Monday, July 24, 2023

New Materials 7/16/23 - 7/22/23

 Shelf Location                     Title                           Author

BIO GARFIELD GOODYEAR President Garfield : from radical to unifier Goodyear, C. W. 

BIO GONNER BILGER Fatherland : a memoir of war, conscience, and family secrets Bilger, Burkhard 

BIO HULL HULL Through the groves : a memoir Hull, Anne 

BIO PAGE PAGE Pageboy : a memoir Page, Elliot 

BIO PLATO WATERFIELD Plato of Athens : a life in philosophy Waterfield, Robin  

BIO TURNER TURNER When the world didn't end : a memoir Turner, Guinevere 


E O Fancy Nancy puppy party O'Connor, Jane 

GRAPHIC NOVEL ROCKS! Rock and roll love Misako Rokkusu 

GRAPHIC NOVEL ROCKS! Bounce back Misako Rokkusu 

JUV BIO WILSON WILSON Play like a girl : a graphic memoir Wilson, Misty 

JUV FIC ANIMAL RESCUE FRIENDS 1 Animal rescue friends. V. 1 Hashimoto, Meika 

JUV FIC ANIMAL RESCUE FRIENDS 2 Animal rescue friends V.2 : Friends fur-ever Tropper, Jana 

JUV FIC BELL El Deafo : superpowered edition Bell, Cece 

JUV FIC BLABEY The Bad Guys in Let the games begin! Blabey, Aaron 

JUV FIC LLOYD Allergic Lloyd, Megan Wagner 

JUV FIC PATTERSON The greatest treasure hunt Patterson, James 

JUV FIC PATTERSON Minerva Keen's Detective Club Patterson, James 

JUV FIC SCHMIDT The labors of Hercules Beal Schmidt, Gary D. 

LP FIC ADLER Mrs. Nash's ashes Adler, Sarah 

LP FIC BALOGH Remember me Balogh, Mary 

LP FIC BURKE Flags on the bayou : a novel Burke, James Lee 

LP FIC GRAY Life and other love songs Gray, Anissa 

LP FIC NOVAK The seaside library: Novak, Brenda 

LP FIC SAGER The only one left : a novel Sager, Riley 

LP FIC SLIMANI Watch us dance Slimani, Leïla 

LP FIC WARE Zero days Ware, Ruth 

362.734 SENTILLES Stranger care : a memoir of loving what isn't ours Sentilles, Sarah, 

636.7559 DICKEY Pit bull : the battle over an American icon Dickey, Bronwen 

133.3242 DAVIES The tales behind tarot : discover the stories within your tarot cards Davies, Alison 

248.8 LOEHNEN On our best behavior : the seven deadly sins and the price women pay to be good Loehnen, Elise 

303.48 KAHN Young and restless : the girls who sparked America's revolutions Kahn, Mattie, 

306.0973 HARRIS Wannabe : reckonings with the pop culture that shapes me Harris, Aisha

306.7609 BRONSKI The LGBTQ+ history book  

307.77 STILLE The Sullivanians : sex, psychotherapy, and the wild life of an American commune Stille, Alexander 

320 WALZER The struggle for a decent politics : on liberal as an adjective Walzer, Michael 

338.761 HAUGEN The power of one : how I found the strength to tell the truth and why I blew the whistle on Facebook Haugen, Frances 

355 SOLOMON War made invisible : how America hides the human toll of its military machine Solomon, Norman 

362.73 LEACH The Elissas : three girls, one fate, and the deadly secrets of suburbia Leach, Samantha 

363.3309 CARLSON Merchants of the right : gun sellers and the crisis of American democracy Carlson, Jennifer 

363.37 VAILLANT Fire weather : a true story from a hotter world Vaillant, John 

364.1523 BELKIN Genealogy of a murder : four generations, three families, one fateful night Belkin, Lisa 

379.2 MARTIN A most tolerant little town : the explosive beginning of school desegregation Martin, Rachel Louise 

578.0979 SEVIGNY Brave the wild river : the untold story of two women who mapped the botany of the Grand Canyon Sevigny, Melissa L. 

616.85 GLASS Soldiers don't go mad : a story of brotherhood, poetry, and mental illness during the First World War Glass, Charles, 

751.4 ERICKSON Plein air techniques for artists : principles and methods for painting in natural light Erickson, Aimee 

779 MCCARTNEY 1964 : eyes of the storm McCartney, Paul 

796.332 REID Rise of the Black quarterback : what it means for America Reid, Jason 

910.4092 BOWMAN Bike riding in Kabul : the global adventures of a foreign aid practitioner Bowman, Jamie 

951 ZIMMERMAN The Peking Express : the bandits who stole a train, stunned the West, and broke the Republic of China Zimmerman, James M 

973.922 STOREY White House by the sea : a century of the Kennedys at Hyannis Port Storey, Kate 

978 WIMMER The summer of 1876 : outlaws, lawmen, and legends in the season that defined the American West Wimmer, Chris 

998 HARTMAN Battle of ink and ice : a sensational story of news barons, North Pole explorers, and the making of modern media Hartman, Darrell 

