Saturday, April 29, 2023

New Materials 4/23/23 - 4/29/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO RUSSERT RUSSERT Look for me there : grieving my father, finding myself Russert, Luke
JUV 152.1 KUKLA Explore with art! activities to experience space : activities to experience space Kukla, Lauren
JUV 152.4 KUKLA Breathe with art! : activities to manage emotions Kukla, Lauren
JUV 153 BORGERT-SPANIOL Move with art! activities to power the body : activities to power the body Borgert-Spaniol, Megan
JUV 153.4 BORGERT-SPANIOL Think with art! : activities to enrich the mind Borgert-Spaniol, Megan
JUV 153.83 KUKLA Make with art! activities to find purpose : activities to find purpose Kukla, Lauren
JUV 302 KUKLA Connect with art! : activities to strengthen relationships Kukla, Lauren
JUV 394.25 HANSEN Carnival Hansen, Grace
JUV 394.26 HANSEN Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Hansen, Grace
JUV 394.2691 HANSEN Dragon boat festival Hansen, Grace
JUV 394.2695 HANSEN Taiwan Lantern Festival Hansen, Grace
JUV 394.625 HANSEN Holi festival of color Hansen, Grace
JUV 798.83 HANSEN Iditarod race Hansen, Grace
LP FIC BALDACCI Simply lies Baldacci, David
LP FIC PATTERSON The house of Wolves Patterson, James
LP FIC PATTERSON Things I wish I told my mother Patterson, Susan, Author
LP 305.26 MAGNUSSON The Swedish art of aging exuberantly : life wisdom from someone who will (probably) die before you Magnusson, Margareta
LP 363.2097 CLAVIN Follow me to hell : McNelly's Texas Rangers and the rise of frontier justice Clavin, Tom
638 LAZUTIN Keeping bees with a smile : principles and practice of natural beekeeping Lazutin, Fedor
811.3 WHITMAN The selected poems of Walt Whitman. Whitman, Walt
305.2 TWENGE Generations : the real differences between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, and Silents--and what they mean for America's future Twenge, Jean M.
371.1009 ROBERTS Lessons learned and cherished : the teacher who changed my life Roberts, Deborah
612.1 INCHAUSPE The glucose goddess method Inchauspé, Jessie
615.8 HONGOLTZ-HETLING If it sounds like a quack ... : a journey to the fringes of American medicine Hongoltz-Hetling, Matthew
782.4216 ZANES Deliver me from nowhere : the making of Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska Zanes, Warren,
910.9164 GRANN The Wager : a tale of shipwreck, mutiny and murder Grann, David
FIC BAKER The midnight news Baker, Jo
FIC BARRY Swamp story : a novel Barry, Dave
FIC KEANE The half moon : a novel Keane, Mary Beth
FIC MAYNARD The bird hotel: a novel Maynard, Joyce
FIC MORGAN The island villa Morgan, Sarah
FIC QUICK The bride wore white Quick, Amanda
FIC STEEL The wedding planner : a novel Steel, Danielle
MYS FIC PATTERSON The 23rd midnight Patterson, James

Saturday, April 22, 2023

New Materials 4/16/23 - 4/22/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO GOUCHER GOUCHER The longest race : inside the secret world of abuse, doping, and deception on Nike's elite running team Goucher, Kara
BIO HALL HALL Saved : a war reporter's mission to make it home Hall, Benjamin
CD FIC PATTERSON 9cds 11.5hrs Countdown Patterson, James
E B The gnatural Bryson, Mark
E F We move together Fritsch, Kelly
E P Gray fox in the moonlight Peterson, Isaac
E T The adventures of Hannah Bee : Hannah goes to school Th-losiophakis, Carly
BB GALBRAITH Spring babies Galbraith, Kathryn Osebold
JUV BIO HOY CHURNIN The William Hoy story : how a deaf baseball player changed the game Churnin, Nancy
JUV FIC PILKEY For whom the ball rolls Pilkey, Dav
