury Brown, Graham 

FIC GOLDBERG Malibu burning Goldberg, Lee 

FIC HERRON The secret hours Herron, Mick 

FIC KRAUS Whalefall : a novel Kraus, Daniel 

FIC LEWIS The heirloom Lewis, Beverly 

FIC MILLS Code red Mills, Kyle 

FIC NOVAK Talulah's back in town Novak, Brenda 

FIC PRESTON Dead Mountain Preston, Douglas J. 

MYS FIC GOLDIN Dark corners Goldin, Megan 

MYS FIC PATTERSON 23 1/2 lies : thrillers Patterson, James 

MYS FIC PERRY The traitor among us Perry, Anne 

YA FIC KEMMERER A heart so fierce and broken Kemmerer, Brigid 

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New Materials 9/3/23 - 9/9/23

 Shelf Location                         Title                 Author

JUV FIC PEIRCE Big Nate : prank you very much Peirce, Lincoln 

LP FIC MACOMBER Must love flowers : a novel Macomber, Debbie 

LP FIC PATTERSON Lion & Lamb Patterson, James 

MYS FIC ADAMS Murder in the mystery suite Adams, Ellery 

153.4 GUNSTER Flip thinking : the life-changing art of turning problems into opportunities Gunster, Berthold 

796.357 POSNANSKI Why we love baseball : a history in 50 moments Posnanski, Joe 

973.934 FOER Last politician : inside Joe Biden's White House and the struggle for America's future Foer, Franklin 

FIC BENTLEY Tom Clancy weapons grade Bentley, Don 

FIC CABOT Enchanted to meet you Cabot, Meg 

FIC CARLSON A royal Christmas : a Christmas novella Carlson, Melody 

FIC HARRIS All the dead shall weep Harris, Charlaine 

FIC KING Holly : a novel King, Stephen 

FIC MCFADDEN The coworker McFadden, Freida 

FIC MONTGOMERY The art of desire Montgomery, Selena 

FIC PALAHNIUK Not forever, but for now : a novel Palahniuk, Chuck 

FIC RAGNAR JONASSON Reykjavík Ragnar Jónasson 

FIC SCORE Pretend you're mine : Score, Lucy 

FIC SMITH The fraud Smith, Zadie 

MYS FIC CLEEVES The raging storm Cleeves, Ann 

MYS FIC JOHNSON The Longmire defense Johnson, Craig 

MYS FIC KRUEGER The river we remember : a novel Krueger, William Kent 

MYS FIC ROBB Payback in death Robb, J. D. 

MYS FIC SIMON Mother-daughter murder night : a novel Simon, Nina 

YA FIC KLUNE The extraordinaries Klune, TJ 

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New Materials 8/20/23 - 9/2/23

 Shelf Location Title Author

BIO FREEDMAN HUMPHREY Into the bright sunshine : young Hubert Humphrey and the fight for civil rights Freedman, Samuel G. 



E AMMON Managing Mr. Bossy : understanding and treating obsessive-compulsive disorder in children Ammon, Hillary 

E D The crayons go back to school Daywalt, Drew 

E D B is for bellies Dyball, Rennie 

E G Juneteenth Garrett, Van G. 

E H A day with no words Hammond, Tiffany 

E L My powerful hair Lindstrom, Carole 

E T B is for bananas : a going bananas alphabet book Tillotson, Carrie 

E V Sometimes I kaploom Vail, Rachel 

FIC COELHO The pilgrimage : a contemporary quest for ancient wisdom Coelho, Paulo 

