Saturday, January 28, 2023

New Materials 1/22/23 - 1/28/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO IRONS IRONS Love & justice : a story of triumph on two different courts Moore, Maya
BIO SMITH SMITH Straight shooter : a memoir of second chances and first takes Smith, Stephen A.
E W How to catch an elf Wallace, Adam
BB SIRETT My first animals : let's squeak and squawk! Sirett, Dawn
LP FIC TAYLOR The devil's ransom Taylor, Brad
LP 153.7 MARK Attention span : a groundbreaking way to restore balance, happiness and productivity Mark, Gloria
LP 577.68 PROULX Fen, bog & swamp : a short history of peatland destruction and its role in the climate crisis Proulx, Annie
911.748 RUSS How Pennsylvania acquired its present boundaries Russ, William Adam, Jr.
973.3 MURFIN American Revolution Bicentennial. Murfin, James V.
974.8 CUPPER The Pennsylvania turnpike : a history Cupper, Dan
974.8 WILSON Philadelphia USA Wilson, Robert H.
974.811 ACADEMY OF MUSIC Academy of Music, home of the Philadelphia Orchestra and leading cultural and educational activities : a graphic display of the interior, the history of the orchestra, an account of the grand opening : 1857 - 1967 Academy of Music (Philadelphia, Pa.)
005.8 RICHARD Pegasus : how a spy in your pocket threatens the end of privacy, dignity, and democracy Richard, Laurent
824 TOIBIN A guest at the feast : essays Tóibín, Colm
REF 920 CURRENT BIOGRAPY YEARBOOK Current biography yearbook 2022.
FIC TUDOR The drift : a novel Tudor, C. J.
SF FIC NEWITZ The terraformers Newitz, Annalee

Saturday, January 21, 2023

New Materials 1/15/23 - 1/21/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO CRAFT WOO Master slave husband wife : an epic journey from slavery to freedom Woo, Ilyon
BIO ERNAUX ERNAUX Getting lost Ernaux, Annie
BIO HARRY HARRY Spare Harry, Prince
CD FIC COOK 8cds 10hrs Night shift : a novel Cook, Robin
FIC ROBINSON Son of a trickster Robinson, Eden
FIC WISEMAN Coal River Wiseman, Ellen Marie
JUV BIO KELLER ADLER A picture book of Helen Keller Adler, David A.
LP BIO HARRY HARRY Spare Harry, Prince, Duke of Sussex
LP FIC ANTHONY The book haters' book club: Anthony, Gretchen
LP FIC GRIPPANDO Code 6 : a novel Grippando, James
LP FIC HAWKINS The villa Hawkins, Rachel
LP FIC KRENTZ Sleep no more Krentz, Jayne Ann
LP FIC MICHAELS Tick tock Michaels, Fern
LP FIC PARI In the time of our history: Pari, Susanne
LP FIC ROUDA The widow Rouda, Kaira
LP FIC SHALVIS The backup plan : a novel Shalvis, Jill
LP FIC STEEL Without a trace : a novel Steel, Danielle
362.1 MARYA Inflamed : deep medicine and the anatomy of injustice Marya, Rupa
005.54 MCFEDRIES Excel all-in-one for dummies McFedries, Paul
158.1 DEAN I am the storm: inspiring stories of people who fight against overwhelming odds Dean, Janice
158.1 MAIDENBERG Ace your life: unleash your best self and live the life you want Maidenberg, Michelle P.
305.31 REEVES Of boys and men : why the modern male is struggling, why it matters, and what to do about it Reeves, Richard V.
364.1 PARKER A few days full of trouble : revelations on the journey to justice for my cousin and best friend, Emmett Till Parker, Wheeler
612.8233 GUPTA 12 weeks to a sharper you : a guided program Gupta, Sanjay
613.25 PELZ Fast like a girl: a woman's guide to using the healing power of fasting to burn fat, boost energy, and balance hormones Pelz, Mindy
941.085 LOW Courtiers : intrigue, ambition, and the power players behind the house of Windsor Low, Valentine
973.934 WHIPPLE The fight of his life : inside Joe Biden's White House Whipple, Chris
REF 150.3 COLMAN A dictionary of psychology Colman, Andrew M.
FIC BENEDICT The Mitford affair : a novel Benedict, Marie
FIC BURNET Case study Burnet, Graeme Macrae
FIC HOOVER It starts with us : a novel Hoover, Colleen
FIC KOONTZ The house at the end of the world Koontz, Dean R.
FIC LESTER The three lives of Alix St. Pierre Lester, Natasha
FIC REYES The house in the pines : a novel Reyes, Ana
FIC SHALVIS The backup plan : a novel Shalvis, Jill
FIC TAYLOR The devil's ransom Taylor, Bradley.
FIC TORDAY The 12th commandment Torday, Daniel
MYS FIC BRENNAN Don't open the door Brennan, Allison
MYS FIC FELLOWES The Mitford secret Fellowes, Jessica
MYS FIC FREEMAN The zero night Freeman, Brian
MYS FIC KLAVAN A strange habit of mind : a Cameron Winter mystery Klavan, Andrew
MYS FIC PERRY Murder book Perry, Thomas
MYS FIC TRACY The devil you know Tracy, P. J.
SS FIC IRISH COFFEE MURDER Irish coffee murder.
YA FIC CLARK The secret circle : the divide Clark, Aubrey

