Saturday, August 27, 2022

New Materials 8/21/22 - 2/27/22

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO MORRIS MORRIS Robert Morris : inside the revolution Morris, Robert M.
BIO ROWE ROWE Vacuuming in the nude : and other ways to get attention Rowe, Peggy
E S Food fight! Carbone, Courtney
E S The great train mystery Lewman, David
BB PFISTER The rainbow fish Pfister, Marcus
JUV FIC SMITH Pea, Bee, & Jay. 3, Lift off Smith, Brian
JUV 794.8 POKEMON Pokémon : classic collector's handbook : official guide to the first 151 Pokémon
LP BIO YOVANOVITCH YOVANOVITCH Lessons from the edge : a memoir Yovanovitch, Maria L.
LP FIC CHILD Chrysalis : a thriller Child, Lincoln
LP 332.6092 BROWDER Freezing order: a true story of money laundering, murder, and surviving Vladimir Putin's wrath Browder, Bill
FIC HOOVER Verity Hoover, Colleen
FIC RADER-DAY Death at Greenway : a novel Rader-Day, Lori
MYS FIC BROWN A body at a boarding school : a 1920s mystery Brown, Benedict
001.9 WEST Escaping the rabbit hole : how to debunk conspiracy theories using facts, logic, and respect West, Mick
365 POOR This is ear hustle : unflinching stories of everyday prison life Poor, Nigel
220.95 GIFFORD The God of the way : a journey into the stories, people, and faith that changed the world forever Gifford, Kathie Lee
595.7991 CHITTKA The mind of a bee Chittka, Lars
791.089 ABDURRAQIB A little devil in America : notes in praise of Black performance Abdurraqib, Hanif
791.43 FRIEDMAN The Disney revolt : the great labor war of animation's golden age Friedman, Jake S.
FIC GALLICO Mrs Harris goes to Paris & Mrs Harris goes to New York Gallico, Paul
FIC GOLDMAN Carolina moonset Goldman, Matt
FIC MICHAELS Tick tock Michaels, Fern
FIC OBUOBI On rotation : a novel Obuobi, Shirlene
FIC REID Carrie Soto is back : a novel Reid, Taylor Jenkins
FIC WISEMAN The lost girls of Willowbrook Wiseman, Ellen Marie
MYS FIC FEENEY Daisy darker Feeney, Alice
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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

New Materials 8/14/22 - 8/20/22

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO FREUD NAGORSKI Saving Freud: the rescuers who brought him to freedom Nagorski, Andrew
CD FIC LUSTBADER 15cds 17.5hrs The Bourne betrayal [sound recording (CD)] Lustbader, Eric
DVD FIC LOST CITY The lost city
E A Super Fly Guy Arnold, Tedd
E D Anna, Elsa, and the secret river Rosenbaum, Andria Warmflash
E F Bark, George Feiffer, Jules
E W The duckling gets a cookie!? Willems, Mo
FIC COLGAN Rules at the school by the sea Colgan, Jenny
BB ARRHENIUS Where's the T. Rex? Arrhenius, Ingela P.
BB BOYNTON Hey! wake up! Boynton, Sandra
BB BOYNTON Oh my oh my oh dinosaurs! Boynton, Sandra
BB COUSINS Count with little fish Cousins, Lucy
BB GARCIA Toot toot beep beep Garcia, Emma
BB LIONNI A little book about ABCs
BB PAW PATROL Potty patrol.
JUV FIC SUMNER Roll with it Sumner, Jamie
JUV 031.02 SHIELDS First big book of why Shields, Amy
LP FIC COULTER Reckoning : an FBI thriller Coulter, Catherine
LP FIC FREEMAN Robert Ludlum's the Bourne sacrifice Freeman, Brian
LP FIC JEWELL The family remains : a novel Jewell, Lisa
LP FIC MIRANDA The last to vanish : a novel Miranda, Megan
LP FIC PEARSE The retreat Pearse, Sarah
LP FIC SHAPIRO Metropolis : a novel Shapiro, Barbara A.
LP FIC SIVAK Mademoiselle revolution Sivak, Zoe
LP FIC WOODS Black dog : Woods, Stuart
070.9 BARTLETT The truth matters : a citizen's guide to separating facts from lies and stopping fake news in its tracks Bartlett, Bruce R.
242.4 HICKMAN Healing after loss : daily meditations for working through grief Hickman, Martha Whitmore
133.901 FRASER We never die : secrets of the afterlife Fraser, Matt
248.8 KENNY My body is not a prayer request : disability justice in the church Kenny, Amy
306.4309 KAMENETZ The stolen year : how COVID changed children's lives, and where we go now Kamenetz, Anya
317.3 BOUK Democracy's data : the hidden stories in the U.S. census and how to read them Bouk, Daniel B.
909 ELKINS Legacy of violence : a history of the British empire Elkins, Caroline
FIC ABBOTT Traitor's dance : a Sam Capra novel Abbott, Jeff
FIC DONOGHUE Haven : a novel Donoghue, Emma
FIC GREEN The kingdoms of Savannah Green, George Dawes
FIC KRUEGER Fox Creek Krueger, William Kent
FIC MCKENZIE Please join us: a novel McKenzie, Catherine
FIC OATES Babysitter Oates, Joyce Carol
FIC PATTERSON The ninth month Patterson, James
MYS FIC GATES Death by beach read Gates, Eva
MYS FIC KELLERMAN The hunt Kellerman, Faye
MYS FIC LAGERCRANTZ Dark music Lagercrantz, David
MYS FIC SLAUGHTER Girl, forgotten : a novel Slaughter, Karin
SS FIC BRUNS Hotel California : an anthology of new mystery short stories