JUV 323.092 JOY Choosing brave : how Mamie Till-Mobley and Emmett Till sparked the civil rights movement Joy, Angela
JUV 362.4 WOLFE Unstoppable : women with disabilities Wolfe, Helen
LP FIC BARTZ The writing retreat : a novel Bartz, Julia
LP FIC CLARK Where are the children now? Clark, Mary Higgins
LP FIC GARMUS Lessons in chemistry : Garmus, Bonnie
LP FIC HENDRIX How to sell a haunted house Hendrix, Grady
LP FIC HEPWORTH The soulmate Hepworth, Sally
LP FIC READ Go as a river Read, Shelley
LP FIC SANDFORD Dark angel Sandford, John
330.12 SANDERS It's OK to be angry about capitalism Sanders, Bernard
523.1 PLAIT Under alien skies: a sightseer's guide to the universe Plait, Philip
658.8 HARVEY Silence kills : communication tactics to speak with confidence and build your influence Harvey, Scott
811.6 OLIVAREZ Promises of gold = Promesas de oro Olivarez, José
FIC BRENNAN Seven girls gone Brennan, Allison
FIC KEPNES For you and only you : a Joe Goldberg novel Kepnes, Caroline
FIC LEHANE Small mercies : a novel Lehane, Dennis
FIC PARKER The rescue Parker, T. Jefferson
MYS FIC ADAMS Paper cuts Adams, Ellery
MYS FIC GRAVES Death by chocolate marshmallow pie Graves, Sarah
MYS FIC GRIFFITHS The last remains Griffiths, Elly
MYS FIC HILLERMAN The way of the bear : a Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito novel Hillerman, Anne
MYS FIC MEIER Mother of the bride murder Meier, Leslie

Saturday, April 15, 2023

New Materials 4/9/23 - 4/15/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO AIGUILLON MCSHEA La Duchesse : the life of Marie de Vignerot : Cardinal Richelieu's forgotten heiress who shaped the fate of France McShea, Bronwen
BIO FLESHMAN FLESHMAN Good for a girl : a woman running in a man's world Fleshman, Lauren
BIO HILTON HILTON Paris : the memoir Hilton, Paris
BIO MCGEE MCGEE Welcome to the circus of baseball : a story of the perfect summer at the perfect ballpark at the perfect time McGee, Ryan
BIO MILLER MILLER Belonging : a daughter's search for identity through loss and love Miller, Michelle
BIO ROSENBERG GORHAM The confidante : the untold story of the woman who helped win World War II and shape modern America Gorham, Christopher C.
BIO TIMPF TIMPF You can't joke about that : why everything is funny, nothing is sacred, and we're all in this together Timpf, Kat
BIO WALLACE WALLACE This isn't going to end well : the true story of a man I thought I knew Wallace, Daniel
BIO WILLIAMS WILLIAMS Bet on Black : the good news about being Black in America today Williams, Eboni K.
BIO WILLIAMS WILLIAMS Scenes from my life : a memoir Williams, Michael Kenneth
E I Old Mikamba had a farm Isadora, Rachel
FIC SNELLING A breath of hope Snelling, Lauraine
FIC WINGATE The prayer box Wingate, Lisa
JUV BIO PAGE PAGE Button pusher Page, Tyler
JUV FIC CHAU Marshmallow & Jordan Chau, Alina
JUV FIC CUJEC Real Cujec, Carol
JUV FIC EMERSON Diary of a 6th grade ninja Emerson, Marcus
JUV FIC EMERSON Diary of a 6th grade ninja : A game of chess Emerson, Marcus
JUV FIC EMERSON Diary of a 6th grade ninja : Buchanan bandits Emerson, Marcus
JUV FIC EMERSON Diary of a 6th grade ninja : Pirate invasion Emerson, Marcus
JUV FIC EMERSON Diary of a 6th grade ninja : Rise of the red ninjas Emerson, Marcus
JUV FIC EMERSON Diary of a 6th grade ninja : Terror at the talent show Emerson, Marcus
JUV FIC GERBER Braced Gerber, Alyson
JUV FIC HALE The Princess in Black and the Prince in Pink Hale, Shannon
JUV FIC ROE Air Roe, Monica
JUV FIC STROKER The chance to fly Stroker, Ali
JUV 794.8 SCHOLASTIC Pokémon super extra deluxe essential handbook : the need-to-know stats and facts on over 875 characters!
