Saturday, February 25, 2023

New Materials 2/19/23 - 2/25/23

Shelf Location Title Author
CD FIC HAWKINS 7cds 8hrs The villa Hawkins, Rachel
JUV FIC OSBORNE Tigers at twilight Osborne, Mary Pope
LP BIO CHARLES III ANDERSEN The King : the life of Charles III Andersen, Christopher P.
LP FIC KINGSOLVER Demon Copperhead : a novel Kingsolver, Barbara
LP 973.8 BRANDS The last campaign : Sherman, Geronimo and the war for America Brands, H. W.
MYS FIC SLAUGHTER Triptych : a novel Slaughter, Karin
363.738 BOSWELL Climate action planning : a guide to creating low-carbon, resilient communities Boswell, Michael R.
153.3 RUBIN The creative act : a way of being Rubin, Rick
370.15 WILLINGHAM Outsmart your brain : why learning is hard and how you can make it easy Willingham, Daniel T.
612.6 HYMAN Young forever : the secrets to living your longest, healthiest life Hyman, Mark
616.85 SHAH I'm so effing hungry : why we crave what we crave--and what to do about it Shah, Amy
973.933 SOMMER Trust the plan : the rise of QAnon and the conspiracy that unhinged America Sommer, Will
FIC CHURCH The last Carolina girl : a novel Church, Meagan
FIC DAILEY A Calder at heart Dailey, Janet
FIC DOOLITTLE Device free weekend : Doolittle, Sean
FIC ELLISON It's one of us Ellison, J. T.
FIC GREANEY Burner Greaney, Mark
FIC HOOVER Never never : Hoover, Colleen
FIC JOHNSON The house of Eve : a novel Johnson, Sadeqa
FIC MARSHALL Looking for Jane Marshall, Heather
FIC MOSLEY Every man a king Mosley, Walter
FIC SANTOPOLO Stars in an Italian sky Santopolo, Jill
FIC TERRY When the moon turns blue : a novel Terry, Pamela
MYS FIC BOX Storm watch Box, C. J.
MYS FIC MOEHLING And there he kept her Moehling, Joshua

Saturday, February 18, 2023

New Materials 2/12/23 - 2/18/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO POE DAWIDZIAK A mystery of mysteries : the death and life of Edgar Allan Poe Dawidziak, Mark
E B Bluey. Easter.
E H Watch out for the lion! Hartman, Brooke
E L Once upon a book Lin, Grace
FIC WAXMAN Other people's houses Waxman, Abbi
GRAPHIC NOVEL BEAR Bear Gnosspelius, Staffan
JUV BIO BROWN BROWN My Selma : true stories of a Southern childhood at the height of the civil rights movement Brown, Willie Mae
JUV FIC BABY-SIT LITTLE SISTER 6 Karen's birthday Martin, Ann M.
JUV FIC KORMAN The superteacher project Korman, Gordon
JUV FIC POLONSKY World made of glass Polonsky, Ami
JUV FIC PONTI City of the dead Ponti, James
JUV FIC SIMON Cupcake diaries, the graphic novel. 1 Katie and the cupcake cure Simon, Coco
JUV FIC SIMON Cupcake diaries, the graphic novel 3 Emma on thin icing Simon, Coco
JUV FIC SWINARSKI What happened to Rachel Riley? Swinarski, Claire
JUV FIC SYMES-SMITH Sir Callie and the champions of Helston Symes-Smith, Esme
JUV 919.89 CUESTA HERNANDO Antarctica : a continent of wonder Cuesta Hernando, Mario
LP FIC LICO ALBANESE Hester : a novel Lico Albanese, Laurie
LP FIC ROBB Encore in death Robb, J. D.
LP FIC WILLINGHAM All the dangerous things Willingham, Stacy
975.3 SMITHSONIAN Official guide to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture
005.133 LOWE Java all-in-one for dummies Lowe, Doug
344.7305 SCHWARTZ Shielded : how the police became untouchable Schwartz, Joanna C.
FIC BENNETT Better the blood : a Hana Westerman thriller Bennett, Michael
FIC DAILEY Blue Moon haven Dailey, Janet
FIC GOLDEN All hallows Golden, Christopher
FIC GOLDEN Road of bones Golden, Christopher
FIC HALLETT The Twyford code : a novel Hallett, Janice
FIC HAZELWOOD Love on the brain Hazelwood, Ali
FIC HEMON The world and all that it holds Hemon, Aleksandar
FIC HUNTER The bullet garden Hunter, Stephen
FIC HUYNH The fortunes of jaded women : a novel Huynh, Carolyn
FIC JENOFF Code name Sapphire Jenoff, Pam
FIC JESSEN Lunar love : a novel Jessen, Lauren Kung
FIC KAY All the seas of the world Kay, Guy Gavriel
FIC KEEGAN Foster Keegan, Claire
FIC MCFADDEN The housemaid's secret McFadden, Freida
FIC PEYTON Night wherever we go : a novel Peyton, Tracey Rose
FIC VERBLE Stealing : a novel Verble, Margaret
MYS FIC STEVENSON Everyone in my family has killed someone Stevenson, Benjamin
JUV FIC GRATZ Refugee Gratz, Alan
JUV FIC GRATZ Refugee Gratz, Alan

