Saturday, May 27, 2023

New Materials 5/21/23 - 5/27/23

 Call Number                            Title                                    Author        
BIO CLEOPATRA SELENE DRAYCOTT Cleopatra's daughter : from Roman prisoner to African queen Draycott, Jane 
BIO FELIX FELIX Dyscalculia : a love story of epic miscalculation Felix, Camonghne 
BIO SMITH SMITH Talk of champions : stories of the people who made me : a memoir Smith, Kenny 
BIO SNYDER SNYDER Women we buried, women we burned : a memoir Snyder, Rachel  
CD FIC BALDACCI 10cds 12hrs Simply lies Baldacci, David 
CD FIC EWEN 9cds 11.5hrs Émilienne Ewen, Pamela Binnings 
CD FIC GRAHAM 7cds 8.5hrs Shadow of death Graham, Heather 
CD FIC HENRY 9cds 11hrs Happy place Henry, Emily 
CD FIC PATTERSON 6cds 7hrs Things I wish I told my mother Patterson, Susan 
CD FIC ROSE 7cds 8hrs You shouldn't have come here Rose, Jeneva 
CD FIC WARD 13cds 15.5hrs Lassiter Ward, J. R., 
DVD FIC 80 FOR BRADY 80 for Brady.  
JUV FIC CHRISTMAS Swim team Christmas, Johnnie 
LP 323.1196 RICKS Waging a good war : how the civil rights movement won its battles, 1954-1968 Ricks, Thomas E. 
LP 940.548 SIEGAL The diary keepers : World War II in the Netherlands, as written by the people who lived through it Siegal, Nina 
204 TOLLE A new earth : awakening to your life's purpose Tolle, Eckhart 
305.26 VON DREHLE The book of Charlie : wisdom from the remarkable American life of a 109-year-old man Von Drehle, David 
347.73 VLADECK The shadow docket : how the Supreme Court uses stealth rulings to amass power and undermine the republic Vladeck, Stephen I. 
708.147 BRINGLEY All the beauty in the world : the Metropolitan Museum of Art and me Bringley, Patrick 
940.53 THOMAS Road to surrender : three men and the countdown to the end of World War II Thomas, Evan 
940.5318 WIJK The last secret of the secret annex : the untold story of Anne Frank, her silent protector, and a family betrayal Wijk, Joop van, 
FIC ABBOTT Beware the woman : a novel Abbott, Megan 
FIC ABRAMS Rogue justice : a thriller Abrams, Stacey 
FIC BENTLEY Tom Clancy flash point Bentley, Don 
FIC COMEY Central Park West : a crime novel Comey, James B., Jr. 
FIC FISHER The secret to happiness Fisher, Suzanne Woods 
FIC GOLDIS The chateau : a novel Goldis, Jaclyn 
FIC GOLDMAN A good family Goldman, Matt 
FIC JIMENEZ Yours truly Jimenez, Abby 
FIC MCFADDEN The inmate : a novel McFadden, Freida 
FIC MCFADDEN Never lie : a novel McFadden, Freida 
FIC MICHAELS Liar! Michaels, Fern, 
FIC MOORE Summer stage : a novel Moore, Meg Mitchell 
FIC NEWMAN Drowning : the rescue of Flight 1421 : a novel Newman, T. J. 
FIC ROSENBLUM Bad summer people Rosenblum, Emma 
FIC ROVIN Fallout Rovin, Jeff 
FIC SHAARA The old lion : a novel of Theodore Roosevelt Shaara, Jeff 
FIC TURNBULL The Paris deception Turnbull, Bryn 
FIC VERGHESE The covenant of water : a novel Verghese, Abraham 
FIC WEIR The king's pleasure : a novel of Henry VIII Weir, Alison 
MYS FIC BESSETTE Murder on Mustang Beach Bessette, Alicia 
MYS FIC NESBO Killing moon Nesbø, Jo 
MYS FIC SMITH The overnights Smith, Ian K. 

Monday, May 22, 2023

New Materials 5/14/23 - 5/20/23

     Shelf Location Title Author E B The city tree Boss, Shira  E D Pete the Kitty's outdoor art project Dean, Kim  E H Big Harrison, Vashti,   E H The world and everything in it Henkes, Kevin  E H Some of these are snails Higgins, Carter  E S Weather together Sima, Jessie  E T Leprechaun vs. Easter Bunny Tarpley, Todd  E W How to catch a mermaid Wallace, Adam  FIC CASTLE Sinister and fatal Castle, Jayne  BB DAVIES No matter what... we all belong Davies, Becky  BB HILL Find Spot on a rainy day : Hill, Eric  JUV FIC APPLEGATE The One and Only Ruby Applegate, Katherine  JUV FIC BRANCHES Welcome to Sparklegrove Elliott, Rebecca  JUV FIC BRANCHES PARTY DIARIES Starry henna night Ruths, Mitali Banerjee  JUV FIC CRAFT School trip Craft, Jerry  JUV FIC DAHL Matilda Dahl, Roald,   JUV FIC LAI When clouds touch us Lai, Thanhha,  JUV FIC LAM Meesh the bad demon Lam, Michelle,  JUV FIC LIBENSON Surprisingly Sarah Libenson, Terri,  JUV FIC MLYNOWSKI The sister switch Mlynowski, Sarah  JUV FIC RIORDAN The sun and the star Riordan, Rick  JUV FIC SELZNICK Big tree Selznick, Brian,  JUV FIC SHUSTERMA I am the walrus Shusterman, Neal  LP FIC WINSPEAR The white lady : a novel Winspear, Jacqueline,  910.9164 GRANN The Wager : a tale of shipwreck, mutiny and murder Grann, David  FIC BARCLAY The lie maker : a novel Barclay, Linwood 