FIC SILVA The Collector : a novel Silva, Daniel 

FIC CHANG-EPPIG Deep as the sky, red as the sea : a novel Chang-Eppig, Rita 

FIC CHARRY The East Indian : a novel Charry, Brinda 

FIC LAROCCA The trees grow because I bled there: collected stories LaRocca, Eric 

FIC PELAYO The shoemaker's magician Pelayo, Cynthia 

FIC SCHULMAN Lucky dogs : a novel Schulman, Helen 

FIC SEBASTIAN We could be so good : a novel Sebastian, Cat 

FIC SLOAN Pieces of blue Sloan, Holly Goldberg 

FIC STAGE Mothered : a novel Stage, Zoje 

FIC WARE Zero days Ware, Ruth 

MYS FIC HENDRICKS I didn't do it : thriller writer conventions can be murder Hendricks, Jaime Lynn 

MYS FIC LOGUE The big sugar Logue, Mary 

MYS FIC WEIZMAN The last songbird Weizmann, Daniel 

MYS FIC WESTERSON Courting dragons Westerson, Jeri 

SF FIC HARKAWAY Titanium noir : a novel Harkaway, Nick 

SF FIC LECKIE Translation state Leckie, Ann 

YA FIC BARNES The inheritance games Barnes, Jennifer Lynn 

Monday, July 17, 2023

New Materials 7/9/23 - 7/15/23

 Shelf Location                     Title                         Author

BIO BUTCHER BUTCHER What the dead know : learning about life as a New York City death investigator Butcher, Barbara 

CD FIC CASTILLO 8cds 9.5hrs An evil heart Castillo, Linda 

CD FIC SILVA 8cds 9hrs The collector Silva, Daniel 

242.2 MEYER Overcoming every problem : 40 promises from God's word to strengthen you through life's greatest challenges Meyer, Joyce 

REF 338 PA INDUSTRIAL 2023 AT CIRC DESK Harris Pennsylvania industrial directory.  

REF 338 PA SERVICES 2023 AT CIRC DESK Harris Pennsylvania services directory.  

FIC COLGAN The Summer Skies Colgan, Jenny.

FIC COSBY All the sinners bleed Cosby, S. A. 

FIC EMANUEL The edge of sleep: a novel Emanuel, Jake 

FIC EPSTEIN The madwomen of Paris : a novel Epstein, Jennifer Cody 

FIC GILBERT She started it : a novel Gilbert, Sian 

FIC HAZELWOOD Love, theoretically Hazelwood, Ali 

FIC JAMES Loot James, Tania 

FIC LANE Big gay wedding : a novel Lane, Byron 

FIC MOORD I am homeless if this is not my home Moore, Lorrie 

FIC MOORE The lost wife Moore, Susanna 

FIC WILDER Will they or won't they : a novel Wilder, Ava 

FIC ZEVIN Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Zevin, Gabrielle 

MYS FIC BEUTNER Killingly Beutner, Katharine 

MYS FIC CASTILLO An evil heart Castillo, Linda  

MYS FIC OATES 48 clues into the disappearance of my sister Oates, Joyce Carol  

MYS FIC TRUSSONI The puzzle master : a novel Trussoni, Danielle 

POOL WHITE'S ROAD   White's Road and Fourth Street Pools Pass  

Saturday, July 08, 2023

New Materials 7/2/23 - 7/8/23

 Shelf Location                     Title                             Author

DVD COVENANT The covenant  

DVD FIC SON The son  

JUV FIC ARNOLD Harriet spies Arnold, Elana K. 

JUV FIC GUTMAN Dorks in New York! Gutman, Dan 

303.3 CHAN The tao of self-confidence : a guide to moving beyond trauma and awakening the leader within Chan, Sheena Yap 

304.2 LIPSKY The parrot and the igloo : climate and the science of denial Lipsky, David 

332.024 SLESNICK IRAs, 401(k)s & other retirement plans : strategies for taking your money out Slesnick, Twila 

577.27 GOODELL The heat will kill you first: life and death on a scorched planet Goodell, Jeff 

613.2 GJATA Food, we need to talk : the science-based, humor-laced last word on eating, diet, and making peace with your body Gjata, Juna 

616.0072 JENA Random acts of medicine : the hidden forces that sway doctors, impact patients, and shape our health Jena, Anupam B. 