Saturday, January 14, 2023

New Materials 1/8/23 - 1/14/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO HARRY HARRY Spare Harry, Prince, Duke of Sussex
BIO LEVY LEVY Drinking games : a memoir Levy, Sarah
DVD FIC GOOD HOUSE The good house
DVD FIC TICKET TO PARADISE Ticket to paradise.
E L A spoonful of frogs Lyall, Casey
FIC RICE Firefly beach Rice, Luanne
GRAPHIC NOVEL BONE 3 Bone. [3], Eyes of the storm Smith, Jeff
GRAPHIC NOVEL BONE 4 Bone. [4], The dragonslayer Smith, Jeff
GRAPHIC NOVEL BONE 5 Bone. [5], Rock Jaw, master of the Eastern border Smith, Jeff
GRAPHIC NOVEL BONE 6 Bone. [6], Old Man's Cave Smith, Jeff
GRAPHIC NOVEL BONE 8 Bone. [8], Treasure hunters Smith, Jeff
GRAPHIC NOVEL DUCKS Ducks : two years in the oil sands Beaton, Kate
Pure Joy: The Dogs We Love
JUV FIC KINNEY Diary of a wimpy kid : the deep end Kinney, Jeff
LP FIC GRISHAM The boys from Biloxi : a novel Grisham, John
004.67 TIFFANY Everything I need I get from you : how fangirls created the Internet as we know it Tiffany, Kaitlyn
158.1 GOLEMAN Why we meditate : the science and practice of clarity and compassion Goleman, Daniel
158.3 TRZECIAK Wonder drug : 7 scientifically proven ways that serving others is the best medicine for yourself Trzeciak, Stephen
306.76 KIRCHICK Secret city : the hidden history of gay Washington Kirchick, James
306.874 GROSE Screaming on the inside : the unsustainability of American motherhood Grose, Jessica
338.3729 PHILIP Beaverland : how one weird rodent made America Philip, Leila
342.7308 GAJDA Seek and hide : the tangled history of the right to privacy Gajda, Amy,
343.7305 LASSER 2023 J.K. Lasser's your income tax 2023 : for preparing your 2022 tax return
345.73 LITHWICK Lady justice : women, the law, and the battle to save America Lithwick, Dahlia
362.5 KIDDER Rough sleepers Kidder, Tracy
364.972 CORCORAN In the mouth of the wolf : a murder, a cover-up, and the true cost of silencing the press Corcoran, Katherine
612.8 PRATHER The sleep prescription : seven days to unlocking your best rest Prather, Aric
613.2 NOOM The NOOM mindset : learn the science, lose the weight.
632 BROOKSHIRE Pests : how humans create animal villains Brookshire, Bethany
702.812 PRICE Paper collage workshop Price, Samuel,
720.9 RYBCZYNSKI The story of architecture Rybczynski, Witold
808 BARBA American wildflowers : a literary field guide
811 REEVES Best barbarian : poems Reeves, Roger
814.54 INDIANA Fire season : selected essays 1984-2021 Indiana, Gary
940.53 MELTZER The Nazi conspiracy : the secret plot to kill Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill Meltzer, Brad
973 KRUSE Myth America : historians take on the biggest legends and lies about our past
FIC ABDULLAH The stardust thief Abdullah, Chelsea
FIC AHMAD The return of Faraz Ali Ahmad, Aamina
FIC ASIM Yonder : a novel Asim, Jabari
FIC BARRETT Homesickness : stories Barrett, Colin
FIC BYEONG-MO The old woman with the knife : a novel Byeong-mo, Gu
FIC CHANG Gods of want : stories Chang, K-Ming
FIC COBLE Dark of night : an Annie Pederson novel Coble, Colleen
FIC DUMAS A history of fear : a novel Dumas, Luke
FIC ESCOFFERY If I survive you Escoffery, Jonathan
FIC FREDERICKS The Lindbergh nanny : a novel Fredericks, Mariah
FIC HAND Hokuloa Road Hand, Elizabeth
FIC HETI Pure colour Heti, Sheila
FIC HOGARTH Motherthing Hogarth, Ainslie
FIC JOHNS Bad Cree : a novel Johns, Jessica
FIC KANE The last invitation : a novel Kane, Darby
FIC KAPOOR Age of vice Kapoor, Deepti
FIC KENNEDY Trespasses Kennedy, Louise
FIC KUBICA Just the nicest couple Kubica, Mary
FIC LEDWIDGE Hard to break Ledwidge, Michael
FIC LIPSYTE No one left to come looking for you : a novel Lipsyte, Sam
FIC MANENZHE Scatterlings : a novel Manenzhe, Rešoketšwe
FIC MANNING Gilded mountain : a novel Manning, Kate
FIC NEWSON My government means to kill me Newson, Rasheed
FIC PRESTON The cabinet of Dr. Leng Preston, Douglas J.
FIC QUINN The Whalebone Theatre Quinn, Joanna
FIC REHMAN Roses, in the mouth of a lion Rehman, Bushra
FIC VARA The immortal King Rao : a novel Vara, Vauhini
FIC WANG Joan is okay : a novel Wang, Weike
FIC WILLINGHAM All the dangerous things Willingham, Stacy
FIC WINSLOW Decent people Winslow, De'Shawn Charles
MYS FIC DELANY The game is a footnote Delany, Vicki
MYS FIC PATTERSON The house of Wolves Patterson, James

