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New Materials 6/18/23 - 6/24/23

 Shelf Location             Title             Author

BIO BENEDICT BENEDICT Rewriting illness : a view of my own Benedict, Elizabeth 

BIO BREITWIESER FINKEL The art thief : a true story of love, crime, and a dangerous obsession Finkel, Michael 

BIO ORSTED ORSTED Through the wilderness : my journey of redemption and healing in the American wild Orsted, Brad 

DVD FIC MAN FROM TORONTO The man from Toronto  


MYS FIC HOSP Next of kin Hosp, David 

113.8 VOLF Life worth living : a guide to what matters most Volf, Miroslav 

302 SCHREIBER The theory of everything else : a voyage into the world of the weird Schreiber, Dan 

613.2 TULLEKEN Ultra-processed people: the science behind the food that isn't food Tulleken, Chris van 

635.0978 DUNGY Soil : the story of a Black mother's garden Dungy, Camille T.   

FIC ADELMAN What the neighbors saw : a novel Adelman, Melissa A. 

FIC ADLER Mrs. Nash's ashes Adler, Sarah 

FIC BENEDICT The first ladies Benedict, Marie 

FIC BEREST The postcard Berest, Anne 

FIC BERRY The 9th man Berry, Steve 

FIC DAILEY The sound of sleighbells Dailey, Janet 

FIC GRAHAM Whispers at dusk Graham, Heather 

FIC HARRISON Hotel Laguna : Harrison, Nicola 

FIC HAUCK The best summer of our lives Hauck, Rachel 

FIC HEARD You can trust me : a novel Heard, Wendy 

FIC HENRY Happy place Henry, Emily,  

FIC HOOVER Too late : a novel Hoover, Colleen 

FIC HUNTING A love catastrophe Hunting, Helena 

FIC JAMES The missus James, E. L., 

FIC MCKENZIE Have you seen her : a novel McKenzie, Catherine 

FIC ROSEN On Fire Island Rosen, Jane L.

FIC STEEL Palazzo : a novel Steel, Danielle 

FIC WILLIAMS The beach at Summerly : a novel Williams, Beatriz 

MYS FIC DOIRON Dead man's wake Doiron, Paul 

MYS FIC JACKSON The last sinner Jackson, Lisa, 

MYS FIC JAMES Hiss me deadly James, Miranda, 

MYS FIC SEALES A most agreeable murder : a novel Seales, Julia 

SF FIC TCHAIKOVSKY Children of memory Tchaikovsky, Adrian 

Saturday, June 17, 2023

New Materials 6/11/23 - 6/17/23

 Shelf Location             Title                             Author

BIO CHURCH RISEN     The last honest man : the CIA, the FBI, the mafia, and the Kennedys--and one senator's fight to save democracy     Risen, James

BIO IRBY IRBY     Quietly hostile : essays     Irby, Samantha

BIO KING EIG     King : a life     Eig, Jonathan

BIO MCCARTHY MCCARTHY     Walking with Sam : a father, a son, and five hundred miles across Spain     McCarthy, Andrew

BIO SHAKUR HOLLEY     An Amerikan family : the Shakurs and the nation they created     Holley, Santi Elijah 

DVD FIC 65                     65  

DVD 231.745 HARBINGERS OF THINGS TO COME The harbingers of things to come  

FIC COES     Trap the devil         Coes, Ben 

JUV FIC PILKEY     Dog Man unleashed         Pilkey, Dav 

JUV FIC SUTHERLAND     The hidden kingdom         Sutherland, Tui 

JUV 398.2 BETHENCOU     Crowned : magical folk and fairy tales from the diaspora     Bethencourt, Kahran

LP FIC PATRICK     The little Italian hotel     Patrick, Phaedra

153.35 BYLE         Chicken scratch : lessons on living creatively from a flock of hens                 Byle, Ann E.

155.4 SOLE-SMITH     Fat talk : parenting in the age of diet culture     Sole-Smith, Virginia

158.1 SCHWARTZ             The wisdom of Morrie : living and aging creatively and joyfully     Schwartz, Morris S.    

158.2 LYONS             Addicted to drama : healing dependency on crisis and chaos in yourself and others         Lyons, Scott    