FIC KING The curator : a novel King, Owen
305.908 LADAU Demystifying disability : what to know, what to say, and how to be an ally Ladau, Emily
111 MAGSAMEN Your brain on art : how the arts transform us Magsamen, Susan
158.1 MAY Enchantment : awakening wonder in an anxious age May, Katherine
177 SCHWALBE We should not be friends : the story of a friendship Schwalbe, Will
179 BATTERSON Please, sorry, thanks : the three words that change everything Batterson, Mark
203 IYER The half known life : in search of paradise Iyer, Pico
236 EHRMAN Armageddon : what the Bible really says about the end Ehrman, Bart D.
305.5 QUART Bootstrapped : liberating ourselves from the American Dream Quart, Alissa
305.896 BLACK Black on Black : on our resilience and brilliance in America Black, Daniel
323.6 HAASS The bill of obligations : the ten habits of good citizens Haass, Richard
331.133 ZERNIKE The exceptions : Nancy Hopkins, MIT, and the fight for women in science Zernike, Kate
338.2 KARA Cobalt red : how the blood of the Congo powers our lives Kara, Siddharth
362.1109 NUILA The people's hospital : hope and peril in American medicine Nuila, Ricardo
362.28 MARTIN How not to kill yourself : a portrait of the suicidal mind Martin, Clancy W.
363.2 WINSTON The riders come out at night : brutality, corruption, and cover up in Oakland Winston, Ali
363.25 HUMES The forever witness : how DNA and genealogy solved a cold case double murder Humes, Edward
363.738 THUNBERG The climate book Thunberg, Greta
363.9 BLAIR Ejaculate responsibly : a whole new way to think about abortion Blair, Gabrielle Stanley
364.152 RAE-VENTER I know who you are : how an amateur DNA sleuth unmasked the Golden State Killer and changed crime fighting forever Rae-Venter, Barbara
578.4 SUN The liars of nature and the nature of liars : cheating and deception in the living world Sun, Lixing
600 SMIL Invention and innovation : a brief history of hype and failure Smil, Vaclav
614.4 KENNEDY Pathogenesis : a history of the world in eight plagues Kennedy, Jonathan
616.3 GORDON You just need to lose weight : and 19 other myths about fat people Gordon, Aubrey
616.8 JAUHAR My father's brain : life in the shadow of Alzheimer's Jauhar, Sandeep
616.8 WU Hello sleep : the science and art of overcoming insomnia without medications Wu, Jade
616.85 HENDRICKSON Life on delay : making peace with a stutter Hendrickson, John
618.92 MARCUS We the scientists : how a daring team of parents and doctors forged a new path for medicine Marcus, Amy Dockser
639.97 GYLLENHAAL A wing and a prayer : the race to save our vanishing birds Gyllenhaal, Anders
641.5 APFELBAUM Totally kosher : tradition with a twist! 150+ recipes for the holidays and every day Apfelbaum, Chanie
649 ZUCKER Born extraordinary : empowering children with differences and disabilities Zucker, Meg
650.1 MAZZUCATO The big con : how the consulting industry weakens our businesses, infantilizes our governments, and warps our economies Mazzucato, Mariana