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

New Materials 5/7/23 - 5/13/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO JOHNSON MCCORMICK Biography of a phantom : a Robert Johnson blues odyssey McCormick, Mack
BIO KLOBUCHAR KLOBUCHAR The joy of politics : surviving cancer, a campaign, a pandemic, an insurrection, and life's other unexpected curveballs Klobuchar, Amy
BIO RIVERA RIVERA Chita : a memoir Rivera, Chita
DVD GOOD EARTH The good earth
E A When PB met J Aronson, Katelyn
E B Woo hoo! You're doing great! Boynton, Sandra
E L 100 mighty dragons all named Broccoli LaRochelle, David
E S The most magnificent thing Spires, Ashley
E S Tiny T. Rex and the grand ta-da! Stutzman, Jonathan
E W The house on East 88th Street Waber, Bernard
BB DEAN Old MacDonald had a farm Dean, James
BB SCHERTLE Little Blue Truck Schertle, Alice
BB VERHOEFF Bruno Builder bakes bread : a mix and match book Verhoeff, Nelleke
BB YOON Do sharks bark? Yoon, Salina
JUV FIC BLUME Are you there God? It's me, Margaret. Blume, Judy
JUV FIC BRANCHES Pug's new puppy May, Kyla
JUV FIC BRANCHES Scaredy pug May, Kyla
JUV FIC BRANCHES Paws for a cause May, Kyla
JUV FIC GIBBS Spy camp : the graphic novel Gibbs, Stuart
JUV FIC MASS Lo and behold Mass, Wendy
JUV FIC MCDONALD Izzy Azumi, F.D.O. (future dog owner) McDonald, Megan
JUV FIC MLYNOWSKI Best wishes Mlynowski, Sarah
JUV FIC MONSEF Once there was Monsef, Kiyash
JUV FIC RIAZI A bit of Earth Riazi, Karuna
JUV FIC SIMPSON Punk rock unicorn. V. 17, Another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure Simpson, Dana
JUV FIC SIMPSON Unicorn famous : another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure Simpson, Dana
JUV FIC TANG Parachute kids Tang, Betty C.
JUV FIC TARSHIS I survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1871 Ball, Georgia
JUV FIC THOMAS The Manifestor prophecy Thomas, Angie
LP FIC DAILEY Blue Moon haven Dailey, Janet
LP FIC DAILEY A Calder at heart Dailey, Janet
LP FIC DEVERAUX My heart will find you Deveraux, Jude
LP FIC ENGEL The faraway world : stories Engel, Patricia
LP FIC MEISSNER Only the beautiful Meissner, Susan
LP FIC MICHAELS On the line Michaels, Fern
LP FIC TOON Only love can hurt like this Toon, Paige, 1975- Author
613 MCBRIDE The wisdom of your body : finding healing, wholeness, and connection through embodied living McBride, Hillary L.
152.1 RUBIN Life in five senses : how exploring the senses got me out of my head and into the world Rubin, Gretchen
158.1 KELLY Excellent advice for living : wisdom I wish I'd known earlier Kelly, Kevin
204 WILSON Soul boom : why we need a spiritual revolution Wilson, Rainn
306.4 WINCHESTER Knowing what we know : the transmission of knowledge, from ancient wisdom to modern magic Winchester, Simon
347.73 BISKUPIC Nine black robes : inside the Supreme Court's drive to the right and its historic consequences Biskupic, Joan
362.88 MAR Seventy times seven : a true story of murder and mercy Mar, Alex
395 SAINI The patriarchs : the origins of inequality Saini, Angela
576.8 GREEN The possibility of life : science, imagination, and our quest for kinship in the cosmos Green, Jaime
577.3 WOHLLEBEN The power of trees : how ancient forests can save us if we let them Wohlleben, Peter
612.8 ATTIA Outlive : the science & art of longevity Attia, Peter
614.4 HOOD The age of scientific wellness : why the future of medicine is personalized, predictive, data-rich, and in your hands Hood, Leroy E
618.1 BRIGHTEN Is this normal? : judgment-free straight talk about your body Brighten, Jolene
791.4302 DERN Honey, baby, mine : a mother and daughter talk life, death, love (and banana pudding) Dern, Laura
796.0922 GREENBERG Got your number : the greatest sports legends and the numbers they own Greenberg, Mike
796.357 CURRY The 1998 Yankees : the inside story of the greatest baseball team ever Curry, Jack
973.5 COZZENS A brutal reckoning : Andrew Jackson, the Creek Indians, and the epic war for the American South Cozzens, Peter
FIC ADAMS The last word : a novel Adams, Taylor
FIC APPIAH Rootless : a novel Appiah, Krystle Zara
FIC BEANLAND The house is on fire Beanland, Rachel
FIC BINGE Ascension Binge, Nicholas
FIC CAMERON Breakneck Cameron, Marc
FIC CARR Only the dead : a thriller Carr, Jack
FIC DENTON-HURST Homebodies : a novel Denton-Hurst, Tembe
FIC FRANCE Daughter Dalloway France, Emily
FIC GILMORE The lonely hearts book club Gilmore, Lucy
FIC HAKES Hula : a novel Hakes, Jasmin 'Iolani
FIC HARDING Cloud girls : a novel Harding, Lisa
FIC HENDRICKS The instructor Hendricks, T. R.
FIC HUANG Natural beauty : a novel Huang, Ling Ling
FIC KLUNE In the lives of puppets Klune, TJ
FIC LUSTBADER The quantum solution Lustbader, Eric
FIC MCCOY Zora books her happy ever after McCoy, Taj
FIC MEDINA Sisters of the lost nation Medina, Nick
FIC NAYLER The mountain in the sea Nayler, Ray
FIC PAGAN Good for you : a novel Pagán, Camille
FIC ROBERTS Mermaid beach Roberts, Sheila
FIC ROSEN Fifth Avenue glamour girl Rosen, Renée
FIC ROSENBERG The Libyan diversion Rosenberg, Joel C.
FIC SANDERSON Tress of the emerald sea Sanderson, Brandon
FIC SHOOK If we're being honest Shook, Cat
FIC STERLING Camp zero : a novel Sterling, Michelle Min
FIC STRADAL Saturday night at the Lakeside Supper club : Stradal, J. Ryan
FIC STRATTON Not so perfect strangers Stratton, L. S.
FIC WALTERS The Nigerwife : a novel Walters, Vanessa
FIC WHEELER Adelaide Wheeler, Genevieve
FIC YARROS Fourth wing Yarros, Rebecca
MYS FIC INDRIDASON The girl by the bridge Arnaldur Indriðason
MYS FIC ROBINSON Standing in the shadows Robinson, Peter
MYS FIC ROSE Cold-blooded liar Rose, Karen
SF FIC PAOLINI Fractal noise Paolini, Christopher