202 JENNINGS     100 places to see after you die : a travel guide to the afterlife                 Jennings, Ken 

305.868 TOBAR         Our migrant souls : a meditation on race and the meanings and myths of Latino         Tobar, Héctor

305.896 SHARPE         Ordinary notes     Sharpe, Christina Elizabeth

306.3 MAY         A madman's will : John Randolph, 400 slaves, and the mirage of freedom         May, Gregory

306.874 PETERSEN         Momfluenced : inside the maddening, picture-perfect world of mommy influencer culture         Petersen, Sara 

320 ANSELL         Why politics fails         Ansell, Ben W.

327.1273 FORREST         Lost son : an American family trapped inside the FBI's secret wars         Forrest, Brett

346.7305 CLIFFORD         Quick & legal will book         Clifford, Denis

363.2 ELLISON         Break the wheel : ending the cycle of police violence         Ellison, Keith

616.89 JAMISON         Fires in the dark : healing the unquiet mind         Jamison, Kay R.

617.4 APPELBAUM         Living medicine : Don Thomas, marrow transplantation, and the cell therapy revolution         Appelbaum, Frederick R.

640.28 SCHAUB         Year of no garbage : recycling lies, plastic problems, and one woman's trashy journey to zero waste : a memoir         Schaub, Eve O.

641.5952 OKUCHI     Love Japan : recipes from our Japanese American kitchen             Okuchi, Sawako

779.2089 BETHENCOURT         Glory : magical visions of black beauty Bethencourt, Kahran

811.6 SMITH                 Above ground : poems                 Smith, Clint,

973.917 NELSON             V is for victory : Franklin Roosevelt's American Revolution and the triumph of World War II         Nelson, Craig 

976.638 TOOBIN             Homegrown : Timothy McVeigh and the rise of right-wing extremism         Toobin, Jeffrey

FIC ADJEI-BRENYAH                 Chain-gang all-stars         Adjei-Brenyah, Nana Kwame

FIC BALOGH         Remember me : a Ravenswood novel         Balogh, Mary

FIC BILLER             Hotel of secrets : a novel             Biller, Diana

FIC BOYLE             Blue skies : a novel             Boyle, T. Coraghessan

FIC BRAMMER         The collected regrets of Clover             Brammer, Mikki

FIC CHONG             Flux : a novel             Chong, Jinwoo

FIC CLINE             The guest : a novel             Cline, Emma

FIC EMERSON         Shutter             Emerson, Ramona

FIC FERGUSON         The nanny         Ferguson, Lana

FIC GAGNON             Killing me             Gagnon, Michelle

FIC HARDING         The drowning woman             Harding, Robyn

FIC HARRIS                     Broken light                 Harris, Joanne

FIC HENG             The great reclamation         Heng, Rachel

FIC HILDERBRAND     The five-star weekend     Hilderbrand, Elin

FIC KUANG             Yellowface : a novel             Kuang, R. F.

FIC LAUREN             The true love experiment             Lauren, Christina

FIC MALLERY         The happiness plan         Mallery, Susan

FIC MICHALLON             The quiet tenant                 Michallon, Clémence

FIC ROSE             You shouldn't have come here         Rose, Jeneva

FIC ROWLEY     The celebrants : a novel         Rowley, Steven

FIC RYAN         Summer's gift : a novel             Ryan, Jennifer

FIC SAGER             The only one left : a novel             Sager, Riley

FIC SMITH PAUL             Did you hear about Kitty Karr? : a novel                 Smith Paul, Crystal

FIC STERNBERGH     The Eden Test             Sternbergh, Adam

FIC WARE                 Zero days                 Ware, Ruth

FIC WHITE             Between two strangers : a novel of suspense             White, Kate    

FIC WIGGS                 Welcome to beach town : a novel                 Wiggs, Susan

FIC WINSTEAD                 The boyfriend candidate         Winstead, Ashley

MYS FIC CAMBRIDGE     Mastering the art of French murder         Cambridge, Colleen

MYS FIC SCHELLMAN     The last drop of hemlock             Schellman, Katharine

SF FIC BROWN             The scourge between stars                 Brown, Ness

YA FIC AMAYO                 Daughters of Nri                     Amayo, Reni K

YA FIC BOULLEY         Warrior girl unearthed                 Boulley, Angeline

YA FIC KIRBY             Star splitter             Kirby, Matthew J.