658.4092 YAWN Be the calm or be the storm : leadership lessons from a woman at the helm Yawn, Sandy
709.51 BROOKES Fragile cargo : the World War II race to save the treasures of China's Forbidden City Brookes, Adam
808.042 CLARK Tell it like it is : a guide to clear and honest writing Clark, Roy Peter
917.4 KING American ramble : a walk of memory and renewal King, Neil, Jr.
920.72 CIURARU Lives of the wives : five literary marriages Ciuraru, Carmela
940.53 HUROWITZ In the garden of the righteous : the heroes who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust Hurowitz, Richard
940.54 LISLE The dirty tricks department : Stanley Lovell, the OSS, and the masterminds of World War II secret warfare Lisle, John
940.54 SIEGAL The diary keepers : World War II in the Netherlands, as written by the people who lived through it Siegal, Nina
956.94 KESSLER Palestine 1936 : the great revolt and the roots of the Middle East conflict Kessler, Oren
REF 808.8024 MAGILLS LITERARY ANNUAL Magill's literary annual.
FIC ABRAMSON A likely story : a novel Abramson, Leigh McMullan
FIC BALDACCI Simply lies Baldacci, David
FIC BARRY Old God's time Barry, Sebastian
FIC CLARK Where are the children now? Clark, Mary Higgins
FIC CLIFFORD The farewell tour : a novel Clifford, Stephanie
FIC FOREST The neighbor favor Forest, Kristina
FIC GERSTENBL Daughters of Nantucket : Gerstenblatt, Julie
FIC GRAHAM Shadow of death Graham, Heather
FIC HARDING This other Eden : a novel Harding, Paul
FIC HOFFS This bird has flown : a novel Hoffs, Susanna
FIC HOLLAND The god of endings Holland, Jacqueline
FIC KELLY The golden doves : a novel Kelly, Martha Hall
FIC LACEY Biography of X : a novel Lacey, Catherine
FIC MARQUIS The Davenports Marquis, Krystal
FIC MEISSNER Only the beautiful Meissner, Susan
FIC MIRANDA The only survivors : a novel Miranda, Megan
FIC NGUYEN Dust child : a novel Nguyẽ̂n, Phan Qué̂ Mai
FIC RIDDLE Quantum radio Riddle, A. G.
FIC SANDFORD Dark angel Sandford, John
FIC SCHINE Künstlers in paradise Schine, Cathleen
FIC SCOTTOLINE Loyalty Scottoline, Lisa
FIC SPENCE ASH Beyond that, the sea Spence-Ash, Laura
FIC SULLIVAN Wolf trap : a thriller Sullivan, Connor
FIC UTOMI The lies of the Ajungo Utomi, Moses Ose
FIC WINSLOW City of dreams : a novel Winslow, Don
MYS FIC BOWEN All that is hidden Bowen, Rhys
MYS FIC COBEN I will find you Coben, Harlan
MYS FIC GOMEZ-JURADO Red queen Gómez-Jurado, Juan
MYS FIC JANCE Collateral damage Jance, Judith A.
MYS FIC LEON So shall you reap Leon, Donna
MYS FIC ROSENFELT Good dog, bad cop Rosenfelt, David
MYS FIC STABENOW Not the ones dead Stabenow, Dana,
MYS FIC SUTANTO Vera Wong's unsolicited advice for murderers Sutanto, Jesse Q.
SF FIC SHANNON A day of fallen night Shannon, Samantha
YA FIC BROOKS Promise boys Brooks, Nick
YA FIC CHAO When you wish upon a lantern Chao, Gloria
YA FIC DE LA CRUZ Going dark De la Cruz, Melissa
YA FIC DE LA CRUZ The headmaster's list De la Cruz, Melissa
YA FIC EMILL The black queen Emill, Jumata
YA FIC EMMICH Maybe we're electric Emmich, Val
YA FIC IBRAHIM Spice Road Ibrahim, Maiya
YA FIC KATOUH As long as the lemon trees grow Katouh, Zoulfa
YA FIC LU Stars and smoke Lu, Marie,
YA FIC SCHWARTZ Immortality : a love story Schwartz, Dana
YA FIC WOON My flawless life Woon, Yvonne
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New Materials 4/2/23 - 4/8/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO FORD SMITH An ordinary man: the surprising life and historic presidency of Gerald R. Ford Smith, Richard Norton
BIO JAMES BENEDICT LeBron Benedict, Jeff
BIO KELLY KELLY It. goes. so. fast. : the year of no do-overs Kelly, Mary Louise
BIO KORESH TALTY Koresh : the true story of David Koresh and the tragedy at Waco Talty, Stephan
BIO SMITH SMITH You could make this place beautiful : a memoir Smith, Maggie
CD FIC DUGONI 9cds 11hrs Her deadly game Dugoni, Robert
CD FIC GALBRAITH 15cds 18hrs Career of evil Galbraith, Robert
CD FIC JANCE 10cds 12hrs Collateral damage Jance, Judith A.