Saturday, February 11, 2023

New Materials 2/5/23 - 2/11/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO ANDERSON ANDERSON Love, Pamela Anderson, Pamela
BIO BRENNER BRENNER The longest match : rallying to defeat an eating disorder in midlife Brenner, Betsy
BIO CHENOWETH CHENOWETH I'm no philosopher, but I got thoughts : mini-meditations for saints, sinners, and the rest of us Chenoweth, Kristin
BIO GAY GAY Bad Mormon : a memoir Gay, Heather
BIO JENKINS JENKINS High achiever : the incredible true story of one addict's double life Jenkins, Tiffany
BIO MADRIGAL MADRIGAL Oklahomo Madrigal, C. T.
BIO POMPEO POMPEO Never give an inch : fighting for the America I love Pompeo, Mike /td>
BIO REGAN REGAN Fieldwork Regan, Iliana
BIO SCHIFF ADAMS The revolutionary : Samuel Adams Schiff, Stacy
BIO SHULTZ TAUBMAN In the nation's service : the life and times of George P. Shultz Taubman, Philip
CD BIO HARRY HARRY 13cds 15.5hrs Spare [sound recording (CD)] Harry, Prince, Duke of Sussex
DVD FIC MINUTE YOU WAKE UP DEAD The minute you wake up dead. / DVD
E C We are here Charles, Tami
E C Ten animals in Antarctica : a counting book Court, Moira
E D Beneath Doerrfeld, Cori
E M There's a nightmare in my closet Mayer, Mercer
E M There's something in my attic Mayer, Mercer
E P Mister Kitty is lost! Pizzoli, Greg
E S Anansi and the golden pot Selasi, Taiye
E S Very good hats Straub, Emma
FIC ROSE The perfect marriage Rose, Jeneva
FIC WAXMAN The garden of small beginnings Waxman, Abbi
FIC WAXMAN Other people's houses : a novel Waxman, Abbi
GRAPHIC NOVEL BABY SITTERS CLUB 13 The Baby-sitters Club. V. 13, Mary Anne's bad luck mystery : Martin, Ann M.
GRAPHIC NOVEL TYCHONIEVI The comic book guide to growing food : step-by-step vegetable gardening for everyone Tychonievich, Joseph
JUV BIO ANGELOU WATSON Maya's song Watson, Renée
JUV FIC BRUEL Bad Kitty : Supercat Bruel, Nick
JUV FIC DELAHAYE Little polar bear rescue Delahaye, Rachel
JUV FIC ELLIOTT The enchanted bridge Elliott, Zetta
JUV FIC OSBORNE Rhinos at recess Osborne, Mary Pope
JUV FIC SIMON Cupcake diaries, the graphic novel. 2, Mia in the mix Simon, Coco
JUV FIC STEIN Beaky Barnes : egg on the loose Stein, David Ezra
JUV 306.362 ALEXANDER An American story Alexander, Kwame
JUV 567.9 MCDONALD Exploring dinosaurs McDonald, Jill
JUV 910.911 GANERI Arctic and Antarctic Ganeri, Anita
JUV 919.89 FABINY Where is Antarctica? Fabiny, Sarah
JUV 979.8 SANDLER The impossible rescue : the true story of an amazing Arctic adventure Sandler, Martin W.
LP FIC BARDUGO Hell bent Bardugo, Leigh
LP FIC GEORGE Maame George, Jessica
LP FIC HARPER Exiles Harper, Jane
LP FIC HOOVER It starts with us : a novel Hoover, Colleen
LP FIC MANNING Gilded mountain : a novel Manning, Kate
LP FIC SHEARER River sing me home Shearer, Eleanor
394.1208 BLACK FOOD Black food : stories, art & recipes from across the African diaspora
152.4 DAVEY The catastrophic worrier: why you worry & how to stop Davey, Graham
152.4 MEYER The answer to anxiety : how to break free from the tyranny of anxious thoughts and worry Meyer, Joyce
152.4 SHETTY 8 rules of love : how to find it, keep it, and let it go Shetty, Jay, Author
155.5 DAMOUR The emotional lives of teenagers : raising connected, capable, and compassionate adolescents Damour, Lisa
158 RUCKER The fun habit : how the pursuit of joy and wonder can change your life Rucker, Michael