YA FIC MAAS         The assassin's blade : the Throne of Glass novellas         Maas, Sarah J.

YA FIC OSEMAN                 Solitaire                         Oseman, Alice

Saturday, June 10, 2023

New Materials 6/4/23 - 6/10/23

 Shelf Location         Title                   Author

BIO BROKAW BROKAW Never give up : a prairie family's story Brokaw, Tom 

BIO ELLIS ELLIS Kiss me in the Coral Lounge : intimate confessions from a happy marriage Ellis, Helen 

CD FIC MIRANDA The only survivors Miranda, Megan, 

CD 612.1 INCHAUSPE  The glucose goddess method Inchauspé, Jessie 


E B             Krit dreams of dragon fruit : a story of leaving and finding home Becher, Natalie, 

E C            The ocean calls : a haenyeo mermaid story Cho, Tina 

E D           Desert girl, monsoon boy Dairman, Tara 

E L         Chinese kite festival Lo, Rich 

E M         The big bath house Maclear, Kyo 

E Y   A boy named Isamu : a story of Isamu Noguchi     Yang, James

FIC CLARK Where are the children? Clark, Mary Higgins

FIC SON        Almond    Son, Wŏn-p'yŏng 

FIC TARTT The secret history Tartt, Donna 

BB ARRHENIUS     Where's the kangaroo? Arrhenius, Ingela P 

JUV BIO WONG LEUNG Paper son : the inspiring story of Tyrus Wong, immigrant and artist Leung, Julie 

JUV BIO YOUSAFZAI SAEED     Malala Yousafzai Saeed, Aisha 

JUV 398.2 MURPHY WANDIN     Birrarung Wilam : a story from Aboriginal Australia           Murphy Wandin, Joy 

JUV 398.2 TAYLOR Riding a donkey backwards : wise and foolish tales of Mulla Nasruddin     Taylor, Sean 

JUV 591.754 OLIVER     Sand swimmers : the secret life of Australia's desert wilderness Oliver, Narelle 

JUV 599.24 CHENG     Wombat     Cheng, Christopher 

JUV 954 CHANDA Timelines from Indian history : from ancient civilizations to a modern democracy Chanda, Anurima 

LP FIC BEANLAND The house is on fire Beanland, Rachel 

LP FIC CERVANTES The enchanted hacienda Cervantes, Jennifer

LP FIC GOODMAN Sam : a novel         Goodman, Allegra 

LP FIC MONAGHAN     Same time next summer     Monaghan, Annabel 

LP FIC ROBERTS     Identity Roberts, Nora 

LP FIC ROWLEY     The celebrants : a novel Rowley, Steven 

LP FIC WRIGHT     Harold : a novel     Wright, Steven 

330.9 DALIO     Principles for dealing with the changing world order Dalio, Ray 

638 LAYENS     Keeping bees in horizontal hives : a complete guide to apiculture Layens, Georges  

347 WALDMAN The supermajority : how the Supreme Court divided America Waldman, Michael

613 RAMOS The essential guide to intermittent fasting for women : balance your hormones to lose weight, lower stress, and optimize health Ramos, Megan 

616.02 VLAHOS The in-between : unforgettable encounters during life's final moments Vlahos, Hadley 

641.509 MILLER Tasting history : explore the past through 4,000 years of recipes Miller, Max 

940.53 PICK-GOSLAR     My friend Anne Frank : the inspiring and heartbreaking true story of best friends torn apart and reunited against all odds     Pick-Goslar, Hannah 

940.5314 CONROY The devils will get no rest : FDR, Churchill, and the plan that won the war Conroy, James B.

973.4 GOOD     First family : George Washington's heirs and the making of America              Good, Cassandra  

979.7 SULLIVAN Graveyard of the Pacific : shipwreck and survival on America's deadliest waterway Sullivan, Randall 

FIC ALLENDE The wind knows my name : a novel Allende, Isabel 

FIC DAVIS The spectacular : a novel     Davis, Fiona 

FIC DE LOS SANTOS Watch us shine : a novel De los Santos, Marisa

FIC EDVARDSSON The woman inside Edvardsson, M. T. 