791.43 MANN Bogie & Bacall: the surprising true story of Hollywood's greatest love affair Mann, William J. 

947 PHILPS The red hotel : Moscow 1941, the Metropol Hotel, and the untold story of Stalin's propaganda war Philps, Alan 

FIC BROWN Weapons of opportunity : a novel Brown, Dale 

FIC BURKE Flags on the bayou : a novel Burke, James Lee

FIC CASTELLANO Save what's left Castellano, Elizabeth 

FIC CLARKE Lay your body down : a novel of suspense Clarke, Amy Suiter 

FIC COBLE Break of day : An Annie Pederson novel Coble, Colleen

FIC COLLINS Thicker than water : a novel Collins, Megan 

FIC FRANKLIN The lioness of Boston : a novel Franklin, Emily 

FIC HADLEY After the funeral and other stories Hadley, Tessa 

FIC MACOMBER Must love flowers : a novel Macomber, Debbie 

FIC RIMMER The Paris agent Rimmer, Kelly 

FIC SITES The ocean above me: a novel Sites, Kevin 

FIC SYLVA The guest room Sylva, Tasha 

MYS FIC BILLINGHAM The last dance : The first Detective Miller novel Billingham, Mark 

MYS FIC GREEN The metropolitan affair Green, Jocelyn 

MYS FIC PATTERSON Obsessed Patterson, James 

MYS FIC ROSENFELT Flop dead gorgeous Rosenfelt, David 

YA FIC MAAS Throne of glass Maas, Sarah J. 

Saturday, July 01, 2023

New Materials 6/25/23 - 7/1/23

 Shelf Location             Title                     Author

CD FIC PATTERSON      Cross down Patterson, James 

CD FIC STEEL       Palazzo : a novel Steel, Danielle 

CD FIC WARE  Zero days Ware, Ruth 

CD FIC WOODS       Near miss Woods, Stuart 

DVD FIC AVATAR THE WAY OF WATER Avatar. : the way of water  


DVD FIC SUPER MARIO BROS MOVIE The Super Mario Bros. movie. 

E B Mirror Baker, Jeannie 

E C There was an old lady who swallowed a dragon! Colandro, Lucille 

E C Evergreen Cordell, Matthew 

E D Pete the cat's train trip Dean, James 

E H Where's Waldo? Handford, Martin 

E M Bob books. Set 1, Beginning readers Maslen, Bobby Lynn 

E T Tap! tap! tap! : dance! dance! dance! Tullet, Hervé 

FIC BROWN The sand castle Brown, Rita Mae 

BB GAMBLE Good night Australia Gamble, Adam 

BB HARE Where are you koala? [board book] : a plastic-free touch and feel book Hare, Rachael 

BB JEWITT Once upon a time...there was a thirsty frog : a tale about sharing Jewitt, Kathryn 

BB JEWITT Once upon a time... there was an old woman : a tale about hope Jewitt, Kathryn 

BB STEIN Pouch! Stein, David Ezra 

JUV BIO SINGH SINGH Fauja Singh keeps going : the true story of the oldest person to ever run a marathon Singh, Simran Jeet 

JUV FIC AUXIER The night gardener Auxier, Jonathan 

JUV FIC FULTON Smoky Mountain survival Fulton, C. R.

JUV FIC FULTON Grand Canyon rescue Fulton, C. R., 

JUV FIC FULTON Grand Teton stampede Fulton, C. R. 

JUV FIC FULTON Rocky Mountain challenge Fulton, C. R. 

JUV FIC FULTON Zion gold rush Fulton, C. R. 

JUV FIC HOLT House arrest Holt, K. A. 

JUV FIC MESSNER Capture the flag Messner, Kate 

JUV FIC SONNENBLICK The boy who failed show and tell Sonnenblick, Jordan 

JUV FIC STILTON The wizard's wand : the ninth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy Stilton, Geronimo 

JUV FIC YANG Front desk Yang, Kelly 

JUV 551.42 MEDINA Where is the Great Barrier Reef? Medina, Nico 

JUV 598.9 ROSE Beauty and the beak : how science, technology and a 3D-printed beak rescued a bald eagle Rose, Deborah Lee 

JUV 599 DANIELS Mammals Daniels, Patricia 

JUV 636.7 KEHRET Shelter dogs : amazing stories of adopted strays Kehret, Peg 

JUV 951 AVES China through time : a 2,500 year journey along the world's greatest canal Aves, Edward 

JUV 994 LESSAC Under the Southern Cross Lessac, Frané 

LP BIO DESROCHES-NOBLECOURT OLSON Empress of the Nile : the daredevil archaeologist who saved Egypt's ancient temples from destruction Olson, Lynne 

LP BIO MURPHY MURPHY Luck of the draw : my story of the air war in Europe Murphy, Frank 

LP FIC PATTERSON Cross down Patterson, James 

LP FIC PATTERSON Private Moscow Patterson, James 

LP FIC STEEL Palazzo : a novel Steel, Danielle 

155.2 CLEAR Atomic habits : tiny changes, remarkable results : an easy & proven way to build good habits & break bad ones Clear, James 

942.01 GEOFFREY The history of the Kings of Britain. Geoffrey, of Monmouth, Bishop of St. Asaph 

FIC FERGUSON The Genesis 6 project Ferguson, Michael

YA FIC AMAYO Descendants of the first Amayo, Reni K.