158.1 BEATON Men's work : a practical guide to face your darkness, end self-sabotage, and find freedom Beaton, Connor
158.1 MCINERNY Bad vibes only : (and other things I bring to the table) : essays McInerny, Nora
302 WALDINGER The good life : lessons from the world's longest scientific study of happiness Waldinger, Robert J.
305.3 YOSHINO Say the right thing : how to talk about identity, diversity, and justice Yoshino, Kenji
305.8009 COWIE Freedom's dominion : a saga of white resistance to federal power Cowie, Jefferson
331.11 SONI The great escape : a true story of forced labor and immigrant dreams in America Soni, Saket
363.2 PATTERSON Walk the blue line Patterson, James
530.01 HOSSENFELDER Existential physics : a scientist's guide to life's biggest questions Hossenfelder, Sabine
539.7 LEVITT What's gotten into you : the story of your body's atoms, from the Big Bang through last night's dinner Levitt, Dan
571.6 MUKHERJEE The song of the cell : an exploration of medicine and the new human Mukherjee, Siddhartha
579.2 OSMUNDSON Virology : essays for the living, the dead, and the small things in between Osmundson, Joseph
641.5 KACOUCHIA Vegan Africa : plant-based recipes from Ethiopia to Senegal Kacouchia, Marie
791.4309 TARANTINO Cinema speculation Tarantino, Quentin
909 ELKINS Legacy of violence : a history of the British empire Elkins, Caroline
948 THOMPSON Nordic, Central, and Southeastern Europe
958.104 ROBICHAUX Saving Aziz : how the mission to help one became a calling to rescue thousands from the Taliban Robichaux, Chad
973 KEITHLY The USA and the world
973.09 PRUDHOMME Dinner with the president : food, politics, and a history of breaking bread at the White House Prud'homme, Alex
973.933 United States The January 6th report executive summary United States, Congress. House. Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol
973.934 GOEAS A question of respect : bringing us together in a deeply divided nation Goeas, Ed
REF 338.97481 MONTCO BUSINESS 2023 AT DESK Business directory
FIC BARDUGO Hell bent Bardugo, Leigh
FIC CRANE I keep my exoskeletons to myself : a novel Crane, Marisa
FIC GUNTY The rabbit hutch Gunty, Tess
FIC HARPER Everybody knows Harper, Jordan
FIC HENDRIX How to sell a haunted house Hendrix, Grady
FIC HOOVER Heart bones : a novel Hoover, Colleen
FIC HURWITZ The last orphan Hurwitz, Gregg
FIC ITO The thorn puller Itō, Hiromi
FIC MOYES Someone else's shoes : a novel Moyes, Jojo
FIC PATTERSON 3 days to live Patterson, James
FIC ROBOTHAM Lying beside you : a novel Robotham, Michael
FIC ROLLINS The cradle of ice Rollins, James
FIC RUSHDIE Victory city : a novel Rushdie, Salman
FIC RYAN The house guest Ryan, Hank Phillippi
FIC SHEARER River sing me home Shearer, Eleanor, Author
FIC TALTY Night of the living rez Talty, Morgan
FIC YARMYSH The incredible events in women's cell number 3 : a novel I︠A︡rmysh, Kira
MYS FIC BEATON Death of a traitor Beaton, M. C.
MYS FIC JOHANSEN More than meets the eye Johansen, Iris
MYS FIC KELLERMAN Unnatural history : an Alex Delaware novel Kellerman, Jonathan
MYS FIC ROBB Encore in death Robb, J. D.
SF FIC RIEDEL Please report your bug here : a novel Riedel, Josh
SF FIC CHAMBERS A prayer for the Crown-Shy Chambers, Becky
YA FIC JACKSON Five survive Jackson, Holly
YA FIC JOHNSON Nine liars Johnson, Maureen
YA FIC SMITH The hunt Clark, Aubrey