Saturday, August 13, 2022

New Materials 8/7/22 - 8/13/22

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO AGUSTIN AGUSTIN Illegally yours : a memoir Agustin, Rafael
BIO BLAKINGER BLAKINGER Corrections in ink : a memoir Blakinger, Keri
BIO JOHNSON JOHNSON Tanqueray Johnson, Stephanie
BIO MCCURDY MCCURDY I'm glad my mom died McCurdy, Jennette
BIO SWENSON SWENSON Forever boy : a mother's memoir of autism and finding joy Swenson, Kate
CD FIC PATTERSON 8cds 9.5hrs Three women disappear Patterson, James
CD FIC WOODS 5cds 6.5hrs Black dog Woods, Stuart
JUV FIC BLABEY The bad guys in open wide and say arrrgh! Blabey, Aaron
JUV FIC GONZALEZ Invisible Gonzalez, Christina Diaz
JUV FIC MBALIA Tristan strong punches a hole in the sky: the graphic novel Mbalia, Kwame
133.5 REED Twist your fate: manifest success with astrology and tarot Reed, Theresa
155.2 MAGNESS Do hard things : why we get resilience wrong and the surprising science of real toughness Magness, Steve
220.9 LUCADO They walked with God : 40 Bible characters who inspire us Lucado, Max
248.4 PAVLOVITZ If God is love, don't be a jerk : finding a faith that makes us better humans Pavlovitz, John
248.8 MOLL Beyond the darkness : a gentle guide for living with grief & thriving after loss Moll, Clarissa
303.48 BALL The metaverse : and how it will revolutionize everything Ball, Matthew
303.48 NANCE They want to kill Americans : the militias, terrorists, and deranged ideology of the Trump insurgency Nance, Malcolm W.
303.48 SMIL How the world really works : the science behind how we got here and where we're going Smil, Vaclav
331.25 DALE How to work remotely : work effectively, no matter where you are Dale, Gemma
345.73 SWEET The sewing girl's tale : a story of crime and consequences in Revolutionary America Sweet, John Wood
362.2097 SCULL Desperate remedies : psychiatry's turbulent quest to cure mental illness Scull, Andrew
363.4609 ZIEGLER Dollars for life : the anti-abortion movement and the fall of the Republican establishment Ziegler, Mary
363.7 CAMPBELL All the living and the dead : from embalmers to executioners, an exploration of the people who have made death their life's work Campbell, Hayley
366 CUTLER Cults : inside the world's most notorious groups and understanding the people who joined them Cutler, Max
401 LIEBERMAN Mindreader : find out what people really think, what they really want, and who they really are Lieberman, David J.
616.8 BOND Blood orange night : my journey to the edge of madness Bond, Melissa
623.7469 CHAPA Is remote warfare moral? : weighing issues of life + death from 7,000 miles Chapa, Joseph O.
635 ALEXANDER Ten tomatoes that changed the world : a history Alexander, William
636.088 BARTELS Good grief : on loving pets, here and hereafter Bartels, E. B.
641.5951 KIM Korean American : food that tastes like home Kim, Eric
641.5951 LOPEZ-ALT The wok : recipes and techniques López-Alt, J. Kenji
796.7209 PETTY Swerve or die : life at my speed in the first family of NASCAR racing Petty, Kyle
910.4109 NABONGO The catch me if you can : one woman's journey to every country in the world Nabongo, Jessica
910.9163 STONE Sinkable : obsession, the deep sea, and the shipwreck of the Titanic Stone, Daniel
917.94 ROBINSON The high Sierra : a love story Robinson, Kim Stanley
920 KISSINGER Leadership : six studies in world strategy Kissinger, Henry
958.104 SCHUEMAN Always faithful : a story of the war in Afghanistan, the fall of Kabul, and the unshakable bond between a Marine and an interpreter Schueman, Tom
FIC ADLER The Polish girl Adler, Malka
FIC BARNES Elizabeth Finch : a novel Barnes, Julian
FIC BERLINER Shmutz : a novel Berliner, Felicia
FIC BROWN Any other family Brown, Eleanor
FIC BROWN Overkill Brown, Sandra
FIC EMEZI /td> You made a fool of death with your beauty : a novel Emezi, Akwaeke
FIC EVERHART The saints of Swallow Hill Everhart, Donna
FIC FIELDING The housekeeper : a novel Fielding, Joy
FIC FLOWERS All good people here : a novel Flowers, Ashley
FIC GRAHAM What Jonah knew : a novel Graham, Barbara
FIC HAMID The last white man Hamid, Mohsin
FIC IRWIN A lady's guide to fortune-hunting Irwin, Sophie
FIC JEAN Mika in real life : a novel Jean, Emiko
FIC JONES Amy & Lan : a novel Jones, Sadie
FIC JONES The blame game Jones, Sandie
FIC MCALLISTER Wrong place wrong time : a novel McAllister, Gillian
FIC MEADOWS A strange and stubborn endurance Meadows, Foz
FIC OLAFSSON Touch : a novel Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson
FIC PULLEY The half life of Valery K : a novel Pulley, Natasha
FIC ROSE Quarter to midnight Rose, Karen
FIC STEEL The challenge Steel, Danielle
FIC SULLIVAN Big girl : a novel Sullivan, Mecca Jamilah
FIC TREMBLAY The pallbearers club : a novel Tremblay, Paul
SF FIC HERBERT Sands of Dune Herbert, Brian
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Saturday, August 06, 2022