Saturday, January 07, 2023

New Materials 1/1/23 - 1/7/23

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO ABDELMAHM ABDELMAHM Son of elsewhere : a memoir in pieces Abdelmahmoud, Elamin
BIO BURGHOFF BURGHOFF Gary Burghoff : to M*A*S*H and back : my life in poems and songs (that nobody ever wanted to publish!) Burghoff, Gary
BIO BUSH LEVENSON Witness to dignity : the life and faith of George H.W. and Barbara Bush Levenson, Russell J.
BIO COOPER JONES Easy beauty : a memoir Cooper Jones, Chloé
BIO DANIEL DANIEL A coastline is an immeasurable thing : a memoir across three continents Daniel, Mary-Alice
BIO FISHER FISHER Unspeakable : surviving my childhood and finding my voice Fisher, Jessica Willis
BIO HSU HSU Stay true : a memoir Hsu, Hua
BIO KIKI BRAUDE Kiki Man Ray : art, love, and rivalry in 1920s Paris Braude, Mark
BIO MONTES POPKIN Code name Blue Wren: the true story of America's most dangerous female spy-and the sister she betrayed Popkin, Jim
BIO POGREBIN POGREBIN Shanda : a memoir of shame and secrecy Pogrebin, Letty Cottin
BIO RODGERS RODGERS Shy : the alarmingly outspoken memoirs of Mary Rodgers Rodgers, Mary
BIO SUZUKI HOTTA Suzuki : the man and his dream to teach the children of the world Hotta, Eri
BIO TAYLOR BROWER Elizabeth Taylor : the grit & glamour of an icon Brower, Kate Andersen
CD FIC EVANS 3cds 3.5hrs A Christmas memory : a novel Evans, Richard Paul
DVD FIC WOMAN KING The woman king
E C 10 little rubber ducks Carle, Eric
E L Ty's travels : Lab magic Lyons, Kelly Starling
E Y How do dinosaurs learn to be kind? Yolen, Jane
GRAPHIC NOVEL ACCIDENTAL CZAR Accidental czar : the life and lies of Vladimir Putin Weiss, Andrew S.
GRAPHIC NOVEL SANDMAN BOOK TWO The Sandman, book two Gaiman, Neil
GRAPHIC NOVEL SHUNA'S JOURNEY Shuna's journey Miyazaki, Hayao
BB CARLE My very first book of numbers [board book] Carle, Eric
BB PAW PATROL A Paw Patrol treasury.
BB SIRETT Trucks Sirett, Dawn
JUV FIC ATINUKE Too small Tola and the three fine girls Atinuke
JUV FIC CHADDA Minecraft : Castle Redstone Chadda, Sarwat
JUV FIC DAWSON Minecraft : mob squad : don't fear the creeper Dawson, Delilah S.
JUV FIC KELLER Mihi ever after Keller, Tae
JUV FIC KOCHALKA Banana Fox and the Secret Sour Society Kochalka, James
JUV FIC MCMANN Map of flames McMann, Lisa
JUV FIC PATTERSON Winter blunderland Patterson, James
JUV FIC PEIRCE Big Nate : prank you very much Peirce, Lincoln
JUV FIC SWEET VALLEY TWINS 1 Sweet Valley twins : Best friends Pascal, Francine
JUV FIC TEMPLE The Underdogs fake it till they make it Temple, Kate
MYS FIC BEATON The quiche of death Beaton, M. C.
910.4 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Destinations of a lifetime : 225 of the world's most amazing places National Geographic Society (U.S.),
395 POST Emily Post's etiquette Post, Lizzie
616.8 FENN The brain health kitchen : preventing Alzheimer's through food with 100 recipes Fenn, Annie
616.8 SACKS The man who mistook his wife for a hat and other clinical tales Sacks, Oliver
641.815 DELL'ANNO Giuseppe's Italian bakes : over 60 classic cakes, desserts & savoury bakes Dell'Anno, Giuseppe
648 ROBERTS Downsizing for dummies Roberts, Ralph R.
973.5 GUTZMAN The Jeffersonians : the visionary presidencies of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe Gutzman, Kevin R. C.
973.922 HILL My travels with Mrs. Kennedy Hill, Clint
REF 031.02 WORLD ALMANAC 2023 The world almanac and book of facts 2023.
FIC BENNETT Checkout 19 Bennett, Claire-Louise
FIC CAMERON Love, Clancy : diary of a good dog Cameron, W. Bruce
FIC GARMUS Lessons in chemistry : Garmus, Bonnie
FIC GRIPPANDO Code 6 : a novel Grippando, James
FIC HAWKINS The villa Hawkins, Rachel
FIC KRENTZ Sleep no more Krentz, Jayne Ann
FIC MCMORRIS The ways we hide : a novel McMorris, Kristina
FIC PICOULT Mad honey : a novel Picoult, Jodi
FIC STEEL Without a trace : a novel Steel, Danielle
MYS FIC FLETCHER Death on the Emerald Isle : a Murder, She Wrote mystery Fletcher, Jessica
MYS FIC SMILEY A dangerous business Smiley, Jane
YA FIC DENNARD The Luminaries Dennard, Susan
YA FIC GARBER The ballad of never after Garber, Stephanie