Saturday, May 06, 2023

New Materials 4/30/23 - 5/6/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO COHEN COHEN The daddy diaries : the year I grew up Cohen, Andy
CD FIC CLARK 7cds 7.5hrs Where are the children now? Clark, Mary Higgins
CD FIC HEPWORTH 7cds 7.5hrs The soulmate : a novel Hepworth, Sally
CD FIC SANDFORD 9cds 11hrs Dark angel Sandford, John
JUV FIC VERNON Lair of the bat monster Vernon, Ursula
JUV FIC VERNON No such thing as ghosts Vernon, Ursula
LP FIC BARRY Swamp story : a novel Barry, Dave
LP FIC HENRY Happy place Henry, Emily
LP FIC KEANE The Half Moon : a novel Keane, Mary Beth
LP FIC PERRY The fourth enemy : a Daniel Pitt novel Perry, Anne
LP FIC QUICK The bride wore white Quick, Amanda
MYS FIC GOLDING The hidden : a novel Golding, Melanie
150 BLOOM Psych : the story of the human mind Bloom, Paul
FIC BROTHERTON The long march home : a World War II novel of the Pacific Brotherton, Marcus
FIC CONKLIN Community board Conklin, Tara
FIC CRONIN The ferryman : a novel Cronin, Justin
FIC CUTI The tip line : a novel Cuti, Vanessa
FIC DYKES All the lost places Dykes, Amanda
FIC FORTUNE Meet me at the lake Fortune, Carley
FIC FOSTER The little flower shop Foster, Lori
FIC HANKS The making of another major motion picture masterpiece Hanks, Tom
FIC HENRY Happy place Henry, Emily
FIC HENRY The secret book of Flora Lea : a novel Henry, Patti Callahan
FIC HOLMES Murder your employer : the McMasters guide to homicide Holmes, Rupert
FIC HOSTIN Summer on Sag Harbor : a novel Hostin, Sunny
FIC LAVALLE Lone women : a novel LaValle, Victor
FIC MCCALL SMITH The private life of spies ; : and The exquisite art of getting even McCall Smith, Alexander
FIC QUINN Queen Charlotte Quinn, Julia
FIC SMITH Independence square: Arkady Renko in Ukraine Smith, Martin Cruz
FIC THAYER All the days of summer : a novel Thayer, Nancy
FIC WHITE The house on Prytania White, Karen
MYS FIC HARRIS Who cries for the lost Harris, C. S.