New Materials 7/31/22 - 8/6/22

Shelf Location Title Author
BIO BILTON BILTON Normal family : on truth, love, and how I met my 35 siblings Bilton, Chrysta
BIO HORD HORD The other side of yet : finding light in the midst of darkness Hord, Michelle D.
BIO THORPE MARANISS Path lit by lightning : the life of Jim Thorpe Maraniss, David
E A Monsters love cupcakes Austin, Mike
E B The World Needs More Purple Schools Bell, Kristen
E B Puppy bus Brockington, Drew
E F Two dogs Falconer, Ian
E F The curiosities Fraillon, Zana
E H Ballet Bruce Higgins, Ryan T.
E K Goodnight racism Kendi, Ibram X.
E M Armadillo antics Martin, Bill
E M See me go Meisel, Paul
E P New Glasses Chan, Reika
E P Perfectly Norman Percival, Tom
E P Ravi's roar Percival, Tom
E R Dragons love tacos 2: the sequel Rubin, Adam
E W How to catch a witch Walstead, Alice
E W Does a bulldozer have a butt? Wilder, Derick
BB ARRHENIUS Where's the duck? Arrhenius, Ingela P.
JUV FIC GUTMAN Mrs. Stoker is a joker! Gutman, Dan
JUV FIC LIN Starry river of the sky Lin, Grace, Author
JUV FIC PILKEY A tale of two kitties Pilkey, Dav
JUV FIC SMITH Pea, Bee & Jay : wannabees Smith, Brian
JUV FIC STONE Clean getaway Stone, Nic
MYS FIC PALMER Forgive me Palmer, Daniel
158 CARVAN This is not a book about Benedict Cumberbatch : the joy of loving something--anything--like your life depends on it Carvan, Tabitha
305.8009 RAY On critical race theory : why it matters & why you should care Ray, Victor
327.1273 BLUM The spy who knew too much : an ex-CIA officer's quest through a legacy of betrayal Blum, Howard
331.880 KELLY Fight like hell : the untold history of American labor Kelly, Kim
364.152 LOWRY Deer Creek Drive : a reckoning of memory and murder in the Mississippi Delta Lowry, Beverly
612.8 PRAT The neuroscience of you : how every brain is different and how to understand yours Prat, Chantel Spring
617.092 FITZHARRIS The facemaker : a visionary surgeon's battle to mend the disfigured soldiers of World War I Fitzharris, Lindsey
977 BUCK Life on the Mississippi : an epic American adventure Buck, Rinker
REF 347.748 PA RULES OF COURT Pennsylvania rules of court. State and federal.
FIC ACKERMAN The codebreaker's secret Ackerman, Sara
FIC BOWEN Where the sky begins : a novel Bowen, Rhys
FIC CHEN Counterfeit : a novel Chen, Kirstin
FIC COULTER Reckoning : an FBI thriller Coulter, Catherine
FIC MARRA Mercury Pictures presents : a novel Marra, Anthony
FIC MEDOFF When we were bright and beautiful : a novel Medoff, Jillian
FIC MOLLEN City of likes : a novel Mollen, Jenny
FIC WINGATE The orphans of Mersea House : a novel Wingate, Marty
MYS FIC ANDREWS Round up the usual peacocks Andrews, Donna
MYS FIC CHILDS A dark and stormy tea Childs, Laura
MYS FIC DAVIS Desperate undertaking : a Flavia Albia novel Davis, Lindsey
MYS FIC JEWELL The family remains : a novel Jewell, Lisa
MYS FIC MYERS Death by tart attack Myers, Tamar
MYS FIC QUINN Bark to the future Quinn, Spencer,
MYS FIC SCHAFFHAUSEN Long gone : a Detective Annalisa Vega novel Schaffhausen, Joanna
MYS FIC WOODS Black dog Woods, Stuart
SF FIC TURTLEDOVE Three miles down Turtledove, Harry