Monday, January 02, 2023

New Materials 12/25/22 - 12/31/22

Shelf Location Title Author
CD FIC BEATON 6cds 7.5hrs Devil's delight Beaton, M. C.
CD FIC BROOKS-DALTON 9cds 11.5hrs The light pirate Brooks-Dalton, Lily
CD FIC CAMERON 10cds 12.5hrs Red winter Cameron, Marc
CD FIC CONNELLY 9cds 9.5hrs Desert star Connelly, Michael
CD FIC GREGORY 16cds 19.5hrs Dawnlands : Gregory, Philippa
CD FIC MARGOLIN 5cds 6hrs Murder at Black Oaks Margolin, Phillip
CD FIC STEN 9cds 11hrs Hidden in snow Sten, Viveca
CD FIC UNGER 10cds 12.5hrs Secluded cabin sleeps six : a novel Unger, Lisa
CD 305.26 MAGNUSSON 3cds 3.5hrs The Swedish art of aging exuberantly : life wisdom from someone who will (probably) die before you Magnusson, Margareta
CD 973.933 WOODWARD 10cds 11.5hrs The Trump tapes : Bob Woodward's twenty interviews with President Donald Trump Woodward, Bob
E B Farmhouse Blackall, Sophie
E C Animals go vroom! Cushman, Abi
E F I don't care Fogliano, Julie
E M Snow horses MacLachlan, Patricia
E R Construction site : farming strong, all year long Rinker, Sherri Duskey
E S Wombat walkabout Shields, Carol Diggory
E S The Catalogue of Hugs Stein, Joshua David
E W My very first 100 words Wells, Rosemary
E Z The lights that dance in the night Zommer, Yuval
JUV FIC ANCESTOR Ancestor approved : intertribal stories for kids
JUV FIC DAVIES The bell bandit Davies, Jacqueline
JUV FIC DAVIES The candy smash Davies, Jacqueline
JUV FIC HARRINGTON Wildoak Harrington, C. C.
JUV FIC KRULIK Fangs for having us! Krulik, Nancy E.
JUV FIC KRULIK Get a hold of your elf! Krulik, Nancy E.
JUV FIC MOORE The disappearing act Moore, Katrina
JUV FIC PACEY PACKER 3 Pacey Packer, unicorn tracker. 3, Mermaids vs. unicorns Phillipps, J. C.
JUV FIC YOUNG Healer of the water monster Young, Brian
JUV 639.975 MALONEY Buzzkill : a wild wander through the weird and threatened world of bugs Maloney, Brenna
LP 327.1273 HOLT Wise gals: the spies who built the CIA and changed the future of espionage Holt, Nathalia
LP 636.7 HOROWITZ The year of the puppy: how dogs become themselves Horowitz, Alexandra