Saturday, February 04, 2023

New Materials 1/29/23 - 2/4/23

Shelf Location Title Author
CD FIC GRIPPANDO 9cds 11.5hrs Code 6 : a novel Grippando, James
CD FIC HARPER 11cds 12.5hrs Exiles : a novel Harper, Jane
CD FIC KOONTZ 9cds 10.5hrs The house at the end of the world Koontz, Dean R.
CD FIC KRENTZ 8cds 9.5hrs Sleep no more Krentz, Jayne Ann
CD FIC PAGE 8cds 10.5hrs The keeper of stories Page, Sally
CD FIC ROBB 11cds 14hrs Encore in death Robb, J. D.
CD FIC STEEL 6cds 7hrs Without a trace : a novel Steel, Danielle
CD FIC TAYLOR 9cds 11hrs The devil's ransom Taylor, Brad
E M Where butterflies fill the sky : a story of immigration, family, and finding home Marwan, Zahra
E S Endlessly ever after : pick your path to countless fairy tale endings! : a story of Little Red Riding Hood, Jack, Hansel, Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, a wolf, a witch, a goose, a grandmother, some pigs, and endless variations Snyder, Laurel
E S Interrupting chicken Stein, David Ezra
GRAPHIC NOVEL WINGS OF FIRE 6 Wings of fire : Book six : moon rising : the graphic novel Sutherland, Tui
BB BOYNTON Peekaboo Rex! Boynton, Sandra
BB HSU It's your year, Baby Rabbit Hsu, Ariel
BB RINKER Construction site-- you're just right : a valentine's lift-the-flap book Rinker, Sherri Duskey
BB SEUSS I Am the Cat in the Hat Seuss, Dr
BB TAMURA Penguins don't wear sweaters! Tamura, Marikka
JUV BIO NOAH NOAH It's Trevor Noah : born a crime : stories from a South African childhood Noah, Trevor
JUV FIC AGYEMANG Fibbed Agyemang, Elizabeth
JUV FIC ATINUKE Good luck, Anna Hibiscus! Atinuke
JUV FIC BRANCHES PARTY DIARIES Awesome orange birthday Ruths, Mitali Banerjee
JUV FIC DALY Fly high, Lolo Daly, Niki
JUV FIC HOOKY 1 Hooky Tur, Míriam Bonastre
JUV FIC HOOKY 2 Hooky. Volume 2 Tur, Míriam Bonastre
JUV FIC ODHIAMBO Auma's long run Odhiambo, Eucabeth A.
JUV FIC PAULSEN Garlic & the vampire Paulsen, Bree,
JUV FIC PAULSEN Garlic & the Witch Paulsen, Bree
JUV FIC SUTHERLAND Moon rising Sutherland, Tui
JUV 960 ATINUKE Africa, amazing Africa Atinuke
REF 347.748 PA RULES OF COURT Pennsylvania rules of court. State and federal.
FIC FLINT 1637 : the Transylvanian decision Flint, Eric
MYS FIC HARPER Exiles : Harper, Jane