CD FIC LANDAY 9cds 11hrs All that is mine I carry with me Landay, William
CD FIC LANSDALE 6cds 7.5hrs The donut legion Lansdale, Joe R.
CD FIC MOYES 10cds 12.5hrs Someone else's shoes : a novel Moyes, Jojo
CD FIC ROSENFELT 5cds 6hrs Good dog, bad cop Rosenfelt, David
CD FIC SCOTTOLINE 9cds 11.5hrs Loyalty Scottoline, Lisa
CD FIC WHITE 10cds 12hrs The maid's diary White, Loreth Anne
CD FIC WINSPEAR 8cds 10hrs The white lady Winspear, Jacqueline
DVD FIC OLD WAY The old way
DVD FIC WHITNEY HOUSTON I WANNA DANCE Whitney Houston : I wanna dance with somebody
E A Doggo and Pupper search for cozy Applegate, Katherine
E B The Big red book of beginner books
E D Dog's colorful day : a messy story about colors and counting Dodd, Emma
E H Party hearty kitty-corn Hale, Shannon
E H We don't lose our class goldfish Higgins, Ryan T.
E M Elena rides Medina, Juana
GRAPHIC NOVELS ONE PIECE VOL.102 One piece. Vol. 102, The pivotal clash Oda, Eiichiro
JUV FIC ATINUKE Too small Tola gets tough Atinuke
JUV FIC LINCOLN The swifts : a dictionary of scoundrels Lincoln, Beth
JUV FIC PILKEY Dog Man. Twenty thousand fleas under the sea Pilkey, Dav
JUV FIC WEINERSMI Bea Wolf Weinersmith, Zach
JUV 636.8 WHIPPLE Meow! : the truth about cats Whipple, Annette
JUV 811 HARJO Remember Harjo, Joy
KOREAN E A 얼굴 빨개지면 싫어 Ahn, Seon-mo
KOREAN E A 할 수 있어 Ahn, Seon-mo
KOREAN E E 때로는 크게 때로는 작게 Eom, Eun-na
KOREAN E E 큰 휴식을 취하십시오 Eom, Eun-na
KOREAN E G 나는 그것을 먹고 싶지 않아 Gil, Ji-yeon
KOREAN E J 아빠보고 싶어 Jeong, Hee-jung
KOREAN E K 같이오다? Kang, Minwoo
KOREAN E K 호기심을 참을 수 없어 Kim, Hanui
KOREAN E K 울보 코끼리 Kim, Ji-yeon
KOREAN E K 혼자 있고 싶어 Kim, Kyungran
KOREAN E K 나는 나쁜 꿈을 꾸었다 Kim, Nam-gil
KOREAN E K 엄마와 아빠는 싸우지 않는다 Kim, Nam-gil
KOREAN E K 나는 화를 내며 물었다. Kim, Soohee
KOREAN E K 내가 아니야 Kim, Young-min
KOREAN E K 애쉬가 그랬다 Kim, Young-min
KOREAN E L 나는 더 이상 고추를 가지고 놀지 않는다 Lee, Kyuhee
KOREAN E L 난 울보가 아니야 Lee, Sang-gyo
KOREAN E O 나도 너의 것을 원해 Oh, Ji-yeon
KOREAN E S 내 맘대로 할게 Shin, Jongho,
KOREAN E S 더 이상 두렵지 않아 Shin, Jungmin
KOREAN E S 지금 이대로도 너무 멋져 Shin, Jungmin
KOREAN JUV 616.2 KIM 손가락에 세균이 가득! Kim, Nam-gil
352.23 DESANTIS The courage to be free : Florida's blueprint for America's revival DeSantis, Ron
523.1 HERTOG On the origin of time : Stephen Hawking's final theory Hertog, Thomas
613.7 STARRETT Built to move : the ten essential habits to help you move freely and live fully Starrett, Kelly
620 HAMMACK The things we make : the unknown history of invention from cathedrals to soda cans Hammack, Bill
FIC DEVERAUX My heart will find you Deveraux, Jude
FIC FOX The last heir to Blackwood Library Fox, Hester