FIC HOOVER Confess : a novel Hoover, Colleen 

FIC WEBB The next ship home : a novel of Ellis Island Webb, Heather   

JUV FIC BARROWS Ivy + Bean and the ghost that had to go Barrows, Annie 

JUV FIC BARROWS Ivy + Bean bound to be bad Barrows, Annie 

JUV FIC BARROWS Ivy + Bean take the case Barrows, Annie 

JUV FIC BENTON Fann club : Batman squad Benton, Jim 

JUV FIC BROWN Thor and Loki : Midgard family mayhem Brown, Jeffrey  

JUV FIC ELIOPULOS Will on the inside Eliopulos, Andrew, 

JUV FIC EVERETT The probability of everything Everett, Sarah 

JUV FIC GALBRAITH Wednesday Wilson connects the dots Galbraith, Bree 

JUV FIC GLASER The Vanderbeekers on the road Glaser, Karina Yan 

JUV FIC JANOWITZ The doughnut king Janowitz, Jessie 

JUV FIC KING The Secret Explorers and the smoking volcano King, SJ 

JUV FIC KORMAN Restart Korman, Gordon 

JUV FIC LLOYD Squished Lloyd, Megan Wagner, 

JUV FIC MLYNOWSKI Abby in Neverland Mlynowski, Sarah 

JUV FIC PEIRCE Big Nate. Next stop, superstardom! Peirce, Lincoln 

JUV 552 HIRSCH Science Comics. Rocks and minerals : geology from caverns to the cosmos Hirsch, Andy, 

JUV 641.5 WILKES Children's quick & easy cookbook : more than 60 simple recipes Wilkes, Angela 

LP 070.4 SHAPIRO The best strangers in the world : stories from a life spent listening Shapiro, Ari

MYS FIC ADLER OLSEN A conspiracy of faith Adler-Olsen, Jussi 

MYS FIC SCHELLMAN Last call at the Nightingale Schellman, Katharine 

970 ZABOL People of the dancing sky : the Iroquois way Zabol, Myron 

006.3 KAKU Quantum supremacy : how the quantum computer revolution will change everything Kaku, Michio 

306.768 GROSSMAN Lost in trans nation: a child psychiatrist's guide out of the madness Grossman, Miriam 

381.45 DARKSHIRE Once upon a tome : the misadventures of a rare bookseller, wherein the theory of the profession is partially explained, with a variety of insufficient examples Darkshire, Oliver

576.8 LOEB Interstellar : the search for extraterrestrial life and our future in the stars Loeb, Abraham 

612.68 BUETTNER The Blue Zones secrets for living longer : lessons from the healthiest places on earth Buettner, Dan  

799 GUN DIGEST 2024 Gun Digest 2024 Massaro, Philip P. 

940.53 MACADAM Star crossed: a true Romeo and Juliet story in Hitler's Paris Macadam, Heather Dune 

951.904 LAZARUS The wingmen : the unlikely, unusual, unbreakable friendship between John Glenn and Ted Williams Lazarus, Adam 

973.923 NICHTER The year that broke politics : collusion and chaos in the presidential election of 1968 Nichter, Luke A. 

FIC BLAKE Masters of death Blake, Olivie 

FIC CLARKE The hike Clarke, Lucy 

FIC DONOGHUE Learned by heart Donoghue, Emma 

FIC DURRANT Sun damage : a novel Durrant, Sabine 

FIC FEENEY Good bad girl Feeney, Alice 

FIC GRAHAM Cursed at dawn Graham, Heather 

FIC HERTMANS The ascent: a house can have many secrets Hertmans, Stefan 

FIC MCBRIDE The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store McBride, James 

FIC MICHAELS Rock bottom Michaels, Fern 

FIC PATCHETT Tom Lake : a novel Patchett, Ann 

FIC PRESTON Dead Mountain Preston, Douglas J. 

FIC PUTNEY Silver lady Putney, Mary Jo 

FIC SMIRNOFF The girl in the eagle's talons Smirnoff, Karin 

FIC SUTANTO I'm not done with you yet Sutanto, Jesse Q. 

FIC WEINER The breakaway : a novel Weiner, Jennifer 

FIC WHITE The maid's diary : a novel White, Loreth Anne 

FIC WILLIAMSON The lady of Lake Como Williamson, Terrance D 

MYS FIC MCCALL SMITH The discreet charm of the big bad wolf McCall Smith, Alexander 

MYS FIC SLAUGHTER After that night Slaughter, Karin 

SS FIC O'CONNOR Halloween cupcake murder