FIC FRANK     My magnolia summer : a novel      Frank, Victoria Benton 

FIC GAYNOR The last lifeboat Gaynor, Hazel 

FIC HARMEL The Paris daughter Harmel, Kristin 

FIC HIGGINS A little ray of sunshine Higgins, Kristan 

FIC HORAN     The house of Lincoln : a novel Horan, Nancy 

FIC JOHANSEN     The survivor Johansen, Iris 

FIC KELLEY     The bookshop by the bay Kelley, Pamela M 

FIC LIN     You can't stay here forever : a novel      Lin, Katherine 

FIC MADEN     Clive Cussler fire strike     Maden, Mike 

FIC MANDANNA     The very secret society of irregular witches Mandanna, Sangu 

FIC PATRICK The little Italian hotel Patrick, Phaedra 

FIC PATTERSON     Trial     Patterson, Richard North 

FIC QUIRK     Inside threat : a novel Quirk, Matthew 

FIC SEE         Lady Tan's circle of women : a novel     See, Lisa 

FIC SHALVIS The sweetheart list : a novel     Shalvis, Jill 

FIC SHIPMAN Famous in a small town         Shipman, Viola 

FIC THAYNE         The café at beach end     Thayne, RaeAnne 

FIC TORZS     The ink blood sister scribe : a novel Törzs, Emma 

FIC URREA     Good night, Irene Urrea, Luis Alberto 

MYS FIC BANVILLE     The lock-up : a novel         Banville, John 

MYS FIC COCHRAN     The gulf          Cochran, Rachel 

MYS FIC GAYLIN Robert B. Parker's bad influence        Gaylin, Alison  

MYS FIC PATTERSON         Cross down     Patterson, James 

MYS FIC PATTERSON         Private Moscow     Patterson, James 

MYS FIC WILDING     Speak of the devil : a novel     Wilding, Rose 

MYS FIC WOODS         Near miss Woods, Stuart 

Saturday, June 03, 2023

New Materials 5/28/23 - 6/3/23

 Shelf Location Title Author

CD FIC ABRAMS 10cds 12.5hrs Rogue justice Abrams, Stacey 

CD FIC BROWN 11cds 12.5hrs Deadline Brown, Sandra 

CD FIC DEAVER 13cds 14hrs The burial hour : a Lincoln Rhyme novel Deaver, Jeffery 

CD FIC PATTERSON 7cds 8hrs The 23rd midnight Patterson, James 

CD FIC QUICK 8cds 9.5hrs The bride wore white Quick, Amanda 

CD FIC ROVIN 7cds 8hrs Fallout     Rovin, Jeff 

CD FIC STEEL 7cds 8.5hrs The wedding planner Steel, Danielle 

CD FIC THAYER 10cds 13hrs All the days of summer : a novel Thayer, Nancy 

CD 910.9164 GRANN 7cds 8.5hrs The Wager : a tale of shipwreck, mutiny, and murder Grann, David 

DVD FIC JESUS REVOLUTION Jesus revolution.   

E B The tale of the tiger slippers Brett, Jan 

E F Ten little dumplings Fan, Larissa 

E S All you need Schwartz, Howard 

GRAPHIC NOVEL W.I.T.C.H. PART7 VOL1 W.I.T.C.H. Part VII, / The new power, V. 1 Gnone, Elisabetta 

JUV FIC GRIFFITHS The 26-story treehouse Griffiths, Andy 

JUV FIC MCCALL SMITH The race to Kangaroo Cliff McCall Smith, Alexander 

JUV FIC SHIBUTANI The mystery of the masked medalist Shibutani, Maia 

JUV 598.53 SAXBY Emu Saxby, Claire 

LP FIC PATTERSON The 23rd midnight Patterson, James 

LP FIC STEEL The wedding planner : a novel Steel, Danielle 

FIC ROBERTS Identity Roberts, Nora 

FIC CONSTANTINE The senator's wife : a novel Constantine, Liv 

FIC MCFADDEN Ward D McFadden, Freida