FIC FRAZIER The trackers : a novel Frazier, Charles
FIC HEPWORTH The soulmate Hepworth, Sally,
FIC LABUSKES The librarian of burned books : a novel Labuskes, Brianna
FIC NOVAK The seaside library Novak, Brenda
FIC PATTERSON Things I wish I told my mother Patterson, Susan
FIC ROPER The Society of Shame Roper, Jane
MYS FIC PERRY The fourth enemy Perry, Anne,
YA FIC ARMSTRONG Someone is always watching Armstrong, Kelley
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Saturday, April 01, 2023

New Materials 3/26/23 - 4/1/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO VOLLMER VOLLMER All of us together in the end Vollmer, Matthew
E C Sleepy Sheepy Cummins, Lucy Ruth
E D Wombat said come in Deedy, Carmen Agra
E F All the beating hearts Fogliano, Julie
E P Milo's monster Percival, Tom
E S Yellow butterfly: a story from Ukraine Shatokhin, Oleksandr
JUV FIC GIBBS Whale done : Gibbs, Stuart
JUV FIC GILES Not an easy win Giles, Chrystal D.
JUV FIC GREEN Agents of S.U.I.T Green, John Patrick
JUV FIC GUTMAN Miss Banks pulls lots of pranks Gutman, Dan
JUV FIC JAMES The treehouse library James, Anna
JUV FIC LOWRY The Windeby puzzle : history and story Lowry, Lois
JUV FIC MARKS On air with Zoe Washington Marks, Janae
JUV FIC TARSHIS I survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005 : the graphic novel Tarshis, Lauren
JUV FIC WEST Curse of the shadow dragon West, Tracey
JUV FIC WINICK Hilo. Gina and the last city on earth Winick, Judd
JUV FIC YOU ARE HERE You are here : connecting flights
KOREAN E J 드레스 업 공주 Jung, Jungwook
KOREAN E K 나는 계속 느낀다
KOREAN E L 입에 쾅 쾅 Lee, Kyuhee
KOREAN JUV 616.8527 OH 난 우울해 Oh, Ji-yeon
LP FIC BROWN Hiss & tell Brown, Rita Mae
LP FIC COBEN I will find you Coben, Harlan
LP FIC PATTERSON Countdown Patterson, James
LP FIC STEEL Worthy opponents : a novel Steel, Danielle
LP FIC WALLS Hang the Moon : a novel Walls, Jeannette
SPANISH JUV 463 BROOKS The Usborne picture dictionary in Spanish Brooks, Felicity
419 GUSTASON Signing exact English Gustason, Gerilee
322.4 EGAN A fever in the heartland : the Ku Klux Klan's plot to take over America, and the woman who stopped them Egan, Timothy
FIC CARLSON Second time around Carlson, Melody
FIC HOOD Robert Ludlum's the Treadstone rendition Hood, Joshua
FIC JOSHI The perfumist of Paris Joshi, Alka
FIC MORTON Homecoming : a novel Morton, Kate
FIC SITTENFELD Romantic comedy : a novel Sittenfeld, Curtis
FIC WALLS Hang the moon : a novel Walls, Jeannette
JUV FIC ALCOTT Little women Alcott, Louisa May
YA FIC UNDERWOOD Lies we sing to the sea Underwood, Sarah